5 Haziran 2021

Evening at Vic’s


Evening at Vic’s

This is not really dependent on reading the other two Game Night stories. But it is the third story, a spin-off, after “Game Night with Candy”, and “Game Night with Candy, part 2”. There are multiple references to the other stories. So here goes:

In the following weeks after the second Game Night, Candy and I made plans to move, but it required planning.

Before our plans were complete Vic called and invited me over to watch a soccer game. There were no more game nights, and we’d done that before, so I foolishly suspected nothing unusual.

I grabbed a six pack on the way. I got there early and Vic was just finishing a shower after lifting. He left a note asking me to cue up the game but when I went in the living room the TV wasn’t there.

I knocked on the bathroom door but Vic didn’t hear me over the sound of the shower. Cracking open the door I called in, “Vic, Where’s the boob-tube?”

Again, Vic didn’t quite hear what I was saying, “What’s that buddy? Boobs?”

Yelling, I tried again, “I said where’s the boob-tube?”

Laughing, Vic shouted over the top of the curtain, “Oh, I heard you say something about a boob and well I didn’t think you were talking about the TV. Prolly cause my boobs have been bothering me. The roids make ’em tender.

I was still yelling through the cracked door, “Roids! I didn’t know you used. Aren’t those kinda dangerous?”

“Depends on what you mean by dangerous. Firstly, you know how ripped I am. It wouldn’t hurt you to put on a little muscle. Walking down a dark alley is gonna be more dangerous for you than for me. The bitch-tits and the rage are the only side effects I’ve had. I mean, the important thing is, my balls are just as big as ever.” Having said that, he flung open the curtain to prove it.

There stood Vic sporting a huge boner. He pulled up his balls for me, “See? They’re big.”

I gawked for a few seconds then looked away.

Vic kept talking like it wasn’t inappropriate that he had his big cock out. Seeing my reaction he said, “Oh, that. I always jerk in the shower, but you interrupted me.” He shut the water then casually stepped out to dry off, making no attempt to hide anything, including the still inflamed hard-on.

I asked again, “So, where’s the TV?” Then made to back out the door as I waited for an answer.

Vic stood in front of the mirror preening. I continued looking away but I ended up looking right at the reflection of his big cock. It was only for a second, but that was the second that, again, he caught me looking.

I had seen his cock before. Last week he made me suck it. I assumed that was behind us. After all, I had been tied up then. It wasn’t my choice. And Julian and Candy had been behind it.

“I’m gonna go get the game started. Where’s the TV?”

Vic grinned at me in the mirror, flexing his biceps, “It’s your choice. The TVs in the basement now. You’re welcome to stay. And talk.”

“Nah, that’s OK, Vic. I’ll meet you downstairs then. Did you and Betsy move the living room?”

“Nope. I made a game room down there. She went out to get a new TV for up here. She doesn’t really like my man-cave; she puts up with my stuff, but won’t play along. But I got you buddy.”

I went into the basement. It had been rearranged since I’d seen it last. There was an old couch and the TV. A chest for a footstool, and Betsy’s shelf of beloved figurines was still on the wall.

I sat down with the remote, trying to figure out where ESPN was on an unfamiliar TV. Vic always took a long time in the bathroom. I think he likes to look at himself too much. I had time to kill, time to watch something, and Pornhub looked better than the other options.

I surfed a little. I watched really hot babes doing what I call ‘running the porn circle’: first she blows the guy, then he eats her puss, then they fuck, then they fuck doggy, then he licks her ass, and finally he cums in her mouth.

Right in the middle of one, I happened to look more closely around the room. Then I snooped. Half-way behind a curtain, Vic had a bed in one corner, a table with some sex toys on it, and a book called “The Absolute Beginners Guide to Domination.” The stuff wasn’t hidden. Not even the book. Betsy had to know but she never struck me as kinky. In fact, I’m sure this was all him. I guess that explains why Vic came to Candie’s Game Night.

Clearly Vic was emulating Julian’s playroom. It was partially complete, but needed a lot still to be finished. I was worried my friend Vic was going down a dark path. Candy just escaped that influence, while Julian was hopelessly stuck in it.

It was at this very moment that one of my favorite videos came on:

It’s this one where a boyfriend comes home on Valentine’s Day, follows a trail of flower petals, finds a box and when he opens it, his girlfriend is inside. She’s pretending and looks and acts exactly like an inanimate sex doll. He drags her out, poses her, and fucks her. It’s super hot.

As good as it is, I wondered how the website, or the internet, or Siri, etlik escort or Big Brother, or whatever, knew to play a video I watch at home maybe once a week. I mean, it couldn’t be a coincidence.

Ten minutes later I’m no longer thinking about who’s spying on me and I’m engrossed in the video when I realize Vic is on the couch with me watching it too. He’s wearing only a towel and it’s got a considerable tent in it.

“Hey, you found some great porn! That is so hot how she’s drugged or whatever. He just fucks her however he wants.”

Vic went to the search bar, “Watch this one. You’re gonna love it.” He pulled up a video about a girl getting “skullfucked”. The guy tosses her about the room a bit then backs her up against the side of the bed and jams his fat cock down her throat. Her head is trapped between the mattress and his cock. Her mascara runs, she gags, he rag-dolls her by the hair, and then turns her over for a “throat swab”.

I didn’t know people did half these things, let alone the names for them. I could see his history and all of them were like that. I told Vic, “I don’t think it’s my thing. The girls are hot and the blow job scenes are out there, but I couldn’t do that to a woman.”

“I think I know exactly what you’re saying, Scotty. There’s two kinds of guys and you’re the other kind, right?”

Looking at his search history again I saw line after line of titles like: “Nasty Throat Fuck Fail”, “Sloppy Teary Eyed Blowjob”, “Rough Sex and Pussy Pounding”, “Teen Choked, Slapped, and Face Fucked.” I had to agree – there are guys who hate women and guys who worship women. I didn’t want to offend by telling him it was sick shit, so I only offered, “Yea, two kinds of guys…”

“Ok, Lil buddy, let’s get one more to your liking.” He pulled up one with a great thumbnail of a super hot Latina babe, her name was Chanel Santini. She had long black curly hair, smooth dark skin, an incredible rack, and a killer smile. In the video she’s a doctor giving a guy an exam. She proceeds to take off her lab coat, suck his cock, and he sticks his finger up her ass to get it ready for anal. It’s here that I notice the smokin’ hot babe that’s given me my own rockin’ woody, is a shemale.

I objected, “Yea, uh no, not for me. I like the whole doctor/patient theme but let’s try something else. You got any other role play?”

“I sure as hell do. What kind do you like? We can skip the medical stuff. How about Uncle/Nephew, or Teacher/Student, or General/Private, or Maid/Hotel guest?

I said, “Yea, the last one.” I picked it mostly because it was a guy/girl theme as opposed to guy/guy. If this had been Candy and me, I would have chosen Femdom.

Cheerily, Vic found a better one, “Can do, Scarlet.” This was an allusion to what they had named me last week when Candy dressed me up like a woman on Game Night.

“Fuck man! I’m not Scarlet! I’m not a crossdresser. I don’t like that shit, and I don’t ever wanna get tied up and mouth fucked again.”

I thought I was being damn clear. Vic backed off, “OK, Man. No Scarlet, no bondage. I’m hearing you and I’m on the same page.”

Between you and me, I lied. It was true that I didn’t want to get mouth fucked again. But I loved being helpless, and in that situation, not having any responsibility made it so I liked things I would otherwise not like. I had even liked Vic’s thick cock in my mouth and Julian’s up my ass. Not as much as Candies creampie but there’s something about having no control…

I’ve gotten Candy to tie me up and sit on my face another time, but her turn-on is knowing that I am willingly sucking cum out of her cunt, so we don’t do the tying thing.

The “better one” he found was called “The Head Maid’s Tail in POV.” I love role play and girls dressed like maid’s are hot. The thumbnail showed a very female blond kneeling between a man’s legs about to give him a blowjob. Vic pointed to the pic, raising an eyebrow in question.

I nodded my approval. “Good!” Exclaimed Vic, “Cause I like this one and I’m not changing it again for your panty-assed preferences.”

“Fine!” I said angrily. “Let’s see some hot sex.”

Vic cued it up right to that spot where she was starting the BJ. She sucked on it for a while then with her body turned sideways to us she sat on his cock and fucked herself. It was a good porno. I was hard. Vic was hard. Which is precisely why I thought it better to move on to the ball game.

During the video Vic had asked me to first get some rags, and then to get a bottle of lube from the table – all classic jerk off supplies. I missed a few moments of it, but no big deal. Now I wouldn’t mind a circle jerk, but I didn’t fully trust Vic. I was conflicted, and that was even more reason to move on.

Vic turned away from the video to face me, “It sucks that Candy and Julian stopped Game Nights, we’re gonna have to have our own nights – Date Nights. You owe me for interrupting my shower.”

I had been ready to throw caution to the wind, to jerk off with Vic. I even wanted to see another man jerk off. ankara eve gelen escort But just then Vic’s words jolted my memory to something he had said last week. I must have blocked it from my mind until now. He had said, “Then after I’ve broken you in, you and I will have many more date nights.” he had said it just before sticking his cock in my mouth.

You know, I’m the world’s biggest idiot to get myself into these messes. Candy says that I get into “situations” because I’m a complex guy with “facets in facets”. I asked her what that meant, but she just turned my own words back on me, saying, “Blind spots, Baby”.

The evidence that this was a bad idea was that: here I was in Vic’s new basement sex room, we were both turned on from porn, he had previously used my mouth, and he had said he wanted “date nights”.

The evidence against was that: Vic was an old friend of mine who had probably just gotten carried away under Julian’s influence, I was coerced to dress in sexy lingerie last time but not now, most of the porn he watched was straight porn, and we had jerk off supplies ready.

Weighing the two I couldn’t decide. In the end I figured if I left and my fears were justified, I’d be abused one less time.

I stood up decisively, making up any excuse to go. Mind you, this was Friday and I didn’t need to be at work until Monday. My hasty excuse was: “I’ve gotta get up for work tomorrow. See you around.”

Vic replied, “You really do like the role play! Ok, just no ropes. I’ve got just the thing.” He opened the chest we had been using to prop our feet up on while watching the vids, pulled out a sexy French maid uniform, and said, “Put it on bitch!”

I wasn’t going to stand for any of this crap. Candy tricked me the first time and blackmailed me the second time (Well I had thought it at the time). But there was nothing holding me here.

I walked confidently to the stairs. Vic grabbed me by the elbow and spun me around, Oh, yea! You’re one of those guys alright. We’re gonna have a blast doing ‘Head Maid’.” He pulled me with my back against his chest and started unbuttoning my pants. I twisted and struggled to get free but Vic was easily twice my strength.

I was yelling out, “This is not gonna happen again! I’m going home, that’s it.”

Vic finished stripping the rest of my clothes off me, “Oh, the little tranny maid wants to go home? Is her shift over? Well, it’s time for overtime, Baby. And I’ve got a tip for you.”

He wrestled me down to the floor, then tried to roll the stockings up my legs, but I just kicked my feet yelling all the time. Finally, he sat on my chest to immobilize me and free up his hands to put the sexy costume on me.

He was still wearing the towel, but with him on top of me I could feel his balls rubbing on my tummy. Believe it or not, what went through my mind right then was, “They don’t seem shrunk at all. Mine are about the same size. His dick is a little bigger. And of course his muscles. But not his brain.”

My rumination was all the delay he needed. He was able to get both the thigh-highs and the garter on me. I suppose without the delay he would have anyway, just later, being so much bigger and stronger than me.

Vic roughly rolled me over onto my hands and feet, now working to get the one piece over my head. He was hunched over my kneeling body holding my legs down with his own. He needed to lift each of my arms up to get them through it. I think I could have struggled more but the way he was on top of me his big hard cock was poking under me. It bounced under my own, now soft penis and balls, hitting them when it bounced up. I stopped to experience the moment just long enough for him to finish dressing me up like a slutty maid.

I started to like being pushed around like this. Well, it’s been my weakness for awhile, I’d just never had it done to me by a guy before. It was remarkably different from being restrained. When you are tied up you can’t move at all and you are helpless. But with this, I could struggle futilely all I wanted and still I was powerless. A subtle difference.

I was thinking that I could like this but at this particular moment I was not liking where it was going. I wanted to keep seeing Candy. I wanted to move away from this fucking town, from guys like Julian and Vic, and I wanted to get away from guys who…

(Hmm, ok that was a tough one. I absolutely hated the mind-set where guys were always playing stupid mind games, trying to prove who was stronger, and therefore better. But when the same stupid ass mind game was played in a sexual context it touched something deep and primal in me. Something where I didn’t care about gay and straight.

Candy and I found our way out of the trap. We used our brains and made a plan that would be final in a week or so. I was just biding my time. Tonight was supposed to be a last little visit, but the old mind game reared its ugly head along with the newer mind game too. The question that occurred to me was, ‘could I use my brain in this scenario?’.)

Kneeling ankara escort under Vic like that it wouldn’t be long before he nailed my ass.

What were my options? Overpowering Vic was out of the question. Escape, could be an option if I could distract him. Jerking him off to get him finished did not seem likely. And while most men lose interest once they cum, what if he were like me, and his first cum just primed him to want more? Offering my mouth instead of my ass seemed less disagreeable. Then again, Julian’s cock had felt good in my ass so maybe offering my ass instead of my mouth was the more agreeable option.

If I was going to be completely honest with myself, once Vic pushed me around enough I would succumb to either. When he noticed I was enjoying it he would either lose interest, or rough me up more? I couldn’t predict.

But what if I let myself enjoy the manhandling, then Vic would notice and let his guard down. Then escape would be a realistic possibility.

The most obvious way would be to pop a boner.

I reached between my legs to pull on my dick a bit. Just as I was grabbing for it Vic’s cock bounced up causing me to grab both of our dicks. I squeezed his hard cock and my soft one together which I discovered felt fucking amazing. I kept doing it until I was completely boned.

Vic definitely noticed. It spurred him on, “Oh yea. I’m gonna be the guy that gives you my cum and you’re gonna be my reluctant maid who takes it. Next time I’m gonna get us some of those silicone tits that Candy had.” While he was talking, he pushed and pulled his cock against mine within my hand, making it slippery. Was this my impossible chance to get him off? A man can try.

I kept up the dual hand job. Vic pulled me half upright, wrapping one arm around my throat and palming the top of my head with his other. I felt his passions intensifying, and the amount of precum increased too. I jerked our cocks faster and faster trying to get him off, while he held my head firm.

My jerking reached a furious speed. Our cocks throbbed against each other. He was breathing hot against my neck which he squeezed tighter and tighter. I hadn’t been able to breath for the last minute and was wishing we had a safe word, except that I wouldn’t be able to say it.

By now I was sure that I couldn’t trust Vic. Or more accurately, I should say, I could trust him, I could trust him to violate me. He made it clear he wanted me regularly. Which meant that I could trust him to choke me only up to a point.

I saw a few stars.

I reached down with my left hand to fondle his balls. Maybe that would push him over the edge? They were sweaty from the exertion of our struggle and touching them incited my lust. A second layer and the cum was flying. It flew out in long ropes and it was the farthest I had ever shot a load. It was also the best orgasm I’d ever had. I slumped in relief and crumbled to the floor as Vic let me go.

I lay there sucking in huge gasps of air to make up for the breaths I had lost when he was choking me.

Vic reached for his beer, “You know, I’ve wanted your hot body for years. Dreamt about choking you, except I thought it would be me cumming while I did it. Such a fine feminine whore you make. And it’s so easy to push your buttons. You’ll do whatever I want if I just get you horny enough. Now, stick your ass up in the air and let me enjoy looking at the butthole I’m gonna ream, and the balls I’m going to wrap.” He went to take a swig from his bottle but it was empty. “Don’t lower your sweet ass while I go to the kitchen for a brew, or I’m not gonna lick it first”

Vic went upstairs. I heard him rummaging in the fridge, then the bathroom door squeaked. Now was the chance I had doubted would come. I could grab my keys, dash out the door and be gone before he noticed.

But my cock throbbed, my loins tingled, my brain swam, my heart thumped, and my stomach fluttered. It had happened! He roughed me up and I wanted more. I posed, ass-up on the floor possessed by my demons. I knew I would suck his cock or let him fill my ass now. I knew I would struggle because it’s fun and because he would like it.

When Vic returned he had a cold bottle, a stick of butter, and a shoelace. I know, it’s ridiculous, I’m just relating what he did.

He took a long draft from the beer, “I waited at the top of the stairs… I’ve always wanted to drag someone down a flight of stairs. But you disappoint. Kneeling there passively, with your asshole in the exact same place.”

He knelt behind me pressing the blunt end of the butter against my rectum. He pushed but it didn’t go in. It was cold – and square. He continued, “I’ve seen videos where they do this. I… just… have to get… it started… at a corner.”

Like Vic, I would have thought that it would go in easy. However, with some tilting and pushing he got it in. It felt even colder when the whole stick was in me.

Next he took the shoelace and started wrapping it around my balls. He coiled it quite a few times. It was tight but not so much as to hurt me. He finished by wrapping part way up the shaft of my cock too. With my head down I could see the effect it had. My cock swelled much bigger than usual. In fact, it looked bigger than Vic’s now. My erection was unbelievably taut. I loved it all!

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