12 Temmuz 2021

Experimental Erotics: Escorts 1 (3 Videos)


Experimental Erotics: Escorts 1 (3 Videos)[uWe present our dear readers an erotic essay with sexy videos by great girls from all around the worldWe love to tease our dear readers and slowly build up the erotic experience from ‘hot’, by ‘hotter’, to ‘hottest’.We show you videos, chosen from the three main continents. From amateurs in awesome Australia to tough America and Eurasia. Which is halfway the former two, in terms of porn production. We present models, similar in looks and age. Students of around twenty years in age. All are beautiful brunettes with well toned bodies: firm tits and butts. Apparently, all are as slender as smart looking lovelies. This first installment has three, all from far.—————————————————————————————————————————————————‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’ in Amsterdam perfectly performs and fulfills functions, differing from further research into sexual subjects, to making money. In order to keep the ‘E.E.I.I.’ independant of sponsors. Hence we have contact with agents at dozens of places and we search sereval sites full of attractive amateurs, to find fresh models. All girls are around twenty, tasty, slender, sensual and smart enough in terms of social, and especially in sexual intelligence. Some of them are invited for interviews by our Psychology maltepe escort Department to refine our scienific models of model girls. Most are amateurs, who make some money occasionally at erotic sites. Many are satisfied by doing some shoots every now and then. A few might dream about setting steps towards a carreer as Escort, as it pays the best. Let me quote from memory a statement of a young woman, who managed to take all the steps from a few appearances at Abby Winters in Australia to making money – mom of a teen girl – as a high class escort.”A great guy booked me for full weekend. A lot of money. Enough to finance my first ‘Indie’ porn production. It went well. Very well. A handsome gentleman, great taste and mind. One of the best lovers I ever had. He offered me everything in style. Not a ‘best brandy’, but cognac from France. We smoked in bed big Havanna’s. We wre laughing and loving all the time. On top of it, he was a lovely lover and fantasic fucker… If I’d known before, I’d done it all for free … But he was so happy and hot for me, he gave me double the agreed amount.” Liandra Dahl had a profile here for a few years, around the time she was quartermaster for Abby Winters in my Amsterdam. Her firm soon moved their Head-Quarters to my home town. Since several years, almost all their uploads are shot in and around Amsterdam. For the first time, Dutch escort maltepe girls started to take part in larger numbers. In these articles, we will show some students from Holland. However, first few I chose were shot in Australia.Australia had several sex-sites for amateurs. Like ‘I show myself’, ‘Abby Winters’, and to a lesser extend, ‘Girls Out West’. Those three share features, which makes them, in my expert opinion, belong to the best. It’s simple:No guys (unless the model wants to bring her boyfriend). No scenario, nor directors. The amateur girl chooses a favourite place for filming. The girls of the firm set up two cameras in excellent lighting conditions … All the rest is up to the model, who takes her time and erotically enjoys herself on ‘candid’ cameras.—————————————————————————————————————————————————After this long introduction, it is high time for some sexy action. First two come from “I Feel Myself’. Outdoor solo scenes at the countryside. I am not sure, if it’s twice the same student, shot a few months apart. Or perhaps they are sisters, one inspiring the other?Video 1 – A girl climbs up into an old tree near a village church. At a few meters, she finds a comfortable private spot. She takes her time for erotic enjoyments. She comes two times. Once in that maltepe escort bayan tree. Second time with her back to that small church in some stilled village: https://xhamster.com/videos/deiopeia-9150943 Video 2: – Very similar sweetheart sits in an old armchair at the back of a barn for a private rub-off in public. Same girl, or her sister, later in that same Summer? : https://xhamster.com/videos/psamothe-9193154—————————————————————————————————————————————————We stay in Australia, this time at Abby Winters. I have reasons to believe she is a student, who learned about Abby Winters back in Holland. But she likely felt better, doing her first ever sexy shoot far from home. She scene is set again somewhere in a quiet village. We can hear the rain pouring down… So she sits in her car for her self pleasure. She wears a white top and a short summer skirt. As in first two videos, she shows us two awesome orgasms, in surroundings, which slightly differ.Video 3 – Coming in my car: https://xhamster.com/videos/heerlijk-mooi-meisje-alleen-in-de-auto-8763638 —————————————————————————————————————————————————We would love to offer our dear eaders more from our exquisite selection from the best on offer on this site.We welcome comments, tips and, of course, ‘thumbs up’ from all readers you like my erotic effort & selection.We claim all RIGHTS for Prof. Poet-PETER ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute, Amsterdam, Fri. 8-6-18

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