27 Kasım 2021

Face Time


Tappity Tappity Tappity

Busy day at work. I wish I could say I dealt with the exchange of gold or commodities or that I was working on some investigative story. Nope. I am a data entry clerk. I am correcting orders and verifying information. Chained to my phone while co-workers talk sports, drama-recaps, and office gossip. I want to talk about the Kentucky game instead of talking with some man on the phone by a pool who is phoning it in and telling me about the weather in Vegas. No break yet. Really need to pee but let me finish one more order.

Finally, I go and return to my desk to see I missed a text on my cell. Quick swipe with my finger and I see my boyfriend asking how my day is. Nice of him to think of me. I smile.

It must be a slow day in his IT world. I can picture him with his Doctor Who and toys on his desk. Talking about the next superhero movie. My geeky guy. I picture him in his office which is block north of where I work. I like to think of him in his nice shirt and tie. I like the novelty t-shirts but love his professional style. I can’t become distracted. I take a deep breath and return to work mode.

I text back:


Tappity Tappity Tappity


Another text this time a khaki crotch shot with a bulge.

Thinking of you

Seriously? I think.

Nice, Mike. BZ.

Shouldn’t you be cleaning a keyboard or something?

I go back to typing.


His hand is on his mound.

Keep working.



I get a couple of more texts that I ignore. Then it is silent.

I hope he didn’t get caught. I keep typing for 10 minutes when my phone vibrates again.


I start with the first two texts I ignored.

First pic: pants unbuttoned and partially unzipped. His hand is an open palm gesture like he is showing me a prize on TV game show.

Second pic: pants unzipped and now his erection is lifting the cloth of his novelty binary patterned boxers. Again with the Wheel of Fortune hand modeling.

Last pic: His cock is out and he wrapped tuzla escort his hand around the shaft.

Use the Force and get your Love Saber

I smile because it is cute and sexy.

You are a dirty dork 🙂

He texts back.

Follow my instructions:

1) Log in to my Twitter account

2)Tweet “Monty Python Quotes – GO”

3) Put the phone between your thighs and keep working.

I shake my head at his text.

I’m wearing a skirt! And you have like 1,000!


I know you’re wearing a skirt 😉

I have 1,012 followers, thank you.

Now stop shaking your head and do it.

Nasty Nerd.


I do as he says and return to typing. My phone vibrates and I can feel it on the tender skin of my inner thighs. Very nice…now I’m distracted. I squeeze my legs together and release to vary the sensation. I look around and I find no one is interested in what is going on in my cubicle. I slide my hand under my skirt to push my phone closer to my panties. Every time there is a notification tweet the vibration ripples over my skin and makes me tingle through my knees, stomach and breasts. Even my shoulders are feeling it. Thank you, thousand-plus strangers.

The phone stops vibrating. I take it from underneath my skirt and place it on the desk.

My phone vibrates and I jump in my seat.

He texts me:

How did I make you feel?

I text back.

5 minutes. Go some place private.

I head to the bathroom and to the handicapped stall. It is large but slightly more private. It also has a mini bench.

I text him.

Put your phone on mute.

He texts back


I video call him. He smiles and waves. I love his blue Irish eyes.

I make exaggerated sexy poses, wink and make kissy lips. I loosen my work pony tail to let my strawberry blonde hair fall. He smiles and goes with it. I hold the phone close to my chest and start to unbutton my blouse . After three buttons, I position the phone at an angle were he can see the tops of my breasts and slowly pendik escort twist my shoulders. While he is watching, I unhook my bra from the front. I continue my shimmy to make the cups fall off Now he can see my nipples. No more cheesy smile. He looks around him to make sure no one is near. He starts biting his lip and I know he is getting turned on. He doesn’t want the tease. He wants more.

I take my free hand and drag it over each breasts starting from nipple to the top of my neck. I comb my hair over my shoulder with my fingers because he loves the contrast of my hair on my pale skin. I look at him and he is just fixed on me. He looks like he wants to come through the phone. I take my free hand and put it over his mouth on the screen. He pretends to lick my fingers. I twist and squeeze my pale pink nipple and show him that this turns me on. I undulate like a porn star. He is shifting in his chair and starts pulling at his collar and loosening his tie. He is hooked.

I move a little to make my breasts jiggle and pop my hips so he can follow my curves with his eyes. I slide my hand down my side and hips until it finds the hem of my skirt and I pull it up slowly now he can see my panties. I look at him.

He mouths


I place my phone on the little bench. In a coordinated motion while bending over to smile and wink at him I take my panties off. He likes when I put my face to his and let my hair fall over him. Through his phone,he pretends to brush my hair away. With my skirt over my hips and my hand free I straddle my phone. My left knee is on the little bench as my right leg is still straight and I get in a position where he has light to see me.

I pinch the sides of my labia. My pussy swells and the flesh is warm. . I know from him when I get hot like I am now, my skin flushes. He says my body tells him I’m ready to receive him. I do feel that way. I am feeling hot all over. I take my hands and open my lips so he can see me.

I slip one finger in and find I’m wet! I insert two fingers in my vagina and find it very smooth and aydınlı escort slippery. I bend my right knee to go deeper. I go a little harder and faster. I use my left forearm against the wall to steady myself. The hard wall is cool and feels so good to touch. I let my head rest on my arm. My body feels very warm and sensitive all over. The ends of my hair tickle my shoulders and adds to my arousal. I start massaging my clit with my thumb. I open my mouth and pant. I’m going to orgasm and I have no idea what sound is going to come out of me. I can feel a drop of sweet roll down the back of my thigh and my motion slows. I think about sitting on Mike’s face and his deliberate tonguing. He gets me to the point where every lick brings me closer to exploding. I think about my thighs on the side of his head while he breathes into me. I lift my head and bite my arm softly. I’m going to come. I’m going to come. What strength I have left I use to keep myself steady as I vary the pressure on my clit. I feel like I will just collapse but I need to come so bad. The tip is so sensitive I’m almost afraid to touch it but if I don’t, I know I will be miserable. I brush it with my thumb and I pop. I’m not as sturdy as I was when I started. My right leg is quivering and my left knee aches but I feel good. I just lean against the wall with my eyes closed. I bring my hand up to my face and smell my scent. I smile.

I stretch, roll my neck, do calf raises, extend my arms. I lookI just see the time and my rose wall paper. He must have hung up. I should feel bad that I forgot about him but I needed this break from my desk. I put my clothes back on and wash my hands. I take wet a paper towel with cool water to pat my face and neck. Now that I look straight I return to my desk.

When I get there I see Mike sitting in my chair.

“What are you —Why are you-?

I can’t even think of which question to ask him.

“Sara, I had to see you.”

He looks so serious. Oh, God! Please tell me I didn’t just broadcast my pussy on the internet.

“Why?!?!?” I ask with every horrible scenario in my head.

“Why?” he realizes I’m panicky. He smiles and squeezes me tight.

“Why do you think, silly girl?” he whispers in my ear.

I can feel his bulge against my stomach.

I giggle and hug him back.

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