5 Haziran 2021

Family Business



My name is Santiago Salazar, and I am twenty years old. I live with my sister, Hana, who is nineteen, my mother Hitomi, and my father Gael in a town called Nigen-Sei in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan.

My mother is forty, and my dad is forty-two. My mother is Japanese, and my father is Mexican. They met when my mother, a principal electrical engineer, traveled to Sonora Mexico to design a new generation of wind turbines on large open fields in the state. The state government recruited skilled workers to construct the first renewable source of electricity. One of those skilled workers was my father. The two were drawn to one another instantaneously the second their eyes locked.

During their lunch breaks, they would exchange stories about their upbringings and hobbies. I guess they felt like they were meant for each other, and they tied the knot after the project was done.

My mother had to return home to Japan, but before she did, my father proposed going on vacation and seeing the world before he went back to live with her. They traveled to New York City, Los Angeles, Madrid, and London among others, and ate at four-star restaurants, watched movies, took photos and videos, in between traveling, my father learned Japanese.

Three months after moving to Japan, my father found a job in construction and saved enough money to give my mother a traditional Japanese wedding. They have a photo in the living room where they are holding their national flags tied together in a knot.

A month after the wedding, my mother fell pregnant with me, and she told my father the truth about where specifically In Japan she came from. She was not from any major city or town known to the public or the rest of the world, save only for the Japanese government. She returned to her village with my father to start their lives together.

For reasons that will become apparent later, this town is hidden and guarded by the Japanese government. The only reason my father, my sister, and I can live here is due to my parents’ marriage and because Hana and I were born here.

That was their story. This is mine.

Nigen-Sei, Ishikawa Prefecture

8:45 AM

Salazar Bath House

Santiago was on his hands and knees scrubbing the white marble floors of the Salazar Bath House. He scrubbed with a large blue hand scrub that was frothy with all sorts of soaps and bleach. He wore yellow rain boots and dishwashing gloves to keep his skin from touching the chemicals, and a K95 mask to keep the smell of Clorox bleach he was using out of his nostrils. He heaved as he scrubbed harder.

From a door located at the side of the bathhouse, Santiago’s sister came walking in. She was a young nineteen-year-old with a tousled layered short bob. Her eyes were dark brown like their father’s, but she had their mother’s small nose. She wore black leggings, a zip-up sweater, and a plain white T underneath. She had running shoes and wore a hat with the words Red Crescent on it.

“Hey big bro, dad told me to take Marlon Brando out for a walk. He said he’s been acting all cagey and started biting and ripping up the furniture. None of us have walked him so I figured I’d do it.”

Marlon Brando was the name of their four-year-old giant schnauzer, the family guard dog. Santiago gave him that name because his beard and face reminded him of the famous actor.

“I’ve got a better idea, Hana, how about you help me clean this place. I wasn’t even in here last night. You, mom, and the guests made this mess.”

“Aw man, can I do it after I come back?”

“What? I’ll be done by the time you’ve come back.”

Hana said nothing and rolled her eyes and left with Marlon Brando. Santiago cleaned as fast and as efficiently as he could. He looked everywhere to see if there were still stains around. So far, all four giant tubs and shower areas were sparkling clean. The family business was comprised of six bathhouses situated in different locations on a nine-square-kilometer piece of land. The land consisted of rivers, woodland, and a few flat planes. The number of tubs and showers varied depending on the size of each bathhouse.

He walked out of the bathhouse he was working in, slid the door behind him, and locked it until it was ready to be used again tonight. No doubt there would be another mess to clean up come tomorrow morning.

Santiago journeyed back to his home. The best part of having land was that it was off-limits to everyone except for family members and the guests. The guests came after six in the evening and were usually gone by three in the morning. If he wanted to, he could bike in peace or race with his father or sister on motorbikes. During the winter, his family would take as many family photos as possible. They would see who could build the biggest snowman or original snow structure. One time Santiago built a snow tank, only to be outdone by Hana who built a giant snowcat with a top hat. Right now, though, it was summer, and the sun was bearing down on everyone canlı bahis with all its fury.

Santiago’s Bedroom

Back in his house, Santiago made himself a bacon and egg sandwich with ketchup and poured himself some iced tea. He ate and drank in peace in his bedroom, which was, his mind given form, his sanctuary. His walls were painted black with red baseboards. His curtains were indigo and always kept half-open to let a little bit of sunlight in. Shelves on every wall contained statues of animals and framed pictures of anime girls in provocative positions.

He had a desk made from oak with the latest PC and computer chassis atop it. His bed was queen-sized and layered with black and red sheets and covers. His pillows were a combination of both colors, maroon.

After lunch, he got on his computer and placed his headphones in his ears. He loved playing his music loudly as it helped his mind escape when he was feeling down, and he’d been feeling that way since late last year.

“In darkness, you will find me, I dance among the dead, but very soon I’ll need to hunt the scent of blood instead. Rising from your earthbed it thickens in the air, a smell both sweet and rancid, I know that you are near,” Santiago muttered under his breath.

After listening to his favorite music artists from past to present, Santiago jumped into his bed and pulled out his phone. He went to his gallery and pulled up a video he took of what happened last night in bathhouse number three. He sighed and ran his fingers through his brown wavy hair in anticipation. He leaned back on his pillows and watched.

Santiago took this video because based on the nature of his family’s business, he never needed to view pornography. What he was a part of was better than any porno he can view. This video was taken in bathhouse number three.

He didn’t think as his mother ate out another woman on the floor of the bathhouse. They were in the sixty-nine position, heads between each other’s legs, moaning in pleasure. Watching his mother’s lust-filled excited face as she eagerly lapped up the guest’s cunt got him tenting under his basketball shorts. It wouldn’t be long until began masturbating.

There were no men in the video save for himself and his father. His father was flanked by two women in a bubbling jacuzzi. They were forceful with him and weren’t intimidated by his muscular physique. One pulled him into a passionate kiss, running her hand through his wavy brown hair, while the other bobbed her head beneath the water, sucking him off like her life depended on it.

“Shit…” Santiago gasped, rubbing his bulge through the fabric of his shorts, enjoying the feeling it gave him.

Just then, his mother, Hitomi, sauntered in with a half-empty laundry basket under her left arm.

“Santi are there any—” She saw her son pressing his erection down as best he could with both hands. His phone fell off the bed as he leaned over to cover himself. The video was still playing.

Hitomi grinned devilishly at her son. She placed the basket down on the floor and walked over to pick the phone up. There was no rush in her steps, she was calm and casual. She picked his phone up and watched what he had filmed. She laughed, then checked her son’s gallery and saw over a hundred different videos of the family business. Each video had a different title like “Anal Galore,” “Sakura the cum dumpster” or “Three rods, one hole.”

“My, what a perverted son I have. Just the way I like it. You take more after me than your father. Did you know that my little honey bear?”

“Yes mom, you’ve told me this before. Can I have my phone back now please?”

“What’s the rush?” she asked, still grinning at him. She slipped his phone in her apron pocket and took a seat beside him. “I don’t care if you masturbate to family business baby. But what I won’t put up with is my only son being embarrassed to masturbate in front of his beautiful mother. We can take care of that issue later tonight when the guests come by, or we can take care of it right now, just you and me. What do you think Santi?”

“Won’t dad know?” he asked, concerned.

“He’s out tending the fields and feeding the animals. And your sister is still out with Marlon Brando.”

“The last time we tried kissing, he exploded and didn’t want us doing that again.”

Hitomi lay beside him, resting the side of her face on his chest. She wrapped an arm around his waist and took in his scent. It was intoxicating and was slowly driving her wild between the legs.

“He hates it when we kiss because I am his woman. I even told him when you were born that he should be prepared for trysts between you and me when you came of age. For my species of human, this is natural. For as normal as we may appear to be in the eyes of regular society, we lack the moral barricade many have, so incestuous sex is normal. He still has trouble accepting that fact. I know he will never accept it.”

“But when he caught me and Hana having sex after she bahis siteleri turned eighteen, he closed the door on us and said nothing,” Santiago said.

“You and your sister having sex is fine with me. Of course, it’s not fine with him. He doesn’t like it either, but even he must follow the rules I set for him, just like I follow the rules he’s given me. But since we’re all alone, would you like to kiss?”

Santiago said nothing and lay on top of his mother. He caressed the sides of her face with the tips of his fingers. He couldn’t believe how much she has changed over the years. The earliest memory he had of her was when he was eating cotton candy on a Ferris wheel. He sat beside her, smiling, and looking out towards their brightly lit city at night. Now, she had slight crow’s feet around her hazel eyes but despite her losing some of her youth, she was still beautiful to him.

Her breasts were very large, size G to be exact. Bra hunting would not be easy for her were she not from Nigen-Sei, where breasts of this size occurred regularly. They were pressed against his hard chest, and even though her apron and brown shirt, he could feel her warmth and the beating of her heart. It was racing a mile a minute as he kissed her. Their tongues danced and slid against each other. Hitomi gasped when he spread her legs open, rubbing his erection on hers.

“Wait Santi, let mommy get more comfortable.”

Santiago removed his shirt, his shorts, and his boxer briefs in a jiff. He watched his mother remove her apron and fold it, then reach under her shirt and undo the snaps of her bra. She pulled it up along with her shirt, revealing a pair of massive pale tits that made a slapping sound as they fell back against her chest. They swayed in front of her with every movement she made as she pulled her long floral skirt and damp panties down and let them drop to the floor.

Her body was perfect, from the textured messy bun with long side fringed, down to her luscious lips, tits, light pink nipples, and areolas. Her wide hips emphasized her small waist, as well as her hard ten-inch cock and heavy scrotum. Around the base of her cock she kept a path of trimmed black pubes.

She blushed a cherry red and gave her son a sultry look that made his heart race in anticipation of being intimate with her. Unlike his own cock, hers had protruding veins along the length.

She straddled him and took both their cocks in her hand and coated them with her saliva. When she was sure they were well lubricated, she stroked.

“Haahh…” Santiago gasped as his mother’s cock rubbed against his.

“Oh God…fuck…” Hitomi whispered.

They leaned into one another, so their foreheads touched. He watched as she stroked their dicks together faster and harder. The heat from the friction drove him mad, his mother’s saliva adding another layer of pleasure for them both.

They stared back at one other and locked lips again. Santiago grabbed his mother’s massive tits. He twisted and pulled on her soft pink nipples, eliciting tiny but sharp moans.

“Oh my…God…I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” She panted, her cheeks and chest flushing a bright red.

Both moaned inside each other’s mouths as their first of many orgasms built. Santiago kissed her neck and shoulder, then climbed to suck on her earlobes. Hitomi, unable to hold back any longer, exploded with her son in a firework of glorious white cum.

Some of his cum landed on his chest and cheeks, but most of it coated his mother’s cock as hers coated his. When she came it was like an exploding soda bottle, and her face and tits were painted white.

“God, I love being a Futanari wife and mother! I can cum three times and still not get soft.” She looked at him with pride. “Plus I see my genes were passed on to you too, honey bear.”

She was right. Santiago could cum for or five times and still not get exhausted. Sometimes his father felt the need to compete and compare himself with her, even though it made no sense. It wasn’t his fault he was born a regular man. Santiago couldn’t help but feel he envied him and his sister for being born with their abilities.

“The best of both worlds and I get to share it with my beautiful son,” she said, licking her nipples free of their cum.

Standing on his knees atop his bed, Santiago held his mother up in the air with his strong arms wrapped around her waist. She wrapped hers around him too as she sucked and slurped on his rod like a blow pop. Santiago licked and parted her labia. Pushing his tongue inside her narrow vaginal entrance, he wondered how he was ever born if she didn’t undergo a cesarean procedure. Her walls squeezed around his tongue while he flicked and licked all around inside her.

“Ohshihsh” she garbled around his erection.

Her legs rested on his shoulder, embracing his neck. Santiago had faith in his strength and kept her suspended in the air with one arm as he used his free hand to stroke her.

“Oh God, that feels good! God bahis şirketleri this is so different from your sister or the other Futanari guests!”

Santiago stroked and licked her simultaneously, while Hitomi released her arms from around his waist and stroked and sucked her son. She lifted his dick and sucked his heavy balls into her mouth where they were massaged by her hot tongue. Santiago thrust into her, pushing more of his throbbing erection down her throat amazing throat.

She gagged, eyes welling up with tears.

“Choke on my fucking dick mom! Choke on it!” he commanded.

Hitomi was only too happy to oblige, having the silliest, dirtiest look in her eyes while choking on her son’s meat rod.

Hana came back, unclipped the leash from Marlon Brando’s collar, and watched him slowly wander into the living room.

“Mom, I’m home. Santi where are you? Are you back?”

She walked to her bedroom and removed her shoes and her sweater, then, looked around for her mother and brother on the first floor, but they weren’t there. She walked upstairs to the second floor where her brother’s and parent’s rooms were.

Hana neared the familiar sounds of sex. “Mom? Santi?”

She stopped in front of Santiago’s bedroom door and opened it slightly. She didn’t peak in, just listened to her mother and brother having intense sex.

“Oh Fuck! Hah! Hah! Shit!” her mother gasped in sync with the sounds of slapping skin.

“Oh my God mom…why are you so fucking tight?”

“My balls…and my…cock take up the majority of the…space down there,” she said gasping.

“So, fucking tight! It feels your pussy could snap off my cock if I let up.”

Hana lifted the hem of her shirt so it was resting on top of her tits. She slid out of her leggings and panties to get comfortable, then sat down and spread her legs. Rising between them was a six-inch dick that she coated in her saliva then stroked to the sounds of raw sex happening behind the door.

Unlike her mother, Hana lacked a pair of testicles, but this didn’t matter to her in the slightest. This only meant she had more space around her crotch and had easier access to her wet labia that she rubbed in sync with jerking off. She lacked a clitoris, as many Futanari in their town did because their penises were in fact their clitorises.

“Mmm! Oh! Oh! Hah! Oh my God!” Hitomi screamed.

“God, Santi must really be hate-fucking her right now,” Hana whispered, “fuck that big-titted cow, bro.”

“Fuck me Santi! Oh shit! Don’t stop. I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

Hana stroked harder, fingering around inside her vagina, looking for that sweet spot.

The volume of skin slapping increased to the point it sounded painful and desperate.

“Oh God, you’re squeezing too tightly around me mom! Ahhh! I can’t hold on anymore, Ughh!!”

“Augghh!” Hitomi bellowed like a banshee.

Hana’s eyes rolled listening to her brother gasp and grunt like an animal. No doubt he was cumming inside their mother. Over the orgasmic tumult, she heard the splattering of something wet on the hardwood floor.

“Oh, God! Mom’s painting the floor with her cum” Hana thought as she came, lathering her brother’s bedroom door, “I wish I could be there to gulp it all down”

“What are you doing?”

Hana was caught off guard as her mother stood in front of the now open doorway. Looking up from the floor, Hana saw her mother’s vagina and asshole stuffed to the brim with her brother’s cum that slowly dribbled down her legs and pooled on the floor in thick gobs of pearly white baby batter. Her large cock and balls glistened with residual cum and saliva. Her breasts were covered in cum and sweat too.

“I came back home, and I was looking for you, and…I’m sorry for snooping on you two!”

“Ugh, it’s fine. Just please don’t tell your papa about this otherwise he will lose it,” Hitomi winked at her daughter. “By the way, baby, do you have any more morning-after pills I could borrow?”

“Yeah, they’re in my cabinet, the first drawer in the upper left corner.”

Hitomi smiled. “Thanks, baby.”

Hana and Santiago made eye contact. He looked like he was king of the world right now, leaning back on his bed, covered in sweat and cum. Hana blushed and looked away, shielding her erect cock from view with her hands.

“If you would like some help with that, all you need to do is ask sis. But you’re going to clean up that mess you made right there because I am not doing it.”

Hana stared at the large puddle of white cum she created.

“I’ll clean it up, don’t worry about it, but I’ll get mom to help.”

Santiago walked over to his front door and closed it in front of her face.

The Backyard

Around four o’clock, Santiago changed into black clothes and walked out to the backyard to play fetch with Marlon Brando. The black dog was only too happy to have more stimulation for the day. He threw a black and red frisbee, and Marlon Brando took off like a bat of out of hell, giving chase.

“Always in black I see. Why do you look like you’re always going to a funeral?” Hana said, walking out into the backyard.

“Because I’m a depressed, suicidal sack of shit, that’s why.”

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