22 Haziran 2021

Fantasy about Xhamster friends


Fantasy about Xhamster friendsLast on the list for the day is Bed Bath and Beyond to exchange something from the holidays. I’m already by the airport in Tampa so I check Google and head over to the closest BBB on Westshore. As I walk in I can tell right away I’m not going to wait in the long customer service line like cattle in a pen. I’ll walk around first and check back in a bit. Instead of paying attention to the stuff on the shelves I pass, I revert to the more hidden side of my personality which is people watching. The true term is “voyeur.” Ever since I was 14 and cutting between some houses headed home and caught a young couple fucking and sucking and screaming thru half closed patio blinds, nothing made more of an impact on me than that day. Nothing is more erotic to me now than watching sexy people, catching glimpses of up skirt panties, down blouse cleavage or the occasional nipple slip. As I turn the corner at the back of the store, I feel like someone just punched me in the stomach. Standing off to my side is a girl looking thru some curtains in the aisle. I don’t know what hit me first or maybe it was all at once. I don’t know. It’s as if time slowed down. I could have been standing there for a few seconds or even minutes. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. She had on a pair of black shoes with a small heel, attached to the most wonderfully smooth legs, not to big, not to small, the perfect size to spend the day covering with oil, rubbing and massaging. The legs disappear under a very short red patterned flowy skirt. I think I can almost see where the back of her creamy white legs flow into her nice small rounded ass. Covering her top is a short sleeved white t-shirt, not loose, but tight enough at this slightly turned angle to easily make out a small campaign glass shaped breast. She must not be wearing a bra because the darker round shading surrounding the noticeable hardened nipple poking out was quite obvious. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair covering a round beautiful face with black rimmed glasses. I don’t know what she was thinking about but she had such an infectious angelic smile it was hard not to smile as well. On top of the stunning visual assault in front of me was the smell. She smelled… beautiful. Every part of me felt stimulated, like electricity coursing thru me, making every muscle contracted, coiled, ready to explode.As I started to recover and came back to my senses she had already moved from the curtains to the next section where the little bed set ups were to showcase the comforters, pillows and such. I followed and pretended to be looking elsewhere when I noticed separating the aisle konak escort and the bed section was a floor to ceiling tarp with a “please excuse our dust” sign attached. It effectively cut off her section from being visible for most of the central walkways. Turning back, I saw her moving from one bed to the next. She would lean over, run her hands over the comforter, turn around and lay down for a second with her arms above her head, then get up and go to the next one. Each time she leaned over the bed her short red skirt would ride up exposing the rest of her upper legs and exposing the 2 wonderful halves of her ass. When she laid down on her back on the next bed I was floored. No panty covered her pussy. Instead, two full plump lips pushed together like lips waiting to be kissed stared back at me. So incredibly smooth and bare, begging to be licked, spread apart and made love to with a tongue. As quickly as she laid down, she got back up and went to the last bed. Knowing this was the last chance, I moved directly behind her to get a bird eye view of what I now knew was a panty less ass as she bent over the final bed. This time as she leaned in over the bed her legs were spread wider than before and her ass-cheeks parted to reveal the inviting shadows between them. The song of the siren told by sailors wasn’t a myth. The moment I saw the small dark circle of her anus and the sweet bald pussy I started to move forward. I didn’t know what I was doing, I couldn’t control myself. It was like being outside my body looking down at this poor helpless fool, his small cock tenting out the front of his gym shorts. He couldn’t hear me yell stop, oblivious to everything but the siren singing, her nakedness drawing him in in spite of himself. As she leaned over the bed her ass all naked and creamy smooth before me, I moved right behind her and placed my legs in-between hers. The moment she felt the touch she started to move back and up to get off the bed. Because I was so close her bare ass immediately closed around my cock, squeezing it as it stuck out from my shorts and stopped her from moving back any more. Almost simultaneously, my right hand moved to the center of her back to hold her down as I knelt down and licked her from the rosy pink hood of her clit, thru the delicate folds of her lips all the way up to her forbidden dark circle. The second my tongue touched her I heard a gasp, then a moan and suddenly felt her stop moving. I took only a moment to gaze at the feast before me. In that moment I could see her clit get bigger, redder, swollen with lust. Her lips that only right before had been closed and gaziemir escort protecting its juicy secret were glistening and now slightly open. Again I ran my tongue thru her sweet wet flower, only stopping to suck on each puffy lip before fully covering her mound with my mouth, sucking it like a sweet fruit. Her thighs closing on each side of my face, all warm and soft as I tongued her wet pussy. Feeling her start to push back against my face I drove my tongue as far into her as I could. Out. In. In. Out. Feeling her spasm, dripping syrupy sweet nectar into my mouth I used both hands to spread her ass as wide as I could to nibble and suck, lick and stab my tongue into her over and over again until her whimpers and orgasm started to fade. I didn’t want to be done. This hot, sexy beautiful women deserved more. The absolute joy she gave me, allowing me to pleasure her demanded I do more. Before she might feel regret, I started to run my fingers between her legs, back to that now swollen moist place my tongue had been only moments before. As I rubbed my face all over her ass, taking in all the wonderful tastes and smells I gently pushed one finger slowly into her sweet hidden secret place. Going in slowly gave her the time to object and let me know our fun was over, but when I again felt her push back I knew she wanted more. My finger now slick with the same sweetness that covered my face found a slow deep rhythm. As my finger pushed in, she would push back, grinding her molten hot pussy onto my hand, then releasing to await the next down stroke of my wet finger and bury it in as far as it would go. I angled my finger to make the “come here” gesture hoping to touch that so elusive magic button inside. If I could find that spot and make her orgasm, to squirt and cum all over my hands and face that would be the special thanks she deserved for everything she had done for me today. On the last stroke out, I added another finger to the first on the way back inside. The low guttural moan she made as the walls of her pussy clamped down on those 2 fat fingers almost made me cum right then.. It was such a wanton, lustful, sexy a****l sound. The slow controlled push back of her sexy hips onto my hand like before was now replaced with a hard forceful movement, back as far as she could go, deep as my fingers could reach inside, then a slow grinding as my thumb caressed her swollen clit. Back and forth, faster and harder, breaths coming in short bursts now, grunting, moaning, squeezing my fingers, crushing them together. Knowing she was close to another orgasm I knew she couldn’t yell, couldn’t scream in this izmir escort closed off section of the store. I wanted to watch her cum. To see her face. To see the pleasure. To feel it by just watching her. As I looked up and over her ass to the side her head was facing, I was stunned for the second time today. Her eyes were wide open. Her gaze filled with lust and pleasure were staring off to the next row over. That’s when I saw him. There, not hidden, was a guy in blue jeans watching us. As I watched her stare directly at him, my fingers now making loud wet sounds pushing in and out of her, I saw he wasn’t just watching, but was stroking his cock. His eyes never leaving hers, his hand moving up and down the length of his dick sticking straight out of the fly of his jeans. Seeming to coincide with her breathing getting faster and faster as she neared orgasm, he seemed to stroke faster and faster himself knowing she was close. Watching this unfold, I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to continue so I started to back away. The second she felt me hesitate and start moving away she reached back with one of her hands and grabbed me by the hair and forced my face in-between the cheeks of her ass and said 2 of the only 5 words I would hear her say today. “Don’t go” In that moment I knew I wasn’t going to keep from cumming in my shorts right there on my knees, behind this beautiful treasure, watching a guy jerk off as he watched her about to cum. I had gone from voyeur to exhibitionist in a matter of minutes and the feeling was to erotic to control. With her hand still on my head I drove my tongue right into her asshole as I pushed my fingers in as far as they would go. At that exact moment my tongue pushed in to her I started to cum. As the first shot hit the inside of my shorts I felt her whole body get stiff as she covered her mouth with her hand. Just as she was herself starting to orgasm and drip sweet honey past my hand and down her legs she never lost eye contact with the stranger in the blue jeans. As she started to quiver and moan, scream then grunt into her hand, the stranger had increased his effort to cum as well. The orgasm rolled over her in waves at the same time as the strangers cock swelled and spurt cum forward onto the shelves and floor in front of him. I wanted to stay, wanted to say something. Anything, but that would be awkward. It was the spontaneity and anonymity that made this such an overwhelmingly erotic experience. Besides, hiding behind a curtain on a busy showroom floor would only end up getting someone embarrassed and thats not how I wanted this perfect day to end. As I stood up and fixed myself I just simply placed a soft kiss on her beautiful round ass and started to go. As I was leaving I turned and heard the last 3 words of the 5 total I would hear her say… but these 3 words were not meant for me.. As she hugged the blue jean stranger she simply said “Thank you baby”

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