30 Haziran 2021

Fetish Mob Story: Part 2

Big Tits

Fetish Mob Story: Part 2The two women looked at each other with great concern on their faces, a response that seemed fitting under the circumstances they had just beenput under. After a short moment of them hesitating, I tell them to come to me. Rebecca swallowed and took Jennel’s hand, then they both began to kneel onto the bed.As they sat on their knees at the end of the bed, I could still sense some hesitation. I remind them that the camera’s are rolling and I ain’tgot time to waste as I’m a very busy man. This time it was Jennel that gulped before they both slowly began to crawl towards me. I told them that’s what I’m talking about, to embrace their inner slut and come get some of this big cock I had waiting for them.Ming gets a kick out of this part, she uses her long, white, satin gloves I like her to wear to stroke my cock and harden it up almost as totaunt them as they get closer. I see her grinning at them before she tells them to look at how big my dick is. She tells them she bets they can’t wait to taste it. Man she’s a riot, but I can see that it’s working as both the ladies look a bit more interestedas they continue towards me. A moment later, they now sit on each side of me, when Ming tells them to touch it. Rebecca looks to Jennel, almost as to ask who’s going togo first. Then Jennel reaches towards my manhood and begins to stroke it. I tell her not to be shy and that I approve. She begins to speed up her pace a bit which tells me that she’s getting over her fear and letting her lust come forward. Rebecca is justwatching but her face is hard to read, I can’t tell if she’s still scared, or if she might be enjoying it. Only one way to find out, so I look to her with a raised brow and let her know it’s time for her to participate. Her response was more than surprising,it was downright shocking! Right as Jennel removes her hand from my cock, Rebecca grabs hold of it, gives it several firm strokes then leans down to begin licking my cock from all directions. I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle in surprise at her sluttiness.I said damn that didn’t take long! My cock just has this effect on women, what can I say?After she licked my dick up and down for a bit, I was now fully erect and hard as a rock. She then took as much of my cock into her mouth asshe could and started sucking me profusely. A few moments of this and then Jennel got excited and began helping by wrapping her mouth around my shaft and mouthing up and down while Rebecca continued to suck the tip. Watching these two satin clad whores suckall over my cock was pure bliss, I wondered how their husbands bornova escort felt about seeing their pretty wives get down like this. The thought of this only hardened my cock and added to my pleasure.Now that my cock was to maximum size and lubricated in these bitch’s saliva, I was ready to get my fuck on! I tell them that before I get mydick wet in their pussies, I want to be teased. Ming gets up and crawls up behind them and tells them it’s time to show me what surprises they have under their clothes.Ming begins unbuttoning the top buttons of Jennel’s gold, long sleeved, satin blouse before kissing her straight on the lips. Rebecca soon follows by unbuttoning her black, lace sleeved, satin blouse. I give them a satisfied grin as I begin to see the silky, lace trimmed lingerie they both are wearing under their shiny clothing. It was clear Ming did a good job picking out some matching lingerie sets that both complimented their outfits as well as my fetish taste. As Ming’s silky fingers unbuttoned Jennel’s top, I immediately recognized the shiny, gold satin with black lace accents of one of the longest satin nightgowns in my collection, what a fine choice I thought as my cock twitched. Looking over to Rebecca who now had her shirt completely opened, I noticed she was sporting one of my favorite pieces, a classic black, satin full slip that had thick black lace trimming. This put a huge lustful smile on my face as my dick continued to throb while I watched the two lovely woman undress. They both removed their blouses and tossed them to the side then stud up on their knees, turned their backs to me and simultaneously began pulling down their skirts. Ming goes to Rebecca and yanks her shiny, black skirt all the way down then gives her ass a smack which made it jiggle through the shiny slip. Jennel slides her long golden skirt down over her ass revealing all that shiny, golden satin of her elegant nightgown. Now disrobed down to their lingerie, the two women turn back toward me as Ming returns to my side. I grabbed hold of my cock and waved it at them to let them know it was time to get busy again. This time the girls looked at me with hunger and lust in their eyes as they both flashed me a devilish grin. Rebecca took me in her mouth and gave me a few quick sucks before Jennel pulled up her gown and lifted her nylon covered leg over to straddle me. It was then that I got to see her lovely, gold, satin bikini panties which she quickly pulled to the side as she lowered herself down to the massive head of my member. As the tip of my mushroom began escort bornova to push its way into her pussy, I was pleasantly surprised by how wet she was already. I groaned heavily as the tip slowly passed her tight lips that grasped my like a bear trap. She moaned loudly as my cock filled her pussy to the max and I felt the back of her pussy against my tip. I then began to thrust repeatedly as I said out loud how tight and good her pussy felt wrapped around my massive dick.After several minutes of fucking Jennel’s wet cunt, I was ready to give Rebecca’s pussy some pounding. I grabbed Jennel by the ass and lifted her up off my manhood, and Ming ordered Rebecca to get on. With Jennel now laying across my large stomach, Rebecca once again took me in her mouth and licked and sucked my dick real nice. Then she swung around to put her backside against Jennel’s and pulled up that pretty slip to show me her fullback, black, satin panties which had a touch of lace trimming. She then pulled those sexy panties over and lowered her pussy down to my mushroom tip and very slowly started to slide it in while in reverse cowgirl position. As I let out a lustful moan of approval, I firmly grasped Jennel’s silky tits in each hand while Rebecca continued to slide my cock inside her wet, tightcunt. Fuck, it felt so good as Rebecca screamed out in pleasure and I began to fuck her profusely. After spreading out Rebecca’s tight, wet, hole, she slides up off of me just to have Jennel’s pussy slide right back on in its place. Rebecca then turns and puts her face down into the action to lick my balls while I continue fucking Jennel. Every so often, I’d lift Jennel up off my cock and Rebecca would suck up all Jennel’s pussy juice from the head of my dick, then I’d slide Jennel right back onto my throbbing member. Seeing how slutty the two woman were being, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of their poor husbands watching in the other room. Oh man, I bet they had no idea their wives could get down like this! After a lot of back in forth between the two gorgeous women, I told them to both bend over on their hands in knees in front of me. While they got into position, Ming sucked my cock and stroked it with her satin gloves to make sure it stayed nice and hard for them. Now that the two hotties were bent over and awaiting to receive my gifts, I leaned up onto my knees and got behind Jennel first. She began to wiggle her ass at me as I lifted that fancy nightgown up over her ass to reveal those fullback, gold panties and a satin, leopard print suspender belt that bornova escort bayan was holding up those sexy nylons. Seeing all that satin lingerie really got me excited! I firmly grabbed hold of those shiny, gold panties and yanked them over then placed the tip of my cock to her dripping wet lips. As soon as the tip of my dick parted her pussy lips I thrust my entire manhood inside her which made her scream out in orgasm instantly. I then pounded her pussy as hard as my fat-ass would allow. Next I pulled out and moved over to Rebecca who was patiently awaiting her turn. I slowly pulled up that shiny, black slip over her backside and took a nice long look at that beautiful ass encased in those fullback, black silky panties. She was was also wearing a matching black, satin garter belt with lace trim holding up those lace topped thigh highs. Mmhmm, that sight was so fucking sexy! As I pulled those shiny panties over and began to insert my cock, I took a look over at Ming who now was holding one of the cameras to get some closeups of the hot action, and I gave the camera a big, happy smile. With that, I thrust my dick deep into that pussy and made her moan and scream out in pleasure as I quickly began thrusting in and out of her wet hole. I bet her man got a real kick out of that one for sure. I went back and forth between the two sluts in this same way for about 10 full minutes until I was beginning to get spent. My cock was now really throbbing and I could feel I was about ready to fire off my load. I gave Ming the signal to bring that camera over. I then pulled my cock out and told the girls to get off the bed and kneel in front of me, it was time to frost this sexy cake! Like true sluts, they both didn’t hesitate and quickly got themselves in position. Now standing over them I began to jerk my cock profusely toward their faces. I told them to pull down that lingerie and show me their tits. They both hastily did so, Jennel revealing her bare breasts and Rebecca revealing a black, satin bra with half lace cups. Oh fuck yeah, that did it for me! As they opened up their mouths I shot stream after stream of thick, hot jizz on their faces and into their mouths. I let out a huge moan of relief as I emptied my ball-sack all over their pretty faces. They both then began licking and sucking all over my huge cock, cleaning up every drop of cum from my member. As the two beauties lustfully finished their services, I looked at Ming still holding the camera and gave a big toothy smile to my guests viewing the action in the other room. Now they know who they were fucking with!As my cock finally began to go flaccid and the two sluts now looked up at me drunk with lust, I thanked them for an amazing fuck and then told them to go change, grab their shitty excuses for husbands and get the fuck out of my studio. I then smiled at Ming and said that’s a wrap! The End

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