15 Şubat 2021

First Sorceress Celosia


11:57 – Alright, I talked to them. We’ve got it all planned out. They’re going to come over tomorrow after work for just a little while because they want to see the new apartment, then on Sunday we’ll take them out to dinner and tell them.

11:58 – Are you nervous

12:01 – Yes. I’m pretty sure they’ll be cool with it, but I’m not 100% sure, you know?

12:03 – Hold on, I’m pulling up in the driveway. I’ll be in in a second.

16:34 – A MISSIVE:

My liege,

I am delighted to inform you that our infiltration of the Royal Palace of Baalendar was a smashing success. We have kidnapped Celosia, Queen Artemisia’s First Sorceress, who by herself comprises more than half of the magical might of the entire kingdom. She has been subdued, administered with a drug that leaves her bereft of her magical abilities, and left at your mercy.

-Spymaster Apolline

Whatever was in the potion that they had forced her to drink was effective, she had to give them that.

Celosia tugged at the ropes that bound her. It was almost insulting to confine her in this way. She knew a thousand ways to escape from ropes. She could incinerate them with a flick of her finger, untie the knots with her mind, cause them to wriggle and move according to her will, freeze them, snap them, shred them, vaporize them…

Except nothing she tried was working. They had stripped her of her clothes and wound the ropes around her entire torso: they encircled her waist, wound around her shoulders, went down between her breasts and between her legs, to either side of her pussy, then went back up and wrapped around her wrists, forcing them upwards towards towards the ceiling, where the they were attached to a metal hook. The tying had been done with a surprising amount of grace and skill by Spymaster Apolline herself. They supported her weight perfectly- Celosia could actually lift her feet off of the ground and hang suspended from the ceiling without much discomfort, and when she stood the ropes were just a little snug, but they also held her utterly in place.

The door to the dungeon wasn’t locked. It wasn’t even closed all of the way. Apolline had left it open, just a crack, presumably to taunt her. If she could just get out of these damned ropes…

Gods above, her tits were starting to hurt. Celosia had never borne any children- the laws of Baalendar forbade sorcerers from producing heirs- but the eldritch energies flowing through her for most of her life had caused her body to react in a strange way: her breasts were the size of watermelons and full of magical milk. Except at the moment they were slightly larger than that, because it had been hours since she’d last had the chance to empty them, before the incursion into the Palace. She couldn’t lower her hands enough to even touch them because of her bindings.

Footsteps. The door opened, and a lioness of a woman stepped through. She was tall, dark of skin, with a mane of voluminous black hair that fell to below her shoulders and striking pale blue eyes. She was clad from neck to toe in heavy furs, which made her look large and bulky, though Celosia knew that underneath them she was quite slim, because they had met before.

“Malva,” she said, with a twinge of fear that she couldn’t entirely keep from her voice.

“Queen Malva,” said the woman. She closed the door behind her and smiled. “And you are First Sorceress Celosia, the most powerful wielder of magic on this side of the world. Except, you seem to have found yourself in quite the pickle!”

Lilly had to fight to hold back a laugh. Celosia blanched. “What do you want from me?”

“From you? Nothing.” Malva started to remove her furs, dropping them on the floor as she walked towards her. “All that you have to do is stay here, in my castle, and keep drinking that lovely potion that my spymaster made for you every day.” She chuckled, and the tunic that she’d been wearing underneath the furs came off as well, leaving her naked above the waist. Her shoulders and arms rippled with lean, powerful muscle. Her stomach was a washboard, and her breasts were full, firm, and surprisingly large for her slender frame, though they were still nothing compared to Celosia’s. “The effect becomes permanent after a few dozen doses. Won’t that be such a relief, Sorceress? You will no longer have to worry about tracking my troops with your magic, or summoning storms to destroy my warfleets. You would be safe and sound, here, with only one thing that you have to think about…”

Malva tossed her breeches aside, and stood with a hand on her hip and a cocky grin on her face. Her cock was bobbing up around her navel, easily ten inches long and thicker than any Celosia had ever seen before. Her balls were like a pair of oversized hen’s eggs.

Celosia swallowed loudly. “She will come for me. Queen Artemisia will tear down the walls of this castle and-“

“Oh, there won’t be any need for that. I fully intend to let you go.”

Her eyes narrowed.

“In about eight months.”

Her casino oyna already pale skin grew paler, and Malva chuckled. “Yes, I think that will send quite the message, don’t you think? Celosia, First Sorceress of Baalendar, returned to Artemisia’s court broken and powerless, with a bellyful of Queen Malva’s bastards.”

“You… You wouldn’t dare… The Queen would-“

“Do what? Send her First Sorceress to destroy my armies and level my queendom? I think not. Anyway, you’ll be be singing a different tune by then.” Malva tweaked Celosia’s nipple with the tip of her cock, causing a dribble of milk and a spurt of precum simultaneously. “Strutting about Artemisia’s courts with a great swollen belly, telling anyone who will listen about how wonderful the Queen is. The real Queen. The true Queen. And when my armies come to Baalendar, instead of confounding us like you did last time you will strut out onto the battlefield, walk naked through her troops and mine, to me, and service my cock while I take the city.”

“I… I would never…” Gods, just the smell of her was making it hard to think, musk and sweat and sex flooding Celosia’s mind.

“Did you know that since I seized my throne a year ago I have sired twenty-four children?”

“T- Twenty-four?”

“Twenty-four. On eight different women.” Malva pressed her cock against Celosia’s cheek, and for a moment she was so overpowered by it that she lost her thoughts entirely.

“Twenty-four on eight… That… That means…”

“My seed,” said Malva, “just seems to run strong. The first was my predecessor- the former Queen of Tolan. I defeated her in single combat, then took her right there in the field, in front of her entire army. Or what was left of it, anyway. After half an hour I had her begging for my cock as I filled that tight little cunt of hers. I put twins in her. The former queen was an excellent fighter, but not a particularly good breeder. Every woman I’ve put my cock in since then has walked away with three, except for that maid who decided to wave her plump little arse in my face while she cleaned my chambers. She got four.” She reached under Celosia’s breasts and rubbed her stomach. “A soft, fertile thing like you? You’re going to be full of little reminders of who your new master is.”

Celosia felt the fat head of it press against her soaking, swollen lips. A part of her mind was screaming at her to cry out, to struggle, yell, bite her. To do anything. But another part of her was thinking… Why bother? Malva had won. Whatever drug they had given her had vexed her utterly. None of the spells she had tried worked, not even the simplest little cantrips. She wasn’t strong enough to break the ropes that bound her, and even if she was, she certainly wasn’t strong or quick enough to escape from Malva herself.

“Please…” she muttered. “Please… Don’t-“

Too late. With a single powerful thrust Malva was inside her to the hilt. Celosia clenched her teeth and cried out in surprise. She expected it to hurt, but it… Didn’t. Malva was enormous. Bigger than any other man, woman, or toy she’d ever had inside of her, and yet there was nothing but an explosion of heat and pressure that was so intense it made her head go fuzzy.

“Gods, look at this ass!” Celosia was vaguely aware, somewhere in her mind, that a pair of hands was groping her buttocks. “So soft and plush and perfectly round! I’ll bet that nobody ever pays it any attention, what with those ridiculous, whorish breasts you’ve got.” She started to thrust as she spoke, not quickly, but she was so huge and filled Celosia so utterly, stretched her so tight, that it was all she could do to keep herself from moaning like a slut.

“It’s a shame, really. It jiggles so nicely!” Malva gave it a limp-wristed sort of slap.

“Green light,” said Lilly.

A somewhat harder slap, which didn’t sting so much as it tickled.

“Green light, Rose,” said Lilly.

Malva tried again. It didn’t hurt.

Lilly sighed and turned around as best she could in the ropes, looked her in the eyes. “Rose, if you want to spank me, then spank me. It’s my butt, not my face. You can do it hard. I have a lot of padding down there.”

“I know, I know. I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“The whole point of spanking is that it hurts. Trust me, if it gets too intense I’ll let you know.”

She blinked, and brought her hand down one last time. A resounding smack echoed through the room.

“Oh, fuck yes…” said Lilly breathlessly. “Just like that.”

Celosia let out a sound that she had never intended to make. She could feel her ass bounce from the impact, as well as the pins-and-needles sting of pain that lingered after.

“My, what was that noise you just made, Sorceress? If I didn’t know any better I would almost think that you’re enjoying this!”

“I- I’m not…” Another crack of sound, another spike of pain, this time in her other cheek.

“Hey, idea!” Malva pressed herself up against Celosia’s back, one hand on her hip, ensuring that canlı casino they stayed closely linked, while the other groped at her breast. She took a great handful of it and rolled it around, making wide circles as she pressed it up and against Celosia’s chest. A heady stream of milk started to pour out from underneath Malva’s palm in short order. “We should put these fat tits of yours to good use! How would you like to be my Royal Cow? We can get a nice harness for you, just like this one, set you up in the throne room, and whenever me or anyone in my court gets thirsty they can give you a squeeze!”

Celosia just moaned. It was getting hard… Hard to think… Cock. So tight…

“My Knights all have cocks, the women and the men. Funny how that turned out! Whenever we have a moot we could tie you up, let them use your holes. Mm, Lady Gwendolyn would especially like that. She’s even bigger than me, has a fucking log hanging between her legs. She loves sticking it between a fat pair of tits more than anything else, but I doubt that she’s ever seen a pair like yours!”

She was going faster. Felt… Good. It shouldn’t have felt good, but it did. Balls slapping against clit…

“And just think how much bigger they’ll get! They’re already enormous, but once you’ve got my seed inside of you they’ll start to get even bigger, fuller, fatter…” Celosia groaned, and her traitorous nipples each let loose a spray of white. Malva giggled. “Oho! You like thinking about that, Sorceress?” She wrapped an arm around her waist, put her hand on her stomach. “Does the thought of being filled with my bastards make you all wet? Whore. Actually… No, you’re not a whore. A whore takes care of herself, keeps herself from getting knocked up. You’re not a whore. You’re a cow. A fat-titted, fat-assed, milk-filled breeding cow.”

“M- M…”

“Having trouble speaking, Sorceress? That makes sense. Cows don’t talk. What’s the only thing that cows say, Celosia?”

“M… Moo…”

“What was that, First Sorceress? I couldn’t quite hear you.”

“M… Mo- Aah!” It almost took her by surprise. Malva’s cock seemed to swell inside of her, or perhaps it was her own pussy clamping down on it, pulling it deeper inside of her. There was a part of her mind that was still rebelling, even as she came, but her body knew what she wanted. She tried to hide it. To stifle her moans so that Malva wouldn’t be able to tell, but she would be able to feel her tightening, and even if she didn’t, Celosia’s breasts gave her away: her nipples, hard as rocks now, exploded into twin fountains of white, adding to the ever-growing puddle on the floor.

“You… You won’t get away with this, Merriweather,” she choked out between breaths. “The Queen will-“


“Right. Malva. Shit, sorry. You won’t… You won’t… Fuck.”

Rose laughed. “Do you need a moment?”

“I think so. Sorry… Just let me catch my breath.”

“No need to apologize, silly.” Rose kissed Lilly’s cheek from over her shoulder. “Do you want me to untie you?”

“Mm. No, not yet. Don’t pull out either. I like feeling you.” Lilly flexed her vaginal muscles, shivered and sighed. “Fuck, you feel so huge! I could swear that you’re getting bigger.”

“I keep telling you, I’m not. I’m pretty sure my dick’s as big as it’s ever going to be. Not like these.” Rose gave Lilly’s breasts a little squeeze.

“They’ve only grown, like, one cup size since you met me. God, what if we ever actually have kids though? My mom told me that hers doubled in size when she got pregnant with me. Can you imagine that?” Rose’s cock throbbed noticeably inside of her, and Lilly laughed. “I know, right? God, it’s so fucked up that the idea turns me on too. They would be such a huge pain in the ass, but can you imagine me wobbling around the apartment, big pregnant tummy, and even bigger tits? Oh, hello. No need to say anything, I can feel your answer.” She pressed her ass up against Rose’s hips. “Oh! You know what? We should try that new lube!”

Rose giggled and pulled her cock out a little bit. It made an audible squishing noise. “Not that we need it. Didn’t you say that it’s supposed to heat up and feel super good or something?

“The package says it’s supposed to feel cold for me and hot for you.”

“How’s that work?”

“I dunno. But Andrea told me that she and her boyfriend tried it and it felt incredible.”

“Where is it?”

“In the fridge.”

“Uh, why is it in the fridge?”

“The instructions on the bottle say that you’re supposed to keep it cold. It, like, activates the chemicals or something.”

“Mmkay. I’ll get it. Are you alright staying tied up alone for a second?”

“Of course! Pull out slowly though. I want to feel every inch of you…”

Rose’s cock was still hard as a rock and covered in Lilly’s juices as she opened the fridge. The cold felt surprisingly pleasant on her bare skin, and it didn’t do a thing to make her erection go down. If this lube was as good as it sounded she wouldn’t last kaçak casino much longer. She’d already been right on the edge when Lilly came.

After a little bit of rummaging she found it: a small, bright blue bottle tucked away behind a jug full of milk. Lilly’s, of course. They never had to buy milk, with how much she made. It seemed like a waste not to use it. Rose grabbed the bottle, then after a moment of hesitation grabbed the jug too and took a sip from it. It was better warm and fresh, but even cold it was still delicious. She took another sip. The taste sent a shiver up her spine and made a bit of precum drool from the tip of her cock down onto the tiled floor.

She was just putting the jug back when the front door opened. What the fuck?

The kitchenette was designed with a short wall that separated it from the living room. As long as Rose stood behind the fridge nobody could see her without walking into it, but then, there were also no doors to stop them from doing that. She was still naked, holding a bottle of lube, with a rock-hard boner. God damn it. She hid behind the fridge.

“Is it okay to just come in like this?” It was a man’s voice.

“Yuriko gave me a key.” That was a woman. She sounded familiar. “Besides, her car was in the parking lot. She should be here.”

Yuriko? Who…


Oh, fuck. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

“Yuriko? Are you here?” the woman called out. Lilly had to have heard that, but she was still tied up. Shit, shit, shit, fuck, god damn it…

“We’re a little early. Maybe she’s out? She told me that she and her roommate walk to the grocery store down the street when they need things.”

“It looks like the bedroom’s back there. She could just be napping.”

“Maybe. I’ll go check.”

Oh shit! Rose risked peeking above the kitchen counter, and saw the backs of a tall man with greying black hair and a short, plump woman. They were headed for the bedroom. The door was cracked open, so they couldn’t see inside but they would be able to walk right in.

She only had a split second. Oh god, oh god. Think fast. What to do? She looked around the kitchenette for something. Anything. There were dirty dishes in the sink…

It was a stupid idea, but it was the only one that she had, so it would have to do. Rose grabbed a dirty spoon from the sink and hurled it at the sliding glass door in the living room that led to the deck. It hit it with a loud crack and fell to the floor.

“What on earth!” The man and the woman both turned. “What was that?” They both went over to the door to investigate. Rose knew that it would only keep them distracted for a moment, so she didn’t waste any time. As quickly and as silently as she could, she rushed behind them, back into the bedroom, and closed and locked the door behind her. Lilly was still hanging in her bindings, staring at Rose wide-eyed and pale.

“Why are they here!?” Rose whispered frantically.

“I don’t know! I told them to come over tomorrow! What was that noise?”

“I had to make a distraction.” Rose started untying Lilly as fast as she could. Once she got her hands freed she started to work on the ropes around the rest of her body, but Lilly stopped her.

“There’s no time! I’ll just get dressed over it. Put some clothes on!”

They must have set some sort of record. In less than a minute, Rose was wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, her cock (why the hell was it still hard?) tucked away in the band of her underwear, and Lilly was in a pair of jeans and a sweater, thick enough to conceal the ropes underneath.

“What are we going to do about this?” Rose whispered, looking to the modified sky chair harness hanging from the ceiling and the puddle of milk, precum, and pussyjuice on the wood-paneled floor.

“Leave it! I’ll just tell them that my room is a mess and I don’t want them to see it.”

“Will they buy that?”

“Probably. Hopefully.” Lilly took a deep breath and opened the door. They were still in the living room, thank god. She closed the door behind Rose and said, loudly, “Mom! Dad! What are you guys doing here?”

This was the first time that Rose had seen them in person. Lilly’s father was tall and thin, with a strong jaw and statuesque features. He was quite handsome, despite the fact that he was going grey and his face was lined. Her mother was short, plump, and curvy. Her chest was smaller than Lilly’s by far, but her butt and her hips were far bigger, and her auburn hair had a streak of grey in exactly the same spot where Lilly had a streak of purple. She put her hands on her hips.

“You invited us, silly!”

“Uh, yeah… I said Friday, right?”

“Today is Friday,” said Rose.

Lilly pulled her phone out of her pocket and looked at the date. “Oh… Uh. Heh. My mistake.” She grinned apologetically.

“We found this on your floor,” said Lilly’s father. He was holding a dirty spoon. “Also, I think that a bird flew into your window, or… Something. We didn’t break anything, I promise.”

“So! Uh, you must be Mr. and Mrs. Yukimura? I’m Rose. Lilly’s roommate. It’s good to meet you.” Rose felt stupid as soon as she said it. Lilly had just called them Mom and Dad. Of course they were Mr. and Mrs. Yukimura.

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