1 Kasım 2021

First time with teacher and her assistant


First time with teacher and her assistantThis is my first one so be kind pls.This story is just a fantasy but all characters are real and o realy wish it comes true someday.This story took place when i was just 16, I used to take a computer lessons at school which i was failing at, so my teacher who i wont mention her name offered me to go to her house with a bunch of students to take extra lessons. She is about 50 -55 years old she has 3 k**s , who are old now, she is not so tall about 175 cm and she is plump,she weighs about 90-100 kilograms, all this fat is disturbuted in her ass , thighs ,boobs and below her waist. She have C cups boobs , which are not sagy. She has an assistant who helps her in explaining to us, she might be 30 years old and she has a body to die for. She has perfect firm D cups , she has a big ass and always wears tight skirts or pants and tight blouses or tops.she is about 170 cm tall,and single. I kept on going to these xtra lessons on a regular basis. Until one time there was an exam next day , which i was Exempted from, so iwent to her house as usual on time but no one was there. I asked her kadıköy escort if i should leave, but she insisted that i would stay. I have noticed something wierd this day, that she seemed different , more attractive especialy her assistant. She excused me for a couple Of minutes and went into her room leaving me with the assistant alone. I was so horny this day that i would fuck a dog. While i was working on the computer , i face a problem so she leaned forward helping me and i noticed her boobs were next to my arm, so i brushed my hand against them making it look like an accident. Then i continued working we Mrs. ***** came i noticed something different. I found out when she came nearer that her nipples were sticking through her top. She had taken off her bra.I felt more horny, that i decided i would fuck here tonight. I planned on seducing her since her husband is travelling and she hadnt had sex for months now. I developed a boner which was clear in my sweat pants i was wearing , then i asked her to go to the bathroom on purpose while üsküdar escort having my boner , i made sure that she noticed it, which she did, whith her facial expretions , while going to the bathroom i heard her speaking with her assistant , telling her about my boner. When i came back i saw my teacher bending and her huge ass was in my direction so ibrushed my dick by her ass which made her reposition quickly. After sitting infront of the screen again and continued my work the assistant came by and bumped her boobs in my shoulders and made herself fall, so she could touch my lap in excuse that she needed something to hold to. She actualy touched my dick which made it to jump to duty. I got really horny so i asked the teacher to come over and help me with problem, when she came by i caressed her butt cheek gently to seduce her which seemsto have done the job as she didnt do any sound but to moan. I figured out that she took off her panties aswell. She started caressing my dick in return which made it suspicious to the assistant , who came by and saw what we were doing and stasted tuzla escort massaging her own boobs.Mrs **** sugested that we move to the living room whe re we would be more comfortable, she started undressing wehre i saw the best matures body i have ever seen in my life, Great boobs which i started sucking on the spot, the assistent started sucking my cock while i was breast feeding the teacher. After about 5 minutes i repositioned and started fucking Mrs ***** while i sucked on the assistants enormous tits. I kept on pumping in her tight pussy as she hadnt had a single good fuck since her latest son’s birth , i made her cum twice before i shot my load in side her pussy, i then switched to the assistant who had my sucking on her clit till she had her first orgasm , them i lubed her ass while the teacher was sucking my dick again. I penetrated her ass which was extremly tight ,she kept jumping on my dick while screaming and the teacher sat on my face , so i would lick her pussy , while she kissed and licked the assistant’s boobs. Sudenly i felt a finger in my ass which sent wierd currents through my body which lead to me draining the assistanst ass with cum. What happened next surprised me ,, as the teacher sucked my cum out of the assistants ass and swaped it with her, after that i was givena last but amazing titty job by assistant who had the biggest jugs. I was very pleased , i pleasured both of thrm in my first time eve. This was awseme. Hope u like it.

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