13 Şubat 2021



Old folks fuck their brains out, too

I’m 72 years old and having the best sex of my life, Perhaps that’s a sad commentary on how poor my earlier sex life was but it’s true. My partner is 69 years old and it’s almost a standing joke that we better live up to her age as we clamber into position for mutual oral sex. So, if you sometimes see a couple of gray-haired old folks in a mall, smiling, realize that they may have been fucking their brains out a couple hours before.

The sex isn’t the same as it was forty years ago. Not as frequent. Not as urgent. Better technique now, highly cooperative — after all, each time might be the last time in each of our lives. That sort of helps concentrate your feelings. Very warm, very emotional. While the bodies may be a little more wrinkled and sagging, all the necessary parts are still there and her cunt is just as juicy as a twenty-year old and her butt still feels smooth and firm and sexy.

I was married for over 40 years and my wife died. I know now what a humdrum sex life we had. I mean we had sex regularly and we raised three children successfully. But it never had the passion we’re now having. Probably a lot of marriages are like that. And I can’t just blame my wife, it had to be because of me, too. It takes two to tango, as they say. Neither of us knew any better, I guess.

A little over six months after my wife died, some old friends invited me over for dinner. I knew these people from way back before I ever met my wife. Back then the wife of this couple, even before they were a couple and were just dating, fixed me up with a blind date with a girl friend she thought was perfect for me. Fran was cute. Dark hair, small, a little busty. In my mind I compared her favorably with an actress/singer back then named Kathryn Grayson. We got along fine and dated a half dozen times. We ‘necked’ as it was then called, holding and kissing each other and feeling around just a little but it never went far. Then we quit dating. I’m not sure why — I changed jobs, moved, probably never called her back again.

Anyway, something like 45 years later, at dinner there were my friends, two other couples, me and Fran. The wife part of my friends just never gives up, I guess. Fran was probably as surprised as I was. But at our ages, you go with the flow. So Fran and I talked and caught up on things, grandchildren, etc. She’s still as cute as ever. Still small, nice figure, although her hair is now white. She’s been single for quite awhile, me fairly recently. So I asked her out and a week later we went to a movie and dinner. I took her to the door and she looked up and I could tell it was o.k. and I kissed her. She kissed back and we held each other close and kissed again, then I asked if she wanted to go out a week later and she agreed and we said good night.

The next date, she asked me in when we got back to her place. We were on a couch and after several kisses, she asks,

“Can you still have sex?”

I was dumbfounded.

“What?” is all I managed to croak out.

“Not every man can still get an erection when they get older. So, I’m asking if you are capable of getting an erection and having sexual intercourse,” she rolled out, amost like a teacher giving a lesson. Since she did teach for years, it was probably her normal way of talking.

“Uh, well,” I stammered, “yeah, I can. I needed Viagra the last couple years but I guess the answer is yes.”

“Good,” she said, smiling now, “bring some Viagra on our next date then.”

“You know, Fran, you don’t have to do this. Way back, some girls thought they had to put out as sort of a repayment for the guy buying dinner but that isn’t what I had in mind.”

“No, I know that. It’s what I had in mind,” she answered. “Look, 40 years ago when I was a young, naive virgin but thought a lot about becoming a non-virgin, I finally met the guy that I decided I would go to bed with. I waited for him to make his move and the next thing I know, he’s gone. If I waited for you now, the same thing would happen again. I don’t know how you ever managed to get married and have children.”

“It was more than forty,” I said, “And there’s no way we can capture things the way canlı bahis they were back then. We both know better now. And while you ‘re just as sexy now as you were then, I’m over-age and over-weight and need Viagra to perform. I’ve never been the world’s greatest lover and I never was one of those huge stallions, just average maybe, and I think I’ve shrunk a little with age.”

She grinned and kissed me quickly.

“From what I can feel, you’re ready now and you haven’t had any Viagra. Darn you Pete Ross. I had my whole life in order and you had to show up again. I was done with all this and now you’ve opened it all up again. So you’re not getting away this time. Now, when should we get together next?”

Age hadn’t hurt my thinking department any. My answer was,

“How about an hour from now? I can got to my place, take a Viagra and be back here in about an hour or maybe a little more.”

Fran grinned like mad.

“Get a move on, sounds great to me.”

From my experience, Viagra takes a half hour or perhaps slightly more to work on me. When it kicks in, I get a very slight headache and my nose stops up some. It’s obvioulsy enlarging blood vessels in more places than my cock. The other thing that has always happened to me with Viagra is, once some foreplay gets me an erection and I put it to use, I can stay hard seemingly forever and I never cum. Well, my only experience was with my wife but with her I kept going until she pretty much got tired of having me sliding in and out of her. Once she orgasmed, it was all over for her. So I don’t know what will happen with Fran but I know it willl work. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that a truly sexy situation with a woman who really wants it rather than just accepts it might see me able to perform even without Viagra.

When I got back she was in a nightgown and she led me to the bedroom before she even said hello. Once in the bedroom we held each other and kissed and she asked me to get undressed. The only light was sort of a glow coming from a light in the adjacent bathroom. So, she wouldn’t get too good a look at my againg, sagging body. But as I got undressed, She pullled the nightgown off over her head and I got a pretty good look at her body. She looked fine to me. Maybe a little thicker in the middle but a very desirable woman.

“You’ve got a great body, Fran,’ I said.

She smiled and we kissed again and she squeezed her hand in between us to wrap her fingers around my erection. I wasn’t sure what all might happen but I had no fear of whether I could keep an erection long enough to do anything. She led me to the bed, climbed on and lay back. I lay down next to her. We kiss and she’s got hold of my cock again and it’s coming up to a very good erection. I slid down a little, kissed her shoulders, held her breasts with my hands and got my mouth to a nipple.

She still had very nice breasts. I’m sure they sagged some compared to years before but they felt great to me.

“Your breasts are lovely,” I said as I sucked and licked the nipple and sort of rolled the other nipple between my fingers.

“You don’t have to be so gentle,” she says, “I like a little action.”

I didn’t stay there long. I got one hand down to her pussy, had to replace her fingers with mine. She had been fingering herself as I sucked her tits. I kissed down across her stomach, aiming at the real thing. My wife had developed a little pot over the years and as I learned later so had Fran. I suspect all women tend to get a little broader and thicker in the stomach and hips as they age. At the moment, though, as it had been with my wife, I didn’t notice any difference from when I first did this years and years ago. A luscious body is still a desirable body.

“Oh, yes, please,” she says almost moaning, “it’s been years.”

I was soon on my knees between her legs, my fingers on her labia. I kissed each thigh, moving towards her cunt. I then used both hands to both spread her open and hold her pubic hair away and got my tongue into her. I just love this. My tongue feels the shape of her slit, moving up and down in what’s sort of like a small canyon.. I can feel both sides of her opening, soft but firm bahis siteleri — but not as soft as it’s going to get in a minute or so. I shove my tongue in licking and moving it around. It all gets a little wetter, a little juicier. Then up and down again, then up until I find a little shape. It’s a larger shape than I felt for years in my wife, Fran has a bigger clit. I flick my tongue back and forth on it, get my lips to it. I can feel it grow some. I suck on it. I also get two fingers up under my chin and slide them into her.

I can hear her sort of moaning. I grip her clit with my lips, work my tongue on it like mad and suck, pulling on it. I slide my fingers around in her, feeling the inside of her vagina. Her hips start jerking a little and her moans get louder and louder. She had spread her legs wide and rolled her hips to get her cunt aimed up and easier to get at. I could feel her legs, sticking up in the air, start waving back and forth as her whole bottom jumped over and over. She had both hands on the back of my head. I kept my fingers and tongue and lips all moving and working on her. She’s damn near screaming now and a flood of liquid hits me. It’s all over my face, my chin, my cheeks. There’s going to be a huge spot on the bed clothes.

Her legs close against me, her hands press on my head, pushing me into her. Her loud noises start pulsing, almost ululating and then her legs open and her hands are pulling on my hair. I lift my face free, pull my fingers out, sit up on my haunches and grin, looking at her. She’s panting, making strong breathing sounds and sort of drawn out moans as I lean forward, put my hands down to support me, and get my face to her. We kiss and she has both arms and legs up around me, holding me against her.

“I got you all wet,” she says, smiling, after we’ve kissed.

“I loved it,” is all I can think to say and we kiss again.

“If I had a weak heart, I think I would have died. I haven’t felt like that in years and years. You were terrific.”

She sort of sighs and smiles at me then her expression changes a little. I can only describe it as a dirty grin.

“My turn,” she says.

I got darn near thrown off her as she moves around to roll me onto my back and lean down over me and get her hands and face to my cock. It isn’t fully hard but she’s licking and sucking and pulling on it and it’s fully up and hard in no time. It wasn’t the first time a woman had my cock in her mouth but it was the first time in my long life that a woman really worked at giving me a true blow job. With my wife it was always just a preliminary to what she must have thought was “real sex”, me on top shoving into her. There’s no other explanation but that Fran truly enjoyed it, wanted it. Amidst some slurps there were short phrases; “It’s been so long”, “you’re delicious,” “I love this,” are some I can remember. I get my hands on her ass, feeling it’s lovely full shape, and slide a couple fingers into her from the rear as she keeps on working on me.

“I love this, Fran,” I say. “With Viagra, my experience has been that I never cum for some strange reason. I certainly enjoy what you’re doing, you’re really good at it, but when you’ve had enough we could move on to whatever you want to do next with my erection.”

Her eyes flicked up at me but she kept her lips around my cock, her tongue licking and her head bobbing up and down, sliding me in her mouth. After a minute or so she lifted her head free, staring at the cock she was holding, smiling. Then she looked at me.

“I’d love to taste sperm again,” she said to me, smiling, “Maybe some other time.”

With that she sat up some, straddled me, positioned her self above my cock that she was still holding with one hand, and lowered herself onto it. I could feel being surrounded by moist, warmth, a lot tighter than I expected. Certainly tighter than my wife was the last years.

She gave me a huge grin, sitting up there with her breasts staring at me. “This is just so great,” she said as she started moving her whole body. “It’s like I’m 25 again. I feel you inside me every time I move.”

If I was 25 again, I’d sit up and get my mouth and hands on those tits. With her sitting bahis şirketleri on me as an anchor it should be easy but in my condition, if I even made it up into a sitting position, I’d probably be quivering from muscle strain. Instead, as I look and see her cunt lips moving in and out as she rides my cock, I reach out and get a couple fingers on her clit and start massaging. She’s into moans and little cries right away and in only a minute or so she’s practically shrieking. She sort of shakes all over and stops moving as I feel her cum leaking out and onto my thighs. After a few seconds she lays down atop me, my cock still in her, and kisses me, her hands running up and down my sides.

“Oh, Pete,” she finally says, “I never, ever dreamed of having a couple orgasms in one night at this age.”

I’m still in her, still hard. I have my arms around her, hold her tight and kiss her some more and then, with some difficulty and awkwardness, manage to roll us over. I come out of her in the process but end up in a good position to just shove it back in again. A couple short strokes has me as erect as ever. She just smiles up at me. I pull out completely and say,

“Roll over and get up on your hands and knees.”

She gets an even bigger grin and, as I crawl back she does just that. I get back between her legs again and aim my cock with my hand to get it back into her. I kneel upright and shove as far into her as possible. I hear sort of an “umph” from her and start shoving in and out, pounding into her as hard as I can. Soon, her butt is shoving back at me in synch with my movements and we’re slamming together. I’m managing to get as far into her as I possibly can on each stroke. I’m not sure why, it’s like everything up to here has been some sort of exercise for me and now I’m seriously into sex, really turned on, and just want to fuck and fuck. I can hear my own voice, almost not in my control, saying just that with each stroke, “Fuck … fuck … fuck.”

It hadn’t happened to me before while I was on Viagra but I could feel this push building in me and I knew I was going to cum. I pushed in and held still as I felt it start spurting out. I reached with my hands to pull her butt as tightly to me as possible. It didn’t last as long as it did years ago but it had the same emotional release. All of a sudden I was tired. I leaned forward, almost resting on her back, and reached around and got one hand on each breast and held them and massaged them a little as I kissed the back of her neck.

We ended up laying there face to face, holding each other, our bodies almost intertwined, and kissing and glorying in the whole experience. It was probably the sexiest moment of my life and I think she felt the same. The next thing I know, I’m wakening to a strange feeling and realize that Fran is sucking on me, getting more and more active with each second. It’s apparently morning, my Viagra must have worn off by now and yet I’m up and hard and she’s damn near eating me she’s working at it so much. It almost hurts. My cock is sore. Too much action last night after a long time off. But it actually is sort of a god hur,t seems to actually make me more sensitive, sexually.And then I can feel it again, I’m going to cum! This is something new for me, first thing in the morning.

“If you want a mouthful, you’re going to get it,” I say out loud.

Her eyes flick up towards me but her lips and tongue and fingers just keep working away, up and down, up and down, sucking, licking, and then I feel it. At my age she didn’t really get a mouthful but she did at least get a taste, which seemed to please her a lot. We held each other and kissed some more and I started moving down on her and she said we should take a shower first and let her clean herself.

Anyway, that was then. It’s now six months later and we spend a lot of time together. We have sexual action at least twice a week. I’m the pacing factor, seem to get ‘fucked out’ and need some recuperation time. Fran seems as if she’s almost insatiable and could handle a lot more of it than I’m capable of providing. We’ve discussed it and we aren’t going to marry or move in with each other, although we might both like either or both of those. But we’re well into set lives with grown children and grandchildren and rather than make too many waves, we’ll both settle for what pleases us both, sex. As often as we can handle it. And there we are, happy and horny.

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