21 Kasım 2021

Frank’s Holiday Part 3


Frank’s Holiday Part 3Sam returned with my drink and smiled and it wasn’t long after that Gary walked in, he was topless and had a small pair of sports shorts on and I could tell her had nothing on underneath, Jean smiled as he approached, “Good Morning Jean, Come through whenever you are ready” he said pleasantly as he walked off into the health suite.Jean looked at me with a glint in her eye as she watched him walk out, I think she is going to enjoy her rub down with Gary if my experience with Sam is anything to go by judging by the closeness in the massage room, oh to be a fly on the wall in there.Jean finished her coffee and we agreed that we may meet up for a drink at some point during our stay, “Enjoy your massage” I said as she got up, “Oh I intend to” she said with a smile as she walked out.Her gown was quite thin and the way it hugged her body told me she was actually quite fit; Sam saw me looking and smiled. She walked over to get Jeans cup and it was obvious her gaze was in my lap and I was starting to think she liked what was inside my shorts, “Are you ok here Frank, I need to go change and do some cleaning” she said and I told her I was going to go get some bubbles and then go back to my room. “No problem” she said, “Shout if you need anything” she continued and I wasn’t totally convinced that she could provide what I really needed, we will see.Sam went and I finished my beer and wandered into the health suite, the tub was bubbling and looked inviting and as I was alone I figured I could stretch out and chill. I took my shorts off and placed them on the peg with a clean towel and stepped into the tub, OMG the bubbles and jets really enhanced the superb massage Sam had given and my whole body felt invigorated. I could hear voices in the massage room as Gary did his work and from the soft tones and occasional feminine sighs I could only imagine that Jean was enjoying being pampered, there were plenty of giggles coming out there too. I just laid back in the bubbles.I was dozing when Jean emerged from the massage room, her gown hugging her body and she certainly had a glow on her face, she looked at me in the tub and smiled. “Wow!” she said, “Just Wow!” as she walked out the door, not long after Gary emerged and I could now see his cock swinging under his shorts, he stopped at the tub, “Hi Frank, how are you?” he asked and this was the first time I had actually spoken to him, I told him this was the best holiday I had ever had so far and he smiled, “So, how was Sam’s massage this morning?” he asked and I had to be honest and say it was mind blowing, he leant forward and confessed that they had trained together and practiced on each other when things were quiet, Wow!!“I hope that you will allow me at some point during your stay” he said as he left and I assured him that I would. I decided to go back to my room and decide how to spend the rest of the day and on the way bumped into Sam, she had changed and now had a small crop top and looser shorts, she looked stunning.“Your room is done Frank and I put another beer up there for you” she said with a smile, “Buzz down if you want anything else” she continued with a smile, what service!!I istanbul escort entered my room and took a mouthful of my cold lager and noticed she had put some small chocolates on my pillow in the shape of a heart, OMG this is a dream. I grabbed my beer and went out onto the balcony to admire the lunchtime views, there were a few boats out there in the cove and a few people mulling around on the beach, some real beauties in bikini’s caught my eye and I was thinking of maybe going for a walk later. The door opened on the balcony to the adjacent room and Jean appeared with what looked like orange juice and was still in her short gown, “Hi Frank” she said as she saw me sitting next door, “How was your massage?” I asked and her face lit up.She walked over to the divider smiling, “OMG Frank” she said beaming, “It was wonderful but not a lot of space though” she said and I had to agree although I certainly didn’t have a problem with it with Sam. she then went on to say that Gary’s magic touch had really woken her up and she felt alive again, I had to agree as I experienced the same with Sam. As jean leant on the divider talking I could see that her gown was slightly open at the top and gave me a glimpse of her small, slightly sagging tittie, I am sure her nipples were still hard from the massage and I noticed the shine of oil telling me that Gary had a good go at those little puppies.“I just love the relaxed atmosphere here Frank, don’t you?” she asked and I admitted that I did, “Why don’t you bring your drink and come join me?” she asked smiling, “Sure, why not” I said and got up not realizing that our chat about massage has aroused me and I was sporting a chubby, Jean didn’t notice as she had already turned to go back in and let me in, I grabbed a smoke and went next door.“Welcome” she said inviting me in, she must have arrived late last night as her bag was still on her bed and I noticed a few clothes put out including some very nice thongs, Mmm glad she liked those. I held up the smoke and asked if she wanted to share, “Mmm oh yes please” came her reply so we took a couple of chairs outside and sparked up, Jean sat opposite me on the small balcony as we chatted and smoked, it seems like it was vodka in the orange and she told me she had quite a buzz.I think she noticed my arousal as we finished smoking, she stood up and undid the gown, “I don’t know why I am wearing this up here Frank” she said as she took it off, OMG she did have a nice body for her age and she was such a pleasant lady. She didn’t seem worried that she was now parading in just a small white thong, her little titties did sag a bit but her nipples were like little bullets, her thong was quite sheer and I could clearly see her pubic hair hidden underneath and a few stray hairs escaping out the sides, as she got herself comfortable I could also see her fleshy pussy either side of her tight thin gusset.. OMG this was NOT helping my arousal which was clearly visible under my shorts. She noticed, “Seems like erections are popular here” she said with a giggle which all but told me that Gary obviously avcılar escort got one when massaging her and I couldn’t help but notice how her legs had parted while we chatted, “Yes” I said with a giggle looking down at my own to make light of the situation, “Not surprising really looking at that young girl Sam” she said, “I feel sorry for you” she continued with a giggle, I had to respond as gave my cock a teasing squeeze, “Well, we are all adults” I said laughing.With that I stood up in front of her, my cock like a tent pole under my shorts and was in danger of being suffocated in there, “I think you need to lose the shorts Frank, it looks uncomfortable” she said with a sweet smile, how could I refuse such a request and slipped my fingers into the waistband and carefully pulled them down, my cock sprung out much too the delight of Jean, “WOW! she said softly as the vodka and smoke started to kick in.She was mesmerised as she looked at my throbbing cock with the veins prominent, her eyes widened as she reached out nervously looking up at me for permission to touch it, I nodded and she tentatively took hold of the shaft pulling the skin back to expose the swollen head, she noticed a little precum leak out and wasted no time in leaning forward and scooping it up with her tongue, “Mmm” she sighed as she tasted my pre juice, she again looked up at me as I saw my cock slowly disappear into he mouth. I felt the tightness of her throat and then she slowly pulled up still looking at me, “Been a while since I had one of these in my mouth” she said excitedly and slowly put it back in, I could feel her tongue exploring every inch as she deepthroated me with expertise.One hand cupped my balls as the other wrapped around my arse pulling me in closer to her as my cock slowly slid down her throat, she eventually gagged and pulled away leaving my cock dripping with saliva, she seemed possessed as she repeated the process and really got into it as she upped the pace, her head bobbing as she squeezed my arse cheek, this woman was good.Because we were on the balcony I had to muffle my moans and it wasn’t long before her squeezing my balls had the desired effect, my cock started to pulsate and my knees trembled as I spurted my hot cum deep down her throat, “Mmm” came the muffled response as she swallowed my load making sure she didn’t waste any and then looked up at me thanking me with her eyes, Wow! that was some intense blow job as she continued to suck every last drop out of me, she then pulled away seeing my cock soften in front of her eyes, she took a drink and then smiled. I looked down at her nipples which I am sure had grown and her spread legs showed her tight panties, it did appear that they had become damp.I grabbed her hand and pulled her up, “Let’s go inside” I suggested and smiling she stood up and we went into her room, I sat her down on the edge of the bed and pushed her back and widened her legs as I got on my knees between them, her pussy looked sweet. I had a much better view now of her tight gusset and hairy flesh, I think she wanted me to rip them off but I had other ideas as I slowly licked şirinevler escort up the inside of her thighs, her breathing increased the nearer the top I got and very soon I could feel the warmth and the smell was a mixture of oil and juices. I pressed my face against her gusset as I pushed her legs wide and took a deep sniff as my tongue got busy licking the thin cotton fabric.Her sighs seemed to be getting heavier as my tongue flicked and explored every inch of her panties and I put my hands up under her legs and grabbing her arse cheeks pulled her closer, her swollen clit was pushing the fabric inviting me to suck it, that’s when she lost it and her body shook with orgasm and I felt her panties dampen under my tongue, my cock had come back to life as I pulled her gusset aside and got my tongue in between her wet labia lips, interestingly I could still taste the oil which begs the question as to where Gary’s fingers actually went, I have a very good idea.Jean started to gyrate her hips as I tongue fucked her hairy minge, she gabbed hold of my head pushing in down as my fingers searched out her crack and probing for her arsehole, she cum again as my finger found its target and using her juices as lubricant slowly pushed inside. We tried to be as quiet as we could but I wasn’t sure how successful that was as jean was well into it, I think the massage with Gary had got her so turned on she just needed some cock and I wasn’t about to disappoint. “Fuck me Frank” she cried and I was all for that as I lifted up and grabbed my now fully erect and throbbing cock, with her panties still pushed aside I offered up the swollen head and slowly entered her waiting cunt, as the head slipped in it was like she sucked me in as my cock slid in right up to the hilt accompanied by her gasps. “Oh yes Frank” she cried out, “That’s it, FUCK ME!!” as I started to get a rhythm going thrusting in and slowly out, thrusting in and slowly out she cried out with each forward thrust. I fucked Jean hard but have to admit that when I closed my eyes I was imagining it was Sam laying there, maybe that will happen, maybe not but at least jean was getting all my frustrations out of me.The squelching noises could probably be heard on the beach as I banged away at Jeans frustrated pussy, she probably needed this as much as me. I squeezed her arse cheeks hard as my finger drove into her anus up to the knuckle and her cries of pleasure were enough to finish me off, I felt my cock pulsate and the intensity of my own orgasm nearly pushed her off the bed, my hot cum shot deep into her belly causing yet another spasm as our juices mixed together, she felt the warmth and tightened her cunt muscles to prevent any escape, we were both breathless as I collapsed on top of her kissing passionately and feeling her nipples digging into my chest.“OMG Frank” she cried as I rolled off in total ecstasy, “Words can’t explain” she sighed as she pulled her panties back into place to keep the goodness in. We both thanked each other for the great experience and agreed that we would meet up for a drink later, we both needed some recovery time and a clean-up. I kissed her on the forehead and went back to my room deciding to have a shower and a power nap.Technically Jean was old enough to be my mother and in some ways she did remind me of her and I think that is what made her interesting, I had many thoughts running through my head as I showered and if the rest of the stay was as good as the first 24 hours then I would need to go home for a rest.

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