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Freyja and the 4 dwarfs


Freyja and the 4 dwarfsFreyja is the goddess of love. Perhaps a more accurate description would be to say the Freyja is the goddess of sex and lust. She is sought after by giants, the mason who rebuilds the Walls of Asgard; by Hrungnir ‘the brawler’ who duels with Thor; and by King Thrym of jötnar who steals Thor’s hammer.Freyja is also associated with war. She collects the chosen of the slain warriors with the valkyries after a battle. Half of them go to Odin, while Freyja keeps half of them for herself.Freyja travels in a chariot drawn by cats. She possesses a cloak made of the feathers of a falcon, which allows the wearer to fly. But Freyja’s most treasured possession is her Brísingamen necklace, a fantastically valuable piece of jewellery. The story of how Freyja acquired the necklace exists only in fragmentary form today.This is my version of the story.***Freyja left Asgard early one morning before dawn, almost in a trance. Loki, the sly one, the shape changer, saw her leaving and followed her as she crossed Bifröst, the burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, (the realm of the gods).The snow veils of Midgard beneath were dazzling in the rising sun. Dreaming of gold, lusting after gold, Freyja crossed a barren plain, Loki hurried behind her. She picked her way across a twisting river, silenced by ice. She passed the base of a great glacier, chopped, bluish and dangerous. By the end of the short hours of daylight she came to a group of huge rounded boulders, under the shoulder of an overhanging cliff. Freyja found a narrow path that led down into the rocks. Her eyes streamed from the cold and her tears fell as a small shower of gold in front of her. The path became a passage between rocks and she followed it until it led into a large dank cavern. Loki followed unnoticed.There the goddess stood motionless; she could hear water dripping from the roof and the movement of a small stream coursing over rock. She listened again and then she heard the sound of distant tapping, and her heart began to beat faster, hammering with longing. The goddess sidled through the dismal cave. The sound of the tapping, grew stronger and stronger. Freyja stopped, listened again, then moved on. At last passage came to a narrow opening, she eased her way through the opening between two rocks, and stepped into the sweltering heat of the smithy of the four dwarfs, Alfrigg, Dvalin, Berling and Grerr. Loki, undetected, watched through the opening.For a moment Freyja was dazzled by the brilliant light from the furnace. She rubbed her eyes, and then she gasped as she saw the breathtaking work of the dwarfs. Lay on a table was a necklace, a choker of gold incised with wondrous patterns, a marvel of fluid metal twisting and weaving and writhing.She had never seen anything so beautiful nor so desired to have anything before.The four dwarfs, meanwhile, stared at the goddess. She shimmered in the warm light of the forge. Where her cloak had fallen apart, they could see her heaving breasts bulging from her dress, with gold brooches and jewels that gleamed and twinkled. They had never seen anyone so beautiful.Freyja smiled at Alfrigg and Dvalin and Berling and Grerr. “I will buy that necklace from you,” she told them, head held high.The four dwarfs looked at each other. Three shook their heads and the fourth replied, “Sorry, It’s not for sale.”“I want it,” argued Freyja.The dwarfs grimaced.“I want it. I’ll pay you with silver and gold; a fair price, a more than a fair price,” demanded Freyja, her voice rising. She moved closer to the table where the necklace was lying. “I’ll also bring you other rewards.” she insisted.“We have enough silver,” replied one dwarf.“And we have enough gold,” said another.Freyja gazed at the necklace. She felt a great longing for it, a painful hunger.She asked “What price will you accept then? What do you want?”Alfrigg and Dvalin and Berling and Grerr huddled in one corner of the forge. They whispered and murmured and nodded.“What is your price?” asked the goddess again.“It belongs to us all,” insisted one dwarf.“So what each receives must be had by the others,” uttered the second, leering. “There’s only one price that will satisfy us,” announced the third. The fourth dwarf looked at Freyja, and declared “You!”Freyja face flushed, and her breasts began to rise and fall with her deepening breaths.“Only if you will spend one night with each of us, will this necklace lie round your throat,” said the dwarfs.Freyja’s distaste for the dwarfs with their ugly faces, their pale noses, their misshapen bodies and their small greedy eyes, was great, but her desire for the necklace was greater. Four nights were but four nights, the glorious necklace would adorn her for all of time. The walls of the forge were red and flickering, the dwarfs eyes were fixed on her.“As you wish,” murmured Freyja shamelessly. “As you wish. I am in your hands.”***The first night was to be spent with Alfrigg ‘the experienced dwarf’. He took her to his cavern.He was an ugly character with dark grey hair and beard, a large round nose, and round beady eyes. He was very short but and muscular.He moved close to Freyja, leaned over and kissed her. She felt repulsed but submit to the dwarf. Alfrigg’s hands began to explore the curves of her breasts through the thin fabric of her dress. Her nipples stiffen. She felt a thrill of excitement go through her body as he pulled her dress from her shoulders letting it fall the the ground. she stood completely naked before him. She gasped as Alfrigg he caressed her breasts lightly with his rough hands, then he pinched her nipples with his stubby fingers and she moaned with pleasure. He took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck. Her body convulsed with pleasure and she felt a sudden tingling sensation between legs. His hand moved down between her thighs and he began to stroke her muff. Freyja’s body stiffened as he touched her but she gradually relaxed as he continued to stroke her.He asked her: “Have you ever played with a dwarfs cock?”“No” she replied shaking her head.Alfrigg proceeded to undo his belt and remove his breeches. His erect cock sprang out and she gasped when she saw how large is was. She took hold of it feeling its hard shaft and cupped his balls hanging below. She slowly moved her hand down his shaft rolling the foreskin back, revealing his plum purple knob end. Freyja watched Alfrigg’s face for signs of pleasure. Without a word Freyja knelt in front him, leaned forward and placed her lips on the end of his cock and began to caress it with her tongue. He moanedand grunted with pleasure as she continued to lick and suck the engorged purple plum with increasing enthusiasm.After a while Alfrigg stopped her, picked her up and placed her on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. He knelt between her legs. He inhaled her scent and told her it was the sexiest smell in all the worlds. He gently parted her lips to reveal the delicate pink inner, which he touched lightly with the tip of his tongue, the thrill causing her to thrust herself towards his face demanding more. His tongue flicked over clitoris and she gasped, she pushed his head towards it to increase her pleasure.He pulled away from her and said, “Not yet! The more I tease you, the greater the pleasure will be. Just remember I’m in charge. I’m going to dominate your mind and body, you will submit to me.”He stood at the foot of the bed taking in the highly arousing sight of the naked goddess d****d across his bed. Her firm creamy flesh glowed in the light from the fire, and he took in the superb curves of her breasts. Her stomach was flat and he admired the curves from her waist down to her hips. Her legs were long and shapely, and her muff was golden blonde. He knelt between her legs and worked his way up her thigh, kissing her smooth creamy flesh. She purred in anticipation. He shuffled up her body till he was sitting up on her stomach.He told her, “You see this big, hard dwarf cock? Take a good look at it! Now Push your breasts together,”She silently complied. He applied a liberal amount of oil to her breasts till they were slick and gleaming in the light from the flames. Next he placed his cock in the cleavage between her breasts and moved his hips back and fourth to rub his cock between them. She watched as it swelled and became harder and bigger as he fucked her voluptuous breasts. Her eyes opened wide and she grasped her paps. He pinched and pulled hard on her nipples with his rough hands.”Open your mouth!” he ordered. She did and he immediately thrust his cock into her mouth.”Suck it!” He demanded.She sucked enthusiastically and he groaned with pleasure. He thrust his cock hard into her mouth until she gagged. After a few more thrusts she overcame her gag reflex and moved her head back and fourth to take his cock deep into the back of her throat. “Oh, you little hoar! You love taking a dwarf cock don’t you? Let’s see how good it feels in your tight little hole?” Alfrigg picked Freyja up and flipped her over onto her front. He lifted her hips so she was kneeling with her bottom was up in the air. He opened her legs and he swiftly delivered two stinging smacks with the palm of his hands onto her naked buttocks. Freyja winced in pain.Alfrigg stood back to admire the beautiful curves of her hips, the superb bottom and peachy little slit. The red imprints of his hands started to appear across the creamy white skin of her buttocks. It was an enchanting sight and he licked his lips.”Remember you’re my slave and sometimes slaves need to be punished!” he reminded her.He dribbled oil into the valley of her buttocks, and massaged it into her, she moaned. Seeing that she was relaxing he inserted the first part of his thumb into her bum hole. Freyja squealed in surprise, but she quietened when he delivered another two stinging slaps with his other hand. He anadolu yakası escort knelt between her legs and licked her. His tongue explored every nook and cranny, licking and sucking her delicate lips. She moaned as the sensations increased almost to climax, then he pulled back her hood of her love bud with one hand and applied his tongue directly to it. Freyja screamed as waves of pleasure went through her body, as he sucked her delicate bud. She rose to new heights of pleasure as he reached forward to pinch and pull on her nipples, and she tipped over the edge into a full body orgasm. She arched her back and her whole body trembled. As her climax subsided she began to cry.Freyja sobbed, “I never imagined my body could experience such pleasure, especially from a dwarf.”“We haven’t finished yet” replied Alfrigg.Kneeling between her legs, he rubbed his cock up and down her soaking slit. Then he placed the tip of her cock over her opening, then with a jerk he thrust forward and she screamed with pain as his cock plunged into the depths of her pussy. Alfrigg proceeded to thrust his cock into Freyja, who now moaned with pleasure and pain. He could see blood on his shaft as it slid in and out of her, they both moaned, grunted and gasped as he fucked her. It wasn’t long until Alfrigg felt he was about to cum and decided they needed to take a break. He withdrew his soaking cock and flipped her over onto her back. He leaned forward and bit her nipples; grasping each breast in his hands as he did. She moaned and winced in pain and begged him to fuck her again. He knelt between her legs and rammed his dwarf cock, balls deep into Freyja’s wide open slit. She whimpered and gasped in pleasure.He grabbed her wrists and held them tightly by her sides, totally dominate her. She felt her climax approaching and began to buck her hips to meet his deep thrusts. Sensing her approaching orgasm, he increased the pace and fucked her wildly. She screamed out as he plunged deep within her, and she felt the hot spurts of dwarf seed hitting her insides, as his throbbing cock filled the depths of her love hole. When he’d finished coming, she was overflowing with Alfrigg’s cum. She could feel it running down the crack of he buttocks, yet he continued to slowly fuck her as she writhed and bucked to ride out the intense orgasm that she was experiencing.***The second night Freyja spent with Dvalin ‘the dormant one’. This night was not quite so active as the previous night.Dvalin was a scruffy looking dwarf with long dirty grey hair and beard, crooked teeth, drooping eyes with bushy grey eyebrows. He was very short and not so muscular as Alfrigg, and had a large round belly.Freyja enter Dvalin’s cavern looking for him. There he was, the dwarf was slouching over a bench, drunk, an empty ale jug and horn upon it. Freyja tried to wake him. She yelled and hit him but nothing stirred him from his slumber. She knew all the dwarfs had to receive the same or she wouldn’t get the necklace. So she got hold of the little man and dragged him from the bench over to his bed. She was amazed at how Head the dwarf was. She managed to roll him up onto the bed, which luckily was quite low, and proceeded to remove his breeches. His cock was just as large as Alfrigg’s, but it lay d****d across his right thigh. Freyja took hold of his cock and wanked him furiously, still it remind soft. Next she took it into her mouth sucking and biting down on it. Nothing seemed to work, and he lay there on his bed. His snoring getting louder. Freyja was feeling a huge amount of sexual frustration, after the previous nights excitement, and she needed to release. She looked around the room and saw his tools on a table next to the fire.She scanned her eyes across them and picked up his forging hammer. It’s handle was made from wood and was very smooth. Also on the table was a bowl of oil. This gave her an idea. Freyja covered the handle of the hammer in the oil making it nice and slippery, then went back over to the bed. She lay on the the bed next to Dvalin. Then pulled up her dress and rubbed her oily hand up and down her slit. She could feel beer juices rising up and mixing with the oil, making her very wet. She leaned over the dwarf and took his limp cock in her mouth and ran her tongue around the tip, under his foreskin of his knob end. It didn’t take long before her muff was dripping. Freyja rubbed the shaft of the hammer up and down her clit, making her moan with pleasure. Then positioning it at the entrance to her love hole, she slid the handle deep inside herself and masturbated slowly whilst still sucking on Dvalin’s cock deep in her mouth.The hammer felt warm and smooth as it slid in and out off her. Freyja increased the pace and depth of the handle. Her heartbeat increased and breathing got deeper through her nose. Her continuous sucking of the dwarfs cock seemed to be working as she felt him slowly growing in her mouth. The shaft of the hammer felt the be growing inside her also, as she tightened around it. Freyja was nearing climax, and at the last moment she pulled the hammer from her muff releasing a flood of love juice, Flung her leg over Dvalin’s, and straddled is head. She rubbed her muff up and down his face as if she was riding a horse. His beard tickled the inside of her thighs and it wasn’t long until a strong orgasm was running through her whole body. She gasped and bucked up and down on his face. She looked down at him and saw his eyes open briefly. Freyja slid down Dvalin’s body and she pushed his now fully erect cock into her drenched pussy. She rode him like a horse. She felt her self beginning to cum again, sweat dripping down her back and between her breasts. Finally she climaxed, her body quivered and shook and seemed to go on forever.As her climax subsided she rolled of the sleepy dwarf and to her surprise found that the juices that were flowing out of her muff and running down her arse, onto the bed, had a much thicker consistency. She looked at the dwarf and saw he had a cheeky little smirk on his face. He had cum inside her after all.Then he spoke quietly “That hammer was given to me by Thor himself. I always knew it had mystical powers.”***The third night was to be spent with Berlingr ‘handspike’. He was the level headed dwarf. He was slightly the better looking of the four dwarfs but still ugly, with beady eyes and bulbous nose. He had red hair and beard, and a stout looking body.His cavern was quiet and dimly lit, but Freyja knew he is in there waiting for her. Then he appeared, stood boldly in front of her. He stared at her, his eyes duelling with hers. He was trying to psyche her out, trying to make Freyja submit to him. She walked in and brushing past him, Freyja could feel the heat radiating from him and smell him, a mixture of leather and smoke.He was a strong dwarf and liked to being in control, the muscles in his arms, shoulders and back rippling beneath his taut stained skin. As he turned to her she beckoned him closer. She grabbed him by the shoulders firmly and spun him round to face away from her and pushed him against the bars of the cage which enclosed his bed.Freyja removed her dress and rubbed her bare breasts against his back. Then lowering herself downwards to her knees, she’s kissed his neck then his shoulders, then ran her tongue down his spine.Berlingr placed his arms above his head, his stubby fingers curling around the bars on the bars of the cage. She ran her hands over his chest, revelling in the moisture that hung of it like dew drops, his breathing quickening, his heartbeat picking up pace as she rolled his nipples between her thumb and finger.Freyja grabbed the bars above the dwarf, lifting her body up and wrapping her legs around his waist, flexing her hips, rubbing her moist muff against the top of his buttocks. He clenched his buttocks and an anguished groan escaped his lips. Freyja’s control over him coupled with her teasing where getting to him, you could almost see the desire tightening inside him.Pressing her hard nipples into his back, she nibbled his earlobe and whispered “how much do you want me?” he turned to look at her, his eyes laden with desire but he said nothing. Freyja move to the other side of the cage so that the bars where between them. She knelt down and took his now rock solid dwarf cock into her mouth, Freyja could feel him throbbing in my mouth as she licked the engorged tip, then she swallowed him deep down her throat.He could take no more, he growled fiercely as he pulled away from her, moved round the side of the cage, picked Freyja up and threw her onto the bed. Berlingr mounted her and thrust his cock deeply into Freyja in one thrust, then began pummelling her pussy hard and fast with almost brutal force.Freyja was screaming his name over and over now “Berlingr! Berlingr!! BERLINGR!!!” begging him to stop with one breath and pleading with him not to with the next, she could feel an orgasm already growing as he thrusted mercilessly into her body over and over and over… Till it finally came, washing over her in a sea of spasms and rumbles. He too had cum growling and moaning, spurting round after round of his seed deep within her.The dwarf collapsed on top of the goddess, breathing raggedly, as they recovered ready to start again.***The final night was the be spent at the mercy of Grerr. He was a unpleasant looking dwarf. He looked very old and wrinkly, his face expressionless. His hair grey and beard grey and matted. Freyja went to him in his workroom. The dwarf dug a length of strong rope and a pair of manacles out of a chest. He then slowly walked back to Freyja and grabbed her, holding her with his powerful arms, knocking the wind out of Freyja. As if rehearsed a thousand times, Grerr snapped one manacle onto one of Freyja’s wrists, and spun her around to capture the other wrist in the other manacle behind anadolu yakası escort her back. He looped a rope around Freyja’s waist to pass through the ring connected the manacles behind her. In a matter of seconds, Freyja found her hands securely fastened.Freyja snarled at the dwarf, and he gave a sharp tug on the rope which planted her seat down in the dirt. Freyja tried to struggle free, but the gruff old dwarf lifted her onto a stool by a bench with a lantern on it.Freyja glared silently at the dwarf, “Are you going to beat me?””I’ll do no such thing. There’s no pleasure to be gained in hurtin’ ye. It is well know that, old though I am, I am partial to the pleasures of a women. You are a goddess, we just need to arrive on a fair arrangement. What pleasure that you may give me will offset your outstanding debt?”Freyja’s looked up at the dwarf through her long eyelashes, and enquires, “What would you have me do?””I figure nothing to harsh, I aren’t interested in ruining the reputation of a goddess.” suggested GrerrFreyja felt a moment of relief until the dwarf continued.”So to be blunt, I figure you get unclothed and suck on my cockstem until I fill yer mouth with me seed. I warn you though, I won’t loose my seed until I’m ready, no matter how good you are, it’s a matter of dwarvish pride! Then you can go.”Freyja consented to his demands.“Okay, lets get your clothes off. It’s getting late, and me cockstem’s getting twitchy to be between your lips.” Laughter the dwarf.He began to unbuckle his belt and Freyja could see his hard cock swelling itself in his breeches. Her heart beat quickened, and she could feel herself getting wet.”Unless…” paused Grerr, “you want to bet?”Freyja looked from Grerr’s swollen crotch to his bearded face, before she spoke in a small voice, “What is the wager?””I’ll bet ye that can I bite my right eye.” suggested Greer.Looking puzzled, Freyja asked, “What are the stakes?”“If you win, I’ll let you go now, debt settled. If you lose, I get to fuck your arse hole!” said the dwarf.Freyja could see no way the dwarf could win. She couldn’t lose could she?”I’ll up the stakes,” she said. “If I win I go free, but I still want you to lick me until I climax.””Alright I’ll agree to that, but if we add that to your side of the bet, then it’s only fair to add something to my side. Freyja nodded.”If you win I’ll bring you to three orgasms with me tongue in your muff. If you lose you have to do whatever I want.”They both agreed terms.The old dwarf covered his mouth with his hand, and pulling it away again, removed his teeth. He then brought the teeth to his right eye and bit it before putting them back in his mouth.The dwarf had tricked Freyja. He rubbed his smarting right eye, and said, “Well let’s get to it, and get you out of that dress.”With Freyja’s hand still manacled behind her. It was slowly dawning on her that she had lost, and soon the dwarf could and would do anything and everything her wanted to her.Grerr stepped out of his boots and dropped his breeches over his stalwart cockstem. It was not what she expected. She had been expecting something smaller, but Grerr manhood was easily a long as any she’d seen. Mouth larger than the other dwarfs. It was also as thick as her wrist and throbbing with life despite the dwarf’s great age. What surprised her even more was that the skin of it looked as smooth and soft as a baby’s. The steel grey pubic hair above was trimmed and shaped carefully, and his large balls below were smooth, hairless, and heavy looking.Freyja u*********sly licked her lips reached forward to stroke her tongue along the underside of the dwarf’s rigid shaft. Grerr sighed in pleasure as he unpegged his vest, untied his shirt, and shrugged them off to stand naked before her.He unlocked the manacles, and Freyja lifted her dress over her head. They were now both stood completely naked in front of one another, she was conscious of the wetness on her thighs glistening in the lamp light.“You truly are a goddess.” Grerr said appreciatively.Freyja smiled at his compliment, and he guided her back onto the stool. As she sat back down, her thighs parted and he could see the wetness matting her golden hair that covered her muff. It made his cock even harder.“Let’s see how you do with your mouth.” he said gently. “First, rub the head around on your lips.”She leaned forward and grasped his cock in her fist and began to slowly pump it up and down, as she brought her face toward it. Inhaling, she found that he smelled of clean leather. She closed her eyes as the swollen head of Grerr’s cock contacted her lips. She brushed it along her lips, placing small soft kisses on its weeping tip. It felt good, and she was rewarded with an exhalation of pleasure from the dwarf. Grerr reached forward and began to softly stroke her hair. She wrapped more of her lips on him with each kiss.”Very good!” He encouraged softly. “Don’t go no faster. Here let me have your other hand.”Freyja blindly lifted her hand and was directed by Grerr to cup his soft heavy balls with it.”Gently roll them around in your hand, and tug on them a little if ye feel them tighten up. Ye can squeeze them too. Just be gentle.”Obediently, Freyja rolled his balls around in her hand, that elicited a quiet shudder from the old dwarf. She continued and felt his sack begin to draw up in her hand, she gently pulled his balls back downward and resumed rolling them around in her warm palm.She licked the underside of Grerr’s cockhead, it swelled and pulsed. He stared down at her as she began to lick more confidently up and down his shaft. Her eyes were open and focused in concentration, her left hand still massaging his balls. Grerr felt his balls draw up again, and she coaxed them back down. Grerr stroke Freyja’s golden hair while watching her. Looking further down, he saw that her nipples were hard, and her thighs appeared to be getting even wetter.Freyja’s lips and cheeks were wet with his pre-cum. She felt flushed, excited, powerful and vulnerable all at once, she couldn’t resist releasing his balls long enough to briefly stroke the juices from her flowing love hole.Grerr noticed and told her, “I’ll have me tongue there before long, You’ll enjoy it, I promise you. I’ve learned a thing or two about licking a woman in four hundred years.”Freyja cradled his shaft on her tongue. His cock twitched in her mouth as she applied a little suction and slid her head back and fourth, developing a rhythm; and before long he was full on fucking her face. She was enjoying it immensely, and it was making her muff crazy with heat. She couldn’t wait to feel Grerr’s tongue inside her. The sooner she could make the dwarf cum, the sooner he’d attend to her aching needs. So she picked up the pace even more and pushed a finger into his arse. Sure enough his large balls tightened right up, and soon felt the dwarf’s buttocks clench, she pulled back to suck hard on the head of his cockstem and pumped her hand rapidly on his shaft. She felt the cock surge into her mouth, and the warm splash of his seed hit her tongue. Freyja swallowed as quickly as she could as a second, third, fourth, and fifth blast erupted into her mouth. She had trouble with the volume and thickness of the dwarf cum filling her mouth and it tasted a little meaty, by the time Grerr’s cock stopped pulsing, she had swallowed every drop.Grerr breathed a long sigh of contentment as she cock fall from her mouth and slipped her finger out of his bum.“Is it my turn now?” pleaded Freyja.”Aye,” chuckled Grerr, “My cock will need a little time to recover anyway.”The powerful dwarf lifted her effortlessly off the stool, and sat her on his workbench. He then handed her a small leather cushion to put under her head and bid her lay back with her legs open. He took a small tin from a drawer below the worktable and set it aside.”What’s that?” Freyja asked, eyeing the tin suspiciously.”Salve made from mineral oil, comfry, lamb’s ear, and stinging nettle.””What’s it for?” asked Freyja.”You’ll see, it’s nothing to be afraid of. Now lie back, and let me feast on you”Grerr pulled a stool up to sit on between her legs. His face hovered over her bared muff and the scent of her heat filled his senses. Then Grerr pressed his face into Freyja’s steaming muff, she breathed heavily when the soft curls of his beard feathered across her sensitive lips and his warm tongue pressed deep inside her.Freyja gasped as he slowly pulled his tongue out of her wet opening to lick firmly across her love bud. The dwarf repeated the move several times, then he closed his lips on her bud and sucked gently until her breath came in gasps. Her taste was exquisite, her lips were feathery soft and the pale pink colour of blushed crystal set with amethyst.Freyja was tweaking her own nipples and bucking her hips off the worktable. Grerr pried the lid of the tin of salve and gathered a small glob onto his fingers, then smeared the salve across the tight pink arse hole. Suddenly her head tilted sharply to the side and a look of puzzlement appeared on her face.“Somethin’ wrong lass?” Grerr asked grinning.“My backside is burning. It hurts”“Aye, give it a moment. I put some of the salve on yer bum hole. It will numb you a little and help you relax. I’ll put a little more on you in a bit, but first I think I owe you an orgasm.” Grerr told her.Freyja laid her head back on the cushion and continued to pull on her nipples as Grerr dipped his tongue back to her aching muff. Her backside buzzed and her body flushed as she began the climb back toward the peak of pleasure. Grerr took another small glob of salve on his finger and carefully slid it two knuckles deep into Freyja’s bum hole. She was completely relaxed down there now, so her only reaction was a small grunt of satisfaction and a hastening toward her inevitable orgasm.Finally Freyja squealed and climaxed hard on the dwarf’s anadolu yakası escort skillful tongue. As she did, she pulled him by his head and unabashedly humped herself against his face. Grerr took advantage of her frenzy to slide a second stubby finger up her arse, coinciding with a second orgasm. The third and largest orgasm of them all followed shortly after.Freyja’s eyes rolled back in her head as her third climax passed through her body. She became a ragdoll on the worktable, moaning as Grerr withdrew his fingers from her arse and stood up.“I gave you three, even though it weren’t a part of the settled terms. Call it a gift for a goddess.” stated Grerr. “Now it’s your arse!” he said and clapped his hands excitedly.Freyja nodded uncertainly. “What should I do?””Turn around and bend over the work table and grip the edges if ye need to.” instructed Grerr.Freyja complied somewhat shakily. Her head was still fuzzy from her orgasms, but she was lucid enough to fear the coming penetration, she couldn’t help but think that something the size of the dwarf’s cock up her arse was a guarantee of pain.Grerr climbed up on a bench behind Freyja so he was tall enough to line up his cock with her bum. Then he oiled up his huge dwarf cock with mineral oil. He placed a hand on Freyja’s hips. Grinning to himself, he moved his hips forward, and stroked his cock up the inside of her thigh and rubbed his cockhead against her furred mound. He smiled and began to slowly slide his cock up and down between her smooth oily buttocks. She pulled her cheeks apart and moved a hand down between her thighs and begin stroking her muff.Grerr pushed his cock on her oiled arse hole, her pink ring parted slowly as the tip and then entire crown of his cock made its way past the threshold of her arse.Freyja uttered a deep, groan and pushed back against the dwarf’s cock. He held her tightly by the hips to control the pace, but let her push herself back onto him.Freyja couldn’t explain the need that came over her, but the chill that she was feeling in her backside, could only be assuaged by the warmth of the dwarf’s hard cock stretching her. The more she took in, the more she needed. There was no pain, only a spreading warmth as she was stretched to breaking point to accommodate Grerr’s swelling cock. Finally, he was balls deep forcing a powerful moan from Freyja.”Fuck… me… fuck… me…” she said softly.The dwarf and began to slowly slide his cock in and out of her. Freyja groaned and began to frantically rub her pussy, reaching back occasionally to stroke and squeeze his swinging balls and she climaxed again. Grerr stared in amazement as she bucked back against him, forcefully driving him as deep as possible into her.”More! More!” she wailed, but Grerr could do nothing but pound into her as fast as his hips would permit. His balls churned violently at the goddesses display of wild sexuality.Eventually as Grerr’s heavy balls tightened, Freyja shrieked out another violent orgasm. Her tightness gripped at Grerr’s buried cock, and it pushed him over the edge. With multiple oaths in multiple languages, the agede dwarf burst his seed into Freyja’s body and collapsed onto her back.Several silent moments passed before he slid off Freyja’s back. Pulling his cock out from her bum. Never had he been taken for such a ride! He asked, “You alright m’lady?””More,” Freyja croaked feebly, whilst still rubbing herself, then she began to slide of the table. Grerr caught her limp naked body in his arms and sat on the floor cradling her in his lap. After a moment he began to chuckle.”I’m glad it weren’t just me what was spent,” he laughed and rocked the u*********s goddess quietly in the dim lamplight. “I don’t know that I could have kept up with ye anymore.”***Loki has been waiting, hidden in the cavern. He had been spying as the events unfolded between Freya and the four dwarfs. He’d been sat upon the walls of the carvens, in the form of a fly. He had seen everything and could not wait to tell Odin, and he sneaked out of the caverns.Four days had passed, four nights had passed. Freyja had kept her part of the bargain, and the dwarfs, too, kept to their word. They presented the necklace to Freyja and jostled to fasten it round her throat. They thanked each other, then the goddess hurried out of the caverns and across the plains of Midgard. She crossed over Bifrost and returned in the darkness to Sessrumnir. She was happy. Under her cloak, she wore the Brísingamen necklace and it was all hers.The Sly One made straight for Odin’s hall. He found the All father, the Terrible One, the Father of Battle, sitting alone in Valaskjalf. His ravens perched on his shoulders and his two wolves lay beside him.“Well?” said Odin.Loki smirked.“I can read your face …”“Ah!” interrupted Loki, his eyes gleaming wickedly, “but did you see hers?”“Whose?” demanded Odin.“Did it escape you? Didn’t you see it all from Hlidskjalf?” teases Loki.“What?” insisted Odin.“Where were you, Odin, when the goddess you love, the goddess you lust after, slept with four dwarfs?” smirked Loki.“Enough!” shouted Odin.Loki ignored him altogether and Odin was possessed with such jealousy that he found it impossible not to listen. With unfeigned delight at shaming Freyja and angering Odin at the same time, Loki launched into his story. He left out nothing and he saw no need to add anything.“Get that necklace for me,” ordered Odin coldly, when Loki had a last finished his story. Loki smiled and shook his head. Odin continued “You do nothing that is not vile, do you Loki! You set us all at one another’s throats. Now I set you at her throat. Get that necklace.”The Sly One sniffed. “You know as well as I do. Indeed surely far better than I do. That there’s no way, into that hall, against her wishes…..”“Get that necklace,” shouted Odin. His face was contorted; his one eye was burning. “Until you get it, let me never see your face before me.”Then Loki looked at the Terrible One. Odin’s face was a mask now, grim and sinister. The Sly One’s arrogance turned to cold fear. He recognised the danger.Then Odin’s wolves got up, and so did Loki. He ran out of the hall, howling.Later that same night, the Sly One walked across the shining snow field to the hall of Sessrumnir. Boldly he made his way up to the door. It was locked.He drew his cloak closely round him, he shivered as the night wind picked up snow and grazed his face with it. He felt the cold working its way into his body and into his blood.He scowled and inspected the door again. The Shape Changer shook his head, and he muttered the words, turning himself into a fly.Sessrumnir was so well built that he was still unable to find a way into the hall, not even a crack between wood and plaster, or plaster and turf. He buzzed around the keyhole, but that was no good. He examined the top and bottom of the door, and they were no good. He flew up to the eaves and they were no good. Then he flitted to one gable end and there, at the very top, right under the roof, he found an opening, little larger than a needle’s eye. Loki, the Shape Changer, squirmed and wriggled his way through. He was at large and inside Sessrumnir. After making sure that Freyja’s daughters and slaves were asleep, he flew to Freyja’s bedside but the sleeping goddess was wearing the necklace and its clasp lay under her neck, it was out of sight and out of reach.So Loki changed shape again, this time becoming a flea. Then he amused himself crawling over Freyja’s breast, climbing her tower like nipple and down the other side. He moved across the necklace, and up onto one cheek. There he sat down; he gathered all his strength and stung her pale skin.Freyja flinched. She moaned and turned on to her side and settled again. But now the clasp of the necklace was exposed just as the Shape Changer had intended.As soon as he was certain that Freyja was sleeping soundly once more, Loki resumed his own form. He looked swiftly around and then with light fingers released the clasp and gently drew the necklace from Freyja’s throat. No thief in the nine worlds was as nimble and skilful as he. With no movement that was not necessary and without making a sound, he moved to the hall doors, slid back the bolts, turned the lock, and disappeared into the night.***Freyja did not wake until morning. And as soon as she opened her eyes she put her fingers to her throat … she felt the back of her neck … The goddess looked around her, she leaped up and her face colored in anger. When she saw the doors of Sessrumnir were open and had not been forced, she knew that only Loki could have entered the hall, and knew that not even he would have risked such an undertaking and such a theft unless Odin himself had sanctioned it. What she did not know and could not fathom was how her secret, her greed and her guilt and her gain, had been discovered.Freyja hurried to Valaskjalf and confronted Odin. “Where is that necklace?” she demanded. “You’ve debased yourself if you’ve had any part in this.”Odin scowled at Freyja. “Who are you, to speak of debasement? You’ve brought shame on yourself and shame on the gods. Out of nothing but sheer greed you sold your body to four foul dwarfs.”“Where is my necklace?” repeated Freyja. She stormed at Odin, taking his rigid arm and pressed herself against him; she wept showers of gold.“You’ll never see it again,” stated the Terrible One, “unless you agree to one condition. There is only one thing that will satisfy me.”Freyja looked at Odin quickly. And whatever it was that passed through her mind, she bit her tongue.“You must stir up hatred. You must stir up war. Find two kings in Midgard and set them at each other’s throats. Ensure that they meet only on the battlefield, each of them supported by twenty vassal kings.” The Father of Battle looked grimly at the goddess. “And you must use such charms as to give new life to corpses. As soon as each warrior is chopped down bathed in blood, he must stand up unharmed and fight on.”Freyja stared at Odin.“Those are my conditions. Whether they wish it or not, let men rip one another to pieces.” commander the All Father.Freyja inclined her head. ”Then give me my necklace…”

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