30 Eylül 2021

Fuck a Friend

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Fuck a FriendThad and I have been best friends since college. Consequently, I have had a bit of a lust for Thad since college as well. Since we were in seminary, my bi-curious tendencies needed to stay at bay. Not to mention that Thad was married and I was engaged. Nonetheless, I put aside my desire and focused on our friendship. I went into seminary as a little chubby, but quickly got on a health kick and lost my weight. Thad was already in great shape. He worked out and jogged with me. I guess that is how our friendship started.Thad was a semi-ginger. He has fair skin, but could tan a little. He had brown hair, but his facial hair was reddish when it grew. He was tall, about 6’, 2”. Overall, he wasn’t excessively hairy. His smile could melt the polar ice caps and his ass was as sexy as they come. He filled his jeans well. He was a man’s man. He was an avid sports fan. He grew up in a college town and was a die-hard fan of that school. He wasn’t one to show his emotions, but he did have a nasty temper. I enjoyed sports, but it didn’t consume me like it did Thad. I have much more of a tender heart. I stand at about 6’. My hair was sandy-strawberry blonde. I also had a fair skin tone and am decently hairy.When we would exercise together, we both would open up to each other about life. But I did fail to share the fact that I was bisexual and had a thing for him and jacked off most nights thinking about him and what may be in his pants. He was shy about getting naked in front of people. In fact, I had never seen his penis. My assumption was that he may have been small and that is why he was so shy. I too was shy about being naked. I was afraid my 5” erect penis wouldn’t measure up. I remember one conversation Thad and I had about my upcoming marriage. I had never had sex before. I was terrified my soon-to-be wife would laugh me out of the honeymoon suite when she saw my penis. I mentioned this to Thad, hoping he would share about his size. All he said was, “You have nothing to worry about, trust me.” I took that as his was small too, but he would not confirm or deny it.Fast forward 13 years. That and I are still best friends and I still lust after him. I still had never seen his penis, but I did see his hanging bulge in his swim trunks a few times. The bulge, though flaccid, seemed bigger that I had assumed it was. We were approaching our 35th birthday. We decided that he and I would go to Las Vegas for guys’ get-away. I was hoping that I would at least be able to get a glimpse of the man-meat that eluded me all these years, especially since we were sharing a room. I had even thought to myself about how to maybe d**g him so that he could be “open” to my advancements. canlı bahis However, I realized that I was pressing my luck and that, beyond anything, I still loved him deeply and would not want to hurt him in anyway.The first night we were there, we went to the casino for about an hour, the decided to just grab some take out and go back to the room since we were tired from the day of traveling. The next day, we did some sight-seeing and then caught a show that night. The third night, we went to the casino and planned to stay there for a good while. We played slots, craps, black jack, and other games. We drank quite a bit. I decided to slow my alcohol intake to keep my wits about me, while Thad continued to drink and get a little uninhibited. At about 12:30am, we went back to the room. Thad stumbled most of the way. Thad could barely get out of his clothes. He stumbled into the bathroom with his boxers somewhat low. I could see his ass crack. I wanted to lick it so bad!He made it out of the bathroom and the head of his penis flashed through the fly of his boxers. It was thick. My dick started to harden in my boxers so I hurried into the bathroom to take a shower before he could see I had a boner. Not that he was paying attention since he was drunk. After my shower, I put some clean boxers on and made my way back to my bed. I laid there for a good two hours thinking about the dick head I saw. I had to see more. “He is drunk,” I thought, “Surely he won’t feel me raising the blanket to take a quick look.” My dick started to harden as I thought about seeing the rest of his dick. I went over to his bed and touched his arm. I wanted to see if he would stir. I touched it harder and he still was sound asleep. “Now’s my chance!”I pulled the covers off of him. He laid there with a little part in his boxers. I stuck my finger in the part and could feel his penis. I needed more. I pulled his penis out of the fly. It was flaccid and measured about 5”. That was the size of mine erect. I couldn’t help myself. I lowered my head over his flaccid dick and smelled it. It has a musky smell from the Nevada heat, yet smelled so sexy and tantalizing. I took his soft cock in my mouth and sucked softly. His tool responded my wet mouth, as it began to grow between my lips. I took it out my mouth and gently rubbed it to see it come to its large glory. It grew to a thick 8” cock with a fat mushroom head. All this time, I thought he was small like me, when he was actually quite big. I took his massive member back in my mouth, gently working it with my lips and tongue. I wanted to go hog wild on it, but I had to been myself paced as not to wake him.“What the fuck are you doing?!” bahis siteleri Thad had woken up. He pushed me off and sat up. I moved back and sat on my bed. Be pulled the covers over his beautiful cock. “Are you fucking out of your mind?”, he yelled. “I am married and so are you!” He got up with his hand in front of his boxers and stormed in the bathroom. I heard him turn on the shower. I sat there, terrified. Not that he would physically hurt me, but I just may have ended the best friendship I had ever had. Would he tell my wife? Could my moment of desire have cost me everything?After about 30 minutes, he came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. He sat down on his bed facing me. “Blaine, are you gay?”, he asked me. “No… Yes… I don’t know,” I said. “I love pussy, but I have been curious about guys as long as I can remember.” “Why didn’t you tell me?”, he asked. “I thought you would not want me in your life anymore if you knew, since you sometimes seem like a homophobe,” I said. He grinned and said, “So you thought m*****ing me in my sleep would be the lesser of two evils?” With a serious face, he said, “Dude I love you no matter what. Are you still curious?” I didn’t respond.He stood up and let his towel drop to the floor. His huge dick looked rock hard. He walked over to me and said, “I have been curious too, but I would ONLY experiment with you.” I again smelled his cock and it’s freshly showered scent was delicious. His low hanging balls were huge. I took his dick in my mouth and sucked like my life depended on it. I let my mouth lose his cock as I sucked and licked his balls. I kept caressing his dick. As I took his dick back in my mouth, I grabbed his sexy ass cheeks and rammed his cock down my throat. He took hold of my head and started fucking my face. He got his dick balls deep. I gagged a little, but loved every minute of it.“I am getting ready to cum,” he said, and started pulling his dick out of my mouth. I pulled it back. I wanted to taste his sweet cum. He said not now and pulled out anyway. “I have a plan,” he said. He grabbed a water glass from the counter and told me to hold it as he continued to jack himself off. He spewed several streams of thick white cum into the cup. It was porn-star thick and there was a lot. He shoved me back on the bed and yanked my boxers off. He took my 5” dick in his mouth and worked it like he knew what he was doing. I felt myself getting ready to blow and I think he knew too. “Cum in my mouth,” he said. I did. I shot my huge, built up load into his hungering mouth. He spit my load into the cup with his.Thad set the cup on the night stand and fell into my bed next to me. He pulled me close güvenilir bahis and kissed me. His kiss was the most passionate kiss I had ever had. I could still taste my spunk in his mouth. “Promise me that this will be our little secret,” he said as he looked me in the eyes. His eyes looked the most intense I had ever seen them. They were also the most vulnerable and honest I had ever seen. “Of course,” I said, “I have just as much to lose as you do.”With that he began to kiss me again. His hands roamed by body. His fingers found my ass and he rubbed back and forth over my man pussy. He took his fingers and stuck them in my mouth. I licked and sucked them. He pulled them out and rubbed my saliva over my hole. He then spat in his hand and added his saliva to my hole. He poked a finger in my tight hole and worked it around. All the while, his eyes never left mine. I know what he wanted. I wanted it too. I gave him a nod.He stood up and put my legs over his shoulders. I then discovered what his plans were with our cum in the water glass. He scooped some cum out and rubbed it on my ass hole and pushed it in with his fingers. He then took some and lubed his cock up with it. He put his large mushroom head against my hole and started to enter my ass very gently. As his head popped in, there was some pain, but it subsided within a few minutes as my virgin ass because used to his thick rod. As he slowly worked his way in, he poured the remaining combined cum into his mouth, leaned over, me and let half of it dribble from his mouth to mine. It tasted so awesome!Thad then started to fuck me. He started slowly at first. After a few minutes of getting my ass ready, his cock went completely, all the way to his balls. He began to pound me. With every thrust, he looked more determined to own my ass. I was in absolute ecstasy. I couldn’t hold back anymore. My cum started spewing all over me. He stopped for a moment, bent down and licked up my cum. That made him fuck me even more furiously. He pounded me so hard. I felt his cock start to twitch. He pushed his cock deep inside, balls deep and held it there as he shot an enormous load into my hungering ass.He pulled his cock out and put it to my lips. I opened my mouth and licked out his cum and my ass juice. His cock was as clean as it was before we started after I cleaned it with my tongue. He then surprised me. He went back to my ass and licked it. He began to suck out his cum from my ass. It felt so good. Once he got all he could in his mouth, he leaned up and put his mouth to mine as we kissed, sharing his load between us. He laid down next to me and we held each other for the rest of the night. The remaining couple of nights were equally as hot and passionate.After that trip, we find time here and there to play a little. Sometimes, it may just be some car head on the way to a game. However, we have made guys’ only trips a regular event.

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