30 Eylül 2021

Fucked A Guy In My Society

Big Boobs

Fucked A Guy In My SocietyMy name is Rajeshwari but you can call me Raju. My husband has a job which demands him to be out of India for at least 9 months in a year and we have a daughter who is studying in us. So I have no one to accompany me for almost the whole year. I am still not that old, just 35 years so I have sexual desires which are unsatisfied. I have fair complexion, athletic body, big boobs and an ass to die for as my hubby says. I have also highlighted my hair, which reaches till my huge boobs, in golden color, making me look sexier. So in the past 2-3 years I have read a lot of stories on this site and also watched some porn, both helping me to masturbate.After reading stories and watching porn I have developed a sexual attraction towards males younger to me in age and started looking them differently. Then I made up my mind to fuck a male who is younger to me in age.I finally got a chance around 2 weeks back to fuck my neighbor’s son, his name is Arjav and he was alone for 4 days at that time as his parents had gone out of station to attend a function but he could not due to his exams , which was fortunate for me. He respects me a lot but I had started looking him as a sex partner and also masturbated several times thinking about him. So that day he had come to my place at 2:30pm to take some printout of his study material as his printer had some problem. He is not so tall but handsome guy, and wore a black t-shirt and grey shorts which he usually wears when he is home. I had worn a blue top and black jeans and my hair were open.I welcomed him inside and he described me the problem and without any hesitation I told him to go to the room and get his things printed. Meanwhile I went to the kitchen and made nimbu paani for him as it was very hot that day. I also adjusted my top so that my cleavage would be seen and I made my bra strip visible and went in the room and deliberately bent so that he could have a good view of my cleavage.He noticed it but immediately withdrew his eyes as I think he did not want me to catch him seeing my cleavage. Also I held the glass in such a way that he had to touch my hands for holding the glass and only his touch gave me a good feeling. Then I went to the other part of the room and knowingly bent down pretending to do some work so that he can have a good view of my ass and after a minute I slowly got up and turned towards canlı bahis him.He turned his head away but his facial expression told me that he was watching my ass, which made me a bit excited and I started walking out of the room when I saw a little bulge on his shorts which he was trying to hide. It looked like he was not wearing any underwear and that thought made me more excited so I quickly went in the bathroom and fingered my self and found my pussy wet. With the fingering it became more wet and I became horny and thirsty for a long dick in my pussy. I had became so horny that I knowingly did not wear bra panty and went out with just my top showing the cleavage and jeans, this made my nipples visible as they had also become hard.I went behind him and casually placed my hand on his shoulder, he became conscious and looked at me and I gave a pleasing smile and he smiled back and then his eyes locked at my hard nipples. I was looking other way so he could have a nice view of my nipples but he turned away instantly but then I noticed that his dick had become fully erect and was longing to come out of his shorts. I started moving my hands at his back which made him relax and he left his work and was just taking the pleasure from my hands.Suddenly he got up from the chair and said that he is leaving and this was not correct, I calmed him down with both my hands on his shoulders and explained him that this was just what our mind and heart told us to do. He was still not convinced and wanted to go but didn’t left as he wanted me to finish my explanation just because of the respect he had for me. Then I saw his dick which was still that hard and wanted to come out of his shorts, so I slowly took my left hand down running from his chest, stomach to his dick and started stroking it from above his shorts and my right hand pulled him closer to me which made my boobs crush towards his chest.With my this move he forgot everything and started showing his love to me. His hands went behind me and started playing with my hair while he was kissing my lips wildly and I responded in the same way as we both were equally horny and determined for sex. I left his dick and it was pressing against my left leg and I could feel the big size of it and just couldn’t imagine its actual size when I will take it out.We continued kissing for another 10 minutes as we had no one at our respective home bahis siteleri so no one would have a suspicion on us, thus we had plenty of time. When we broke the kiss I found that my pussy was full wet and that part of jeans had also become wet. Arjav also had some precum on his shorts. He then told me that he was so horny now that he would not stop until all his cum was out and over me. I became happy and before I could realize anything he had taken off my top and jeans, seeing no bra and panty he gave a naughty smile to me and then started pressing one nipple and sucking another nipple, while his other hand was busy fingering my wet pussy. I was moaning loudly in pleasure which made him wilder and which in turn gave me more pleasure. I had not received this kind of pleasure ever in my life,So after about 15 minutes of pressing, sucking and fingering me I cummed so hard that his whole palm became wet. He made my love juices to be licked by me and some remaining were licked off by him. He again started kissing me wildly but this time it was different, the taste of my pussy’s juice and saliva mixed together made a great taste and I loved it very much but soon he broke the kiss and took me on the bed where first he took off his tshirt and told me to take off his shorts, he was very dominating just the way I like. As soon as I took off his shorts I came to know that my guess was correct that he wasn’t wearing any underwear, but I was really shocked on the size of his dick.It was bigger than it looked from his shorts and I couldn’t resist myself from stroking it again with great speed which he was enjoying and then we got into 69 position which is my favorite. I lay on the bed while he was on top of me licking my fully drained pussy like a wild a****l and I was also giving him a deep-throat i.e sucking his full cock in my mouth. As I had cummed earlier it took me a while to cum again but he came within 5 minutes of sucking and what a big load of cum that was..He had 3 huge cum shots which went directly in my throat but I managed to get some up and have a taste of it nicely. After 10 minutes of intense licking and fingering I also squirted in his mouth which he took a taste of it and drank it all.We both had cummed just now so we were lubricated well and ready for a fuck. I laid on the bed while he climbed on me but first he started sucking my nipples really hard and crushing güvenilir bahis my other boob with his hand which made me go crazy again and he also got a hard on. Then he started teasing me by just touching his dick’s head to my vagina’s entrance. I was going crazy and begged him to fuck me with all his strength.He then entered my pussy and that was a satisfying moment, after that he fucked me in that position for 15 minutes and I was screaming and moaning continuously in pleasure as his whole cock was inside me and I had never experienced such a fuck.Then we changed the position with I being on top and he was lying on the bed. I guided his dick into my wet pussy and then started to move my hips and the huge ass up and down with a great speed which caused my boobs to bounce and swing here and there. Arjav loved this sight and quickly grabbed one boob and started sucking it, he had a different power while sucking boobs and nipples which made me go crazy after him and my pussy instantly gets drained with the juices.After about 10 minutes of fucking with my hips, ass and boobs moving up and down I was screaming ‘oh yes arjav cum inside me I m safe..Fuck me harder..Harder..Harder oh yes give it to me..Give it to me..Give it to me..Aaaahhh’ and he was screaming ‘oh yes my raju aunty..Sexiest raju..Yess yess..Yeessss oohhhh’ and we both cummed together. We were then a little tired so started kissing each other for 5 minutes while his dick was still in my drained pussy.He then told me to get into doggie position and fucked my pussy from behind with such a pace that his balls were making a loud sound when they crashed with my ass. He kept crushing my boobs with his hands and I kept screaming in pleasure for another few minutes then again he cummed inside me. I was still left to cum so we decided to go back to 69 position with him lying on bed and I was on top of him. He again started licking my pussy in a wild manner which made me crazy and I also started sucking his cock and in 5 minutes, again we both cummed together but he had to take in a very big load of mine which he did without hesitatingWe then cleaned ourselves up and got dressed and we both thanked each other as he gave me the best pleasure sex I had ever received and he got his first experience so memorable..Yes he was a virgin but still fucked me like a pro. Then he finished his printing work and gave a big kiss to me and said that this was the first and last time with me as this was immoral. I tried to explain him but he was not convinced and now will never fuck me, so now I m again a lonely unsatisfied housewife.

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