2 Kasım 2021

Getting into trouble!


Getting into trouble!Ok so as I said this morning, I woke up with the hangover horn, all I wanted was some cock but as I didn’t pull last night I made up for it with around 2 hours of playing with myself while surfing for porn.That did me fine, till I got settled for the night and it returned, honestly felt like my pussy was biting my leg off, so I text a guy I’d met at Xmas who was really hot and asked if he fancied coming up, my plan was to give him some chat and let him know esenyurt escort in no uncertain terms that I wanted him.We arranged 9pm, I was ready in my sexy little black skirt and low cut top, finished off with suspender tights, which most guys seem to find a turn on cos they look kinda slutty apparently.He turns up at 9 as agreed, comes in, bit of chat and I’m getting closer to him on the couch, flirting away when he suddenly tells me he’s got avrupa yakası escort a girlfriend and he wants to be honest with me. I took this as my opportunity and told him he’d better just fuck the shit outta me before he goes back to her then.Before I could say another word he grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat, hands were clawing at my clothes and groping me anywhere he could. It was anadolu yakası escort hot, fast and seriously dirty!I pushed him off me, bent over the couch and offered my ass to him. He stood behind me, threw my skirt up over my hips and roughly ripped a hole in my tights, when he realised I had no underwear on he told me I was a dirty little bitch and I deserved a good fucking.Well who was I to argue? I have to admit he fucked me really hard, over the couch, on the floor, against the wall, for about 45/50 minutes before he groaned and shot his hot sticky load inside me.We collapsed onto the floor, sweaty and sticky, but very very satisfied, as I must have had about 4 or 5 orgasms in that time.He got dressed, and we agreed to meet up again soon, although it won’t be for a while, in case he thinks I’m too keen lol.Emz x

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