10 Temmuz 2021

Getting Lucky With A Foreigner


Getting Lucky With A Foreignerdeleteddeleteddeletedthank you so much for comments on my previous stories. It was about a week ago, when my husband had to visit his parents for some work, and he asked me to stay at my friends’ house after I was fucked right in front of him (please read the story: Gang Banged in front of husband) he was out for 3 days, and I stayed with my friend Mita, who happened to live in an apartment close to ours all alone.She being an investment banker had hectic working hours, and that left me alone in her home throughout the day. It was a very expensive apartment, and several foreigners to live in them. I had noticed one of them write opposite Mita’s apartment, paying a lot of attention to me, when I moved in for 3 days on the second day, Mita had not returned late in the night, and she left a message that she may be very late at work.I waited for her till 10 pm so that we can have dinner. She was not picking up calls, which suggested that she was really busy. So, I had my dinner alone, and took my shower before going off to bed early as soon as I was done with my shower, the door bell rang, and I thought that it was Mita. I hurriedly put on my night gown, and opened the door. It was our foreigner neighbor wearing his boxer and t-shirt before.I could utter a word and he barged inside the flat and locked the door. I could smell alcohol all over him. He held my wet hair tighs and pushed me against gaziemir escort the wall. He was nearly double my weight, easily 6 feet 3 inches and highly muscular body. How could have I resisted him. Holding me against the wall, he grabbed my pussy over my gown, and was squeezing him tight, kissing me at the same time.I was not wearing anything under my night gown, and felt his hand’s warmth over my pussy. I was getting wet and he could easily feel it. He started to push my gown in my pussy with his fingers and we continued our passionate kissing with his other hand behind my neck, he grabbed my nightgown, and tore it from behind. I was amazed by his strength.I placed my hand inside his boxer, and felt his mammoth cock. It was a cock to die for. He further tore down my gown, and it dropped down on the floor, leaving me naked, and desperate. He grabbed my tits, and was kneading them both, as he continued to push me against the wall. I was going crazy, begging him to go harder. He took his t-shirt off and I pulled his boxer down and we were totally naked.He grabbed me by my waist, and laid me down on the floor laying down on my body, he was rubbing his naked body on mine and I was getting more turned on with every passing moment. I grabbed his butt as he continued to rub his cock between my thighs. We started to roll on the floor, grabbing each others’ butts. I found my way in his asshole gaziemir escort bayan and was rubbing inside as he continued to feel me up, lying over me.I didn’t want to let loose on my grip, and was cherishing every moment of the wild act with the white skinned man. He got up, while I still lay on the floor, inviting him for more. He urinated all over me, and I was drenched in his golden shower. I got up on my knees, and followed him on my knees like his slave, as he sat on the sofa. I was ready for the job.I started sucking the leftover urine from his cock. I was licking his balls, sucking it, as he dick grew bigger and bigger. I placed the tool between my 34C breasts, and was pressing it in between, spitting on the glans, and licking it again and again. He was repeatedly asking to take his cock in my mouth, but I kept on teasing him with the boob job. Suddenly, he grabbed my hairs and pulled it hard.I screamed in pain, and he shoved his 8 inches cock inside my mouth, down my throat. i was beginning to gag, but he kept on pushing it. I vomited on his cock and all around his pubis. He was very pissed, and started to shout at me. I knew he was totally drunk, and he was abusing me now, saying, you Indian filth can’t you even suck a cock properly? Look what you have done.I liked the insults. He slapped me hard, and continued you bitch deserve to be slaves, now, c’mon, lick me clean. escort gaziemir I knew that not obeying him will mean more of physical abuse, so I abided like a good bitch, licking my puke off his body and penis, sucking it this time while I was licking him clean, he threw up on me too, leaving my hair and face covered in his puke.He was laughing out loud you deserve to be treated like this and I continued to clean him up after I was done cleaning the puke off his body, he grabbed me, and laid me down on the floor with my face down and poked his finger in my asshole. My ass was never accessed before, and I loved the sensation down there. He was rimming it, and spanking me really hard with his other hand.I was moaning in pain, and he continued to spank me till I lost sensation over my butt cheeks after he was done exploring my ass, he laid down flat on me, and penetrated his cock in my pussy. Grabbing my breasts tight, he was thrusting his cock inside me, and I was totally under his control, unable to move. I continued to moan and begging for more and he satisfied my wishes whole heartedly and I did not want his cock out of my pussy.We continued to fuck inspite of cumming inside, taking breaks with his cock still in my vagina. I heard a noise at the door, and it was Mita returning from work. She was totally shocked to see us lying naked on the floor, in the position. I had no idea what to say, but she stood their quietly watching us in anger. The foreigner held me tight, and got up, with his cock still inside me, and walked out of the door into his flat. He continued his fucking with me now in the doggie position. We fucked for a long time, and both of us passed out with his penis still inside my cunt.

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