17 Kasım 2021

Golf is Fun


Golf is FunMy husband, Ken, and I have been married 15 years. It has always been great, as he is truly my soul mate. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for or with him. About three years ago, we decided to add some extra excitement to our sex life by letting me seduce and have sex with another man. Before I tried it, I made sure that it was ok with Ken. He assured me that it was. I found that Ken really got off on knowing that another man was giving me orgasms and I was doing the same to him. I always shared my experiences with Ken, either by telling him every detail or letting him watch or join in. I really love having Ken and another stud making me cum in any way possible.This story happened last summer. Ken’s family always has a “reunion” every summer. They have used a variety of themes including picnics, trips to the local amusement park, and two years ago they rented out a bowling alley. Last year, it was Ken’s brother, John’s turn to run the shin- dig. I don’t care for John, because he frequently teases me or puts me down for being a housewife and not having a real job. Anyway, he arranged for the reunion to be a golf outing. This pissed off a lot of the family, since only about 1/3 of them golf. But John had entertainment and catered edibles in the reception hall of the clubhouse and even the non-golfers had fun. John really went all out and it must have cost him a fortune.We all assembled in the morning. While the golfers signed up for tee-times, everyone said their hellos, etc. Ken and I signed up for the first tee time with our 12 year old son, Grant. John arranged for motorized golf carts for everyone, but Grant walked the course and teased us about being old and needing help.Since we were the first out, the foursome ahead of us wasn’t part of the reunion. The group ahead of them was slow, so we had a wait at each tee. At the third tee, I commented to Ken that one of the men in the group ahead of us was particularly attractive. Ken’s interest was piqued. Since Grant didn’t hang around us, we were able to talk freely without worrying about him hearing us. From then on, whenever the sexy guy ahead of us was close enough to observe, Ken and I talked about him. Ken asked what I liked about him, and I pointed out his lean, muscular physique, but what I liked most about him was his gorgeous tight butt and promising crotch bulge. The fact that he was a very handsome black man made him extra special. I never fucked a black man before, and I was getting more than curious.All this sexy talk was making my golf game go from bad to worse, but Ken told me not to count some of my worst shots, saying things like “Oh, did you see that big, black penis get in the way?” He wasn’t all that wrong! This handsome stranger was definitely on my mind. When we were on the 6th fairway, Ken said that he could smell my sexy juices. I discreetly put his hand up my skirt so he could feel my soaked panties. When he felt how hot and wet I was, he said, “I got to get you some black dick!” I wasn’t sure if he was serious, so I dared him. Sure enough, at the 7th tee, while the group ahead of us was waiting to tee-off, Ken walked over to this incredibly sexy black man, shook his hand, and they walked away from the tee area. They talked a while, and Ken pointed to me. There was some nodding and Ken gave him a business card that had our home phone number on it. He looked at it for a moment and then it quickly disappeared into his pocket.When sarıyer escort Ken returned, I said, “You didn’t!”Ken replied, “I did!” Since Grant was too close for us to talk openly, we waited until we teed off. As soon as Grant started chasing his usually wild shots all over the fairway, Ken told me that after the introductions, (the sexy man’s name is Jim, by the way) Ken told Jim that the lady in his cart is his “in-law.” He didn’t say “sister-in- law,” and figured that husbands and wives are not blood relatives, but have a “legal” relationship. Ken continued, saying that his brother has not been good to me (which is true) and I was staying at his house since my last fight with his brother (Ken didn’t tell Jim that I have been living with Ken since before my first fight with Ken’s brother). Ken told Jim that he thinks I need to get out more, and when I made a comment that Jim was attractive, he decided to give Jim his home phone number. If Jim was interested, he could call after 5 that evening and as for Donna. Jim nodded and thanked Ken, then Ken returned. This put Jim in control of the situation. The rest of the round, my golfing got worse and yet we enjoyed it more. I was so excited and nervous. We left the party soon after the last group came off the course.When we got home, Grant ran to his room to play on his computer or watch TV or something. Ken asked me if I was mad at him for what he did, and I exclaimed “NO!” It was just going to be difficult waiting to see if Jim calls. At about 5:01 the phone rang and I answered it. IT WAS JIM! After introducing himself, he asked if I was free that evening. I said yes, and asked what he had in mind. He wanted to take me out for dinner and drinks and maybe dancing. I said that sounded great. I gave him the address of “Ken’s” house and he said he would pick me up around 6:30.When I hung up, Ken told me to get dressed up. While I was in the shower, he took Grant back to the golf club, where the party was still going on, and made some excuse to his parents about why we needed them to take Grant home with them for the night. By the time Ken returned, I had done my hair and makeup and was putting on my sexiest underwear, a lacy half bra that looks great with my big boobs, matching thong panties, a garter belt and seamed, rhinestone- studded hose. As he walked in our bedroom, he whistled and told me I looked good enough to eat. I replied, “That’s what I’m trying for!” Ken helped me put on and zip up my dress, a sexy blue number with a deep cleavage (to show off my own) and a hem about 3 inches above my knees. I lightly sprayed perfume for the finishing touch.Then we went to our front room, so we could see Jim pull up. Ken poured some white wine to settle my nerves and I drank it quickly. Then he reached under my dress to feel my pussy. I was soaking hot! He reassured me that anything that I want to do is fine, just enjoy the evening. I promised him that I planned to, and I kissed Ken. Just then we heard a knock on the door. It was Jim! I opened the door and invited him in, but he said that we should be going. Jim took my arm and walked me to his car, opened the door for me and let me in. As we drove away, Jim confessed that he was a little nervous. He was divorced 6 months earlier, and hadn’t been on a date since. I comforted him, saying that we don’t have to talk about our married life, just esenyurt escort be ourselves.The dinner and wine were delicious, and the conversation was cheerful. We laughed and smiled all evening. Then we went to a dance club and danced for about an hour. I was trying to think how I can get him out of there, and on to the main event. During a slow, romantic song, Jim said that I felt wonderful. I told him I feel better undressed. It seemed his heart skipped a beat, but I revived him by asking if he would like to go someplace where we could be alone. Without another word, he took my hand and led me to his car. “Where would you like to go?” he asked. I directed him back to “Ken’s place,” assuring him that no one else would be there.”Sounds good to me!” he said as he pressed down on the gas pedal. I sat close to him, and I couldn’t wait until we got to the house, so I slid my hand up his slack leg and rubbed his cock through the smooth fabric. He placed his hand on my leg and slid it up my nylons to my honey pot. I was so hot that as soon as he pushed a long finger past my pussy lips, I had a mini orgasm. Then Jim removed his hand, wrapped his arm around my neck and reached into my dress front to fondle my right boob. He fondled it and rubbed the hard nipple all the way home. When we got home, I quickly checked to see if the “coast was clear.” In the bedroom, I found Ken, sitting in the closet. I startled him, but he asked if it was ok if he watched. I said, “Sure, but get ready for quite a show!” and closed the door on him. From his seat he could see everything through the louvered door. I went to Jim and told him to come with me to Ken’s bedroom. He followed like a puppy on a short leash. As soon as we entered, we collided in the hottest kiss I have had in years!. Our hands roamed and undressed each other. When I was just wearing my bra, panties, garter and hose and he had only his boxers, I knelt down so I was eye level with the mountainous bulge in his shorts. I slowly pulled them down and his hardening cock sprung out, hitting me in the face. My painted lips immediately surrounded the immense tube of flesh as I pulled his boxers to the floor and he stepped out. I needed both hands to handle his immensity as I licked up and down the long, thick organ, following the prominent veins with my tongue. I started sucking the head and as much of the shaft as I could, but needed to stroke the rest with my hands stretched around its girth.Its flesh was delicious, and I got carried away. Soon, he erupted into my mouth and I swallowed the largest load of cum I ever taken from a man. I was disappointed, thinking that since he came, it would at least slow things down. He assured me that he hasn’t had sex for months and he will not miss a beat.Jim hooked his fingers on my thong and yanked it down. Then he laid me on the bed and immediately dove tongue first into my pussy. He was so good with his tongue, licking all around, sticking it deep into me, and paying delicate attention to my clit. I was about to cum, when he moved up and almost stabbed me with his revived erection. Although he hit the mark, I could not accommodate his size despite my copious flow of lubrication. After trying for a while, with little results, he let the head slide up my slit, all the way to my clit. Jim continued a sawing motion, up and down, spreading my juices all over his huge cock and my lips. He actually avrupa yakası escort worked the shaft so it spread my lips and rode inside them. Ladies, you should try this technique, it’s great! Then, Jim grabbed his cock, pointed it at my opening, and pressed forward. Suddenly, my vagina gave way with a “popping” sensation, not unlike when I lost my cherry so many years ago.Once inside me, Jim pumped with an urgency that we shared. Neither of us would be satisfied until his long, thick organ was completely buried in my tight cunt. It took a long time, during which I had a series of mini-orgasms, each more intense than the one before. With a sudden lurch, Jim pressed hard and I gasped as I felt is pubis brush my clit. He paused for a moment, but then started stroking in and out, in long, firm strokes. He would almost completely withdraw and then bury his cock inside of me. I was shaking and after about 3 of these monster strokes, I exploded in the biggest, most intense orgasm of my life. He kept pumping and my orgasm wouldn’t wane. Finally, after over 5 minutes of continuous, extremely intense orgasm, Jim started filling my hole with another very generous load of his thick, hot cum. This sent me even higher, making me question how much more I could take. His ejaculation lasted more than a minute, all the while he was pulling out, pushing in, and shooting cum deep inside me, in a regular rhythm. When he finally stopped cumming, he pulled out and rolled off of me. I immediately rolled toward him and started kissing him passionately. Soon, our hands were active again, and we fondled each other to arousal. I begged Jim to take me from behind, and I got on all fours.Without a word, he got in position and pressed all the way into me in one stroke. The different position created wonderful new sensations, including the pounding of his big balls on my clit. When he reached around me and squeezed my tits and nipples with one hand, it sent me off to another climax. My hot juices poured over his cock and finally triggered his orgasm. I loved feeling that hot jism shoot deep inside me.We separated, and laid down. Nothing could keep us from embracing and kissing while we calmed down. I told Jim that no man has ever given me as much pleasure as he did that night. He said that I was a very special woman, and any man would be blessed to be able to make love to me. I felt so very special in his arms as we kissed and talked. But all too soon, he said that he should be going. I offered him a shower, which he accepted. I joined him and we made sure that we both were thoroughly clean. His penis became very hard again, so I sucked him as well as I knew how until he filled my mouth with more of that delicious juice. Then we toweled each other off and he dressed. I walked him to the door, repeating what a wonderful evening it was and asking if we could get together again.Unfortunately, he was in town on business and was leaving the next day. I ordered him to keep “Ken’s” number, and call if he was ever coming back to our area. I promised him that Ken would get the message to me. Jim promised to call. I can’t wait!When I returned to the bedroom, Ken was in bed, naked and erect. I thought that I was all fucked out, but seeing my loving husband there with a beautiful (though much smaller) hard-on, I was filled with desire. I straddled him and lowered myself until I engulfed him completely. Apparently, Jim had stretched me out and I had not rebounded yet. But feeling Ken’s smaller cock poking around in me felt very good. I flooded Ken with Jim’s and my cum and soon he added generously to the mix. Then he pulled out and moved to a 69. I savored the cum coating on Ken’s still hard cock and he cleaned me out with his tongue. Ken gave me a final orgasm to fall asleep to.

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