15 Kasım 2021

Growing up and loving sex and orgasms


Growing up and loving sex and orgasmsAs outrageous as they seem, a lot of what we see, actually happens in real life, to girls like myself, only too willing to follow a man’s lead and do what he fantasises, but only if it leads to me getting something out of it.For me, it was always about my own pleasure first, and if it worked, I would do it again and again until the excitement paled and by then I was onto the next big thrill and the many ways I could milk it for its worth. This willingness to explore makes you a better person, and in many cases saves your life, because as you read of my exploits, I took chances for a bigger and better feeling at the end, so much so, threw up sick with the thought of how it could so easily have gone wrong, but it did not, and I could through that experience, have many pleasures through masturbation when alone, remembering with such avidity, to close my eyes and feel every pore in my being, building to that final explosion.Where to start? At the beginning of course, my earliest recollections of being or feeling sexual, trust me there were many, but mostly just feelings or dreams and all induced through my families love of naturism, which for a girl as young as I was, meant really nothing, except the wonderful free feeling of the sun on your body, playing in the sand and not realising the stir you were causing with some men who looked at you in a particular way, some men I saw with erections, not realising I had caused them to harden, as I played on, with my girlish freedom of expression.I found out later in life when I was old enough to understand, I would lie face down on a beach towel, and loved to have my back scratched, and one such occasions have oil rubbed into my skin, for protection, only the oil was the mans fresh semen, ejaculated onto me as he stroked me, and rubbed into my skin until absorbed or evaporated in the suns heat.I was both repulsed and angered at the thought, then that anger dispelled and was replaced by another feeling of acceptance and pleasure for the men who did it to me, “How they must have thought to have the freedom to do that to a girl”, it excited me to know I was used for pleasure like that, perhaps that’s why we girls love a facial or to feel a man cum on our upturned bums?We know why we upturn our bums to me, it exposes both our holes to him, just in case he changes his mind about seeding us on the outside, he had two choices, the second being about debasement and domination, I know when I am doing anal, I feel totally debased and worthless, that orgasm can dark and powerful.But you must excuse me, I race ahead in my years, from having my warmed back stroked and tickles to having my pussy fingered and rubbed. It was hard not to like it, and in particular, to try and pretend he was not inside it, stretching you and rubbing your know whatsit.He gave me feelings down their, he awoke a passion like a c***d in a pram, before its time, I loved the feeling and my brain did not know how to stop other men from enjoying me, because i wanted them to touch me, for that warm feeling, so that day I wandered down to the rocky edge of the shoreline, and met man crouching over a rock pool, bursa escort looking at the colourful crabs, What are they doing”, I asked him?I had crouched in front of him and felt his eyes on my crotch, as mine were on his. He had an erection and was gently masturbating himself, even more so so now he had an audience with my young and inquisitive eyes on it? So when I asked about the crabs in the clear salty water, I meant him playing with his big cock in front of me, as I crouched showing myself the way women do when they want men to see what they ate for their breakfast. My cunt was open, and I knew he was wanting it. “They are fucking”, he replied, which meant nothing to me other than a swear word, so I asked him, “What is fucking”?He looked around to make sure we were perfectly alone, then stretched across the small pool and placed a finger on my openness, “It’s when I put this in here”, he was shaking his cock and poking my small hole, it seemed ridiculous to me, “It’s too big”, I retorted, but he was determined and pushed me forward, to peer down at the crabs, as he moved around my wetness and tried to penetrate, but came instead, and I saw his semen fall into the water in opaque globules, as he stroked my back in complete satisfaction, leaving me somewhat unimpressed and empty.Never mind”, he said, “try these”, and he fished out small smooth pebbles and eased them one at a time into my emptiness until they felt warm and nice, as I moved they fell over each other, providing small vibrations of pleasure and fulfilment, much like the vibrations of modern vibrators, and I left with my pussy full of rocks, each step a joy to take, with an occasional pebble falling from me. When I finally removed them all, I counted fifteen, of various sizes, and the thing is when I told my girlfriends of what I found, they too had a surprising amount of phallic substitutes, including, like me, the real thing from willing relatives.A very naughty and dirty minded Aunty I was sixteen when I visited her with my boyfriend who was two years older. We had been out for a Brunch and came home where she offered us a gin and tonic, and a bed for the night.”I hope you’re fucking him”, she whispered to me, our of earshot, after I had downed a few of her strong drinks? I was surprised, she always struck me as a refined and gentle woman, restrained and religious, ever since the passing of her husband, she was always doing charitable work with the poor and the homeless, on behalf of her church, an institution she had turned to, to help with her loss.As I found out in later life, Aunty was picking and choosing those to help, down and out men were given baths and clothes, for sex in return, before being returned to their point of origin, after a night of untold passion, she liked them starved of affection, “They were rough and ready, angry and full of passion”, and as I studied her face on her death bed, I could see a distant light flicker as she looked back, “That;s the way to have a man on you”, she passed hours after that.But that confession was some forty years later after that night. I retorted to her question, that I had been having sexual experiences since I was a bursa escort bayan girl, taking care not to mention her late husbands, habit of ejaculating onto my naked body and rubbing it in.We watched a movie and then towards one in the morning, we flicked onto a porn channel, “Do you like to watch porn Alex”, she asked my date?He blushed at such a forward question, being asked by a beautiful woman, a woman who was both my guardian and aunt, she was showing signs of tiredness and being tipsy, “My niece is hoping you do”, and I turned to look at her from the porn movie, “Aunt”, I mock cried, and she laughed, “Come on you guys, when I was your age I was doing it non stop”, we took the hint and started making out.”Wait”, she called, “let me get my camera”, and she did, but it was a video camera, and she started it and began filming us, as we relaxed and got into the mood, with aunts voice in the background purring softly and egging us to start fucking each other, “Why watch this shit on TV when you two are here”? Soon we all were nude and kissing each other and my then poor boyfriend was with her, while I filmed and marvelled at him fucking her, kissing her naked body and seeing how much she enjoyed being with such a young man at her age. I consoled myself by telling myself, “When I am that old I can have sex with young boys my age”, and the amazing thing is, I do and I am, now I am her age, but I was also getting off filming them, going in close to see and smell his cock as he went in and out of her old pussy.”While you’re down there”, she said, so much in control as they fucked, I looked her in the face, “lick our bum holes, I really that from a woman”, she confessed. I put the camera down facing where they lay, went in and dug my fingernails into her soft cheeks, pulling them apart, her bum hole was dark and crinkly skinned, but the scent was raw sex, as my pointed tongue wriggled into the small crinkled folds and penetrated her bum, “Deeper” she gasped, and I felt her powerful sphincter muscle close and crush my tongue, “Oh God!, I’m fucking cumming”, she cried and we all fell into a heap of sweet and salty, sour, sweaty bodies.My Own “Irreversible” Underpass experience I love porn, I watch it a lot, but prefer the real stuff as to manufactured, this is why my camera is never off and I did a lot of public fucking about, and threesomes, so I could archive and rub one out on demand, when I got bored and lonely.We were on holiday and had wandered off along the beach where we were accosted by a group of black guys, who were smoking weed and drinking rum.We were three silly white teenage girls, looking for fun, and with a deep fascination for black guys and their supposed dicks.We had been to a beach party and took some recreational d**gs when we decided to split, as the guys there were being asses and assumptive we were going to let them fuck us, this was why they brought the d**gs and the booze, but in the end, nothing was happening and we decided to split and go find us some black k**s to play with.We all soon had a black guy all over us, and as the rum and weed mingled with the pills we had consumed, danced together in our heads, one of escort bursa the black k**s suggested we go back to his place and just make out, swapping partners, that way each girl got three guys and each guy got three white chicks to play with.He was suggesting an orgy and my wetness was all for it, I felt I needed three men to satisfy me, Liz, just wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep, and Sandra, offered Liz’s boy a threesome, she was into DP and being “Spit-roasted”, I was into just being fucked, the more the merrier.Leaving the beach into a poor and deprived housing scheme, we went through an underpass, which was made of concrete and was about 500m long.We each walked with our boy, arm around waists and kissing full on moth and tongue stuff. I had lost my knickers and my guy was making me walk with my short skirt around my waist, inviting the other two to touch and feel my up, which I loved, and then without warning, my guy turned my face to the concrete wall and started fucking me up against it. I was moaning and pushing back while the other four stood and watched us. His friends staring at my now naked body and my friends at his huge dick stretching my white pussy and making me sob and beg for more.Liz had slumped against the other wall and was fighting hard to keep her eyes open, her boy left her and came over to us and started to fell me all over as his friend ignored everything and everyone, he just wanted to inseminate me and rammed into me as I slipped down the wall and finished up face down on the concrete, being fucked like I had never been before.Then it was the other guys turn, and he was on top of me like a rat up a drainpipe, except it was my arse he went up, only lubricated with my vaginal excretions, and bane, I could feel him in the back of my throat, he hurt me, until Sandra, suddenly realising, I was getting an anal roasting, went into her handbag and produced a tube of lube and encouraged my bum fucker to squeeze some inside my bum-hole and on his dick, after that it just felt like I wanted to go to the toilet for a number two, he really left me gaping, both my holes were truly fucked, lying on that cold concrete tunnel floor.We finished as Liz had now slid down the wall and slept, while Liz entertained the other two, taking turns with her, after which they called us a taxi and we went back to our hotel.We met up three days later, and asked the three guys to concentrate on Liz, as she got nothing from that night, my bum still hurt, and they did as Liz and I suggested and carried Sandra off to out bedroom and fucked her silly.I would love to say that was it, but it was not. When we got home, we had an infection from our wild night, but worse still, poor Sandra was pregnant, she had forgot to take her pill, and was having a black baby, but who’s, all three had cum inside her and she had orgasmed on numerous occasions.She had her baby, but decided on adoption and to continue with her education. Strange to say, after our first year, we drifted apart, and the last I heard, was that both girls had taken up with coloured guys, perhaps their is some truth about being blacked and never going back?As for myself, I see a black dick and my ass shuts down.So guys, if you like what you just read, hit me a comment and say which story did it for you, right there under the story. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you, Fridaxxx

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