6 Temmuz 2021

Had Fun With Step Dad


Had Fun With Step Daddeletedmy figure, its 36-28-38. I wear d cup bra. This is the first intercourse i have had.My mom Mamata(35)is rich and hi fi lady who took divorce from my dad when i was 14 and married to a guy who happened to be my mom’s school friend, who is 36years old and very handsome, his name is Samanth Raj. I was not happy then so i have gone to my grand mum’s home. Studied there for 4 years… One day they went to America for my cousin’s marriage, while returning the flight had crashed and my grand maa and grand paa had passed away. So my mom took the responsibility, i have gone to my mom’s home.It was normal every day; i have got new friends in college, new achievements in life. But i never used to talk with my step dad. I have said to myself that staying at moms is not actually bad, so i have felt free and happy. Time passed, because of my mom i used to talk to him, i thought he was a nice guy so i was little bit close to him.It was the day before my birthday. My mom went to Surat for her friend’s party. I and my step dad stayed at home. It was 8 am in the morning i was in light pink sleeve less short top and shorts which covers up to half of the thighs. It was Sunday so i have thought i could sleep for some extra time. I was laid in a position that my butt was raised up little bit and my boobs and pussy are pressing the bed. I was in deep sleep then suddenly i felt warm air on my back and a rough hand trying to press my right boob. I woke up and i was surprised to see him on my bed. He holds my right hand and placed it on middle bursa escort of his trouser. I felt hard meat and my mind were blocked.He dragged me towards him and made me to sit beside him and kissed me on my forehead and said”mai ne frst tujhe towel me dekha, tu body cream laga rahi thi,. Jab tu jhuki tho tere boobs aur nipples dekha, maan kiya ki tere boobs ko mai kha jaun. Sahi vaqt ke liye dekh raha tha, aaj mil gaye”. While saying those words he made me press his hard dick inside his trouser. I was struggling to get off. But he hold my waist and dragged me toward him and said “agar thu ab mere sath cooperate nahi karogi tho mai tere partying ke bare me tere mom ko bolunga”. I was scared, my mom won’t allow me to party with people older than me, and it was like freedom to me, if mom knows, she will never allow me to go out. I was in a dilemma. Suddenly, i felt his hand on my stomach rubbing softly, don’t worry dear you will love it let me teach you how to please a man, of course, step dad jo hu. Sikhana hi padega. I busted into tears and started to beg him “please Sam!!Don’t do this to me. “He then slowly squeezed me on my hips and said call me daddy, my little girl. Now, his hand is inside my top and pressing my boobs and trying to get inside my bra. I was crying, he wiped my tears with his tongue and kissed me on my lips.I was shocked and trying to get away, but he had held me tight and was biting my lower lip very hard, while he was kissing, he removed my bra hook inside my top. , i was really scared and sat like a statue beside him. He then bursa escort bayan suddenly took off my top and bra at a time, i was half nude then. He came near to my left boob and slowly started to lick and press the other. He did same with the other and sucked them hard. Then i had realized that its wet inside my panty. This time i was entirely in his control.He got up, removed every bit of cloth he was wearing. I saw his dick it was so big. He came near to me and pressed my boobs with his dick. I had moaned ahhh!!!. After a couple of seconds he caught hold of my hair from back and asked me to open my mouth, i did and closed my eyes. Slowly he entered dick in my mouth and increased the speed. While doing this he was pressing my boobs. I was like mmmmmmm!!. Mmmmmmhhhhh!. This had continued for couple of minutes till i have got cough. He then removed my short’s button and took it off, i was wearing dark red colored panty. He asked me to stand and put one leg on bed. I did, he came near to my panty and enjoyed the smell and kissed it. I was started to enter in to the heaven now. He stripped off my panty with his mouth. And dig his nose between pussy lips and kissed it and said “still virgin huh? Let daddy take your virginity”. He started to lick my pussy, i was in heaven now, i forgot everything and i was pressing him deep inside pussy and moaning mmmmmmmmmmm!! Ahh!!. He licked till the last drop of the juice that i have secreted.I was pressing my boobs, and then he stood up, pushed me to the bed and widened my legs. Rolled his dick on my escort bursa pussy… I was enjoying this. Then he slowly entered his hard meat in my hole. I was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! He said “oh my! My cute girl’s little pussy is so tight. Gooooooood!!”. Then suddenly he gave me hard stroke which pierced my seal and blood came out. I cried “maaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” I was scared and asked him to move away but he did not, he stroked me harder and harder holding and pressing my boobs. I was like “ahhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Aahhhh. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”. He increased the speed and had gone wild while hearing me moaning and said”ooooooohhh my sweet little slut, aaaaahh. Aaaahh. Give daddy a baby. So tight aaaaaaaah i will tear it haaaaaaaaaaaaaard aaaaaaahhhh!. “. I started to enjoy this and screamed”ooooooooooh!!Daddy fuck me harddddd. Fuck me deep. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! After 10-15 min he was about to cum. He asked me where to cum, i said cum on my boobs and belly. He did the way i wished. Now it was my turn to ride he laid on bed and his cock was pointing towards sky. I spread my legs adjusted the cock to my buttock’s hole and sat on it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! He had firmly caught my butt and making me to swing up and down. We had it slowly first and increased the speed and finally he filled my hole with his hot and sticky cum. I sat in that position and asked him what if mom knows about this? He while pressing my boobs said. We keep it secret my sweet pie. And this is my gift to your birthday. Satisfied dear? Happy birthday honey!After that i had to go to states for higher studies and i had come to know that he divorced my mom and married another woman.If like my story then please comment on this. In my next story i will tell you guys how i had group fun.

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