6 Kasım 2021

Halana My Mistress


Halana My MistressHalana and I agreed that she wouldn’t call me. If she wanted to have some time with me, she would leave a red rock on top of the back gate fence post. We live on fifteen acres, so my wife would never have noticed it the rare times she went there. I, however, was checking that fence post frequently. If there was a red rock, but I couldn’t get the time to meet Halana, I would put a black rock next to it. If I could meet with her I would put several white rocks there…each rock stood for an hour during the day when that would work. Three white rocks meant three o’clock. We had a place across the county road in the low hills where we would meet. I would tell my wife I was going for a hike. Since she wasn’t really into that I could count on having the time for myself.The place near the hills was where an old shed had been built and then abandoned years ago. I had added a lock to the door and boarded up the broken windows.This particular day it was a three o’clock meeting. I got there at 2:45 and Halana was already inside…but then I knew that because Pooky was tied up just outside the shack.She was naked already and her face lit up when I opened the door. She jumped up into my arms and we kissed for several minutes. “Oh Peter, I am so fucking horny!” She talked like this every time we met. When I set her down on her feet I moved my right hand down her throat, over her tiny tender titties, brushed lightly down her belly so I could release the butterflies in her belly, and down to her cunt. She shaved it now because I had said something once about my wife shaving her cunt.She would always shave just before I got there. She kept a hand mirror, a razor and some clear lubricant which she used to make the shaving easier. Her cunt needed no lubricant at all. She kept the items in a large coffee can on the floor.I inspected her smooth mound and told her she had done a good job. “I want you to like my cunt Peter. It feels so good to me when I run my fingers over it just after I finish shaving. It feels even better when you run your fingers over it” istanbul escort We used the small metal bed that was already in the shack for most of our fucking. I had bought a new mattress that fit the bed on Saturday when I went to town to go shopping for groceries.”So, when is your Mom expecting you home Baby?” She picked up her watch which was lain on top of her clothes, in fact right on top of her panties. “We have an hour and twenty minutes before I have to head back home dear.” I gave her a big smile and started taking off my clothes. I was down to my underwear. Halana always liked watching my cock bound out of them. This time I asked her to pull my shorts down.My cock fell down and hit her on the forehead. She howled laughing at that, then took my stiff prick in her hand and started sucking it. She had only sucked my cock since the mattress had been added to the shack. She was nowhere near being able to get the cock down her throat. She tried though. The head would touch the back of her throat and she would be so excited she couldn’t relax her throat enough to get it farther down.This day I decided I didn’t want to fuck her on the bed. I had her put her hands on the wall on either side of the narrow window looking down the path. She had to stand on some bricks that had been in the cabin when we fixed it up. That got her cunt up to the perfect height for me. I slid two fingers into her slit. She thrust her ass back and went “mmmmm” as I moved my fingers inside of her. “Oh darling, that feels so fucking good,” she murmured as my other hand moved up to her delicious tits.”Tell me what you want Baby,” I growled as my fingers got soaked. “Oh darling, I want your cock in me NOW. Fuck me sweetheart.” Her endearments were kind of funny and I took them for her attempt to show she loved me. I pulled my fingers from her cunt and slipped the head just inside. I had it poised there. She wiggled her butt, pushing back, trying to get the whole avcılar escort cock inside. I enjoyed teasing her and pulled back, just keeping the head inside. When she pushed back as far as she could without taking her hands from the wall was when I grabbed her hips and drove my cock hard up into her. She gasped and said, “I love it when you tease me Baby. Your cock feels so good in my cunt.”She moaned and moved her hips from side to side, pushing back as I pushed in. I paced myself because our times together were rare enough. This time she said something new. “Oh baby, I kind of wish your semen had sperm in it. I would love to carry your baby.” I just muttered, “Me too” as I drove into her cunt. The idea of impregnating this young hottie had crossed my mind more than a few times. Having had the vasectomy, a word she could pronounce perfectly now, thankfully gave us freedom and protection from family chaos.”I love you Baby,” I said as I moved my chin onto her left shoulder. “I love you too Peter,” she cooed. I turned her around then and pressed her body up against the wall as her legs went around my waist. I pounded her into the wall for a good hard ten minutes. She came at least three times. After she had opened her eyes after celebrating the third I pulled out of her and said, “Suck my cock lover. I want to do something new with you today.” She squatted so her mouth was cock height and said, “I don’t know if I will ever be able to take all of your cock down my throat. I want to try though. I will try to be calm and relaxed.” I let her move her mouth. I kept my cock still. She gagged the first try…and the second…and the third. She got this determined look on her face then and I felt the head find an opening at the back of her throat. She rested on that triumph, then moved her head forward some more. I was three or so inches from being all the way down her throat. She breathed deeply through her nose and, looking up at me with love, moved her mouth the rest of the way. My balls were now at her chin. She put a hand şirinevler escort up to feel them. She was so happy there were tears flowing down her cheeks.I still didn’t move in or out of her. I just twitched my cock muscles. Her eyes flew up in surprise. “I can cum down your throat baby just by doing what I am doing right now. Would you like me to do that?” A partial smile, all she could muster with her mouth so full of my cock, let me know she wanted that.I made my cock pulse as I looked down at the sweetie. She was fingering her pussy and waiting for the flood. She moved her tongue on the bottom side of my cock. All she could manage was side to side, but that was what I needed to finish inside her. “Oh fuck baby. Keep moving your tongue like……oh…..just like….that. She moved her hand to my nuts and held them while she waited. I felt the storm rising slowly but powerfully. I looked at the sweet face that engulfed my cock and knew I was there. The orgasm was explosive and I was worried about choking her on my cock. I could’t help pushing even more against her mouth. The semen just wouldn’t stop shooting. When I was mostly done she pushed me away. When my cock was out of her mouth she gasped for air. I had not finished coming though. I lifted her chin with one hand and squeezed my cock with the other moving my hand in fast strokes. I painted her face with blasts of semen. She was surprised at that, since we had never done it before. I held her chin steady so she couldn’t move away from me. I had come on Maxine’s face before, but never was it like this. Maybe it was an illusion since Halana’s face was so much smaller.I picked up the nymph and placed her on the mattress. She immediately opened the coffee can and pulled out the mirror to inspect her face. Her lips kept mouthing the word “WOW” without saying anything. We used my tee shirt to wipe her face off. When she was clean I kissed her tenderly and asked what she thought.”Oh Darling! It was so exciting! What other things are we going to do that we haven’t done yet?” I laughed and said, I was kind of through for the day, but we could explore other possibilities the next time. She check her watch. We had twenty minutes before she had to be home, so we spent that time kissing. I held her in my arms like a baby, kissing her tender lips and feeling those luscious tits.Finally we got dressed and walked hand in hand down the trail to cross the road to where our families were.

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