29 Temmuz 2021

Halloween party II


Halloween party IILaying on Steve, I looked around and noticed no one was paying any attention to us. Listening to music and talking to each other. Steve said, why don’t you take off the sheet, I said I only had underwear on. Really, he whispered. He ran his hand down he slipped it under the sheet. He rubbed across my crotch and up to the waistband of my underwear. Putting my hand on his to stop him he said relax, no body is watching. Taking a deep breath and a big drink of the beer, I said ok and moved my hand. He pushed his hand under them and found my dick. Mmm very nice, he said. Thanks I told him. He rubbed my dick for a couple of minutes till it started to get hard. He whispered in my ear, take them off. Shocked, I froze. Soon I felt him push them down, and pulled them down my legs. All I could do was lay there as he said to move my legs apart. As he pushed his hands between my legs, they fell on either side of the lounge chair. He rubbed my dick with one hand and slid the other down and rubbed my butt hole. He squeezed my dick and stroked it slowly. I started gaziantep escort breathing heavy and my heart started beating faster. Soon I didn’t care who seen it felt so good. I let out a moan and Steve said, that’s it, let it happen. I knodded my head and closed my eyes. I could feel his dick pressing against my butt as it stiffened. I was enjoying the attention my dick was getting, when I felt another hand on my leg. I opened my eyes and seen a girl dressed as Harlequin from Batman. She smiled and said what do you have here. Steve said I think it’s Casper the horny ghost. Afraid to move I laid back and watched as she raised the sheet up and exposed my hard dick. She smiled and said you get all the fun. Steve held my dick at the base,as if he was offering it to her. She tilted her head and smiled. Don’t mind if I do she said in a silly voice and bent over and kissed the tip of my dick. She opened her mouth and lowered down on my dick. I was in a daze, was I dreaming about this,was it the beer. I didn’t care, I watched her close her giresun escort lips around my dick and slid her head up and down it. The feeling of her tongue snaking around my dick as she bobbed her head up and down. I was on the verge of cumming when she stopped and sat up. She looked at me and asked, is Casper hungry. She raised her shirt and her firm tits were exposed. Her pebble size nipples were stiff and her pale skin shined in the light. As she leaned over me I opened my mouth, waiting for her tit. She held my chin and lowered down on my mouth. I nibbled and sucked her nipple lightly, and she started to moan. Steve stroked my dick and said should we give him a treat,Tammie. She giggled and said why not. She raised up pulling her tit out of my mouth with a popping sound. She put her hand over my eyes and said be a good ghost and close your eyes. I felt her finger on my lips and she pushed it in my mouth. I sucked on it as she pushed in and out. She pulled it out, then she pushed two fingers in. I sucked on them off a minute, then she escort bayan pulled them out. Then I felt her thumb on my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. It tasted funny, and had a slit in the center of it. I opened my eyes and HOLLY SHIT, I’m sucking her penis. Moving my head and trying to spit it out, Tammie grabbed my head and said, don’t be a party pooper. She pushed her hips forward pushing her penis farther into my mouth. Go on sweetie, I know you want to. Unable to move, I had no choice but to suck it. Steve stroked my dick as Tammie held my head still and rocked her hips. After a few minutes I started sucking her penis again. That’s it baby,just like that she purred. I started getting a funny feeling in my groin as Steve stroked me. I started tasting something coming out of tammies penis, and she moaned. She moved her hips faster and squealed as liquid shot into my mouth. I drank it down as fast as I could, my own dick exploded with cum. Steve stroked my dick faster as my balls emptied all over us. When Tammie stopped pumping cum down my throat, she let go of my head and leaned down and sucked the rest of my cum out of me. She stood up, fixed her shirt and put her limp penis in her pants. She smiled and rocked her head left and right, then said that was fun,and skipped away. Steve handed me my underwear and said happy Halloween

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