25 Temmuz 2021

Happy End – Part 4 – Whats going on !


Happy End – Part 4 – Whats going on !Happy End – Part 4Huhu dear fanbase. With this terrible weather I finally decided to tell you more, and I hope you like this story too.Of course I am very curious about your feedback.In the meantime, I do not want to call myself xhamster Yunkee, but nevertheless I was able to quickly find my way here, find “friends” quickly, and have one or two nice conversations.At home everything had stayed the same so far, which does not mean that it was boring. No, our marriage was not and isnt. But my husband is a very good husband, who has come to know me very well over the years, and probably also wants to see a change in me.It was Sunday, we had slept for a long time. After yesterday’s visit to the musical we were stuck in a traffic jam on the way home, had to spend hours on the highway because an accident had happened there, and the road was completely closed. I had already dozed off in the passenger seat while my husband waited to finally be able to continue the journey. Finally arrived at home, ended the beautiful evening with a quick deep sleep.After breakfasting extensively the next morning and reading the papers, we decided to do nothing else that day, just let the drowsiness come. After all, we both had a pretty exhausting working week behind us.Even on the shower I did not feel like it that day. I got my blanket out of the bedroom and made myself comfortable on our sofa in the living room. Remote control caught and zapped away. I heard briefly how my husband rattled in the kitchen with the dishes, seemed to bring out the trash, but let me relax on the sofa.By now I was totally absorbed in a holiday documentary, so I did not realize that he had already sat on the sofa for a while. I looked at him and thought what I had just for a handsome man. Yes, I was and am happy that he is my husband. Careful, handsome, charming, successful and much more, but most of all I found him totally sexy right now. Oh yeah, my husband was sexy, and I still thought so after our 15 years of marriage. So I held out my hand to him, which he took and pulled him a bit to me, and let him under my blanket. I enjoyed the warmth he radiated as we lay very close together under the blanket. His arm around me, I put my lips on his, and started to kiss him. I kissed him as I had not kissed him in a while. My tongue left its circling, and enjoyed feeling his warm hands on my skin. Yes, I wanted him, now. I lay down so that he slid on his back. Squatted over him, then pushed his sweatpants together with underpants a bit down, and let his penis over the waistband look out. He looked at me with wide eyes, as I then moved forward, pushed my panties to the side and let his dick in my hand become stiff between my labia. Oh God, it was nice to just take what I wanted that afternoon. That must have seen my husband as well, because I did not take long, until I felt that he had come in me, and slowly began to close his cock. It was not long, but still it was satisfying enough for me without experiencing an orgasm myself. Sometimes I enjoy these moments of having satisfied my husband without having come myself.But Klaus, that’s the name of a man, apparently had the feeling that I did not have much fun because I seemed to be puzzled when I asked myself if I would have liked it either. Does your wife know the moment when the man with his questioning threatens to destroy these beautiful moments? Although I told him that it made me totally happy, he kept asking. “Was it nice for you? Would not you rather have come too? Now only I came, and you had none of it. Will I make you happy? “I was already annoyed because he had finally really destroyed the moment, but when he asked another question, I must confess, I said something I should not have said, because he asked me: “If you Would you wish something during sex, what would it be? “I had probably not thought in my annoyed situation, but I had already pronounced it:” I would like to do it once with a Negro! “Boahm! That had probably sat. What did I just say? Oh god, immediately I had thousands of thoughts in my head. Thought I would have destroyed our happy marriage with this sentence.I looked at my husband expectantly, and was already waiting for the telling-off, but he took my hand. Why was he taking my hand now, I mused? I hoped that I could explain to him now that I had said it only in anger, but he moved closer to me, put his arm around me, kissed me, and said that he had also thought about bringing me along to see another. Not necessarily with a colored man, but with another man.It totally puzzled me now, because I did not even know if I really wanted to, but what should I do now, knowing that my husband seemed to find it good? Would he now want to take to the streets to get a strange man in, with whom I should have sex? Or had he already imagined who the one would be? Who was the one who had sex with me in his thoughts? I would have liked to ask him now, but I did not have the courage. Luckily he took the floor and asked me why I had not told him earlier. There seemed to be no going back now, so I told him I just did not have the nerve to do it, but he did not seem to. We looked at each other, and both laughed loudly. We both promised each other that we would try this wish without compulsively seeking a suitable partner. At some point they wanted to talk in peace, so that this was no longer an issue for the rest of the day.Strangely, in the next few days, I barely rummaged through xhamster, seemingly confused by the incident on that Sunday afternoon. I was not sure anymore if I really wanted to have sex with a foreign black guy. Of course, I always had this written on my profile page on the net, but canlı bahis writing is just something other than to put it into action. Thankfully, my husband did not even talk about it over the next few weeks, so I assumed that this need had vanished.On a November weekend, I still had to go to the office on Saturdays, because things had to be done for an imminent advertising campaign. At noon I received a call from my husband, who asked how long I was in the office. I let him know that I would call ahead of time before heading home. We always called each other when one of us later came out of the office so the other person would not have to worry. He told me that he would go shopping for a dinner tonight. I was really happy, because he was the better cook of the two of us.At 6 pm I headed home from the office to finally enjoy the weekend, and above all the dinner with my husband. On the trip, I decided to wear a nice dress as thanks for the great food. He appreciated the fact that the cook receives as a thank you a pretty woman as his counterpart at dinner.Arriving home, I quickly jumped into the shower to freshen up. I had already put my nicest black dress already ready. In search of a pair of tights, I rummaged in the drawer. Had to realize, however, that I had no more in stock. But without pantyhose, I found it inappropriate, because I saw the hold loose in the upper compartment flash out. Highs? The wardrobe, because I knew exactly that the suspenders would have to be somewhere. I was just putting on my pumps when my husband let me know that the food was served. When I went downstairs, of course, my husband received me in the hallway, and led me into our dining room. The table was beautifully decorated, the burning candles lit up the room in a romantic atmosphere. My husband was a gentleman through and through. He pulled the chair over so that I could sit down at the blackboard.While I took the spoon to taste the aromatic-smelling soup, I saw that there was a small package next to his place. It was wrapped in wrapping paper and decorated with a red ribbon drum, but thought it was indecent to ask. My husband had gone to so much trouble and spoiled me with a 4 course meal and a variety of wines. We spoke unusually little, but enjoyed our togetherness and the familiarity made this dinner extraordinary as always. After the dessert, I was amazed when my husband took the package in his hand and took the floor. He said he still has a surprise for me this evening. During the dinner I had thought about what would be hidden in this package. A ring? Sometimes it just came over my husband, and gave me beautiful things, which he also found beautiful. He handed the package to me saying it was something I had long wanted. I was very excited, I could not even remember what I had been wishing for a long time. I opened the loop and laid it aside, before taking the small box out of the paper. I looked my husband in the eye, full of tension, what would be in the small package. I opened it, and … I could not understand what I saw there, because there was a condom in the packet. Why did he give me a condom? Contraception had never been an issue in our relationship because I had been on the pill since the beginning.Then it rang at the door, which baffled me, because usually we rarely get uninvited visit. My husband got up to see who was at the door. Unfortunately, I could not understand who was paying us a visit but felt that my husband was closing the door again. Well, maybe a parcel service, which wanted to give something. Actually, I did not care who had been at the door, but still pondering, which caused my husband to give me such a gift. No, I was not disappointed, he had conjured up such a beautiful menu.I looked at my husband in amazement as he stood in the living room, but did not ask who had been at the door. He came in and told me that he had another surprise for both of us. I could scarcely hide my astonishment from him, for he rarely spoke to me in such riddles. But then I saw that someone else had to be in the corridor, who suddenly stood in the living room door. I cannot describe how my expression must have looked at that moment when I saw this man in our living room. What was standing there you ask yourself? It was a black man. He had grown rather tall, his hair cut short, and of handsome figure. Now it was clear to me what my husband had given me this condom. How could I be so naive to believe my husband forgot this story of the said Sunday afternoon? Now this moment was as present as never before.The black man shook my hand and introduced himself as Jamal. How formal he was, although he apparently had to know why he was here, namely to have sex with me. I gave him my hand, she felt very soft and pleasant despite his muscular figure, and replied that my name was Julia. My husband put a glass next to him and filled it with white wine.It was somehow clear to me that something was imminent, that I did not even know if I really wanted it, and I knew it was spoken out of my mouth.We talked for a while. Trivial stuff was the basis of this conversation. I have to admit that I felt uncomfortable. Yes, somehow I felt bad but did not show it, trying to get more out of Jamal. He was in his mid-40s, single, living in Germany for a long time. A seemingly very down to earth type, with a strong sense of family. He seemed to me rather shy, not such a gigolo, which I found very sympathetic. My husband provided the necessary laxity in the round, making sure our glasses were always filled. I was slightly tipsy when my husband suggested sitting in our couch while quickly clearing the plates and bowls left on the table.We took our glasses, and sat side by bahis siteleri side on the couch. After my husband had made everything into the kitchen, he made music for a very pleasant atmosphere, and sat down to us. Although it was clear to me and the two men how the evening would end, nobody seemed to want to start. So I saw myself in the duty, which has probably set everything rolling by their statement at the time, to soften the somewhat tense situation. I took off my shoes and put my legs bent on the sofa. In the process, I approached Jamal unnoticed and began to talk about funny moments that we had experienced in the years of our marriage. We laughed a lot and the mood became more and more relaxed, probably because our glasses were still filled. Slowly it got uncomfortable for me because I was still perched on the sofa. As the relaxed situation unfolded, I stretched out legs on the sofa. Under observation of my husband, I felt Jamal’s hand on my lower leg. It was warm and it did not seem to bother me that his hand was where it was. I could feel Jamal’s hand moving gently and slowly up and down a small distance as I looked at my husband.He looked deep into my eyes, and I was a little excited to see the hand of a rather strange man on my leg. Yes, I know, it was only a hand on my lower leg, but I also knew it would not stay that way. Still, we did not let ourselves be kept from talking, though I felt Jamal’s hand movements were getting tighter, yes, and his gaps were getting wider, so he’d come all the way to my knee. That may sound c***dish? But would you be in this situation? How would you have felt? At any rate, I pretended to be uncomfortable. And slipped down a bit further, so that my legs now very close, slightly angled to Jamal stand up. My dress had also unintentionally pushed up a bit, but that was certainly not noticed. Therefore, I did not feel it necessary to pull it down now, because I would probably take it off in the course of the evening anyway. Jamal’s hand moved up and down my leg more and more, so I could feel it on and under my thigh. Again and again I had to look over to my husband. I probably wanted to see his reaction, but he seemed completely relaxed.This time it was Jamal, who was sitting uncomfortably, and clearly closer to me this turn. Yes, now he was within reach. But then I was a bit scared when I felt him shoving his hand under the hem of my dress. From that moment on, our conversation seemed cut off, as I looked at my husband, who sat down comfortably in the chair, while Jamal’s hand continued to slip under my dress. I looked alternately at Klaus and then again to Jamal, who now also slightly turned his upper body to me. At that moment, I felt his hand on my bare skin under the dress. Oh god, what a mistake to put on the stockings, I thought, otherwise he would not have felt my skin. But now it was too late, his hand continued to search the path under my dress. I felt hot and cold because I knew what the target of his hand was. And he reached the finish faster than I liked, because I felt his hand thrust into my panties.At that moment, I looked at my husband, who was just sitting there, watching us. He sipped his wineglass and did not say a word more about his lips. While Jamal turned to me again and came closer and closer to me. Now his second hand should come into play as well. I thought now he would touch my bosom, but he put his hand to my cheek, coming closer and closer to his head, feeling his breath against my mouth until I finally felt his lips on mine. I only knew this man for about two hours, and yet I opened my mouth and let his tongue enter my mouth. I was somehow paralyzed, and yet it felt very exciting to feel his tongue in my mouth, which seemed to be looking for mine. I could not help but to return his kisses. Again and again I had to look at my husband, who was watching us. How he felt now? Under his eyes to see how his beloved wife to be kissed by a strange man?I had to sigh slightly as Jamal’s hand slipped into my panties and touched my pussy. It did not seem damp, at least it did not feel like it. Gently he pushed his finger back along my labia, while his tongue played wildly with mine. I now had an arm around his shoulder. The pressure of his forefinger back got stronger and stronger, until he finally felt how excited I was. For now I could feel it, as his finger back moved in my wet column back and forth. His hand slid down my cheek at my neck until it finally reached my bosom. I sighed as one of his fingers pierced my labia in my grotto. Oh god, I was soaking wet, and enjoyed being kissed and caressed by the black while my eyes kept catching Klaus’s. Jamal now took another finger, which also pierced into a pussy. I was getting warmer, but I did not want to stop now. I wanted to let my dress continue to slide up, and moved forward with his butt forward.What I did not realize, however, was that Jamal’s fingers were still in me, and it made me groan as I jerk it with a jerk deep into my wet pussy. With both hands I grasp Jamal’s arms and softly push out of the couch. He seemed to understand me immediately and got up from the sofa. Cleverly and quickly I opened his belt. As I slowly pulled his pants down under my husband’s gaze, even Jamal’s panties could tame the monster in his underpants. Unbelievable, but his enormous penis pushed the panties aside, and before I could react, he unbuckled it out of the panties. I was speechless. I mean, my husband Klaus was extremely well stocked with his estimated 24 cm, but what came out at that moment was unbelievable to me. I had just looked briefly and estimated it to be 30cm, but before I could think any further, I felt Jamal’s hands behind bahis şirketleri my head, guiding me gently towards his mighty piece. As automated, I opened my mouth and let his circumcised penis slide between my lips. Gently, I wrapped his shaft around, while my tongue was working on his glans immediately. Incredibly, I thought. That such a giant penis was in my mouth. When I put my hand around his shaft, I got a bit scared because I did not even get around it. If I were to get such a big penis into my pussy, which was the only thing I wanted to think about at the moment. As a precaution, I opened the condom pack and put it over his enormous penis. Again, I took it in my mouth. I had never blown a condoms penis, but then I already felt like Jamal grabbed me under my arms and lifted me with his strong arms. Like a puppet, I seemed to be clinging to his strong hands as he turned to us and then sitting on the sofa himself. Now I sat without being asked on him, turned back to my husband. All I could tell was that he had got up for a moment to seemingly go to the bathroom.I helpfully flexed my legs while Jamal still sat me down on the sofa. As he apparently sat, I already felt like his big penis pressed against my pussy. His hands he had meanwhile placed on my buttocks, and pulled them apart a bit so that I could feel the next moment, as his penis tip pushed between my labia. I felt that Jamal pulled his butt down with his hands, and had to scream out loud when it felt like his cock was always looking for the way into my pussy. I kept getting down on his lap, only now realizing how big his thing really was. I could not quite let him in yet. Not now. Still dressed in the dress, I started to move slowly on his cock up and down to make it easier for me and his cock. My man. Yes, I wanted to see what Klaus was doing, and turned around to him. I wanted to look him in the eye, tell him that I love him, even though he should now see another strange cock in his wife’s pussy. So I turned around, but looked into the lens of our camera. Oh god no, my husband sat in panties and T-shirt on the chair. The excitement in his pants was clearly visible, and yet he shot one picture at a time. Meanwhile, I kept pacing up and down Jamal’s cock, signaling to my husband that he should come to me, which he did. I wanted to kiss him. At that moment, it was important to me that he would know that only he was my husband, and so I whispered in his ear that I loved him above all else.I stood by Jamal, turned back to him, I kissed Klaus. I felt so passionate that we had never kissed like this before. I felt Jamal’s hands on my hips, putting my legs a little farther apart and holding out my ass a little further. I groaned loudly as he penetrated me, but did not stop responding to Klaus’s tongue beats. No, I wanted him to keep kissing me as Jamal’s bumps got heavier. Oh god, that was cool to be poked in by that big cock. Klaus let go of me, and began to take pictures again. Only then did I realize that a camera was standing on a tripod and seemed to be holding on to everything. I looked into the camera. Yes, it excited me to know that it was recording everything that had happened so far and was yet to happen.Knowing of the camera and the cameraman (namely my husband), I let my feelings run free. I enjoyed Jamal’s thrusts, which got more and more intense, although his cock still did not quite fit into me. I groaned loud, oh god, yes, I must have screamed, it made me so horny. I was now sitting on our coffee table and was still fucked hard by Jamal’s cock. My Klausi I could get ran to me, and now had his cock firmly in my hand. My lips wrapped around his shaft and sucked hard on his penis under the impact of Jamal. I just let it happen. We did not need any great changes of position. I could enjoy it so that Jamal fucked me from behind, and I blew the tail of my husband. However, my husband seemed to have made that so horny that he made me realize after a short time that I should stop, which of course I did not do. On the contrary, I gave myself a great deal of trouble blowing his cock, and that should pay off. Because only a short time later I got what I wanted from him, and poured his warm sperm in my mouth. By now I had come twice, and I sensed that my condition was coming to an end. So I decided to sit down on the coffee table. Jamal was right in front of me. His cock still as big and hard as from the first moment. My hand wrapped around his shaft, slowly I pulled down the condom, opened his mouth and let his glans slide into my mouth. I glanced over at my husband and told him to take the camera to get closer to us. I sucked Jamals cock, as I had previously sucked my husband’s. In addition, I jerked his shaft. Oh god, I wanted to get it out of him under the eyes of my husband. I think I’m a good tail blower, because it did not take me long to get there.I just released his gem from my mouth and told my husband to zoom in on the camera so we could take a closer look later, which he did. Then I jerked and blew Jamals black cock in turns until he announced that he would have to cum. I opened my mouth and jerked him on while Klaus with the camera on it. And then it shot out of his nigger cock out, me directly in the mouth, in my face. Oh god, what a cargo. It seemed to me, as this magnificent tail had not hosed for a year already. My mouth had been well filled despite the numerous splashes on my face. I showed my open mouth filled with sperm in Klausi’s camera and then swallowed it in front of her. Only now did I feel that Jamal’s cock seemed to be sleeping again in my hand. I held out my hand to Klaus and Jamal, pulling both close to me, and hugging them both. That night we all three spent together in our marriage bed without having sex again.I hope you enjoyed my story, and would be delighted if you leave a comment. And yes, only those who write this way can have experienced it! In LoveYours Julia

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