27 Temmuz 2021

Harry Potter and the teachers


Harry Potter and the teachersElizabeth felt a pair of calloused hands roam her body and she moaned. Merlin, the lad had magical hands. They knew how to touch her and where. They then cupped her swinging breasts and she groaned. She was on her hands and knees with Harry in back of her thrusting in and out of her gushing cunt.“Mmmm, Harry” she moaned.“Yes professor?” Harry asked.“Harry, you know you should call me Elizabeth during your tutoring sessions” Elizabeth chided gently.“Sorry, Elizabeth” Harry said.“No problem Harry” Elizabeth said.Harry pumped into Elizabeth a few more times then he came in her. Elizabeth sighed as Harry’s seed filled her. It was always a great feeling of having Harry’s seed inside. She had already come a couple times so she was satisfied. She then got up and put on a robe.“I think that’s the end of this session. Please come back tomorrow night Mr. Potter” the professor of Arithmancy said.Harry nodded and got dressed then left.Elizabeth sighed and relaxed. Harry was a gifted lover when given a bit of time. Over the last few months Harry had given her some many memorable orgasms and even experimented a bit with her too. Merlin, the boy had an amazing sex drive. She thought it was just because he was a teenage male, but it was more than that. The lad had great stamina and she figured it was because he had so much magical power. She wanted to experiment on this, but she always got sidetracked.A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts.“Come in” she called.“Lizzie, where have you been?” Aurora Sinistra asked as she stepped into her friend’s quarters.“What do you mean Aurora? I’ve been here the whole time” Elizabeth said confused.“What I mean is that for the past few months you’ve been skipping our little girl’s night” Aurora said.Damn, I forgot about those Elizabeth thought.Since Aurora and Elizabeth were both the youngest members on staff they hung around one another after class time. They had a special night of which they called girl’s night where they drank and gossiped like they were back in school.“I’m sorry Aurora, I’ve been tutoring a student in need of help and it seemed that they needed more help than I thought” Elizabeth said.Aurora eyed her friend critically.“You’ve been sleeping with him, haven’t you?” pendik escort she said.Elizabeth looked shocked then cursed herself for forgetting that Aurora knew her the best. They were two of the youngest members on staff since they only graduated about a year apart from one another. So they became friends easily when they became professors at Hogwarts.“I can’t believe you could do such a thing Lizzie. You can’t sleep with a student. It’s against the rules” Aurora shouted.“Aurora, please calm down. I know it looks bad, but I couldn’t help myself. Besides, it isn’t just any student” Elizabeth said.“Oh, then who is it?” Aurora asked.“Harry Potter” Elizabeth said.Aurora’s eyes bugled at this.“WHAT?” she exclaimed.“It’s Harry Potter, and let me tell you he’s the best lover I’ve ever had” Elizabeth said.“Lover, Lizzie, don’t you know what you’ve done” Aurora said.“I’ll tell you what, if I can talk Harry into doing you will you keep this a secret?” Elizabeth asked.“Wha-what, I will not be dragged down with you Lizzie” Aurora said.“Come on Aurora, don’t act so high and mighty. I know you’ve had thoughts about Potter like I have and I can tell you he’s even better than those thoughts” Elizabeth said smirking.Aurora was stuck. She wanted to take the high ground and tell, but there was the prospect of sleeping with Harry Potter and could she pass that up? Her mind was in turmoil until her need won through.“What time?” she asked with a sigh.Elizabeth smiled./Scene Break/Two nights later and Aurora was in Elizabeth’s quarters waiting for Harry to show. Aurora was very nervous about the whole thing.“What if he doesn’t find me attractive Lizzie. I mean, I don’t look like I did in school” Aurora complained.“Aurora will you stop it. You look amazing and you haven’t changed much since school” Elizabeth said.Soon Harry came in and was a bit shocked at what he saw. Elizabeth was here as usual, but why was professor Sinistra here.“Um, professor, I didn’t know you’d be here” Harry said.“Harry, she knows and has agreed she wouldn’t tell if you give her a ride of a lifetime. Who knows she just might join us after” Elizabeth said with a smile.Harry wasn’t sure about this whole thing and looked like it. So Elizabeth got up and walked to Harry and pulled him into escort pendik a long kiss to settle his nerves.Aurora stood there getting a bit turned on watching her friend make out with their student. Soon clothes were being tugged and pulled off. Soon they were naked and touching one another. Aurora couldn’t stand it. She began rubbing herself to get some relief.“I’m sorry Aurora, we forgot about you” Elizabeth said when she finally broke away from Harry.Aurora stopped her rubbing and saw Harry and her friend stalk towards her. Soon she was leapt upon and her clothes were ripped off to reveal her supple body. She worked just as hard as Elizabeth to keep her body in shape. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Elizabeth’s, but she had her pussy shaven just like the Arithmancy professor’s. Harry liked he saw and attacked her breasts making Aurora moan in pleasure.“He has such a talented tongue” Elizabeth said smiling.She then guided the two to her bed and had Aurora lie down as Harry ravished her breasts. Harry’s hands were trailing down and soon were at her inner thigh making circles.“Stop teasing me Mr. Potter. Put them in me” Aurora begged.Harry being a gentleman obliged and shoved two fingers into Aurora’s juicy cunt. Aurora moaned as the two fingers pumped in and out of her. Merlin they felt so great.Elizabeth sat back and played with herself as she watched her friend get pleasured. She was patient and could wait her turn. Besides Harry can go all night if he wanted to. So she had no fear of him leaving her hanging.Back to Harry and Aurora. Harry had moved his mouth away from Aurora’s breasts, which left her whining. Harry moved his mouth down and attacked Aurora’s pussy. He used Parseltongue to increase her pleasure.“Oh Merlin, I’m coming!” Aurora exclaimed.She fell limp from her orgasm and was gasping for breath.“How was it girl?” Elizabeth asked.Aurora turned her head to her friend.“Fucking amazing” she said.“Harry, I think it is time for Aurora to see some real stars” Elizabeth said.Harry nodded and lined up his cock and shoved it into Aurora’s still quivering cunt. Aurora moaned as she was being filled. She had never had a man fill her up so much. He touched every part of her that it was putting her senses in overload. Harry pendik escort bayan then began thrusting in and out of her and that only increase the overbearing load.“Oh god Harry! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Aurora screamed.“She’s quite vocal” Harry commented.“She is” Elizabeth agreed.Aurora moaned and screamed her pleasure and when she came that only increased her already raised volume. Thankfully Elizabeth had sound proofed her quarters so no one would hear them. She knew Aurora was a loud lover. Aurora had come several times and was amazed that Harry still hadn’t come yet. She knew she wasn’t going to last too much longer at this rate. So she used all of her strength and squeezed Harry to get him to come. She wanted him to come. She hadn’t a guy come inside her for far too long.Harry grunted and with one last very hard thrust he came inside Aurora. Aurora saw stars this time and passed out.“You knocked her out Harry dear” Elizabeth said.“Yeah, I did” Harry said wiping his brow off sweat.“Ready for another round?” Elizabeth asked.“Give me a few minutes” Harry said pulling out.“No problem. I’ll occupy my time” Elizabeth said.She then took Harry’s limp juice covered cock in her mouth and began sucking it like a nursing calf. She felt it slowly harden in her mouth and she kept on sucking. Harry relaxed and let Elizabeth do all the work as he regained his strength. It didn’t take to long and he pulled out of Elizabeth’s mouth and pushed into her cunt.Elizabeth moaned as she was stretched again by Harry’s cock. She would never get tired of this feeling.“Fuck me baby, fuck me hard” Elizabeth commanded.Harry nodded and pounded Elizabeth with fury. Elizabeth gasped as she was pushed hard into the mattress. But she loved this hard fucking. She needed it. She had gotten so worked up watching Aurora and Harry she needed the instant relief. She got it as she came not three minutes in. Soon it worked like clockwork she would come every four minutes. Harry kept pounding her without breaking stride.“Yes Harry, that’s it, fuck me like the whore I am. I’m your slut” Elizabeth shouted.Harry heard all the dirty talk before and knew not to put stock in it. Soon Harry came inside Elizabeth and fell back panting. Elizabeth was barely conscious and was panting. Aurora had awoken and had watched her friend get pummeled. It fascinated her.“Harry, I think you’ll need some extra help in Astronomy” Aurora said.“Yes, I think a double study session is in order” Elizabeth said with tired voice

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