9 Kasım 2021



In high school I was too busy with academics and classwork to really have my priorities in order, like most of my peers. Yeah, that meant putting off sex, and well drivers education, too. I didn’t think of myself as a geek or a nerd. I preferred to think of myself as “focused.”

Finally at eighteen and just before packing it all off for college I got my coveted driver’s license. If only catching up on the rest would be as easy as passing a few tests and reading some letters from a chart in a view screen.

Unfortunately along with the freedom of your first set of car keys come the inevitable layers of responsibility. So when my mother informed me of how I was to spend my Sunday afternoon, I was reluctantly resigned to my fate.

“We are taking the van today, mister. You are going to be doing some shopping and then we are going visiting.”

My mother owned a van for a reason. She was forever driving around the countryside, stopping at “sales” and hauling things around for her friends. My duties today were sure to include, chauffer, shopping consultant, delivery man, and bored son. The later job consisted of mostly holding up a nice older woman’s kitchen counter with my ass while my mother laughed and asked for a second cup of coffee. I can’t truthfully say I was enthusiastic, but I wasn’t moping or sour.

Six stops and three sheets of plywood, four bags of mulch, and an ugly concrete lawn statue later we neared our last stop with four grocery bags of baby clothes for the new baby grand daughter of family friends.

Walt was a giant of a man who was the spitting image of the guy from the Mister Clean bottle, tall, muscular and completely bald. His wife, Elaine, was completely opposite. She was half his height and nearly round. The only thing they had in common was that one or both of them was constantly laughing. We weren’t there two minutes and the coffee pot was on. “Jesus, assume the position. Where do these old people put it all,” I thought to myself.

I had already leaned back against the kitchen cabinetry lost in puzzled contemplation of my mother’s bladder capacity, when I heard Elaine yelling from the other room. Yes, yelling. It’s what passes for family communication in that home.

“Lana, get your butt down here we got company.” I’ll pass on the exclamation marks if you don’t mind, but you get the idea. What God shorted Elaine in height, he made up for in lungs. Pardon the pun.

I hadn’t seen Lana since I was eight years old. She was the complete tomboy and we spent our summers running through the woods along the lake hunting frogs, swimming and finding new uses for mud and sticks. When she came sulking through the door she was immediately recognizable. At eighteen she had grown into a stocky athletic girl with big shoulders and muscular calves. Her hair was thick and black and her eyes dark brown. She was dressed as if she had just gotten back from track practice, which her mother noticed and remarked on immediately.

“Lana, don’t you have anything else to wear. Why don’t you change after practice?”

Turning to me, Elaine quickly added, “Lana got a scholarship for track and field to State. She throws shot put and discus. The coach thinks she might compete for a spot on the varsity squad.”

Being young it’s automatic to look a little harder at a girl when you get an invitation like that. There was no doubt Lana was a strong, but beneath the loose t-shirt and thin baggy shorts the x-ray guy vision could plainly tell there was a girl there.

Lana rolled her eyes at her mother looked at me and simply said, “Hi. Wanna go?”

Lana didn’t wait for an answer. She just grabbed my hand and yanked me out the nearest door, through the garage and down the street. I doubted my mother would miss us, and I’m sure we could be gone for hours before her bladder even noticed our absence.

We were nearly kocaeli escort half a block away before any semblance of a conversation started. The topics breezed quickly through schools, sports, and family before her face eased and she began to laugh a little during the brief pauses. Lana was never very talkative and most of the burden fell to me. Still I could make her laugh. That was a good sign and a useful talent for a guy, at least I thought. Five blocks in to the walk and we veered to the left through a field and down a path into a tangled patch of woods behind the subdivision.

A voice behind us startled us both. “Hey who’s your friend?”

We both turned to face a young, thin blonde waving a cigarette in my direction.

“It’s just James, I’ve known him forever,” Lana said with a shrug.

“Got another,” she added motioning to the burning stub of a Marlboro in the blonde’s hand.

“Yeah, here.” As the cigarette passed hands, the blonde turned to me and raised her eyebrows.

“No, thanks. I don’t smoke on Sundays,” I said as coolly as possible.

She smiled, and turned to Lana and complained, “The bitch is in the house and I am waiting for her fat stupid ass to leave. I can’t fucking wait for summer to be over, and to get back to State.”

This girl was beautiful. She had a short, blonde pixie haircut with delicate features, perfect white skin and flashing green eyes. I blessed God for the weather in that moment as she was dressed for the summer heat in a thin white t-shirt and tight little short with sneakers and bare ankles. God grants so few obvious favors. While she was stalking back and forth waving her cigarette and ranting about her “cunt” of a mother all I could focus on was the roundness of her ass cheeks barely visible under the back of her shorts. Thank you, God.

Lana noticed my stare too and nodded in the blonde’s direction, “That’s Amy. Her mom’s a bitch. She’s a sophomore at Southern.”

This much I gathered myself. At nineteen she looked young and waif like. When she stopped cursing like a sailor she could have easily passed for one of those skinny runway models stuck between the pages of Vogue. I looked at Lana and gave a knowing look while sinking to a squatting position with my back against a tree. I wasn’t tired but I was desperate both to hide my raging hard-on and to get a better look at those ass cheeks.

In the moments that elapsed God’s blessing multiplied and I glimpsed far more of heaven then I ever thought I would. Amy’s agitation and excited state caused the nipples of her smallish tits to poke noticeably through her thin white t-shirt. I was beginning to wonder if I had enough blood for both my hard cock and my cramping legs.

I was glassy eyed and so completely under the hypnotic spell of Amy’s body that I barely noticed when Lana said “Let’s go,” and yanked me to my feet.

Stumbling along the path through the woods in a new direction, I was suddenly, painfully aware of how noticeable my erection was through my own shorts as we followed Amy, or rather as I followed Amy’s ass. The bliss of heaven is often followed by the hell of embarrassment. But what the fuck, I decided, it was worth it.

“Where are going now?”

“Amy’s house. The witch has taken her broom and left.”

I shrugged and trudged along behind, my eyes never veering much from Amy’s ass all the while angling my body so as not to reveal my own protruding body part.

“Welcome to hell,” Amy said with a giggle and a shake of her blonde pixie mop.

She collapsed in a large dark Lazy-boy recliner near the television, which left the only choice for me and Lana to be the horrid orange and brown love seat on the opposite wall. The channels on the television flipped by with the rapid click of Amy’s thumb. Lana and I reclined under the faint breeze of a wobbly ceiling fan. There was some more kocaeli escort bayan complaining from Amy’s chair about “the Bitch” and some empathetic, “yeah, I know’s” from Lana. But all of it was falling on deaf ears as I strained from across the room to peer along Amy’s pale legs and up the loose shorts to where I was sure the light blonde hair and soft pink lips of paradise must be.

“God, please.”

Eventually the conversation waned and an uncomfortable pause followed. Some hyper-active, too-hip teen pretender was on the television giving updates about bands that we never heard off. We all half stared at the TV waiting. I didn’t know what to say, but in the pregnant pause that followed I became all too aware of the straining ache in my shorts, and I knew that without conversation someone was going to look around for something to talk about. The next topic was sure to be obvious. That someone was Lana.

“I’m bored,” Lana said with a calm shrug. “Do you wanna make out?”

It was as simple and as matter of fact as that. No rubbing or touching or hand holding or teasing leading up to it. Just a simple question, like “Do you like cornflakes?” I must have seemed a little startled and I looked at Amy for a second, only to be met with an arched eyebrow. A wordless, “Well?” In my head the answer was, “God, yes.” Why couldn’t the question have come from Amy lips, and not Lana’s. But my head had only half a second to mull over the question before Lana was on top of me with her legs straddling my lap and her hands pressing on my chest.

Lana was strong and her hands pressed my chest backwards into the crushed velvet of the couch cushion as her face lowered and her lips met mine. Our heads turned on their own and her tongue forced its way into my mouth. Still too surprised to react in any conscious way, I was gasping for air as her body pressed close above me and began to move. Lana’s left hand moved up to my hair and pulled my head back. My hands automatically moved to her hips. At first my hands moved to control her and move her away, but the rocking and rolling of her hips found something we both wanted.

Her mouth left mine and I could feel her hot gasps in my ear. The thickness of my hard cock was pressed between her thighs and was riding the full length of her pussy every time she humped against me. I could feel the bump of her pubic bone as she finished each stroke with a grind.

“Oh fuck,” she shivered. “Fuck, rub my tits. Jesus.”

My hands slipped up under her t-shirt and pushed the flimsy bra up over her smallish tits. She arched her back as my hands closed over them and my thumbs pressed the large erect nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Her head came crashing down, resting against my neck her breathing hot and harsh. I moved my hips and thrust against her with only thin fabric between my cock and her wet pussy. The ache was incredible and I needed to get off, and wished to God I could free my cock somehow and get it closer.

Lana was shuddering now, and pushing me harder into the sofa. There was wetness between us, and my cock could feel our damp heat.

“Oh fuck you. Fuck. Fuck me. God. Oh Fuck, god yessss.”

Lana collapsed on me her damp shorts pressing down on my crotch. I was breathing hard, frustrated as hell, and I swear I could feel her pussy pulsing on my cock even through the layers of fabric between us. All that talk of fucking and all I got was a dry hump.

In a moment or two she gave a little cough and a laugh, looked into my eyes she said, “Your turn.” Still gasping myself with a cock like a rock and balls that I am sure were two shades of blue, Lana slid down the length of my body to my feet. While her body went to the ground her hands grabbed the waistband of my shorts. On her way to the floor she left me naked from the waist down.

It was then, kocaeli escort and only then that I remembered Amy. Cute, little pixie of a cock-tease Amy was still in her chair across the room wearing an impish smile. Her eyes met mine, her brow arched and her head nodded just as I felt Lana’s warm hand grasp the base of my cock.

Lana was not gorgeous, but she had beautiful brown eyes and thick full lips. As if that weren’t enough, she was horny and eager to please. Two strokes of her firm grip and my cock head disappeared between her soft full lips. Bobbing her head slowly up and down as her tongue swirled along the underside of my cock, my head soon grew light and I forgot all about the paradise inside Amy’s shorts.

The making out and the dry humping weren’t new, but a girl’s mouth on my cock was. What guy can forget their first, especially when their first really, really wants to do it. The warm, wet sucking sensation dragged the moans from my chest and made legs tense involuntarily and my hips rise off the sofa as if gravity didn’t matter.

I tried to be polite. I tried to be a good guy. I really did. But the motion of her mouth, the swirling of her tongue and her hand stroking, teasing the cum from my balls wouldn’t let me. My hands were in her short thick dark hair, pulling it down on my cock again and again. Slow at first, then fast. Then slow again as I felt myself about to cum. I wanted this to last. Who knew when this would happen again, or ever.

Lana, pulled her head from my cock and gasped. “That’s it baby, fuck my soft warm mouth.”

Oh, god. That one phrase started a lifetime of addiction. YOu know exactly what I mean. Lifting my ass from that ugly ass sofa I slowly watched as my cock disappeared and reappeared from her willing mouth. Lana sucked and licked my cock, squeezing her left tit, panting and moaning as I fucked her full lips. I could feel her thighs clenching and releasing around my lower legs and I knew she was getting off trying to coax my load from my hard young dick.

It was the most amazing thing. And nothing I imagined could have made that moment any better. That is until a small cry and a moan from across the room distracted me. For just a second my head turned, and there was Amy, slouched in her Lazy-boy her shorts pushed aside feverishly fingering that little blonde pussy. Her eyes were half opened watching Lana’s head bobbing eagerly on my cock. Her toes were pointed straight and her legs were quivering with orgasm.


My hands pushed down on Lana’s head and my cock gave a hard spasm. My cum gushed down Lana’s throat. I couldn’t help it. I barely heard her gasping. I only felt the incredible sensation of her throat on my shaft as she swallowed again and again. Lana knew exactly what to do and kept moving her face slowly, milking me with her firm grip until I was completely spent. I stopped breathing.

True to her nature, Lana stopped after only a few moments, stood up and kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks.” And she was gone down the hallway to the bathroom leaving my wet limp cock lying on my belly.

My eyes closed and opened again to the soft press of the cushions next to me. Amy’s hand reached down and grazed the length of my cock.

“It’s beautiful. You have a big one. It’s the biggest one yet.”

I smiled, half out of pride, half out of embarrassment.

She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “I wish I could have seen more of it but Lana couldn’t keep it out of her mouth. I hope you come back.”

Amy popped up from the sofa and yelled down the hallway to Lana, “It’s almost the witching hour. Time to go.”

I was still drained and needed more than a little help from Lana to get up off the couch, pull up my shorts and head back down the path through the woods. Although the whole episode lasted little more than two pots of coffee, it left an indelible mark on me.

If you’re curious, and I know you are. I never went back. Mother sort of sheepish admitted some years later that Lana never got married, and her and her friend Amy Whats-her-name moved off to Vermont.

Life is funny.

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