19 Kasım 2021

Hot new sex life

Clit Clamp

Hot new sex lifeTo be honest I was not a virgin at my marriage. But I decided to be true to my husband after marriage.So I was 100% true to him and 2 years gone with happy married life. One day we both were coming back to our home after seeing a movie. On the way he wanted to meet his friend Ramesh and we went to his home.My hubby knocked the door but to my surprise another friend of my husband Guru opened the door. That too he was in a lungi and his hair were not proper. He also seem to be with lot of sweat and looked tired. I was confused.My hubby asked “Where is Ramesh?” and Guru told “he is not here. Myself and Usha are in the home”. I was now shocked – Ramesh is not in house and what this man is doing that too he was telling he is with Usha (Ramesh’s wife) – whats happening.My huby told told with a smile “OK meet u later”. We again started the bike and moving to our home. I asked my hubby “Raj what is that he is telling?”. He told “Viji, Guru has sexual relationship with Usha”. With terrible shock I asked again “Raj what are you telling?Does Ramesh knows this?”. He tolad “Yes. Ramesh knows this. Infact this is very usual in our friends circle”. No I really got angry “That means you also have this kind of relation?”. Raj was very cool & told me “Yes. I also share the istanbul escort bed with Usha. Very interesting girl.She is a fantastic.” I was totally out of control – I can’t say anything. We reached the home. After entering the home I asked “Raj, what are you telling. Is it not wrong?”. Raj – “Nothing wrong. If the home food is bored we go to hotel food. This is something similar to that”.Me, with heavy angry asked “If that is the thing shall I also do that?”. I thought he will slap me. But to my shock & surprise, he turned to me, with a smile “Why not?”. I suddenly got mesmarised with his words.With out my conciousness I asked “Then I want to have sex with your friend Ramesh”. He tells “Its ok. I will bring him”. I really was in a bad mental situation, I don’t know whats happening around me. But that was thrilling, I enjoyed the feeling.After 2 days Raj told “Viji, today evening I will bring Ramesh, your lover”. My face got red and I was speechless. Raj went to the office. In the evening by 7 pm I took bath, got ready with little extra make-up. During bath I saw myself in the mirror and squeezed my natural assets.I was getting really hot. By 7.30 both Ramesh & Raj came. I gave them juice. Ramesh was continuously avcılar escort staring at me 7 I got red. I was blushing at him. After taking the juice Raj left. I locked the door & came to Ramesh. He was staring at my body top to bottom.I could not control & Ramesh asked me “How are you Viji?”. I, in a husky voice told “You have to cheak how am I.” He stood and slowly came to me. He took my hand, started licking my fingers but keep looking my eyes direct. I could not face him with huge lust I hugged him.That’s the opening of the life for me. He also hugged me tight and kissing all over my face. I first kissed on his lips. He also reciprocated with good French kiss. I din’t know how long we were like that but during that time his hands spread all over my body – by neck,ear lobes, shoulders, buttocks, hip and finally my natural assets, yes my boobs. Wow that’s fantastic and immediately I started moaning wild. That made him more exited and came backside of me and kissing on my backand neck with wet lips he also started playing with my boobs. They were inside my blowse. On his boobs pressin & squeezing they started coming out. He litrell torn my blowse with deep horny. He pulled my bra strongly and that was having hook in the front sidewhich şirinevler escort was actually in favour of him. He made me nude in the upper portion and I also under deep lust. Then we moved to bedroom. We both become nude. Since the both the bodies were new to each other we both were so thrilled and exited.We exchanged kisses, he kissed my everywhere, I pressed his head on my boobs. He understood and took one of the breast inside his mouth. One hand was pressing the other one. Another hand started moving on my triangular pussy.A shock pssed in my spinal & I gave a wild moaning – mmmmmmmmhhhh haaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa…….ooooooooooooo…..hioooooooooooo…..enda enna kolara….like that. Then I also took his love tool in my hand and started playing with that.I kissed al over his cock and slowly circled my fingers on his balls. He got really wild on this and turned me and came on me. With heavy eager he kept the tip of his tool on my wet pussy and slowly entered it. It really pained me.Eventhough I got good strokes from my husbands big cock, this was really fantastic. He then started slowly – attained the speed – with many moans and nasty words we were fucking. We both were climaxed.Wow…it’s a fantastic experience. That’s the starting of my new life. After that we met many times and had sex. Then I had sex from Guru also. After that Guru also got married and he could convince his wife Kiranalso for our group sex. Kiran is a big lover of my husband. Sometimes Usha & Kiran used to fight to have sex with my husband. I will tell all those experiences but I would like to know your views on my story.

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