19 Haziran 2021

Hot Summer Night


Hot Summer NightIt was a hot evening, I was restless and couldn’t sleep. I got up, and walked down the hall naked to the bathroom and took a piss. I rubbed my nipples and rubbed my clit, before I flushed the toilet. I was so horny. I shouldn’t be naked as my 17 year old son was asleep in the spare bedroom.He had come back to town to take care of some things, and being my son, he asked if he could stay here for a couple of days, while he was in town. I told him “Of course Dan.”He said “I know, and I was hoping I could be here, but if you don’t mind, I love to stay here” I bent over and kissed his cheek, and told him that he was more than welcome anytime. I gave him a big hug, and I made some snacks and we watched a movie before bed.It was hot and I wore no bra under my tee shirt, and very skimpy shorts. I had hoped he was looking. I tried to move in a way that one of my pussy lips hung out just a bit. He had grown into a handsome young man, and my thoughts often drifted to the idea of him making love to me. I once caught a glimpse of his cock when he was young. It was so long and thick, and it was like he let it hang out of his shorts to both amaze me, and tease me.Dan was my only c***d at 18 years old, and had not lived at home for over a year. He was my wild c***d, but I had always loved Dan, his affectionate ways endeared him to me. But as I walked back into the other room, images of his lean, young body, flashed through my head. For a brief moment I envisioned his hard cock. I did not know what manner of cock he had, since he was only eleven when I got a glimpse of part of it, but in that flash in my mind his cock was long, and not slender, but had a sweet curve to it. I shook my head as to shake the improper thoughts away.My pussy was getting moist as I walked past my Dan’s room, and stopped. I returned, and silently opened his door.There he was asleep on top of the covers, his pale skin glistening in the moonlight coming in through the window. The curve of his ass, the round globes of his sweet ass caused my clit to grow and my nipples harden. I stood there watching him, his chest moving slightly as he breathed, my hand stroking my clit and the other tugging my turgid nipple.I wanted him, I wanted to suck him and feel his cock fill me. I got closer and canlı bahis sat on the edge of the bed, carefully, as not to waken my young boy. I took great pains to slowly lie down beside him, our bodies not touching….yet.I was breathing hard, a combination of strain from going slow, and an excitement that made my heart pound, and my clit throb. He was on his side, and I got closer, and began to spoon him, with my ass in his groin. I touched his cock and began to stroke it. It got hard almost immediately. I spit on my hand, and wet his cock and slid it between my ass cheeks. His cock was huge, at least 8 inches long and quite thick. I took my time trying not to waken him, I pulled my cheeks apart and tried to get the tip of his cock against my asshole.. His cock was still not right, so I scooted down a bit and spit on my hand and wet his cock once more. I wanted him in my pussy, but right now, in this position, my ass was easier. I did not want a condom, I wanted him bareback I lifted up on my ass cheek and pressed his thick cock to my asshole and pushed back pushing his cock in, pressing against the small pucker of my ass.With slow, and gentle pressure, Dan’s thick cock was forced it’s way into my ass. Good thing I love to fuck my ass with a dildo, or his fat cock would never fit. Dan moaned a bit, and I reached over and grabbed my breast, my nipple stiffening in the palm of my hand.I began to slowly thrust, right now only the head of Dan’s cock was in my ass. Once again I spit on my hand and wet the shaft of his cock, and with a swift push, I slid my ass, forcing Dan’s cock deep into my ass. Dan woke up, and I said “Baby, it’s OK, Let me do this, it feels good doesn’t it?“Y-Yess,” he stammered as his hand went to my hip and he began sliding his awesome cock between my cheeks and pounding his energetic cock into my ass. “Fuck!,” I was pulling on my nipples, and moaning as small ripples of pleasure coursed through me. I told Dan that I wanted to get on my hands and knees and him take me from behind I pulled away, and his cock left my ass. I got on my hands and knees, offering my boy Dan my ass, my cunt, all that I had – I was Dan’s to fuck.Dan was getting an eyeful. For a gal in my late 50’s I didn’t look too bad, some fat, but I was too horny to care. bahis siteleri .All of a sudden he grabbed my hips and violently shoved his cock into my wet cunt. With savage thrusts he pounded me, he was hitting the back of my pussy, and I merely moaned with delight. He pounded away at my sopping wet cunt, he was inflamed with passion, he was so fucking horny. My wet cunt was taking all that he could give her. His balls were hitting my clit, our pubes smashing together as I took all that of that long, young cock Dan could give me.Dan’s cock was nearly ready to cum, and he pulled my cheeks wide, and he spit on my asshole, and pulled his cock from my soaking wet pussy, and pressed it to my ass, and pushed. “Omigod, fuck me Dan. O, gawd… give Mom your cock” I shouted outHe pushed his cock deep into my ass. He grunted and I moaned as his smooth cock slid in and out of me and I began to rub my clit. Dan put one foot on the bed, and began sliding his cock in and out of me at an angle, taking his time. He said “ I love watching my baby’s ass swallow every inch of my cock.”I’m his ‘Baby now?” I thought, giving into the wonderful feelings in my ass. We have certainly turned a page tonightDan was close to cumming, and he thrust harder and deeper, forcing his cock as deep as it could go….until he exploded in my ass. He stopped, his cock was still spurting cum into my ass. My ass clenched down on his softening cock, and soon his cock popped out of my ass. He lay down on the bed, and I cuddled, my hand stroking my son’s cock, stopping to lick his cum off my hand. He leaned over sucked on my sensitive tits, and he tells me how beautiful I was, and how much he enjoyed this“Baby, can I ask a question?” Dan asked.“Of course son” I said, still amused that I went from Mom to Baby, “What do you want to know?”“Baby, can we do it again, I like it, and….I like it more when you let me call you ‘baby” he spoke to me. “Of course we can, but your cock is soft right now, but I can fix that”, I said as bent down and began to suck on his gorgeous cock, a cock much nicer than his father’s cock. His cock had been in both my ass and my pussy, and that thought only made me hornier, so fricken nasty. So I began to lick his balls and licked his cock, tasting myself on him. I savored bahis şirketleri the smells and taste of his soft cock, before taking his cock in my mouth, and with my hand and a powerful suction, I sucked Dan’s cock hard. I kept sucking and stroking Dan’s cock. His hips arching, pushing himself deep into my mouth.I did not want him to cum yet, I wanted Dan’s marvelous cock back in my sopping wet pussy, but I also wanted him to be as hard as when he fucked me from behind…so I kept sucking and squeezing Dan’s smooth hairless balls.. I popped his balls in my mouth, and sucked as I stroked his cock.He stopped and rolled me over on the bed, pushed my legs back as he got between my legs and rubbed his cock up and down my cum filled cunt. With a thrust his cock slid deeply in and out of my voracious pussy. Dan fucked me so hard, I wondered if he found this scene, fucking his mother as hot as it was for me. After a while, I rolled him over, I got up and straddled Dan, and sat on his cock. I pulled my feet up so my ass could go up and down. I slid up and down on his glorious cock, my swollen clit peeking out as I fucked him.Up and down I went, my breasts swaying, my legs aching but his young cock felt so strong, so hard, so fucking good as I rode him. I saw his face contort and he moaned a couple of times as you fucked him good. I knew he was close. My crotch was soaking wet as I continued to ride my son Dan. My hand was furiously, rubbing my clit. “I’m gonna cum soon” I hollered, and I kept bouncing on his cock until he primed my cunt with his jism. I could feel the wetness, the hot cum pumping inside me. I let loose, waves of pleasure rode over me, my body convulsing as I straddled him I stopped and leaned back, rubbing my clit as his cock continued to spurt into my cunt. My hand was rubbing so fast on my clit, the other tugging on my nipples, and forcing yet another cum, and more wetness from my cunt.I got off of Dan, and he pulled me to him and began to lick and suck our combined juices from my pussy. Omigod, I’ve never had a man do this. Wonderful feeling, made even nicer by the sheer nastiness of it. Dan had more talents that I ever imagined. He stopped and I did not think I could cum again for a while any way.We soon snuggled and fell asleep for a bit, before we awoke, each of us glistening in sweat, and I kissed his head, and departed from his room. Thoughts of Dan swirling in my mind, as I tried to sleep. Wondering where we would go now. We better talk about this at breakfast.

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