7 Ekim 2021

how it all started with becoming a cuckold (part 1


how it all started with becoming a cuckold (part 1first I want to start by saying that I know there are a lot fake stories on here and that is just fine and eventually I will try to write a fake one and post it for entertainment, but for now I have enought experiences to share all of the 100 percent true events first. the only thing in these true stories that I will change are some of the names. other than that it all actually happened and I will try to give and most exact details that I can. Enjoy!this all started when I was about 18 years old and I thought I was in love with Elizabeth. She was a very nice girl and never did anything wrong. she was always a straight A student and believe it or not she was a virgin. while we dated I used to be the kind of guy that was always jealous and worried myself sick wondering if she likde me as much as I did her and other stupid things like getting upset to my stomach if she would even looked at a movie star thinking he’s hot. towards the end of our relationship she started acting different and I could tell something was going on and it killed me everyday. I had this idea that I should look in her phone while she is in the shower and try to figure out what was going on. most of her friends were guys so it was hard to tell with your texts who she was flirting with or just being friendly with but at the time everything sounded bad to me. then I came across that kaynarca escort name with a heart next to it and it was not my name it was Caleb. When I clicked the texts I started reading and instantly knew they were seeing each other. he actually texted while she was in the shower and said he could not wait to see her today and asked if he could make another video for himself. I was shaking because I did not know how to handle this. when that text came through I replied as if I were her and said “yes as long as you send me the other one now”. within a few seconds he sent that video and I instantly opened it. broke my heart when I opened it and I could not believe what I was watching. I only got about 5 seconds into it in the shower turned off so I sent that video to my phone and then deleted the last couple of messages between them to on her phone. after she got ready she said she had to go to class and in my mind I really knew what she was getting ready to go do. as soon as she left I lay down in our bed in total shock and then grabbed my phone to look at that video. the video started out with her licking his dick to get it wet and hard and then quickly went to them having sex. then something weird happened. I noticed that I began to it really hard and actually really turned on by watching it. I watched it about 3 more times and then eventually ended up jacking off to it, and it felt very orhanlı escort different but exciting in a way watching the video with her and another guy. the very next day we went out to eat and after dinner she broke up with me and as much as I loved her it was pretty much a relief after the way she had been acting. we both actually felt like a weight was lifted off of her shoulders and on the ride home she ask me to stop in the second phase of our neighborhood that wasn’t built yet and I was thinking we were about to have sex or something as like a goodbye to the relationship. I was very much wrong. When we got back there she explained to me how we can stay really close friends but just not in a relationship and then ask me a question that made my heart drop. She said how did you like the video? I was completely lost for words and then she explained to me that caleb was confused when he was asking her about the second video he wanted to make and she said she did not ask for the first one and then he showed her the conversation on his phone. she looked at the time the messages were sent and put two and two together knowing she was in the shower and I had her phone during that time. then she handed me her phone instead they made another one for me. then she went back her seat and said there was nothing wrong with two friends masturbating in the same car. My dick begin to grow so rapidly. tepeören escort she told me to hit play and when I did she said this is for you and you could tell the video was made just to tease me. I just went with my a****listic instincts and pulled my dick out and started to jack off watching it. then she did something that eventually created another fetish for me and turned in her seat and put her feet my face and told me to lick her toes. I was so in the moment I did not even realize she did that and then noticed her toes were in my mouth she was rubbing her feet all over my face. I could not believe what was happening since the day earlier I was paranoid and jealous of her and then discovered she was cheating on me and then the next day she breaks up with me and we are masturbating watching a video of her having sex with her new boyfriend and her putting her feet in my face and toes in my mouth. This was crazy! I eventually finished and we drove back to our house. we still lived with each other for about a month and we were never really home at the same time but when we were she always had me massage her feet and she would put them in my face. I eventually begin to love this foot thing and started looking up porn with footjobs in it, but I did not ever get one from her just massage and licking. we are normal friends now and we never really did anything like that again once I moved out. I did get a message online from her friend Brittney. She will be in part two. I was able to find a couple of pictures of Elizabeth’s feet and as soon as I find them in my computer I will post them either in the galleries or try to edit this story with them.

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