5 Temmuz 2021

Hungry Housewife Seducing School Boy – 5


Hungry Housewife Seducing School Boy – 5She was laughing at her desperate behavior for sex. She saw in the bowl very less milk was there. She poured it to the glass. Then arranged her pallu properly and tucked her saree which was almost removed and walked towards Prajju. She was shy but still she went there and gave the milk. No talks. He took it and kept it on the table. She went to kitchen without any words.She was thinking what to do next? Savitha was still on heat. She was not satisfied. But now she was feeling very shy and afraid what to do. She behaved like a bitch with a person who is half of her age. But she felt anyways she has done so much why should I feel ashamed? And it was quiet natural and she badly needed it. She didn’t feel guilty for what she did. But her pussy was craving for more now. her boobs were asking please tell Prajwal to suck the nipples and squeeze. Ass was begging for soft bites from prajwals teeth. Neck was pleading for prajwals tongue. Lips were thinking need to make wet by prajwals saliva. She was standing in front of stove, biting her lips and was making semicircles with toe, revolving her saree pallu tip. She thought why should I miss this opportunity. Prajwal has already understood my situation and he has fucked me. but why only my pussy should feel the sex, why other body parts shouldn’t? she decided let me go to hall and see what Prajwal will do. if he is upset then will convince him. If he is hungry then will take him to bed and milk his semen inside my pussy.She breathed a heavy one from her mouth “offffff” and tightened her lips and nodded herself saying yes I have to do it with longer fucking session with lots of romance. canlı bahis She walked to the hall. She could see Prajwal stretching his legs front and sitting. She walked slowly, he was drinking the milk. As she slowly walked towards him she could see could see her thighs and legs and also the hip part. In hurry he had worn the pant but she could see his zip was not closed. She walked slowly and sat in front of Prajwal. as soon as Prajwal saw her sitting in front of her pulled his legs suddenly and sat straight. Keeping his empty glass and bent his head. Savitha knew he was shy. But Savitha had come out of it in few minutes. She came little more further and took her right hand and brushed his hairs. Savitha : Prajju (Spoke very softly)Prajwal : mmmm (very low voice)Savitha : Feeling tired?Prajwal : No auntySavitha : Call me savi not auntyPrajwal : mmmmSavitha : (She dropped her pallu fully down so that her cleavage is totally seen) don’t want to see this poor savitha?Prajwal : nothing like that saviSavitha : then see here (she bent more to make more clear)Prajwal : (he lifted his head with full shy) mmm tell saviSavitha : (She came down kneel down) come here my hero (pulled his head and put on chest so that his head will touch her balls)Prajwal : sorry saviSavitha : sorry for what prajju?Prajwal : I hurt u I thinkSavitha : when did u hurt me?Prajwal : you sat on shelf and all vessels hit u right?Savitha : that’s fine (she thought let him feel he has hurt so that she can show sympathy by saying I am ok with that) don’t worry nothing happned to mePrajwal : you are really sweet saviSavitha : you have not tasted me only how do u know I am sweet? (she rolled his bahis siteleri head from sidewards toward her boobs so that his face is totally under her cleavage)Prajwal : (as soon as she burried him in her cleavage) ummmmmmaaaa (he kissed her valley and took out toungue and licked that valley with the tip)Savitha : is it sweet ?(she asked him in whispering voice)Prajwal : sweet and salty savi (he also whispered)Savitha : because of the hungry fuck you gave me I started sweating prajju so onlyPrajwal : its really tasty savi..Savitha : you can have more like that. Do you want?Prajwal : I want to saviSavitha : mmmmmm (She got up and streched her hands to hold his palm)Prajwal : you have soft handsSavitha : you also have soft hands prajju but very hard long dickPrajwal : thanks savi, but did that hurt youSavitha : not at all it was giving me the right strokesPrajwal : I could feel it was perfect fit inside your holeSavitha : ok come lets not waste time. (she started walking towards bed room) follow me young heroPrajwal : See my pant savi. It has grown againSavitha : you have not put your zip also it will come out now from your pantPrajwal : but I have put underwear saviSavitha : ok come soon I am not able to controlPrajwal : ok sure savi come lets go to bed soonSavi started walking shaking her sexy ass. Prajju though was very young he has mastered sex taught by Vidya aunty. He had learnt so many sex positions and also had understood women very well. Because of Savitha’s sudden behavior prajju couldn’t stop his cum, he was out of control when savi was pulling his ass and he didn’t had any control over his dick. He sprayed complete cum inside her pussy in kitchen. bahis şirketleri He knew by now that savi is desparate and she needs complete licks throughout her body. Vidya aunty had told him that ladies like to be cared at every corner by a man’s fingers and toungue tip. And he had practiced a lot on vidya aunty’s body. He wanted to show all the talent he had learnt now. but he wanted to control Savitha first. Lots of things where running in his mind. As soon as they entered the bedroom Savitha started removing her pallu and wanted to become completely nude. IMmdieatly Prajju stopped her.Prajwal : Savi waitSavitha : what happned prajjuPrajwal : don’t be so hurry. I know u are desparate for getting fucked.Savitha : you don’t know how much I am missing it. Prajwal : you just be calm I will give u more pleasureSavitha : I want to get fucked for long, I need this pussy to be treated very well nowPrajwal : you please be calm savi will give u the pleasure you have not felt beforeSavitha : but how do u know all this (she knew who would have taught all this but still behaved as if she doesn’t know anything)Prajwal : Just like that Savi.Savitha : But I am hungry for dick. I need it right now inside me and fuck me still I cryPrajwal : sure I will give you all the pleasureSavitha : prajju don’t make me wait (She hugged him tightly and started kissig his neck and put her hand inside his ass. Since it was jeans she had difficult in putting her hand inside.)Prajwal : wait aunty then again it will be like what we did in kitchenSavitha : don’t make me wait I am become a bitch nowPrajwal : do u like if I speak dirty when I am treating your body?Savitha : You speak what ever you young rascal, just cool down my sexual desiresPrajwal : ok ok sure. Now stand leave me for sometime, will show you the real sensual sexSavitha : sure but will not leave you if u are not fucking me for longPrajwal : ok savi

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