3 Nisan 2021

I Love The Way…


I love the way you kneel in front of me, spreading my legs as I lean back into the sofa. You fold your legs so gracefully under your bottom, your hands on my thighs, your soft triangle of pussy hair disappearing from my gaze as you settle on your knees.

I love the way you look then at my cock, my hard, hard cock. A look of amusement and hunger combined with a hint of wide-eyed innocence. You softly lick your lips and I’m not sure if you’re aware you’re doing it or if it’s subconscious, a deep need in you breaking through to the surface.

I love the way you make me ask.

“Say it,” you smile.

“Please,” I say.

“Say it properly,” the smile widens. “I want to hear it. I want to hear how badly you want it.”

“Please, just do it, please, I can’t take it.”

“Well if you won’t ask…” You bite your bottom lip gently, start to lean back, your eyes saddening, your breasts rubbing back against my thighs. You sigh softly.

“Oh God. Please, please, suck my cock, I need to feel your wet mouth on me, please, suck me.”

The smile returns. “Tell me more.”

“I want you to take me deep in your mouth, olgun porno take the head of my dick into your throat. I want to fuck your mouth, just please, please, touch me and suck me. I’m so hard it hurts.”

The smile widens.

I love the way you dip your head, your hair shifting and shining in the sunlight coming in through the window, and your soft lips just graze the head of my cock, making it twitch hard and sending electric shocks through my body. You feather kiss down my shaft, lightly, softly, like a gentle breeze and I groan as I want to plunge into your mouth.

I love the way you lick softly all the way from the base of my shaft all the way to the tip, catching there the tiny drop of liquid.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” you grin.


I love the way then you engulf me, taking my prick into your soft, wet, red mouth, the heat intense, your tongue swirling over the ridge at the base of the head. We both groan, a deep, throaty noise from both of us, and you look up at me. Your eyes sparkle at me, and deep in the pupils I see how much you, too, hunger for this. Your hands tighten on my playboy porno thighs, grasping the big muscles there.

I love the way you move one hand then to the base of my cock, cupping my balls, so heavy with cum. The other hand snakes down between your tits, down your stomach to bury itself between your legs, and I hear – and feel – you moan as your fingers find your sweet clit.

I love the way it changes now, from sucking and licking to almost devouring me, my dick pushing deep into your throat, your moans coming as often as mine as if you can’t get enough. I hear wet sounds and know your fingers have pushed further down, into your boiling cunt as you rock forward on your knees.

“Oh, oh – oh. I love – I love the way you suck me. Your mouth, your mouth feels so good on my cock,” I gasp.

The hand that isn’t buried in your pussy moves up to my shaft, wanking me fast and hard now as you suck on the head of my cock, and I know it won’t be long now. My thighs are shaking, my toes arching, my whole body seems focused in the tip and shaft of my dick, my balls are tightening.

I love the way you pornhub porno lift your head, your hand still pumping away, and look up at me.

“Please, cum for me, shoot that beautiful cum for me. I want to taste it, I want you to fill my mouth with it. I need it so much,” you whisper to me and your eyes shine with lust.

Your lips envelope me again, and with a huge groan, I feel my spunk bubble from my balls, all through my cock and spray into your sweet mouth. Your moan becomes something like a growl and I see the hand between your legs move faster as you stroke your clit hard, fast, harder, faster, before plunging your fingers back between your beautiful cunt lips.

The flood slows, and you gently slide your mouth up and down my cock, smearing me with my cum. A drop slips out of your mouth and slides down the shaft.

I love the way then you lift your head, look me in the eye and swallow, before leaning forward to kiss me deeply with those soft, sticky, sweet-yet-salty lips, your tongue just pushing its tip into my mouth.

As we kiss I feel you shake and groan as your fingers, so deep in your cunt, nestled in that soft, pretty hair, push you over the edge, and you cum too. I catch you softly as you totter, half fall forwards, our mouths locked together, your other hand reaching for my wet, sticky cock to stroke me.

I love the way you turn to me then.

“Your turn.”

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