27 Temmuz 2021

I Was the Custodian


I Was the CustodianWhen I was in college, every winter break I would go to the temp agency and they would place you in all types of temporary jobs. Some were temporary construction where you’d only go in for a day. Some you have for weeks or the entire month break because they needed someone immediately and couldn’t find a full time replacement.Anyway, this one winter I was given a custodial job in an office park, basically emptying trash and doing minor cleanups in each office. It was great because I didn’t start until 530ish and could finish by 930 or 10 and go out for the night and then sleep in.Generally I didn’t run into any people, as most people were gone for the night. But in one office for the first 3 nights of work I notice this beautiful lady, probably in her mid to late 30s, all alone, deep into her spreadsheets at 8pm. At first I would just knock, apologize for bothering her, change out her garbage, and wish her a good night.After I noticed canlı bahis her being in the office late every night I would walk in, crack some corny jokes, comment on the pictures she displayed in her office, and lamely tried to flirt, fumbling through my words. I suppose this became endearing and by the end of the second week she would seem to be relieved to see me, offering her a chance to take a break and relax for a moment. One day as I’m reaching for her garbage pail, she grabbed my biceps and said “not too bad” and laughed. I laughed and shook my head, thinking she was just messing with me (I’m very normal/average build) but couldn’t help imagining in my 20 year old brain that this possible meaned something.The next night, she’s the only person in the office again at 8 and she’s dressed like it’s straight out of a porno in an office setting.Tight pencil skirt, heels, a tight button down blouse, and glasses (which she didn’t wear every night). bahis siteleri I decided that after yesterday I was okay to shoot my shot so I commented that her outfit was really working for her. She smiled at me and unbuttoned one more button and asked “does it look better like this? Or that” as she re-buttoned the button. Without missing a beat, I replied “did you try unbuttoning 2 more buttons?”. For some reason this makes her crack up and she stands up, approaches me, and slaps me on the chest…but then she unbuttons 2 more buttons, gets closer, and starts rubbing my chest then starts to kiss me then pulls back.She then pushes me and tells me to sit her chair. She unbuttons her shirt completely, revealing her bra, and proceeds to get on her knees and unbuckle my pants.She blows me for maybe 90 seconds total and my head is spinning and I’m done. Then she looked up at me and laughed, buttoned her self back up and said “go on and get out of here”.I bahis şirketleri got to the bar that night and my friends drinks were on me.The next night when I walked in, I say my hello, and she proceeds to direct me steP by step exactly what I needed to do and exactly how I was going to fuck her. The first night she told me she was going to bend over the the desk, the next night she explained that she would be laying with her back on the desk and I would be finishing on her chest, the night after that she told me to sit in her chair and she would ride me. Every night for those next two weeks was slightly different but with her directing every single aspect of it.To be honest I had never experienced anything like that and it was hot as hell. For those 20 mins each night, she was completely in control of everything and it really got her off.I let her know when it was my last day and that I would be driving back to college the next afternoon. She told to pick her up on her lunch break and she blew me while I drive around town before dropping her off.I can’t say any experiences that next semester in college lived up to it. We did not stay in contact after that.

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