28 Haziran 2021

In the beginning


In the beginningMy sexual introduction started at school. I had just joined an all boys secondary school and I will never forget that first morning going to the boys toilets at break time and there was the usual banter going on and the older boys teasing us newbies. I had a piss in one of the cubicles but when I came out there was this older boy by 2 years who stood in front of me and with this huge cock and balls outside his trousers. It was absolutely huge and the head was exposed and it was so hard and purple. He rubbed it a few times and all his mates laughed at my expression and he said well what do you think of that then?I was shocked but I must admit I was fascinated and that night in bed I wanked at the thought of it and produced cum.I was beginning to take an interest in all things female but this was the 60s so everything was beginning to be possible.It wasnt izmir escort until a year later that I met up with Ray with the big cock at a cricket match and we got talking about girls and celebs we fancied and he told me he had access to some Penthouse and Playboy magazines at his house and would I like to look at them with him. Well his house was on my way home and that afternoon off we went. I was very excited about seeing them. No one was in when we got there and we went straight to us own bedroom and he pulled up a loose floorboard and lifted out some of the mags which all looked well worn and crinkled. They showed pinups of fantastic looking girls all stages of undress with gorgeous bodies mainly showing their tits but some showing glimpses of trimmed hair between their legs. Ray laid them out on the bed and I began to feel hard in my trousers and looking izmir escort bayanlar at Ray so was he as he kept grabbing himself through his trousers too.He then asked if I would be interested in seeing some really naughty pics which I declared that I was so he pulled out a magazine called Color Climax which had even pictures on the cover of a big cock halfway in a young girl. I was amazed that Ray had these and asked him how he got them. Apparently he had found them in a builders yard that he worked in at the weekend.By now I was rapidly leafing through this mag and getting really hard to the point of cumming when Ray said to me do you remember what my cock looked like when we met in the toilet that time. I had never forgotten and had wanked quite often thinking of that time. I said I did and he then stood up and undid his trousers and rolled down his pants izmir bayan escort which then exposed his monster cock with 2 very big balls underneath. I stood and did the same and exposed my also circumsized cock. It seemed the most natural thing to do was to walk towards each other and swordfight with our 2 pricks. I then gripped his shaft and cupped his balls. His cock was so warm and smooth, he reached forward and grabbed my hard cock and started to rub me. It shook me but it gradually felt good as he rubbed and squeezed it. When he let go I immediately wanted him to do it again.I wanted to wank him and asked if I could. He lay down on the bed with his huge member sticking right up . I got on the bed and gripped him and rubbed my cock with his. This was too much and I felt myself cumming all over his own cock which I continued to rub and which very soon came. It shot up in the air and the rest flowed down his shaft and dripped off his big balls onto the bed which he then worried about cleaning up in case his mother saw, so we got loads of bathrrom tissue to dry off the cover.More adventures to follow

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