3 Nisan 2021

Insatiable Mia


Mia woke up relatively late. She had no classes and was looking forward to spending a lazy day. She stretched luxuriously, cat-like, enjoying the warm bed and let her mind wander, reminiscing about the past couple of weeks. She had lost her virginity and enjoyed every second of it and she and Alex had fucked almost every day after that. She was loving it. She was always a horny girl, masturbating constantly but had always been a bit unlucky with guys until she met Alex. He was the first guy who she really felt like doing all kinds of naughty things with. She really liked him, and more importantly, she knew she could trust him. And that made all the difference: she would do anything he wanted because she knew he would not hurt her and he’d stop anytime she said no.

She had no plans to say no, however. Sex made her feel so damn good and she was discovering a side of her she hadn’t been quite aware of. She usually was an assertive woman and could get her way most of the time; in fact she rather liked being in control. But she discovered that when it came to sex she wanted to surrender control. She wanted to be told what to do; she wanted to be ordered around and dominated; she wanted to obey and please; she wanted to be fucked. That would not stop her from initiating sex, however. She liked it and she wanted it. She was submissive, not passive.

That train of thought started to make her feel rather warm. Her hand made her way between her legs and found moist panties. She rubbed them, lightly, and felt a slight shiver of pleasure go through her. Losing herself in her daydream she spread her legs wide and started to rub her pussy through her panties, getting them wetter and wetter.

She imagined it was Alex’s strong but gentle fingers probing her pussy. She thought of the first time he had his hand in her panties; she had wanted that for so long but she wanted him to take the initiative. She was almost surprised on the day he opened her trousers and shoved his hand inside fingering her pussy until she came. That day she knew she wanted his cock. She rubbed harder as she remembered the first time he filled her with his cock; it had hurt some, but the feeling of being filled, of having his big, hard cock touching every millimeter of her pussy was like nothing else she’d had before. She thought of his strong hands on her hips and ass, pulling her to him, driving her grinding hips faster and faster.

By now her panties were soaked and she slipped her hand inside them, finding her open pussy lips and her swollen clit. Her hand way immediately drenched and she kept stimulating herself, rubbing her lips, making circles around her clit and fingering the entrance to her pussy. She thought of Alex eating her, licking and sucking her lips and clit, his tongue inside her. She thought of his hands squeezing her breasts and moved her other hand to one of them, squeezing and pinching her own nipple. She remembered how he told her to suck on her own tits and she took her nipple into her mouth and started sucking and licking on it.

By now Mia was going crazy with lust; her pussy was dripping, her panties were soaked through and a puddle was starting to form on the bed and she was bucking her hips like crazy. She started thinking about all the times they’d had sex in the last couple of weeks, mostly at his place and in the little hotel. She thought of him on top of her, between her spread legs, pounding away at her pussy and whispering dirty things in her ear. She would have never thought she’d enjoy being called a whore, and in fact she would punch anybody who dared, but in bed with Alex it felt excitingly naughty and dirty. In fact, he did not call her a whore, he called her his whore, and that made the difference. She wanted to be dominated in bed; she wanted to be his. Being his whore, his fucktoy, his naughty little slut was a turn cumlouder porno on; every time he said something like that she felt a strange thrill.

As Mia rubbed her pussy up and down, her fingers strayed to her asshole. It was all wet from the juice dripping down from her pussy so she slowly pushed a finger inside. She got the tip in, then took it out to lubricate it some more. She did that a few times until she felt her ass was slippery enough, then relaxed and pushed her finger all the way in and slowly finger-fucked her ass for a few moments. Mia enjoyed playing with her bum and she wondered if Alex wanted to have anal sex. She hoped so; she really wanted to have that big hard cock up her ass.

Mia thought about his hard cock in her mouth and the taste of his cum; she had never sucked cock before but she found she was really into it. She knew it gave him intense pleasure and she liked that. She was a natural and she wanted to deepthroat him one day; wouldn’t he be surprised one day when she swallowed all his cock and lick his balls! So far she was a bit more than half way down his shaft and she knew she’d make it. She thought of his cock buried between her luscious tits, fucking them. She was proud of her tits and Alex loved them. He was forever staring at them and she encouraged him by wearing tight, low tops which showed lots of cleavage. Alex had his hands on them every chance he got and he loved taking her bras off so he could lick them and play with them. In fact, she had taken to dressing more revealingly, with short skirts and tight jeans and lacy, sexy bras and strings. She wanted to remind him constantly of what was waiting for him and wanted to be ready and sexy any time she undressed for him.

She had noticed that he liked fucking her without taking of her panties. He’d just move them aside before eating her pussy or sticking his cock into her. Or like the last couple of times he’d taken her from behind, he’d just pull them down mid-thigh. She didn’t know why, but if it turned him on, so much the better. It seemed to her that he was so impatient to get to her pussy that he had no time to take her panties off. She liked him impatient.

Mia loved being fucked from behind and she knew Alex liked it as well. He said he loved the way her ass and pussy looked in that position; he could see his cock going in and out and her pink little asshole. She loved the way he grabbed her hips in his hands and pounded her hard; she felt so dirty, like she was being used. She turned over on the bed and got on her knees, sticking her ass in the air and she pulled her panties down to her knees. Mia reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy a couple of times, then pushed two fingers inside and started to fuck herself hard; she was completely horny and wanted to come. She imagined Alex was watching her and knew he would love the show. He’d be standing there, stroking his cock, not missing anything, enjoying the view of a hot, horny woman on all fours, masturbating like crazy. He’d wait til she came and replace her fingers with his cock, fucking her hard and bringing her to another orgasm. As she pictured his cock sliding into her, she came hard, her juices gushing down her hand, and stifled her moans with the pillow.

Mia had had a rather big orgasm and she lay there hot, sweaty and panting. But she was by no means satisfied. She wanted the real thing; she wanted Alex’s cock. So she picked up her phone and called him.

“Hi hon, what’s up” answered Alex.

“Where are you?”

“My early class just finished. Are you ok? You sound out of breath.”

“I need you to come over,” insisted Mia.

“What is it?,” asked Alex, a bit worried.

“I’m so horny. I want your cock. Please,” begged Mia.

“But you know we never have sex at your place ’cause the neighbors are so nosy,” protested czech amateurs porno Alex.

“I don’t care, I’m too horny. I want you to fuck me baby, please. Come and take your little whore.”

That clinched the deal. “I’ll be there in 15 minutes,” said Alex and hung up.

Mia went back to finger fucking her pussy to keep it hot and wet for when Alex got there. As the bell to the apartment rang fifteen minutes later, Mia got up, pulled her panties on and went to open the door.

Alex stood there, waiting, and when the door opened, his jaw dropped when he saw Mia wearing nothing but a pair of panties. He pushed his way in unceremoniously and shut the door quickly behind him before anyone saw her. Then she fell in his arms and they started kissing wildly. His hands went immediately to her ass and started kneading and massaging and his cock became painfully hard. A second later his mouth was on her tits, licking and nibbling and sucking her nipples while Mia whimpered in pleasure. He loved those big tits and could spend hours worshipping them. He turned her around so he could reach around and fondle them from behind and he started massaging them roughly and pinching her nipples and then he slipped a hand down into her panties and felt her pussy up.

Mia’s pussy was so wet that his finger slipped right in. He added a second one and started to fuck her hard while rubbing her clit with his thumb. He used his other hand on her breasts, squeezing them roughly. Her legs went weak with an orgasm and she slipped down to her knees, unable to support herself. Alex was surprised by the speed of it and could not quite catch her either, but it put her in a favorable position. He unzipped his trousers and took out his already rock hard cock. He grabbed Mia by the hair, rubbed his cock on her face and lips and then pushed it into her mouth.

“You wanted cock, huh, you dirty slut? Now you’re gonna suck it, you horny little whore!”

Mia could not answer around the mouthful of cock and just moaned softly. Alex held her tightly by the hair and started thrusting into her mouth. He took care not to do it too hard or too deep, but a couple times he made her gag a bit. He kept pulling his cock out and rubbing it on her face and then thrusting it back. Mia let him do as he wished and sucked and licked as required.

“Press your tits together. I wanna fuck them.”

Mia did as ordered and Alex slid his cock between them, fucking them, enjoying their softness. Mia took the chance to plead with Alex:

“Baby, please fuck me. I need your cock.”

“You want my hard cock you little slut?”

“YES, give it to me, please!” pleaded Mia.

“Beg for it.”

“Pleeeeease, baby, please. Give me your hard cock. Pleeeeease fuck my tight little pussy. Please. Your little whore needs cock!” begged Mia in her little girl voice as Alex continued to fuck her tits.

“Alright slut. But only ’cause you asked nicely.”

Alex helped her up and led her to the couch. He bent her over the armrest, pulled her panties down just enough to uncover her pussy and without further ado, shoved his cock inside her. He grabbed her hips and started pounding her hard and deep. Mia’s pussy was all wet and ready, but she wasn’t expecting such rough treatment. She started moaning loudly and tried bucking her hips to meet Alex’s thrusts. Her moans were getting a little too loud though, and Alex did not want the nosy neighbors to start gossiping or carrying tales.

“Be quiet,” he urged her. “The neighbors are going to hear you!”

Mia was apparently lost in her own little world thought, and did not hear him, or did not want to hear. She kept moaning and started to get even louder.

“If you don’t shut up, you are going to get in trouble,” insisted Alex.

No reaction.

“Mia, honey…”

No czech casting porno reaction.

“All right slut, if that’s how you want it…”

Alex took his cock out, kneeled behind Mia and slid her panties down her legs and took them, crumpling them in a ball. Mia opened her mouth to protest about her empty pussy when Alex grabbed a fistful of hair, pulled her head back and stuffed the balled-up panties into her mouth, gagging her with them. He shoved his cock back into her and resumed pounding her pussy, faster and harder than before. Mia’s moans were muffled, and soon subsided to whimpers as she slid her hand to her clit and started rubbing it to bring herself to orgasm. Alex had never been so rough or dominant before, and she had never felt so turned on. She was getting fucked thoroughly and she was enjoying every second of it. She soon felt a big orgasm forming and she came in big waves of pleasure. Her body relaxed completely, slumping over the armrest. Her legs wouldn’t hold her anymore. Alex felt it and slipped out of, stepping back.

“Let’s finish this in the bedroom.”

“I can’t walk baby, my legs are shaking,” whined Mia.

“Then crawl on all fours. Now.”

Mia obeyed and slid down to her hands and knees and started to crawl to her bedroom. Alex stayed a couple of steps back, enjoying the sight of her pussy, framed by her thighs and her incredibly hot ass. As she got to the bedroom he ordered her to kneel on the edge of the bed so he could go on fucking her from behind. As he neared her, he noticed her cute little asshole and not being able to help himself, he slid a finger in her pussy to get some lubrication, took it out and slowly pushed it all the way into her ass. Since Mia had been playing with her butt before, it slid in surprisingly easily.

“I’m going to have to take care of your tight little ass soon,” said Alex.

Mia answered with a throaty moan, reached back with her hands and opened her asscheeks wide. “You don’t have to ask. You can do anything you want with my body. Fuck me any time you want, any way you want.”

Alex had fucked ass enough time to know that it takes preparation and patience, so he decided to pass and contented himself with fingering it for a few moments. Then he told Mia to lay on her stomach and close her legs. That was a position he always enjoyed and was itching to try it on Mia since she seemed to like from behind. He loved the way a girl’s ass looked in that position and Mia’s ass was particularly hot. He straddled her and started rubbing his cock up and down between her asscheeks, smearing her juices all over, teasing her asshole, and then he just plunged in to the hilt.

Mia gave a gasp. She had never felt his cock so deep or so tight inside her. Then Alex started pounding her pussy, hard and fast. He just wanted to blow his load inside of her. Mia’s hand disappeared between her legs, as usual, where it became a blur, rubbing her clit hard. Alex’s fucking got faster and harder as he came closer to coming and Mia was forced to stifle her screams with her pillow. He’d never fucked her so hard before. Then, with a last thrust which Mia felt deeper than ever before, he shot his thick cum inside her cunt. He relaxed a bit, letting his arms take his weight and then felt how Mia came hard, frantically rubbing her clit. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, and her pussy squeezed his still hard cock in spasms which milked the last drops of cum out.

As Alex’s softening dick slipped out of Mia’s cunt, his thick, white cum started dribbling out. He could not help one last naughty gesture, so he scooped up as much as he could with two fingers and offered them to Mia:

“Little horny whores like you eat cum,” he said.

Mia’s answer was to lick every last drop on his fingers, then suck them clean. Then they laid back, exchanged a soft kiss and cuddled. Alex went in his mind through all the stuff he’d done, and wondered how he actually dared to do it. It seemed however, that Mia got off on it. The possibilities seemed endless. He smiled and thought about a couple of fantasies he had. Yeah, things were looking up. No doubt about it.

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