10 Kasım 2021

It was all for you


It was all for youIt seemed like we’d been friends forever. There was an initial attraction there which had resulted in a bit of drunken teenage fingering at a party so many years ago, but not long after that you’d met Steve.I’d done my own thing too for a while. There had been an few women, but no one special till I met Sarah two years ago and now we were living together. The old attraction had never really died down; it was always there bubbling away under the surface, something unspoken, something that passed between us in risque comments and illicit glances. I never really knew whether Steve or Sarah knew about it or not; sometimes I think they suspected, but they never really made their suspicions known. It was all harmless enough. And then you split from Steve.He’d been fucking around behind your back; an old friend he’d hooked up with again after so many years. You were on the rebound, out for revenge and suddendly things started to liven up. I was there for you; a shoulder to cry on, a friendly ear; that’s how it started, ataşehir escort but soon things got a little more suggestive.”I think she just needs someone to talk to,” I told Sarah, “why don’t you have a night on the town with your mates”. I could hardly believe it when she agreed and I invited you around immediately. I could tell from your voice, just a hint of cheekiness, that you knew what was on my mind.There was wine of course. We sat with the lights turned low and made our way through two bottles. We sat beside one aniother and as the glasses filled and the bottles emptied we natuarally moved closer and closer until we were almost touching. As the wine was drunk, the coversation got franker; you told me what you liked and how you liked it. That you prefered to keep things natuaral instead of shaven. You owned up to a secret desire to be touched by another woman. And finally, that you wanted m; that your pussy was wet for me and your body ached for me to touch it.You knew I wanted ümraniye escort you too. I told you that I did. I was consumed with desire, my erection raging so hard in its denimn prison. We kissed passionately, my hands reaching for your breasts, your’s for my belt.But there was a problem. You knew how it had felt, the pain so fresh in your mind; you didn’t want to be the other woman and so you pulled away. Slowly you regained your composure. We paused for a while looking at each other as the moments seemed to strech in to infinity. Then we heard the key in the lock and the moment was lost.Sarah was drunk, too drunk to suspect and after a few minutes of chat and a coffee she headed off to bed. We stayed up and talked some more, the passion and desire still burning bright, but you were resolved to your self control. You thanked me for making you feel so desired and apologised for sending me to bed so frustrated. We hugged and then said good night, parting still kadıköy escort good friends.But I was too excited to sleep. I’d spent the night being “fluffed” by you. and now climbing into bed I disturbed Sarah from her slumber. She pushed back into me and as she felt my erection poking into her, she mumbled in delight. She never thought to question why I felt so horny, not even the next day, but that night I gave her the best fuck of her life. I was like a rock for hours and we tried every position we could think of. Sarah voiced her appreciation loudly and I knew you could hear it in the next room where you were sleeping.Eventually, everthing went back to normal. Our feelings remained unspoken and you and Steve got back together. I never invited you around again for a “talk” and things between us remained unresolved.Sometimes I like to think back on it with fondness. You thanked me, with a cheeky wink, in the morning for, “keeping you entertained”. And as you leaned in to give me a hug goodbye, you whispered in my ear, “I heard you last night, the two of you. I wonder, did you hear me too?” and I knew right there and then that I had given you an orgasm that night, that you had masturbated yourself to the sounds of us fucking. And more importantly, I knew that you had known that it had all been for you, that in my mind it had been you that I had been fucking.

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