3 Nisan 2021

Jack and Shirley


This story was inspired by a Lit friend who sent me a photo that she had taken on her deck.

It was a hot summer night and Jack just couldn’t get to sleep. Getting out of bed, he wandered about the dark house aimlessly. As he stood by the kitchen sink getting a glass of water, his eyes were drawn to a light on his neighbor’s back deck. Jack shook his head in disbelief, as he was sure that he caught a glimpse of his neighbor Shirley totally nude on her deck in that flash of light.

“I must be imaging it.” he thought, for he knew Shirley to be a pretty straight businesswoman and he doubted she would be exposing herself like that.

He stood at his kitchen window and let his eyes adjust to the darkness outside. He saw movement on Shirley’s deck and was sure someone was there in a lounge chair. Quietly he opened the sliding door to his own deck and stepped outside to try and get a closer look.

As he stood there, the evening breeze cooling his bare chest, he saw another flash and this time there was no doubt. Shirley was out on her deck, completely nude, snapping photos of herself.

Jack stood there in total disbelief, but could not take his eyes away from that deck. He found himself aroused, wanting to see more of those gorgeous curves that he had glimpsed so briefly.

He slipped back inside and down the stairs, quietly slipping out his back door. Moving slowly and stealthily he made his way to the back fence that separated their properties. Stepping up onto the wooden compost bin he was able to look over the fence toward Shirley’s deck, only a few meters away.

His eyes had adjusted to the darkness and he could make out her shape on the lounge chair. There was no doubt she was nude and he could see her hand moving between her legs.

“Holy fuck,” he thought, “this is so hot!”

His own hand moved to the front of his gym shorts and he squeezed the hardness beneath. He was totally aroused as he watched her. amatör porno He had always thought of her as sexy, and often at parties had checked out her curvy body, but seeing her this way, doing what she was doing, had him in total lust for her.

His hand slipped down into his shorts, fingers squeezing his swollen flesh. And then it happened, his foot moved and the lid of the bin creaked.

He saw Shirley move to cover herself with a blanket and heard her voice, “Who’s there?”

Not knowing what to do, he stammered, “Uh… it’s me, Jack.”

“What are you doing? Have you been watching me?”

“Ummmmmm yes, yes… I’m sorry!”

There was a pause, and then her voice again, “and did you like what you saw Jack?”

Composing himself, he replied, “Oh yes!”

After a minute or two of silence, Shirley said, “Then come over and have a better look… if you want.”

Quickly Jack got off the bin and found his way to the opening at the end of the fence that allowed him access to her yard. He tensed as he climbed the stairs to the deck, but there was no going back now.

Slowly he walked toward her. He could see her laying back, the blanket gone and her lush body on display for him. He moved to her, leaning down and bringing his lips to hers.

They kissed, long and deeply, and his hands began to wander, sliding over the curves and turns of her beautiful body.

He felt her hand at the front of his shorts, her fingertips tracing the outline of his erection.

Jack moved around, his lips caressing her neck, her chest. He found a taut nipple and drew it into his mouth, sucking it hard. His hand slid down her belly and his fingertips found the hot wetness beneath.

He heard her moan softly at his touch and then felt her hand on his head, urging him downward.

Quickly he knelt and dipped his head, his tongue exploring, tasting the sweet wetness. His nostrils flaring and drinking in her scent.

“Oh anal porno fuck yes!” he hear her moan as his tongue played.

The tip of his tongue flicked at the extended button of flesh, and he slipped two fingers into her, moving them slowly in and out.

Her hips raised and he felt a gush of her hot juices as her body was overtaken with pleasure.

He kept going, licking, sucking, his fingers hooking upward to find her ultra-sensitive spot. Shirley thrashed on the lounger, her hands gripping his hair as she came over and over.

Jack loved this, loving the feel of her, the taste, her scent.

Finally, she pulled him away, her body needing a respite from the multiple orgasms.

Jack looked up at her and smiled.

Shirley slowly got up from the lounger and walked towards the sliding door to her bedroom.

Jack, still kneeling watched her, saw her turn and say, “Now come and fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Jack slowly got to his feet. The taste of her pussy still lingering on his tongue, his face wet with her juices and the musky scent of her hot sex strong in his nostrils.

“Am I dreaming?” he thought as he moved toward the open sliding door, his thick cock rock hard and straining in his shorts.

A small red shaded lamp cast a rosy glow in the room. Shirley was kneeling on the thick carpet, and as he entered he saw her tongue slide out to wet her lips invitingly. He moved to her and her fingertips found the waist band of his shorts, slipping them down, letting his cock pop free.

Hungrily she took him in her mouth, sliding her lips down his shaft and moaning softly around his flesh. Her head bobbed, and soft slurping sounds filled the stillness. Then she pulled back, taking his cock in hand, lifting it and washing his heavy balls with her tongue.

“Oh fuck,” thought Jack, “this woman loves cock!”

Her tongue went lower, flicking against the strip of flesh between balls anal breakers porno and ass as her fingertips lightly stroked his swollen shaft.

She looked up at him, grinning like a Cheshire cat and mouthed, “Fuck me!”

The moved to the big bed, Shirley getting on all fours and Jack moving between her legs. His cock found her hot wetness and he thrust deep, his strong hands grasping her hips. He thrust deep and hard, her pussy clenching his cock.

Shirley moaned, “Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard Jack!”

He raised his hand, and slapped her ass causing her to cry out, “Oh yes!!”

Slowing the pace just a bit, he found her dangling tits with his hands, strong fingertips pinching rock hard nipples. This was a woman who needed to be used, Jack thought as he rode her hard.

One hand slipped from her breast, moving down between her legs, seeking and finding her pulsing clit, teasing it as they fucked.

He heard her cry out, felt her clench tighter around him as a wave of pleasure washed over her body. He slowed even more, savouring the feel of his cock in that hot wetness. He gave her round bottom another hard slap, then slowly withdrew his cock from her.

Shirley looked back, seemingly disappointed, then smiled as he tilted her bottom and she could feel the head of his thick cock pushing against her asshole. She pushed back against it and his cock entered the tightness of her ass. He took it slow, letting her stretch to accept him. His cock pushed deep into her, filling her ass and making her moan in pleasure and pain as he fucked her most intimate orifice.

Jack’s body flushed and he could feel himself passing the point of no return. He pumped her ass and let out a deep growl of pleasure as his cock erupted filling her bowels with thick creamy cum. Shirley clenched around him, milking him as he enjoyed the sweet sensations of his orgasm.

He leaned forward, kissing her back and shoulders, his hands squeezing her big breasts. He held her until his cock finally slipped from her and he rolled onto his back beside her.

Their eyes met and he saw the grin on her face as she said, “Neighbor, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!”

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