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Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 13


It was eleven o’clock in the morning. Jane woke up much later than she normally did. She was not one to sleep in, even on the weekends. But she woke up in her bed, confused and drowsy.

A delicious smell drifted into her bedroom. The pleasant smell intrigued the small Asian enough to bring her out of bed. She put on her glasses and slowly stumbled out before heading to the kitchen. She was surprised to see Veronica cooking breakfast.

“Good morning Mami!” welcomed Veronica.

Jane was still too drowsy to figure out what was going on. “Veronica?” she mumbled. “What are you doing?”

Veronica admired Jane’s cute look; still wearing her t-shirt and those white cotton panties. She found Jane so adorable after she just woke up. “I’m cooking you breakfast,” she finally answered.

“Breakfast?” asked Jane, as she rubbed her eye. “But I don’t have any groceries.”

“I noticed that,” chuckled Veronica. “So, I went out and grabbed a few things. I’m making you omelets with toast and bacon. How does that sound?”

“It sounds great,” said Jane, still a bit confused. “It smells even better. When did you wake up?”

“I woke up hours ago,” she answered.

“What time is it?” asked Jane.

“It’s past eleven.”

“What?!” shrieked the surprised woman. “I slept for that long?”

“You were really tired, so I let you sleep in,” said the Latina. “I cuddled with you for a while but eventually I wanted to wake up and make you breakfast.”

“Oh, that’s so nice of you.”

“I checked your cabinets and fridge but all I found was ramen and microwave meals.”

Jane began to cringe as she felt embarrassed for Veronica to see what she normally eats. But Veronica didn’t need any explaining. She understood that Jane had always been on a strict budget.

“I’m not the best cook but I wanted to make you something nice. So, I got ready and picked up a few groceries for you. I really wanted to make omelets for us!”

Jane was touched by her coworker’s nice deed. She twirled her own hair and blushed as she watched Veronica finish cooking her breakfast.

“Do you want coffee?” asked the Latina.

“I don’t have any coffee,” said Jane.

Veronica went to the fridge and pulled out a carton of iced coffee she bought at the grocery store. “I bought some for you,” she said, with a smile.

Jane was once again touched as her thoughtful friend poured a glass of ice coffee. “Thank you,” she said.

“No problem,” responded Veronica, with a smile on her face.

“For everything,” Jane continued.

They sat down and ate breakfast as they relaxed and enjoyed their morning together. It was the first time Jane had a chance to relax in a long time. And she was really happy to spend that time with Veronica.

After they finished eating and drinking coffee, Veronica strongly suggested that Jane allow her to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen for her. Jane wasn’t one to let other’s do her too many favors, but she really appreciated Veronica’s efforts.

“So, what time do you have to be at the massage parlor?” asked Veronica, as she finished up the dishes.

“I don’t need to be there until three,” said Jane. “So that gives me another hour until I need to get ready.”

“Sounds good,” said Veronica. “I’ll take you to work today, since I picked you up yesterday.”

“That would be great,” responded the cute Asian.

“So, what do you want to do until it’s time to go?” asked Veronica.

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Jane, with a smirk on her face. “Maybe we can have sex?” she politely asked, as her faced turned red.

Veronica found her younger coworker adorable. “Jane!” she exclaimed, surprised at how naughty she was being. “What’s gotten into you?”

“I don’t know,” said Jane, with a blush. “I want to fuck you. Is that so wrong?’

Now Veronica was the one who was bright red. “Jane! You’re so bad!” she exclaimed, with a giggle.

“Is that okay with you?” the cute little Asian asked.

“Of course!” said Veronica.

Jane grabbed her by the hand and ran back to her bedroom. She threw the thick Latina onto the bed and jumped on top of her. They began kissing passionately, letting their tongues massage each other’s. The hot intern began stripping down her coworker, leaving her in nothing but her cheeky black panties.

As much as Veronica loved taking care of Jane the previous night, she enjoyed being taken control by her just as much. She felt her nipples getting hard as the smaller woman forcefully pressed herself against her and kissed her passionately. The Latina slid her hands inside Jane’s cotton panties to grab two hand-fulls of her cheeks.

Jane pulled herself away from the horny Latina, leaving her desperate for more kisses. The smaller Asian moved towards Veronica’s legs and began kissing her inner thighs. Every time she got closer to the Latina’s pussy; she would tease her by quickly moving back to where she started kissing her thighs.

Veronica moaned out, desperate for Jane to lick her pussy. Her body casino siteleri squirmed, begging for Jane’s lips to finally reach her crotch. Jane could sense the goosebumps coming over the hot Latina. She ripped Veronica’s panties off so she could tease her little clit even more.

The intern began sensually kissing Veronica’s crotch. She gave small kisses, making a circle around the Latina’s juicy clitoris. She made sure to tease her, only allowing her lips to subtly brush against her clit as she kissed around her pussy.

Veronica squirmed uncontrollably as she desperately wanted to feel Jane’s warm mouth on her clitoris. “Mami!” she moaned. “Please!”

“What do you want baby?” whispered Jane.

“I want you to lick my pussy!” begged Veronica. “Please!”

Jane rewarded her by placing her warm tongue directly on her clitoris. As Veronica let out a loud moan, the Asian began flicking her clit up and down rapidly. Veronica’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she was overcome with pleasure.

Veronica let out a series of moans as Jane flicked her clit over and over. The intern could tell that Veronica was being driven crazy by her tongue. Jane decided to push her even further by sliding her finger inside Veronica’s pussy.

The Latina let out an even more intense moan as she felt the small finger slide inside her. She was left moaning uncontrollably as her clit was being licked and her g-spot was being stroked by the sexy masseuse. Jane knew exactly how to make her feel incredible.

“How is this possible?” Veronica thought to herself. “I’m about to cum already!” She tried to let Jane know, but the cute Asian was relentless with her pussy. She licked and stroked it even faster as Veronica quickly reached her climax.

Veronica’s lower body clenched and bounced as her pussy became extremely sensitive. She twitched from the constant pleasure running through her as her orgasm continued to overwhelm her. “Ah, fuck!” she cried, as she could still feel Jane’s warm tongue fondling her sensitive clit. “I’m cumming! So hard!” she continued to moan.

Jane began sucking on the bulb of the Latina’s clit as her body rocked from cumming. She pressed her tongue against it, sending Veronica wild as she kept cumming.

When the orgasm finally subsided, Veronica looked at Jane. “Oh my God baby! You’re so good with your tongue!”

“You liked it didn’t you?” asked the pleased Asian. She then licked Veronica’s wet pussy from the bottom all the way to the top.

“Oh God!” moaned Veronica. “I came so fast! Thank you!”

Jane looked into Veronica’s eyes. “Oh, I’m not done with you yet,” she said. She then took Veronica’s hand and guided her to masturbate. Veronica began rubbing her own pussy as Jane left the bed to get something.

“What are you going to do to me?!” asked Veronica.

The cute Asian went to her closet and pulled out her strap-on. “I want to fuck you,” she said, with a wink. She then removed her clothes and put on her strap-on before forcing herself onto the naked Latina.

Jane used to be so insecure about being a bad kisser. She never felt like she knew what she was doing. But she had all the confidence in the world when she was kissing and making out with Veronica. Everything felt so natural. And she could feel the Latina’s lips and body yearning for more.

She drove her tongue inside Veronica’s mouth. As their lips began sucking on each other’s, Jane could feel her hot coworker moaning desperately into her mouth. She already had the Latina soaking wet and ready for more. Jane slid the strap-on into Veronica’s pussy and slowly began to thrust into her.

They continued making out as Jane pressed herself deeper and deeper into her hot coworker. The kissing became more intense as Jane started humping even harder. Veronica moaned with every thrust as she held the smaller woman’s body on top of hers. Jane’s smaller breasts rubbed up and down against the Latina’s larger breasts as she pounded her pussy.

Veronica placed her hands on the Asian’s ass and helped her press deeper inside. She began spanking her ass to encourage her to thrust even harder and faster. Jane moaned out with each spank as she continued humping the desperate Latina.

Veronica rubbed Jane’s cute ass as she continued to thrust her deeply. The Latina then placed her finger against the Asian’s ass hole and rubbed it. She stimulated Jane’s little anus as they both moaned out in pleasure. Veronica then spread Jane’s cheeks out as she wiggled her finger deep inside her ass.

Jane loved it when the Latina fingered her tight little ass hole, but she wanted to return the favor. She reached underneath Veronica’s bottom and began penetrating her ass with her finger. Feeling Jane’s little finger inside her ass surprised Veronica. The stimulation got to her, causing her to moan out as the Asian continued to fuck her.

They continued to passionately kiss and finger each other’s ass holes as Jane strap-on fucked Veronica. The Latina could feel a second orgasm surfacing as canlı casino the passionate session became too hot for her to handle. “I’m going to cum again!” she moaned out, as her eyes rolled back.

Jane did not let up. She kissed Veronica’s neck before moving back to her lips. Her thrusting only got faster and stronger as her ass bounced against Veronica’s finger. “Cum for me baby,” she whispered into Veronica’s ear.

Veronica’s ass hole began squeezing Jane’s finger as her body tensed up. Her head rolled back as she let out a deep moan. A second orgasm rocked her even harder than the first one. Every part of her body felt an intense stimulation under Jane’s control.

She moaned uncontrollably as Jane continued pounding her wet pussy. Veronica was overcome with pleasure, leaving her unable to move as the orgasm crashed throughout her entire body. Jane could read her body and grinded in and out of her at the exact pace she needed.

“Baby!” Veronica moaned, as she finally caught her breath. “You’re amazing!”

“You’re amazing,” whispered Jane, as she placed a kiss on her lips.

“You fucked me so good,” Veronica said.

“You like it when I fuck you, don’t you?” Jane asked.

“Yes Mami!” answered Veronica, with a desperate voice.

Jane then grabbed Veronica and flipped her over. She forced her up to her hands and knees and rubbed her soaking wet pussy from behind. “We’re still not done,” she said, in a teasing voice.

Veronica looked back, shocked at how easily the smaller woman was dominating her body. Seeing Jane so demanding and confident only made Veronica thirstier for more.

“I’m going to fuck you from behind now,” Jane said. She grabbed the Latina’s hips and smacked her fat ass.

“Ay!” moaned Veronica. “Yes please!”

Jane slid the strap-on in from behind and slowly started to thrust into the Latina once again. Veronica moaned out. She could not believe how much pleasure the small Asian was putting her through. She bounced her round ass back and forth on the cock of the strap-on. Jane began spanking her ass, forcing her to bounce even harder on the cock.

“Yeah Mami!” moaned Veronica. “Spank my ass!”

Jane squeezed the Latina’s hips as she thrusted faster and faster. She only let go with one hand to spank Veronica’s fat ass. Every spank turned the Latina on even more. “You like it when I spank your ass?” asked Jane.

“I love it when you spank me, Mami!” exclaimed Veronica.

Jane spanked and humped even harder as Veronica was left moaning uncontrollably. Her high-pitched squeals filled the small apartment and leaked over for all the neighbors to hear. Jane was usually a very considerate person, but she wanted the entire apartment complex to hear how well she was fucking the beautiful Latina.

Before Veronica realized it, she was cumming for a third time in just a manner of minutes. It wasn’t as intense, but the orgasm lasted longer than the last ones as Jane continued to fuck her from behind. It was one long orgasm filling her entire body with tingling pleasure.

As Veronica was enjoying the long orgasm, she suddenly felt Jane land a really hard spank on her ass. She thrusted forward as she felt the pleasure intensify all of a sudden. The Latina finally collapsed from the pleasure overload. Her hot body was exhausted and could not take any more.

She looked back at the smaller Asian. “Oh my God baby!” she exclaimed. “That was so amazing!”

Jane removed her strap-on and spooned the taller Latina from behind. Veronica loved the way she felt in her co-worker’s arms. She turned her head back and gave Jane a kiss. “Thank you Mami. You really wore me out!”

The intern held her co-worker close as she rubbed her naked ass from behind. “I’m glad you liked it baby.”

“I loved it!” Veronica exclaimed. “I also love it when you spoon me like this.”

“I love cuddling with you,” said Jane. “Unfortunately, I have work soon. Do you still have the energy to take me to work?”

“I do,” answered Veronica, with a sad face. “But I’ll miss you,” she said, in a cute voice.

“I’ll miss you too,” said Jane, as she kissed Veronica’s neck.

The two co-workers cuddled for a few more minutes before Jane had to get up and prepare for work. Veronica did not want to leave Jane’s bed, but she got dressed so she could take her to work.

Jane’s car was still at work since Veronica drove her home last night. As they agreed before, the Latina drove her to the massage parlor, where her car was parked overnight. When they got to the massage parlor, Jane hugged and thanked Veronica for taking care of her.

“No problem,” replied Veronica. “Thank you for everything today. And thank you for finishing that project at work. And for doing the presentation. And thank you for everything else too!”

Jane laughed but appreciated Veronica’s gratefulness. “Any time Veronica.” She closed the door and said goodbye as she walked towards the building.

Veronica watched the cute Asian as she walked away. She began to kaçak casino bite her own lip as she watched Jane’s cute little bottom bouncing as she walked. She loved her small little frame and looking at her ass in tight leggings. Veronica could not help herself.

She rolled down the window and called out, “Jane!”

The masseuse turned around and walked back to the car. “Yeah, what’s up?” she asked.

“Can I come over again tonight?”

“What? Really?” Jane was surprised.

“Sorry if it’s too much,” said Veronica. “I understand if you want to be alone tonight, or if you had other plans.”

“No,” said Jane. “I don’t have any other plans. You can come over if you want to.”

“Thank you!” said Veronica.

“Is everything okay?” asked Jane.

“Yes. I just don’t want this weekend to be over yet. I enjoyed spending it with you.”

Jane began to blush. “That’s really sweet of you.” She then pulled her apartment key from her key ring. “Here,” she said as she handed Veronica the key. “I should be home at nine, but you can come over at any time you want.”

“Really?!” asked Veronica, surprised that Jane gave her a key. “You trust me with this?”

“Of course,” said Jane. “Besides, I have a spare in my bag. You can keep that one. You’re invited over any time you want.”

“Oh my God! You’re the best!” exclaimed Veronica. “I’m just going to go home and grab my toiletries and pajamas.”

They said their goodbyes and Jane walked into the massage parlor. Now she couldn’t wait until work was over, not because she wanted to sleep. She was excited to spend more time with Veronica.

Jane finished work that night a bit early. One of her massages had to end early. Jane packed her bag and left for the night. She got in her car and drove home, eager to see if Veronica was coming over.

When she pulled up to her apartment, she was excited to see Veronica’s car already there. She rushed to her door to see the Latina inside her apartment. She opened the door and was welcomed by a beautiful smell once again.

“Did she cook for me again?” Jane wondered to herself.

As she entered the kitchen, she saw Veronica pulling food out of the oven.

“Jane!” exclaimed the Latina, surprised to see her. “You’re early!”

“One of my massages had to end early,” she explained. “What are you doing?”

“I wanted to finish cooking for you before you got home,” said Veronica.

Jane was touched. “I really appreciate that, but you don’t have to cook for me.”

“It’s no problem at all!” said Veronica. “I really like chicken parmigiana and I wanted you to try my recipe.”

Jane was now blushing. “You went shopping again didn’t you?”

“I picked up some stuff from my place and I got the rest from the grocery store. It’s no problem at all,” Veronica said, wiping her forehead. She was wearing jeans with a cute white top. “I figured you would be hungry after work. And I didn’t want you to eat ramen tonight.”

“You’re so nice,” said Jane, as she began smiling. Veronica was right. Jane was going to eat ramen when she got home. But she was happy to enjoy a home cooked meal.

Veronica made a plate for Jane and they enjoyed their late dinner together. Jane was really impressed with Veronica’s cooking and thanked her once again for taking care of her. They enjoyed eating and spending quality time together.

“You’re such a great cook,” said Jane.

“I’m okay,” said Veronica.

“How did you learn to cook so well?”

“I’ve cooked on and off since I was a little girl.”

“That’s really impressive,” said Jane.

“Do you ever cook?” asked Veronica.

“Not really,” said Jane. “I’ve never been good at cooking. I never even have time to cook anything.”

“You never think you’re good at things until you try,” Veronica pointed out.

“What do you mean?”

“When you have the confidence to try something, you’re usually amazing at it,” said Veronica. “But there have been many times that you didn’t have the confidence until someone pushed you.”

“I guess you’re right,” said Jane.

“Why do you lack so much confidence?” asked Veronica.

“I don’t know,” said Jane. “I guess I had a rough childhood.”

“What happened?”

“A lot of stuff. I just never felt like I was good at many things. I was good with my academics, but I never had many friends.”

“Did you ever date?”

“I had a boyfriend in high school,” Jane answered.

Veronica could read her face and knew something was wrong. “What happened to him?”

“He liked me and asked me out. I felt pretty and wanted. But then it stopped.”

“What do you mean it stopped?” asked Veronica. “What happened?”

“I guess he stopped liking me,” Jane admitted. “He left me for another girl.”

Veronica’s heart broke from the sadness in Jane’s voice. “Why would he do that?”

“I never really asked,” said Jane. “He broke up with me out of nowhere. Next thing I knew, he was dating another girl. I heard they were together before he actually broke up with me.”

“Jane, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry!”

“Want to know the funny thing about that?” asked Jane. “She was a really beautiful Hispanic girl, just like you. Maybe that’s why I used to be so intimidated by you.”

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