5 Şubat 2021

Janey’s Workout


“Hi Miss Z.” came the giggled greeting as a young woman entered the workout room. Miss Z had just finished with a new client, one who had worked hard, sweated hard and cummed harder. It had been a good session. It had also been fortuitous that Miss Z had this particular client scheduled so quickly after the previous one.

Janey was a frail looking young woman. Skinny most would call her though she had some good qualities to her figure. She was cute but not very pretty, fair skin and rather weak muscle tone. It was that which she had been coming to Miss Z for work on for a few weeks now. Zoey could see the difference in the young woman’s physique and her confidence already.

By the looks of it Janey had already been to the showers, a prerequisite for those who are about to have a special work out with Miss Z. As the door of the private room closed Zoey could hear the hustle and bustle of the busy gym beyond… it was a good business day.

“Come over here Janey… I have a gift for you.” Zoey was still naked, sprawled on the work out mat where she had just been roughly fucked by her last client. Janey eyed the luscious naked female body with obvious lust and hurried over to the mat. Falling to her knees she eagerly awaited Miss Z’s instructions.

“Such a good girl.” Miss Z. patted Janey’s cheek. “Because you’ve been working out so hard I’ve got something for you. I was just unloaded into by a rather needy male. You can lick me clean my dear.” Miss Z smiled to Janey. Now this might seem like an odd offer, for one female to lick the cum from a male out of another female’s pussy but Miss Z knew her client. She knew that Janey wanted as many deviant things as Miss Z could offer.

Janey was young, likely just 20, and so many of the things Miss Z offered her were new and highly exciting. The young woman’s eyes went wide then dipped down to that smooth pussy Miss Z already had spread wide for her. “Really? Wow… ” she giggled girlishly again and then before Miss Z could blink she had a mouth clamped to her dripping pussy.

What Janey lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. Her tongue lapped from top to bottom, ringed Zoey’s ass then returned to her slit. She drove that tongue into the other woman’s pussy making sure to lick as much of it as she possibly could. Her little slurping sounds along with her cooes and Mmms had Zoey smiling.

Miss Z. petted Janey’s head, stroked her hair sweetly, while the young woman licked at her. “Keep it up Janey and I might cum for you.” Miss Z offered as praise. Janey squealed with delight into that pussy which made Zoey chuckle. Janey redoubled her efforts in licking and suckling on every bit of that pussy. casino oyna

Zoey laid back on the mat and lazily toyed with her own breasts. A nipple was tugged at, twisted and tweaked. She gave a soft sigh of enjoyment. Janey was really a sweet girl and had won a spot of affection in the personal trainer’s heart. That was likely the only reason Zoey was letting Janey have the prize before the workout.

A little while longer of Janey suckling on her clit and Miss Z gave a luxurious moan. Her honey rushed forward as her pussy clenched and Janey’s slurping noises grew louder. When she was finished with that nice little orgasm and Janey had licked every bit of it Miss Z let Janey up. “Did you like that? Did you like eating a man’s cum from me?” Miss Z had that wicked gleam in her eye when she asked that.

Janey nodded while licking her lips. “Thank you Miss Z, you know I always like really love to eat you.” Another giggle and Miss Z patted her head, play time was over. Now it was time to sweat.

“Alright then, you know the drill. Strip and begin your stretches. Follow those up with some work with the hand weights, ten pounds to start.” Miss Z gave the workout instructions, couldn’t have a client just having the fun without the work.

Janey quickly stripped out of her tee shirt and shorts. She was building muscle which made her small breasts more perky, a sight Miss Z was proud of. Getting up Miss Z went behind Janey while she was doing her stretches. She ran her hands along the young woman’s back and down over her ass. Janey just beamed a smile at the touches but never dared to stop the workout.

Miss Z helped Janey stretch more fully by standing behind her and taking hold of Janey’s wrists. Together they moved to the side then forward. At the forward motion Miss Z’s breasts were pressed to Janey’s back and her mound was pressed to Janey’s ass. Miss Z bent Janey over as far as possible then raised her back up. They repeated this a few more times with on the last time one of Miss Z’s hands cupping Janey’s pussy to give a rewarding little massage.

“Alright, to the weights.” Miss Z ordered and removed her touches and her body from against Janey’s just when Janey was beginning to moan. Sweat was already starting to bead along Janey’s forehead and between those small breasts as she picked up the hand weights from the set along the far wall. Back to the work out mat she stood facing the mirror and began repetitions of working out her biceps.

“C’mon… lift them higher!” Miss Z barked her order when she didn’t like the lazy lifts. A resounding smack echoed through the large room as Miss Z gave Janey’s ass a spank with her bare hand. Janey whimpered both from canlı casino the exertion of lifting the weights and the heady sexual arousal that spanking brought her.

To motivate her more Miss Z returned to standing behind Janey and reached her hands to cup the young woman’s breasts. Both tits were squeezed and kneaded roughly. In this position Janey had to keep her arms up high, weights over her head if she wanted Miss Z to be able to keep her hands teasing her breasts like that.

Miss Z tugged at those little nipples one last time then took her hands away just before Janey nearly dropped the hand weights in fatigue. “Good girl.” Miss Z cooed while rounding Janey and lifting her face to place a small kiss to those feminine lips.

“Why don’t you lay down, facing the mirror.” Miss Z spoke as she walked toward a closet in the room. Janey licked her lips at the sight of Miss Z’s ass swaying away from her. Doing as told Janey laid down facing the mirrored wall.

Miss Z returned with an object in her hand that Janey didn’t recognize from any of their earlier sessions. “What’s that Miss Z?” she asked in that oh so innocent tone she possessed. Zoey grinned and without explanation moved to face Janey. She knelt down on the mat and with one hand pushed Janey’s legs wide open.

“This is your reward for being so good today.” Simple smile from the personal trainer. “This is called a dildo. It simulates a male’s sex organ but in the hands of a female can feel much better.” Zoey had to chuckle at that. Zoey knew what it was like to have sex with both males and females. She knew what toys brought the most pleasure to either sex and how to use them best. Zoey was in the business of shaping up people’s bodies and their sex lives.

“It looks huge.” Janey mused with awe at the black instrument. It was ten inches long, three inches thick and had ridges all along it in various patterns.

Miss Z looked at the dildo and considered it for a moment. “Yes, yes it is. Don’t worry though, we’ll make it fit. Don’t I always make you feel good?” She looked at the young woman with raised brows expecting an answer.

Janey nodded eagerly, “Yes! Please Miss Z… do it to me?” The girl’s eyes dropped to the large dildo and then pleadingly up to Zoey’s eyes.

“Alright… here… lick it’s tip some, suck on it like it’s a real cock…” She offered it to the girl who obeyed instantly. “That’s good, a little more…” she kept Janey licking the instrument until it was shiny with saliva. Only then did she take it away and place it at Janey’s folds.

Zoey began by rubbing it along the girl’s sex. Her own spit made it slippery enough that it glided along until Janey was wet kaçak casino enough naturally. Then without a word Zoey aimed the fat head of the cock like instrument at Janey’s pussy and pushed it in. Janey gave a little scream of surprise at being stretched and filled with the large thing.

Zoey gave Janey little time to get used to the intrusion before she was pushing the length of that fake cock into the young girl’s pussy. It was pushed in until she met resistance which meant her entire sex was filled with the thing. Zoey left it there and moved over the younger woman. A sweet kiss to the girl’s left breast and then another to the right. Both breasts on that chest were heaving with effort to try to catch a breath after the experience of being impaled on that dildo.

“Just relax.” Zoey whispered in Janey’s ear while pressing her body down along the young woman’s. Large breasts pressed to small ones, hips to hips. Zoey licked along the shell of Janey’s ear then moved her mouth over the other woman’s. With her lips parted Zoey kissed Janey giving her a deep thrust of her tongue into her mouth. Zoey rolled her hips pressing her mound onto Janey’s in a rhythm much like fucking would do.

Janey began to writhe and moan under the older woman. Zoey kept the kissing hot and demanding while ignoring the large dildo lodged deep into the other girl’s pussy. Zoey tortured Janey with rubbing their breasts together, nipples rolling over nipples. When Janey was breathing hard and sweating against her skin Zoey lifted up. Janey’s eyes were wild with lust, her body doing it’s best to try to get that dildo to move inside of her. Zoey was proud of how Janey had always obeyed the rule of not using her hands. Janey’s case was special in that she needed to be dominated and so Zoey had instituted a rule that she could never grab or touch Zoey without permission.

Zoey raked her body along the thin young woman’s as she moved back down between her legs. That dildo was grasped and roughly yanked almost all the way out. Janey yelped but then screamed when Zoey thrust it back in. There was no chance to breathe as Zoey kept that fake cock ramming inside of Janey’s pussy, stretching it and getting it raw.

After a while of this rough fucking Janey was nearly out of her mind with pleasure. “Cum for me now darling.” Zoey demanded and rammed that cock into Janey’s pussy. Janey came with a scream as her body went ridged, back arched, eyes rolled back. Zoey kept the dildo moving inside of Janey the entire time to prolong the orgasmic pleasure.

When Miss Z finally stopped and pulled the instrument out of her pussy Janey cried out partly in relief and partly in disappointment. “That’s all for today. Next week I’ll put you in a group work out.”

Janey’s head popped up, eyes wide at that announcement. A group workout? With Miss Z’s definition of workout, Janey’s imagination went wild.

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