19 Kasım 2021



JayneThree o’clock in the morning with just a deck chair a three quarter bottle of whisky and a full glass which I knew if I started to drink I won’t stop. Battered bruised and feeling sorry for myself following a very painful divorce. The only true statement my wife made during the divorce was I thought more of my Mother than her, yes it’s true.I found my wife now my ex wife naked riding my bosses penis whilst slapping her thighs with a riding crop I instantly resigned by the only way I knew breaking his jaw and throwing her clothes including the riding crop from our flat window.Just as I reached for the glass the phone rang my Mother the first question was where is the bottle. (My Father drank himself to death he loved the bottle more than life since then my Mother as used the question where is the bottle as a barometer to know how bad things are).I had to be honest my Mother already knew the answers before asking the questions my reply was I’m just reaching for the glass ‘don’t remember your Father in morning get in that thing you call a car and if possible drive home’At ten in the morning the new owners arrived at the flat I gave the keys over patted my Fiesta ‘s roof and turned the key hoping the car would start after a couple of asthmatic coughs the engine staggered into life as we drove off I told the car not to take any notice of unkind comments. My car a twenty year old Ford Fiesta, we had been though a lot but it still went although at times it played up but I couldn’t take it to the scrap yard I’m not that cruel.It was late afternoon when I reached my Mothers now officially my home she gave me a kiss on the cheek at least she didn’t say I told you so, she helped me unload the car. After dinner Mom went to make coffee I headed for the lounge I sat on the settee and rested my head back and fell a sleep I awoke my to find I was being held in Mom,s embrace and my head resting on her ample breast. all she said was you were tired and I let you sleep.I moved into my old room the bed was aired and the room warm I soon fell into a deep sleep no dreams or nightmares when I awoke in the morning it felt as if the healing process had already started.Over breakfast Mom mentioned the company which employed fifty people was experiencing problems the company was started by Dad twenty five years ago he left it to Mom when he died ten years ago and she did a good job until now. She asked if I would look at the company to try to find a solution, I had got my degree in Engineering so it was no problem besides I needed a job.Over the next six months working long hours together we managed to turn it around to a point even the bank were pleased we were now on first name terms although it was hard at first bursa escort calling Mom Jayne. The months fled by working close to Jayne we had developed a strange relationship not Mother and Son but as close friends we dined out at least once a week nothing happened apart from holding hands, once or twice we took in a movie when we sat my arm automatically went around her shoulder and yes we did kiss when we got home it was Mother and Son the guide lines were never breached.Jayne had insisted the usual company Christmas dinner dance which she paid for went ahead the hotel was booked Jayne paid for the meal drinks and band if the invited guests wished to stay the night or nights it was up to them to arrange the booking although the hotel gave a discount if you mentioned the company name at the timeThe evening soon came for the dinner dance Jayne a stylish knee length pale blue dress with matching bag and shoes I was less formally dressed in grey suit black shoes white shirt and tie.I sat next to Jane we had a few glances but not to many after the meal and tables cleared and pushed back the band started as always it was tradition the boss and his wife to take the first dance Jayne had to be first on the floor in the past one of the male employees did the honours this time it fell to me to lead Jayne on the dance floor at least it was a slow waltz. As we moved around the floor more couples came to dance Jayne whispered ‘where’s the bottle’ I replied what bottle she smiled and hugged me closer at one point kissing my cheek.We danced a number of the slow waltz’s and we did kiss, I know it was noticed by a number of couples but I didn’t care. We were one of the last couples to leave. We had arrived in Jayne’s car I drove her car home I must admit I held her hand during the drive home and a kiss on the cheek once we arrived.Mom went to make some coffee I followed her into the kitchen I stood behind and kissed her neck sliding both hands a round I cupped both her breasts. she turned to face me as I went to kiss her she moved her face my kiss landed on her cheek some how our lips finally connected she broke a part saying ‘no no this isn’t right we mustn’t’ her hands held against my chest gently pushed me away.I told her I loved her all I got back was ‘I’m your Mother son’s are supposed to love their mothers’Confused I knew then I had blown it big time I locked up the house I had a shower and got ready for bed I could see Mom’s light through the partially open door as I passed the door I heard her call ‘Ed we need to talk’ .Hesitantly I walked into Mom’s bedroom she patted her side of the bed as I sat she took my hand she must have seen the pain in my face I started to speak but she put up her hand for bursa escort bayan silence‘Ed I’m sorry so very very sorry please please forgive me I wouldn’t hurt you for the world I was stunned it was so sudden over the time since your marriage to Anne I’ve realised my feeling for you are a lot deeper than love for my son. I want you as a lover and my partner I know in time you will want to find another because of the age difference’ I shook my head ‘no there never will be anyone only you I Love you’ I bend down and we kissed our lips met mouths slightly parted as our tongues met she moved across the bed and slid back the covers I slipped into bed I slid my arm around Jayne and cupped her breast. I lent to turn off the bedside light Jayne stopped me ‘no I want to see your face when we make love to see you when you cum inside me I want to see it all’I eased my way down pulling up her night dress she pulled over her head I took in the beautiful sight on my naked darling Jayne from her ample breasts the red nipples to her shaven vagina I kissed one of her breasts sucking on the nipple the she held my pressing it into her breast I heard her moan ‘It’s been a long time since I had my nipples sucked by you’ I kissed my way lower so I could kiss and nibble the lips of her vagina I could taste her musk my tongue slipped into her vagina I heard Jayne’s breathing change to short pants suddenly I felt her legs clamp my head between her thighs my tongue still inside her vagina.After Jayne had eased her legs apart I kissed and licked her beautiful body I lay on top I felt her hand hold my penis and guide it into the her warm moist vagina I started to thrust deeper she moved to match my thrusts wrapping her legs around me drawing me deeper into vagina I kissed her I felt myself starting to cum she I felt Jayne move under me as she tightened her legs around I heard her moan ‘please please I love you I love I felt a slight shudder followed by a massive shudder as Jayne cried ‘yes yes yes’ at that point I shot my load of warm white sperm deep in to her beautiful body. I lay on top of Jayne I felt drained from the intensity of our love making her arms wrapped around me holding me tight my penis trapped inside Jaynes vagina. Has we relaxed I kissed and licked my way down Jayne’s beautiful body slipping my tongue into her moist vagina tasting her musk and mixed with my sperm I licked and sucked the sperm from her it tasted better than all the wines in the world kissing my way back leaving a little of the mixture on each of her two erect nipples we finally kissed passing the remaining mixture into her mouth.Eventually we drifted off to sleep my arms around Jayne her head resting on my shoulder Jane awoke me escort bursa with a kiss I felt her hand on my now erect penis we kissed again as Jayne kissed her way down taking my penis into her mouth finally she sat astride of me and guided my erect penis deep into her vagina her hands flat on my chest rode me to a magnificent and powerful orgasm as we climaxed together before she collapsed across my chest.We showered together I soaped her breasts and clitoris she my penis I ejaculated over her hand and she locked my hand between her thighs. We didn’t get dressed just slipped our dressing gowns Jayne just left it loose.Seating together over breakfast in the kitchen I kept glancing at Jayne’s ample breasts this distraction along with the sweet smell of the soap had the effect of raising my penis to new heights.Jayne noticing the bulge trying to break free from my robe quickly cleared the table laying back on the table with her vagina level with the table edge I started to kneel down when I spotted the pot of strawberry jam I put a large amount of the jam onto her vagina and kneeling I licked and sucked the Jam from her vagina driving Jayne to new heights of passion finally she shuddered and clamped my head between her thighs my tongue still buried inside her.After a second shower we dressed sitting together in the lounge we chatted it was then I asked Jayne to marry me she burst into tears and kept nodding.I phoned the hotel to book a table for the evening whilst Jayne who knew the local Vicar chatted on the mobile in the past the Vicar had been amenable to requests similar to ours Jayne fixed an appointment.Later we went shopping for a engagement and wedding ring. We did get quite a few looks some of approval other of disgust we didn’t care that was their problem.When walked hand in hand into the dining room we saw a number of people who stayed after the dinner dance we just nodded and sat at our table I reached for the small box in my pocked asking Jayne for her hand slipped the engagement ring onto her third she leaned a cross and a quick kiss.several couples came across to offer their congratulations. The evening went quickly our love making in the evening was full of passion and intensity.On the Monday at work the news of our engagement had gone global everyone knew we later called a meeting of the work force to make it official and to invite everyone to the wedding, date to be fixed later in the spring.For Christmas I gave Jayne a diamond pendant engraved ‘I Love you Ed’ Jayne’s gift to me was a total refurbishment of my old friend the fiesta There was one final surprise my ex wife phoned in tears begging for a second chance the total call lasted about thirty seconds which consisted of me saying NO repeatedly Jayne came and stood beside me holding my hand and we kissed.It took ten years for me to realize the most important women in my life was Jayne and always will be, no one will ever take her place.

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