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Some parts of this story are true. Character names have been changed. All rights are reserved. Please vote, good or bad. The author would appreciate it.

When I was growing up, there was a vacant lot next to the house I lived in. A contractor had bought the lot, and built a rent house on it.

The first renters were a man and woman [Ruth] and, two kids that were Ruth’s. Ruth was pregnant with a third child that was from the man she was married to at the time.

Of the two kids, Julie was the oldest at 17. Her brother, David, was about 15.

Julie, and I became very good friends, and we started to hang out together. We went to movies, some activities at the Y.M.C.A., some times to the Zoo, and anywhere else that interested us.

The year July turned 18. Her folks sent her to California for two weeks to visit a girl cousin. I always thought it was to get her away from me. I knew her mother thought we were getting a little to close. This cousin introduced her to the California life style, and as a result, Julie came back home pregnant.

She came to me in a panic, and asked for my help. An abortion, was illegal of course, unless for some sort of medical reason. We knew there were ways around this, but neither of us could come up with anything.

Julie finally went to her mother, and told her what had happened. Her mother knew of a way, and arranged for Julie to have an abortion, and immediately put her on birth control pills.

After the operation, Julie just seemed to lose interest in everything, and was really down.

I tried to be a good friend to Julie, but at the same time I also had the thought that Julie was a really sexy fox.

She wasn’t a big girl at all. July was actually skinny. She was 5′ – 4 tall, with dirty blonde hair. There was one thing about Julie that wasn’t small though, and that was her beautiful big titties.

Before she had gone to California, she had let me fondle those nice tits, but when she came back, and had the abortion, she wouldn’t let me touch them, saying, she never did go for that.

Julie wouldn’t date other guys. The old “Burned Child, is afraid of Fire” I guess. At any rate, that summer, after she had the abortion, she and I palled around a lot, and became even better friends.

Did I want to fuck her? You better believe it, but because of what happened, I didn’t push it.

Her folks decided to take the kids to San Antonio, to Sea World. Julie didn’t want to go because she had already been once, and knew her folks didn’t really have the money to take her and David both.

Her mother came to me one day, before they left to say, “Randy, can we talk?”


“You, and Julie, uh . . . you two seem awful close, and I was wondering . . .

I saw where she was going with this, and told her, “Ruth, Julie, and I are really good friends. I’m not going to tell you that some time in the future Julie and I won’t make love, but Julie seems to be awful down right now, and I’m just going to try, and be there for her.”

“I know she’s your baby, but she’s 18, and a young adult. She made a mistake, and she knows it. I’m sure you have noticed, how down she is.”

“Thanks Randy. I don’t think I’ll feel bad about leaving her here, by her self now. I know she needs some time alone. Are you going to be here, so if she needs anything, you can help her?”

“I’ll be here. My folks have gone to East Texas, but I didn’t want to go with them.”

I had taken a bath, and was going to sleep in the back yard, where there was a big air mattress. I had on, only a wraparound, and was headed to the back yard, when the phone rang.

I answered, and it was Julie.

“Hey girl, what’s going on?”

“Well the folks wanted me to go to San Antonio with them, but I didn’t feel like going, since that thing in California.”

“Randy, I’m here by myself, and I really don’t want to be. Would you come and get me, and let me stay over there with you, until they get back home? They are supposed to be gone all week.”

“Sugar. I’d like nothing better. My backroom casting porno folks are gone for the week too, and I’d love the company. I’ll just come and get you.”

I walked down our drive, and crossed into their yard. There was a door, from the kitchen onto a small stoop. Julie was just putting the door key over the door, to hide it.

It was obvious, she had on only a skimpy T-shirt, because as she reached to place the key over the door, her cute little ass was showing.

She turned, and stepped to the edge of the stoop, where I slid my hands under the T-shirt, to her waist, to lift her down. When her feet were on the ground, I let my hands cup her bare bottom, to pull her to me, for a kiss.

“Hey, sexy neighbor.”

Julie grinned at me, and said “Randy, you know you’re making me horny don’t you?”

It was the first time in a while, I had seen Julie smile.

I said, “Hummm, I like horny, especially when it’s you, sexy girl.”

We started back up the drive to my backyard, and I let my hand drift down, until I was cupping a bare ass cheek.

“Now, what if I did that.” She said.

“Go ahead.” I told her.

Since I had nothing on, but a wraparound, Julie was cupping my bare ass as well.

We walked that way, into the back yard, where I had the big air mattress.

“Where do you want me to sleep?” Julie asked.

“Well, I can put you in a room in the house if you want, but I was hoping you would sleep out here with me.”

“You’re sure.”

“I’m very sure Julie. I’ve been wanting to make love to you for a while. I know you’ve been quite down about this other thing, but its time for you to let go.”

“Julie, I want to be your lover.”

Suddenly, Julie was peeling her T-shirt off. It took me a minute, but then I was stripping the wraparound off.

“Randy, I want you to fuck my pussy.”

“Yes, Julie, I want that very much.”

I laid her down on the air mattress, and began to gently fondle her breasts.

“Randy, can I ask you not to do that. That other guy mauled my tits so hard . . . uh, it’s just too uncomfortable.”

“OK, let’s try something else.” I inhaled one of her titties, licked all around her nipple, switched to the other, and did the same thing, I licked down between them, to slurp my tongue along the bottom of each.

Julie sucked in her breath, when I started. “Oh yes Randy, I like that, and it feels good. Don’t stop.”

I didn’t. I pushed both tits together, and started gently sucking, and tonging both nipples.

“Ohhhh, Randy, Ahhhhh, Yessss, Yessssss.”

Julie had a small orgasm.

I let my tongue travel down to her pussy, where I began licking the folds until they parted, so I could get to her hole.

“Randy, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to lick your hot little cunt.” I told her. I cupped my tongue, and plunged it in, as far as it would go.

“Ahhhh, Randy, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, So good, so good. Don’t stop.”

“No, I won’t.” I switched my tongue to her clit, and started flicking it. It didn’t take very long until Julie was screeching, and begging.

“Oh god Randy, Ahhhhhhh, Oh please, that’s enough.”

Julie had cum again.

I kissed her mouth, and knew she was tasting herself.

“You taste good sugar, really good.”

I rubbed the end of my hard cock against her wet pussy, to make sure it was wet.

“Oh, Randy, what . . .?”

A gentle thrust, and the head of my cock slipped into her very tight pussy.

“Ohhhh, Randy, gently, you’re so big.”

A second gentle thrust, then a third buried my cock as deep as I could go.

“My god, you’re big. Let me get used to you being inside me.”

My cock wasn’t very long, but I was quite big around. Like I said earlier, Julie wasn’t a very big girl, so I guess I filled her tight little pussy full.

In a few moments, her gentle thrusts told me she was ready to handle movements, in, and out of her.

I started a slow thrusting. It wasn’t long until . . . “OHHHHH, RANDY, bangbros porno OHHHHH, YESSSSS, FUCK MY PUSSY, OHHHHHHH, THAT FEELS SO GOOD.”

I started thrusting faster, and after several strokes, Julie cried, “OH, RANDY, I’M GONNA CUM, AHHHHH YESSSS, DON’T STOP, OHHHHH, I want you to cum in my pussy “

“I’m there Julie. I’m gonna cum in you’re hot little cunt . . . NOW . . . ARGHHHH.”

The first spurt set her off, and she came again, with a howl.

Spurt, Spurt, Spurt, and I filled her pussy to overflowing.

I rolled over on my back, where she was on top.

She looked down at me, with a devilish grin, and said, “You just came in my pussy Randy.”


Her titties were hanging where I could reach them, so I inhaled a nipple to suck on. It wasn’t long, until Julie moved, so I could suck on the other one.

We laid there until both of us were almost asleep.

Julie finally said, “Randy, we better get up, and wipe some of this cum up, and see if we can shower off.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right. We don’t have to go inside tho. I fixed an outdoor shower, just around the side of the house.”

We reluctantly got up from the air mattress, and under the shower, where we washed all the cum off.

I had towels nearby, and we dried each other off. Getting to dry this sexy young sweety of mine off, was a definite delight.

There were some extra towels that we used to cover the spots on the sheet of the air mattress.

We laid back down, and Julie said, “You made my pussy sore, and I’m going to have to rest awhile.”

“Yeah, I need to rest too, but god Julie, your hot little pussy is fantastic, and I’m going to want more.”

Dawn was breaking the next day, and I woke to Julie sucking my hard dick.

“Sugar. I won’t last very long with you doing that.”

“I know. I want you to cum in my mouth. I owe you one.”

She inhaled me again, to swallow my hard cock all the way to my balls. She slowly began moving my dick, in, and out of her mouth.

“Julie . . . I’m gonna cum . . . NOW,” and I exploded in her sucking mouth.

She swallowed all she could, but there was still cum at the sides of her mouth.

I pulled her up to me, and kissed her anyway. “Damn, sugar. You are something else.”

The rest of the week went like that. We stayed naked all the time. All it took was a look, from either of us, and we were fucking like minks . . . again.

The back yard was secluded, and mostly shady, so the air mattress got a good workout. We didn’t miss the other rooms in the house either.

When we got hungry, we ate. When we went into the house for something, I never missed a chance to bend Julie over the table, and slip my hard dick in her wet pussy, from behind.

Julie liked it that way, and she would always have a screeching orgasm.

The washer, and dryer got a constant workout, to clean and dry sheets, and towels. My folks were going to ask why the water bill was so high.

The week was finally over, and her folks, and mine, came home. Unfortunately we had to get dressed, and our instant fucking had to slow down.

It didn’t stop though. Both houses were air conditioned, and we knew we wouldn’t be heard. When we knew both her folks, and mine were asleep, Julie would slip over to the air mattress with me, where we would try to fuck each other silly.

Early the next morning, we would see mom turn on the kitchen light, to fix dad’s breakfast. Only then would Julie slip back over to where her dad had extended the porch so Julie, and her little brother could sleep outside.

One day, Julie’s mom caught me outdoors, and said, “I think I know what you, and Julie are doing, but I’m going to ignore it. Julie seems to be so much happier, now than when she came back from that trip to California. I want to thank you Randy. It’s obvious to me that you are the reason.”

I didn’t tell her mom that Julie, and I were fucking each other cross eyed every chance we could, so I just grinned at her, and told her she was welcome.

Julie beurette tour porno knew another girl from school, and had apparently told her that we didn’t miss a chance to fuck each other silly.

This girl, and her boyfriend were the same way. Once they invited Julie, and I to a weekend at the lake with them.

Julie told me it would probably be a naked weekend. She knew this girl well enough to say that she and her boyfriend just liked to get away, get naked, and fuck each other like bunnies.

So, we went with them.

He had a pick-up, with a topper they would use to sleep in, and I had a station wagon. I had put a 4 foam pad in the back for us to sleep on. The tail gate could be lowered, and the rear window could be raised so that we could be cool.

After the camp was set up, Julie’s girl friend said, “I’m gonna get naked, and go swimming.”

She had just said the magic word “naked” so the rest of us were right behind her.

Nothing got out of hand among the four of us, just good clean naked fun, er . . . unless you consider that I fucked Julie, and he fucked his girl, all weekend long.

Julie, and I especially liked it when we went skinny dipping, and I picked her up, and impaled her on my hard dick. We thoroughly enjoyed that weekend with them.

Then there was the Drive-In Theater. Some of the kids referred to it as a “Passion Pit.” We would find a spot on the back row, and back the station wagon in so we could watch with the tail gate down, and the back window up. It was really better when it was raining. The security guard wouldn’t get out in the rain . . . so, our fucking wasn’t disturbed.

All good things have to come to an end I guess. Julie’s folks won a lot at a resort area in Arkansas, and moved up there. Julie went with them of course.

It was a tearful separation for Julie, and me. Neither of us would admit it, but it was probably for the best.

I had always been shy around girls, but with Julie it wasn’t that way. She was always my very special friend, and later my fantastic lover. I was very sad to see her go.

After they moved, Julie, and I wrote each other quite often, but time, and distance caused those letters to come less, and less.

One of the last letter’s I got from Julie, said she had met a guy, and decided to marry him. She explained, that he was as gentle a lover as I was.

I wrote her back, and told her that I loved her, and wished her the very best. Don’t ever forget. You are my special friend, and lover.

As the years went by, we would exchange letters about what was happening in our lives.

Julie let me know that she had two children, and that her family was doing well.

I wrote, and told her that I was married with two youngster’s of my own. The kids seemed to be growing like weeds, and that all of us were doing well.

My kids were almost out of college when I lost my wife. A quick growing cancer, and she was here one day, and gone the next. My only consolation was that she didn’t suffer like so many I had heard of. It was hard for a while, but as time went on it finally got better.

I wrote to Julie to let her know. It had been some time since we had corresponded. Our letters must have crossed in the mail, because I got hers just a few days after I had mailed mine.

In her letter she wrote that her kids were out of college, and both had good jobs. It was then she told me that she had lost her husband to an auto accident.

It was two weeks later, when I got another letter from Julie. She wrote that her job had transferred her back to Texas. Randy, I want to see you.

I wrote her back, with directions to get to my home. A week later she came driving up to the house.

She got out of her car, and I met her with a crushing hug that lasted awhile. Neither of us wanted to let go. I had missed this sexy girl from so long ago.

We walked into the new house that I had built. I had pizza delivered, and we sat down to discuss old times.

Julie looked at her watch, and said, “It’s getting late I’d better call, and see if I can get a room.”

“You will not,” I told her. “You’re home now, right where you need to be.”

“You’re sure Randy?”

“Yes Julie, I’m very sure. I want to marry you.

That way I’ll always have my very special friend, and lover with me, for the rest of our lives.


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