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Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 11

Alex Mae

Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 11Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 11: Reconciliation Part 2Jade slipped off the couch to give the roommates exclusivity to it and stood up on wobbly legs, still recovering from the Cat and Sam’s expert tongue lashings. Thankfully, she only had to take a few steps to reach the chair that the boy that had so easily wormed himself into her mind, body, heart and soul in the last twenty-four hours was recovering more than just his breath.The hopeful actress eased herself down to her knees between his parted legs and rested her palms against the top of his thighs. Her eyes zeroed in on his semi-flaccid meat that still had a little blood flow going to it. Sam had been so eager to savour her former boyfriend’s seed and been worn out from the experience, she didn’t get a chance to properly clean him.Jade was more than eager to rectify that oversight.She wrapped her left thumb and forefinger around his base and took a slow lick up the right side then the left side, licking up the left residue of his seed and Sam’s leftover flavour the blonde hadn’t fully sucked away while blowing him.Freddie shivered from the easy contact of her delicate tongue sliding across his (for the moment) soft flesh. He closed his eyes and let a low groan rumble through his throat then looked down to see the nearly oblivious coloured raven haired girl with her closed eyes lazily lick away up his hardening shaft then towards his spongy head.After fucking two beautiful girls to the point near delirium then finishing with one of the best orgasms of his life into the now expert mouth of his ex-girlfriend, the sight and skill of the gothic angel, wearing his button shirt, on her knees between his legs idly licking away the stickiness from his spent manhood steadily caused him to stiffen to his full hardness. However, since he had just released his load that had been building since his lovemaking with the actress this morning, it was unfortunately too soon for him to really enjoy her oral skills and affection.He reached down and affectionately stroked her left cheek to gain her attention, her lulling her head to the side so she could nuzzle her cheek against his palm, and reluctantly whispered out with a groan, “Jade… Angel… thank you, but I need just another few minutes then I’ll…”She opened her eyes and affectionately looked at him before whispering, “I know, it’s okay. I just wanted to clean you off. You left Sam too out of it for her to finish the job.”He didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or a jab at Sam, but the affectionate tone in her voice told him she really didn’t mean any slight against the dishevelled blonde.Attempting to be careful in not stimulating him too much, Jade gently finished cleaning him other than leaving a fine film of her saliva across his fleshy and hardening steel.Jade stood up and Freddie closed his thighs so she could straddle him before wrapping her arms over his shoulders and lying against his chest. Her supple flesh pillows pressed against his soft pecs, sending a shiver through them both as her nipples scrapped against his chest while his pressed against her delicate flesh. Additional shivers went through the pair as his rod pressed against her abdomen and he could feel the heat of her opening press against his balls.Freddie slipped his hands around to the small hollow just above her sweet ass cheeks. He ran the pads of his left hand fingers on the base of her spine while his other hand eased up her spine, his fingertips playing against her column like keys on a keyboard until he reached the place between her shoulder blades. He placed soft, breathy kisses on her cheek, just before her ear and along her hairline.The pale actress rested her head on his right shoulder and nuzzled against the side of his neck, a content smile forming on her face as she smelled his sweaty manliness and him lovingly holding her.On the couch, the roommates turned lovers weren’t just idly resting. Cat had turned Sam to lie across the couch and braced her head against the right armrest after shoving a spare couch pillow under the blonde’s neck. The redhead hovered and straddled over her, bracing a hand on the edge of the cushion while her other on the top of the backrest.Freddie had thoroughly fucked the tough girl into a weakened and dishevelled mess as Cat had been left yesterday and was now at the complete mercy of the redhead. Since Sam took the lead (as well as Jade) the majority of the time, the feeling of being in complete control sent a shiver through the tanned hopeful actress and a wicked smile formed on the little tigress’ face.Cat dipped her head down and extended her tongue to lick up Sam’s valley made by her beautiful and flushed bosoms to clean off Freddie’s drying spunk that had escaped Sam’s lips as she unsuccessfully tried to swallow all of his release and the light coating of sweat on her body. She found the taste bit salty for her liking, but it was still an acceptable leftover.Sam slowly began to stir as the redhead slowly worked her way up the flush skin towards her neck with a variety of licks, but too weak to put up any fight at the moment to stop the contact of Cat’s tongue of her oversensitive skin.The tanned teen reached her girlfriend’s cheeks and daintily kissed off the drying tears that had sprung from the aggressive blowjob while her left hand left the cushion to palm over Sam’s flushed right orb and idly flick the hard pink pebble with the tip of her fingernail.Sam’s eyes finally fluttered open to look up at Cat’s soft brown eyes and playful grin. She smiled in return, feeling genuinely happy at the sight of her playful roommate until it dawned on her what just happened. The petite girl had given her permission to have some fun with Jade, but she didn’t get it to have her brains screwed out by her ex that still owned a good chunk of her heart and it caused her stomach to sink as if someone had just dropped a stone in it.The blonde parted her lips trying to speak, but she couldn’t speak for several attempts until she finally f0rce her feelings, “Cat, I’m sorry, I…”Cat kissed her silent, Sam easily melting into the gentle kiss which was such a contrast to what she had just experienced with Freddie. The on top girl pulled her lips away and softly answered, “It’s okay. I know you needed that. You needed a little… closure.”The redhead lay completely across the blonde, letting her legs intertwine and brought her mouth to Sam’s left ear. “And it’s okay to still think about him at times. It takes time to move on and I’ll wait.”Sam closed her eyes, still not believing that the usually ditzy redhead could be so understanding. Cat pulled away from her ear and pecked her lips and giggled, “Just relax. I’ll be right back.”The redhead grabbed Sam’s discarded shirt and Freddie’s flung about boxers then tossed each of the articles of clothing at a blinding pace before dashing towards the back of the apartment. Oblivious to the other three, Cat ran back holding a bundle of plastic sheets, some tape and a step ladder. She ran back and forth from the back to the back of the living room and around the glass doors leading into the kitchen.Cat finally returned to the living with another large plastic sheet and stood at the kitchen side of the living room, taking a moment to enjoy the sight of Jade and Freddie cuddling together on the seat in front of her and opposite side of the living room and Sam still sprawled out and recovering on the couch.She held only one sheet left, after taking the other ones to cover the clear glass doors (and made sure they were locked) so no one could inadvertently catch sight of them after a close call one time where Dice nearly caught sight of the girls having some naughty fun in the kitchen. She lifted up, whipping up a white sheet to expand then drift down to cover the soft carpeted rug between the couch, chair and pushed aside table. She grabbed the pillows and randomly threw them on the sheet then crawled on her hands and knees on it to make her way back to Sam.It had taken a few moments for Sam to completely understand what the redhead was racing around for, but she quickly became grateful. The last thing any of them needed in such a visible apartment was someone stopping by when they shouldn’t.She met Cat halfway across the sheet, instantly feeling how cool the plastic was on her flushed skin. The roommates embraced once again, and for the first time in a while Sam actually felt like they were equals. Cat wasn’t her ‘toy’ or her ‘ch!ld.’ She was her… girlfriend. Or something like that… right now labels were the last thing on the blonde’s mind as they lay back, surrendering their hot bodies to the plastic.They shared soft kisses but the moment was so magical that they spent less time focusing on anything directly sexual, and just focused on touching and exploring each other’s fit and welcoming bodies.Sam, now seeing them through a different lens, experienced Cat in a whole new way, rediscovering all the sensual nooks and crannies that her nubile body rarely received treatment from. The blonde tasted Cat’s skin, getting that thin veil of sweat but also something far greater. The new appreciation for Cat also created a new flavour on Sam’s experienced tongue, and she was more than happy to find out more.Cat, on the other hand had known her feelings for Sam for a little while now, but to feel the blonde’s hot mouth and nimble fingers giving every inch of her body chills. Sam’s touch didn’t just signal some carnal desire or anything lustful; it was pure, and warm, and inviting the redhead to be more than just her roommate that she could use. Cat felt like Sam did- they were equals now, and so many barriers that each of them had put up were now beginning to crash.The two girls couldn’t stop touching and tasting one another, and barely even noticed that a few feet away from them, their guests were beginning to take advantage of the floor as well.Once Jade was everything he could see or hear, the second thing Freddie noticed was the girls beginning to explore each other’s bodies with a type of motivation he hadn’t seen from Cat, or even expected with Sam.The first thing of course was that the plastic covered living room now looked like Dexter Morgan was going to show up and murder all of them.His strong hands slid inside the shirt and up the sides of Jade’s slender figure, his fingertips slithering across her pale skin, pausing only slightly as he moved across the incredibly soft flesh on the side of her heaving breasts. The appendages ended up in her hair, giving her a soft scalp massage that made her moan.His touch was like electricity for the Goth girl, charging every molecule of her body toward some goal that was always halfway between ‘being fucked so hard she couldn’t remember her name’ and ‘marrying him, bearing his ch!ldren (at least two), and dying next to him 75 years from now.’ As his soft lips trailed up her neck and nibbled softly at her ear, the warmth in her heart was pushing her towards the latter.”We could join them down there,” he whispered. “If you want.”The ‘mean girl’ just nodded into his neck, her thighs hurting a bit from this position which she had assumed a few times now in the last 24 hours.Jade crawled off his legs, holding his hand to help steady herself on her feet while he slid off the chair to have a seat on the sheet covering the soft rug and propped a pillow between his back and the front of the chair. He spread his legs out and she knelt back down, then turned to have a seat between them and rest her back against his chest, their legs now spread out parallel to each other.”Is this better?” Freddie said, pulling her hair off her ears, nuzzling his cheek against hers.”Yes, baby…” she whispered, reaching behind her and cupping his cheek, leaving her hand there as her fingers twitched as her body screamed with each slight movement he would make against her.Freddie’s hands slipped around and rested his spread fingers of his left hand over her smooth abs, stroking the soft skin, as his thumb toyed with her small piercing and bellybutton.Jade’s eyes closed for a moment as his strong hand pressed itself against her abdomen, and for a split second, she had a flash of a possible future with him. They were clothed and in some nice house and he was standing behind her and touching her just like this with a note on a nearby table saying that he was going to be a dad. And then the fantasy was over.Normally ch!ldren were a nuisance to Jade; she couldn’t stand to be around them, let alone ever desire to have one, but instead of the flash making her feel sick, it made her feel warm and hopeful.Jade leaned her head back and kissed his cheek, and she said the words she never thought she would ever truly say again. That either of them ever expected to hear again:”I love you…””I…” Freddie struggled to respond, no longer looking over at Sam and Cat, even though they had the roommates’ full attention now, become one semi-tan strawberry blonde mass, and knew that he felt what she felt, but his stunned mouth was powerless.”You don’t have to say it back, Freddie,” she said, nuzzling the back of her head against his, scared to see the look in his eyes right now, but feeling his heartbeat quicken. “I just needed you to know how I feel… about you. About us.”The Seattleite said nothing, but just breathed quickly, trying to come back down to reality. ‘She loves me,’ he asked himself, replaying that moment over and over as his thoughts became a blur. ‘Should I say it? I said it to Sam, and Jade’s something so different, but I feel like I do. But should I say it if I’m not sure?’”I’m sorry,” she whispered, the tremble in her voice signalling that he had made a mistake freezing up. “I shouldn’t have-“”I want to tell you I love you,” he said stoically. “But I don’t ever want to tell you something I don’t know for sure. Love is a powerful and real word and I don’t want to just callously say it until I know for sure. Wouldn’t be right. Wouldn’t be honest.”Now it was Jade’s turn to sit in stunned silence. “So what do you know for sure?” she asked after a few moments, a heavy tremble still there in her words.”I know I don’t want to go back to Seattle. I know I don’t want to ever go a day without talking to you or an hour without touching you. I know I want to wake up to you every morning and fall as!eep with you every night. I also know that… as much as a teenager can understand what love is and what love means… I know I love you like that.”Jade’s body trembled at his words. They were so moving and touching that she didn’t care any longer that he didn’t immediately respond. He gave her something better- the truth.Freddie brushed Jade’s dark locks over her left shoulder with his other hand, exposing her pale and vulnerable neck. He smiled at her weak point then leaned forward to place delicate kisses on the back of Jade’s neck and under her hairline. He moved his hand upwards to join the other one at the front of the shirt, pulling it back just enough down her body and off her shoulders to expose her delicate shoulder blades.Jade smiled and glanced over her right shoulder, bringing her closed hands clenching the material of her shirt to her chest, pulling the front of the shirt to cover over her breasts, denying the other girls, who were just staring now, the sight of her beauties.The Seattle based teen slid his lips over the newly exposed flesh, loving the contrast of her extremely dark hair on her pale skin. Just seeing her like this from behind, it made her look fragile, even if he knew it wasn’t true. There was a strangely misleading vulnerability that Jade’s body just emanated and Freddie wanted to take care of her.His fingers massaged the supple skin offering swift, soft kisses along her neck, and deeper ones along where he thought she seemed the most vulnerable. It was a strange combination of both reassurance and territory marking, as if his actions were saying. “You are completely safe because you are all mine.”Freddie kissed back up, along her neck, as her head leaned back, then softly pressed his lips against her inviting pink ones, both smiling into the contact. This was the peace moment, they both thought. The thing that people search their whole lives for. This was it for Freddie and Jade.The couple looked over at Cat and Sam, already lost again in one another, laying on the plastic, and rolling a bit, each playfully fighting for control. Jade leaned forward a bit and spun herself around to face Freddie, with a gleam in her eyes that Freddie had yet to see until now, and the look made him feel an unknown warmth deep inside. Jade turned in place and got on her knees then wrapped her arms behind his neck and pulled him close for a gentle kiss.The kiss soon became a tug as Jade pulled Freddie down so that they were both lying down next to each other, closer to the center of the large sheet. A movement not ignored by the other couple in the room. And when Jade’s foot moved close to Cat’s head, the redhead gripped the leg and began kissing up the extremely close shaven pale stem.The space separating the couples was quickly shrinking as Cat smiled at Sam as the redhead kissed up Jade’s leg, using her strength to keep Jade in place as her soft lips planted focused, quick kisses all her right leg.Not one to just be left behind, Sam grabbed onto the left leg and began caressing it, kneading the skin and kissing in several spots, sending goose bumps up the pale girl’s body.The pull from both directions made her feel like she might have her legs pulled off by these hungry lovers and between the sensual kisses and touching and Freddie setting her upper body on fire with his touch, holding her in place, she wondered if this was such a bad way to go.Cat kissed up Jade’s left athletically shaped leg, her kisses getting deeper, while Sam’s attention moved to Freddie who was giving her a look, encouraging her to come closer. The blonde moved from the leg and moved to the side, quickly being embraced by Freddie whose hands covered her body in a completely new way.”You ok?” he whispered, stroking her pink arm. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?””No, I’m good…” she said, not knowing how to respond really, but moved her head to the side as his lips touched upon her collar bone. “Though even if you did hurt me Benson, I wouldn’t tell you.””I thought as much,” he whispered, one hand still on Jade’s shoulders as his other hand pulled Sam a bit closer.His hot breath, combined with the focused vibrations with his voice, was setting the blonde’s body on edge. She wanted him again, but not in some lustful way. She wanted him to be intimate with her on an emotional level. She wanted him to tell her he loved her again.Freddie looked down at Jade and Cat who were now all over each other’s legs, keeping all of their touching and kissing below the thigh as they moved opposite one another for a better angle to love upon each other’s legs. He had become fully familiar with Jade’s soft pale legs that were athletic and strong while seeming as fragile as the rest of her mistakenly seemed, but Cat’s stems were something incredible.They were toned and perfectly shaped. The kind that begged to be worshipped for days. He wistfully saw her sitting on a chair, with knee-high socks and nothing more, her legs crossed and then undoing them by spreading her legs, inviting some lucky soul to devour her core.He would have fantasized further but Sam snapped him out of it, pressing her hand against his strong chest, and pressing her lips against his. It was soft and gentle, which wasn’t insane, but a nice change of pace from the rough treatment they gave each other minutes earlier.They exchanged several hot breaths, both trying to catch themselves, and not savour this moment as much as they were. They felt committed to their partners and enjoying this too much felt like a breach of that, but damn did it feel good.Sam jumped for a moment as his hands moved against her breast, thumbing her pink eraser nipple as the kiss deepened. Their tongues battled in each other’s mouths, not for dominance, but so that they could feel even closer. The added stimulus of Freddie’s hands made Sam moan into his mouth and move closer, nearly grinding against Cat’s body which was laying between them; not that they were even concerned.In fact, Freddie was so lost in Sam’s lips and body that he barely noticed that Jade was no longer wrapped up in Cat’s legs. A quick tap on his shoulder alerted him to this development and Jade pulled his mouth from Sam’s onto her own. Freddie’s hand moved over to Jade’s chest as well, but she moved his hand back over to Sam’s pale orbs.”Keep going,” Jade whispered, only pulling her mouth away for a second. “She likes it. You like it. I like that you like it. I like a lot of things here…”Jade surprised both Freddie and Sam by pulling the blonde close for a quick kiss that started chaste but turned much deeper as Jade took Sam’s cheeks into her pink hands and kept her there, savouring each other’s taste.Freddie could have sat and watched his two loves make out for the rest of the day but his focus was shifted when Cat slid up his body, wrapping those perfect legs around his waist and pecking his chest with soft, warm, and sweet kisses. Freddie pulled his hand from Sam and held Cat’s chin for a moment and gave her a gentle kiss, as the two teens smiled as their sporadic kisses grew into something more, her petite body beginning to grind against him, the growing member between them teasing her flushed opening.The redhead cooed into his mouth, moaning as the engorged head slid along her folds, feeling the electricity of the stimulus as well as the flashes of their two lovemaking sessions where he filled her in ways she’ll remember forever. She knew, in even her naïve mind, it was wrong of her to want what Jade had on a carnal level, but here and now, as she ground against him, her body was winning the fight.Next to the odd couple of Freddie and Cat, Jade and Sam were now enveloping each other’s bodies, their legs entwining as each girl’s steamy core rubbed as if their bodies could start a fire. Jade’s mouth moved into an ‘O’ as Sam bit her lip, bucking hard against the other’s pelvis, each on their way to exploring a new way to get off, relying on their arms to hold them up.Jade’s mind couldn’t help noting the irony of never trying this move with Cat even though The Scissoring was a movie she had memorized every line of. Better late than never, she smiled to herself as she felt Freddie’s hand pull on her hair a bit, revealing her face to the handsome chunk of boy perched above her.Freddie kissed the dark haired girl as he kept Cat close, holding onto him as she ground into him, not aiming for a release, but just for consistent stimulation. Cat’s eyes were tightly closed to ride out this feeling when she felt familiar strong hands on her body, and she sprung them open to see Sam, anxious to pull her off Freddie and take the redhead as her own.Sam kissed Cat’s cheek then pulled herself canlı bahis onto her feet and crawled over the backrest of the couch to get over it and towards the back of the apartment. She nearly skipped to their shared room to retrieve the necessary items for the admitted to themselves couple to continue lovemaking between them. She scurried through her metal drawer and retrieved her items then turned to head back to the living room.When Sam returned with her and Cat’s shared toy, a few condoms and little bottle of lubricant, she stopped to see that the ‘party’ had started without her.Freddie was on his back with one of the pillows behind his head and neck, his face between Jade’s slightly parted cheeks while Jade was lying across him in the opposite direction with her head softly bobbing over his groin. Her dark locks fell along the side of her face and were tickling Freddie’s upper thighs, blocking Sam’s view, but she clearly knew what the eager singer was doing to the web-producer.Sam glanced to her right to see that Cat (still wearing her shirt that was baggy on her) had braced her back against the front of the couch with her one hand stuffed between her legs, having discarded Freddie’s boxers while her other hand was palming over a breast through the tough girl’s shirt.An idea struck Sam and wicked grin formed on her face at seeing how much Cat was starting to enjoy the show.Freddie had a nice firm grip on Jade’s plump little ass and with a delicate touch had pulled them apart enough to give him easy access to her slit and her little rosebud. He slothfully lapped at her lips, alternating between them to lap up her flowing juices and without realizing it, spelling the phrase of loving her with his tongue movements. His tongue moved up and teased her puckered backdoor.On the other end, Jade cupped Freddie’s crown jewels in her left hand and gently rolled them in her palm. She lazily bobbed her head, just enjoying Freddie’s manly taste and finding an odd intimacy from another act she saw as a chore with Beck. There was no rush, no unresolved feelings or tensions that needed to desperately be released by either of them whether lapping at her like a thirsty man in the desert or her wanting to be mouth fucked, but just sharing a slow intimate act between the new couple that was falling harder for each other every second.Jade felt a gentle brushing of a hand on the crown of her head. The hand couldn’t be Freddie’s as both of his hands were on her ass to hold her in place as he bathed both of her holes. She pulled off with the intention of only separating her mouth from his organ for a moment to see the source of the touching, but what she saw stopped her.Sam was kneeling in front of her with a red coloured toy jetting out from her crotch. It was shorter than Freddie and smaller in thickness. She looked up to meet Sam’s hungry eyes then back at the offered toy with a slight bucking of the blonde’s pelvis forward.Any debate on whether to take the toy or not was taken out of her hands as Sam cupped the back of her head and moved forward between the parted lips and slipped the toy’s head into Jade’s mouth. The dark haired teen surprisingly accepted the intrusion and wrapped her lips around the toy’s head. She picked up her gentle bobbing, just moving from a living to an inanimate phallus. She split her attention of starting her blowjob on the toy and picking up stroking her man’s solid rod.Freddie noticed the lack of warmth around his shaft, but didn’t complain as he was literally feasting on the thin and stacked girl.Sam felt a rush of power at seeing the girl that had matched her in such a submissive position and sucking her off, but Jade flicked her eyes up and smiled around the toy, signalling to the blonde who was really in charge of the situation.The blonde growled in annoyance, but the sight and the soft push back of the toy against her exposed pearl against the backside of the harness was more than enough to placate any anger she felt; the ripples of pleasure washed away the annoyance.Jade bobbed for a minute or so, taking advantage of getting in some practice as in the future, she wanted to really learn to please Freddie in that manner. She pulled her mouth off the toy and gave Sam wink, proud of herself for the short blowjob she had given the blonde. She crawled around and turned to straddle Freddie’s thighs, forgetting the blonde for the moment and looked at his flushed coloured face, his lips, chin and part of his cheeks covered in some of her nectar.She wrapped her hand around Freddie’s solid piece of meat and whispered, “Okay, Cat got a taste, Sam got a taste, now I want my taste. Any objections?”He opened his mouth with the intention of saying something pun-ey, but she interrupted him, “I didn’t think so.”Jade lifted herself up on her knees and reached down with her right and parted her petals with her pointer and middle fingers. She gripped him with her other hand and lined herself up then slowly sank down to try to push his enflamed head past her folds. She wasn’t successful the first time, so she rose back up then tried again. She groaned out and rolled her eyes back as this time, his bulbous head slipped past her lips and slid into her.She was as tight as she was initially this morning, so he was a snug fit in her while she tried to ease down on him. The same mixture of pleasure/pain coursed through her as this morning, but she was determined to take him and drive back what little loneliness she had felt without him.The Seattle boy rubbed the side of her torso and her upper thigh while softly speaking, “Take your time Jade, take your time. You don’t need to rush, I’m right here.”Jade palmed over her taut abs and smiled down at him while she settled on him. She mumbled, “God Freddie, you fill me up so gooood….”She finally pushed up a little with her knees to slowly withdraw from him then eased back down. He resisted the urge to softly thrust back up into her, making sure she was adjusted before he added his input.As she got going, her impressive rack gently bounced each time she settled back onto him, a beautiful sight to his eyes of her natural beauty (and her still wearing his shirt loosely on her frame didn’t hurt either). If he hadn’t realized how fortunate he was in finding another beautiful girl to share his life in such an intimate way, the sight and act they were sharing certainly was the figurative light bulb over his head.As much as Sam felt like home to him all those minutes ago and knowing he could really never truly go back to it, the feeling became bittersweet as the feeling of being inside Jade was welcoming and realized that this would be his new home.Jade started getting a little tired, her right thigh still sore from last night and their activity this morning, decided to shift her position and laid across him to catch her breath and their lips sought one another. While they gently made out and Freddie took over with lifting his bottom off the sheet and thrusting into her at a leisurely pace, Sam scooted out behind Jade and gripped the mean girl’s cheeks and dripped her tongue where Freddie’s impressive rod slipped into sweet opening.Jade and Freddie flinched from the unexpected, but not unwelcoming contact. They surrendered to the attention and turned back to their own world while Sam enjoyed licking Jade’s lips, Freddie’s rod and his balls. She moaned against both of them in enjoying Jade’s leaking sweetness and Freddie’s manliness. She’d moved her way up in a series of licks to Jade’s saliva coated rosebud and start flicking her tongue to try to penetrate it.The pale girl bucked against Freddie from the contact, but then tried to settle from the tongue teasing her hole and Freddie gently driving into her.Sam pulled her mouth away from the girl’s backside and examined her handiwork with Jade’s soft ass hypnotically bouncing. The couple’s joined sexes and Jade’s backdoor were covered in whatever of Jade’s honey she hadn’t managed to lick away and her saliva. Her mind drifted in realizing Jade’s ass was just so inviting…Sam leaned over across Jade’s back, her nearly as heavy breasts scr****g along her cotton covered back, and whispered while her rod slipped between Jade’s cheeks, “You have such a fine ass Jade… I want it.”Jade pushed down to take Freddie’s shaft and she snapped her head to the left and looked at Sam’s hungry blue eyes, questioning if the girl was serious.Sam looked to Freddie and licked her lips before seductively suggesting, “You get her pussy, but I want her ass right now.” She rubbed the toy between Jade’s cheeks while she continued to tease, “What do you say Jade? Are you tough enough to take us both?”Did she want Sam to take her that way? They had shared a toy yesterday morning on equal footing, but this something more in a clearly dominating position for the blonde. She was willing to take Freddie if he had asked this morning, regardless of how reluctant she would have given it to him. There was also the consideration that this would be the first time she took an object that way, but Sam wouldn’t exactly be taking her anal cherry as Freddie had already done it with his finger. Sam could only use a toy, not the real flesh and blood thing, so it wouldn’t count that way either. She looked to Freddie in troubled eyes, asking for his opinion, perhaps opinion.Freddie answered in a struggled tone as Jade felt tighter around him, “Only if you want to. I’d hurt you if we tried… assuming you’d want me to and I don’t want to hurt you… I can… I’m barely comfortable with what I did to Cat and her…”Jade answered in a detached voice that she wasn’t sure she actually spoke, “I want to try.”Freddie looked past Jade’s shoulder and whispered out to Sam with the same underlining tone he used when he had stood over her before dominating the chizz out of her, “Try not to hurt her Sam.”If she had any inclining to perhaps hurt Jade in return to her previous taunts or leaving her temporarily hanging, they were quickly squashed from genuinely being afraid of what he might do to her if she tried.Jade sat up at about a forty-five-degree angle as she braced her hands on Freddie’s chest, settling with him snuggly inside of her.Sam reached over and grabbed a condom package and the small bottle of lubricant she was planning to use for Cat. She nearly in a flash opened and wrapped the condom over the toy then dripped a little of the scented lubricate between the cheeks and let it slide over the puckered hole. She slipped her right middle finger between her cheeks and rubbed the scented lubricant with the pad of her finger, teasing the sphincter to relax. When she felt that it had relaxed enough, she pushed the tip inside.Jade softly moaned, not having a real problem with it, so Sam cautiously continued with pushing more of her finger inside.The blonde bully’s finger was slenderer than Freddie’s finger, so Jade accepted it easier, but she still groaned from the intrusion. It was an odd sensation at first, but she soon relaxed and started humping back against it in time with her rocking on Freddie’s meat stuffing her love channel.Jade started grunting in pleasure as she did earlier when Freddie had filled both her holes while doing her against the doorframe of her room.Sam pulled her finger out and had her forefinger join her middle finger. The pale angel to Freddie’s eyes grunted, the sensation of being filled somehow feeling greater to what she just experienced.The blonde gently worked her fingers in and out, enjoying having for the moment the taller and slightly bustier girl at her mercy. She kept this up for about another minute, losing the ring before pulling her fingers out and gripping the base of her toy. She placed the condom covered head against softly pulsing and slick hole then put the gentlest of pressures against it. At first the ring would tighten to the larger item than the blonde’s finger, refusing the entry of the foreign object, but Sam continued to apply gentle pressure. After struggling for a few more seconds, the head finally popped past the ring and took just the head, sending an electrical shiver up Jade’s spine.She managed to hold herself up but dropped her head, her hair covering the sides of her face and she screamed, “Fuck!”Freddie rubbed up and down her thighs, worried that Sam had inadvertently hurt her.The lustful haze Sam had been experience at looking at Jade’s inviting ass and taking it, was cut through with shared worry because despite the fact that Jade had gotten under her skin, she really didn’t want to ‘hurt’ her and that was saying a lot when it came to almost everyone else in the world. She really had made a connection with the girl, despite how infuriated she made her, she didn’t want to lose this potential relationship.In a voice that Sam used only with Cat — Carly too, but in vastly different circumstances to show her concern — asked in a whisper, “Are you okay? I can pull out.”Jade nodded her head, her curly dark locks with blue and purple extension bouncing off her shoulders. She whispered in bated breath, “I’m… I’m okay… I just need a second… it’s bigger than Freddie’s finger.”The pair steadily held the girl by the hips to hold her in place, their fingers momentarily lacing with one another to make a reconnection between them. Jade nodded her head after about a minute after her muscles finally began to relax and accept more of the toy.Sam pulled out as Jade sunk down back onto Freddie’s rod. Jade would lift up with her knees and Sam’s hands on her hips and the f0rce of the toy driving back into her. They slowly alternated the piston motion into the girl at a steady pace, each instinctively knowing neither could speed up their actions, until she was able to alternating taking both of them.All three groaned in choirs with the sensation each was experiencing: the toy pushing back against Sam’s clit, the vice clenching around Freddie and Jade being filled in both holes.They continued this for untold minutes until the dirty blonde (in more ways than one) locked her arm between Jade’s arms and her back then pulled her up to a near vertical seating position, Freddie’s manhood and Sam’s toy sheathing completely into her. She growled into the actress’ ear, “Still think you made me your bitch?”Jade looked back with a glint in her eye and wicked smirk, “Yeah I do… you’re the one that needed to stick something in my ass, not me.”Before Sam could get irritated in being one upped, Jade gave her a placating kiss then whispered in a somewhat yielding tone, “Thanks for doing it anyway and… please help Freddie make me come.”The change in tone disarmed the blonde and instead kissed the girl again then again. Sam continued kissing and kept Jade’s arms locked and trapped between the blonde’s forearm and her own back, but Sam snaked her left arm around and palmed over Jade’s heavy left bosom. She started tweaking her nipple while the palm and butt of her hand squeezed the underside of the fleshy orb.The former lovers in tandem lifted the dark headed teenager and started speeding up just a little.The slight change in speed and pressure was enough to amp up the pleasure through the nearly ashen skin coloured girl.Jade pulled her lips away from the shorter girl and threw her head back on Sam’s shoulder and groaned out, “Shit… I’m about to cum…”Freddie rubbed up and down Jade’s left thigh and growled, “Not yet.”The doubly impaled girl looked down with heavy eyes and whispered in disbelief that he would want to deny her a release, “What?””Fight it baby. Hold out just a little longer… chizz… fight it as long as you can.”Sam growled in her ear in a teasing manner, “No, I want you to come. I want you to come all over my cock just like I make Cat scream to heaven with it.”Freddie could guess what the blonde was speaking to his new love and softly responded while sliding a hand up the side of her torso until he cupped just under her right breast. “No, you can do it baby, hold out. Fight it. I want you to fight it.”Jade squeezed her eyes shut, fighting back against the verbal tug-of-war the former couple had engaged with her as the rope. She f0rced the knot in her stomach to relax despite being completely filled physically and her heart filled with the unexpected romantic feeling for the boy under her and the kindred connection with the girl behind her. She didn’t know what the boy from Seattle had in mind, but her surprising complete trust in him in such a short amount of time reassured her to whatever he was planning, it would be worth the wait.The Goth continued her gently see-saw motion on the dual intrusions, some of her hair starting to stick to her forehead from the sweat she would never admit to sweating and some starting to roll down the pale girl’s flushed body, coating her heavy rack and stomach with a salty dew. The nerves under her skin felt like they were becoming raw with pleasure of Freddie’s hands on her thigh and side of her torso while he encouraged her to put off her release just a little longer while Sam’s hand on her hip and the other one still playing with her left breast and nipple that could give Cat a run for her money when she was in the mood and she whispered to give into the pleasure.Her grunts and loud curses urging the pair on turned into softer whimpers and whines while her muscles began to quiver in attempting to hold back the oncoming tsunami of pleasure and the physically demanding position of sitting at such an angle. She felt weaker with every passing second and the pair was taking over more and more of the motion as her body ebbed energy and her lungs fought for breath.She finally uttered in a desperate whimper with the first tears rolling down her cheeks, “I can’t Freddie… I can’t hold out any longer… I have to…”He gave her breast a gentle squeeze, enough to get her attention. Her heavy eyelids opened enough to see his warm smile.”Angel, let go…”His permission broke the damn and her face clenched in rapture. The dark hair coloured teen threw her head back on Sam’s shoulder, her eyes rolling to the back of her head and let out a series of an!malistic growls between spat out words, “Grrrahhh, urrgghh, holy fuck, ehhhh, FUCK!”She clenched her muscles around his buried manhood and for a fraction of a second before her world whited out, she felt that her soul had actually departed her body, and swore she could feel his crown kiss her cervix. She bucked and jerked against his groin, soaking his coarse pubic hair and his balls with her release.If he hadn’t just blown in Sam’s mouth earlier, he’d be cutting loose in his gothic angel’s tight love canal and straight onto the opening of her whom that threatened to squeeze his manhood right off of him. The tightening of her bowel muscles were even greater and if Sam magically could feel the toy, she’d probably be screaming in pain.Seconds ticked while she quivered on top of her strong lover, her muscles losing control and her sense of reality faded until she collapsed back against Sam and the blonde in a surprisingly tender moment held the girl’s left orb while her other hand slipped off the hip and over the girl’s smooth abdomen, her finger taking a second to flick the naval jewellery.Jade grasped for breath and relaxed back against Sam. The pale dark haired teen had no real sense of time, but when she finally returned to the waken world, she turned her face to meet Sam’s eyes and softly uttered with a vulnerable expression, “Thank you.”Sam pressed her lips against the soft pink ones in such contrast to the tough persona of either girl that quickly melt into a tender one for each. The kiss broke just as quickly as it started, but the pair traded a few mores and Sam slipped in through laboured breath, “You’re welcome.”After stealing a few more of Jade’s breaths with their kisses, Sam helped ease her down to lay across the man she once thought was going to be hers for the rest of her life.Freddie wrapped his hands around and beneath the shirt to place his palms over her sweaty back. He whispered against her mouth, “Glad you held out?”His question broke through her post-orgasm haze and finally connected while he wanted her to hold out: he had pulled the same stunt she did of keeping Sam on edge before he let her come. She breathed back against his lips before they were lazily joined again, “Absolutely.”The blonde eased the phallus out of the raven haired teen, a mew passing Jade’s lips reverberating against Freddie’s lips. The rosebud shrunk close and started pulsing in time with Jade’s heartbeat until it finally closed back to nearly its original tightness.Sam took a few moments to kiss Jade’s softly reddened cheeks with an occasional lick before scooting back and letting the couple have their afterglow moment.Freddie rolled Jade off to his left and unto her back on the sheet, easing his solid meat out of her with a slick pop then lazily kissed her upper chest, avoiding her breasts then worked his way up to her neck.Jade whimpered from his withdrawal, but quickly gripped the back of his head and held him in place, closing her eyes and softly biting into her bottom lip while he worshiped the side of her neck with his lips.The forgotten redhead off to the side whimpered out loudly, a few tears running down her face, “Chizz!”Freddie pulled his lips away and looked up, Jade rolled her head to the left and Sam turned resting on her heels to see the redhead trembling, bucking her hips forward and clamping her bent kneed legs closed as she was overcome with a small release.Sam crawled over to her redhead and rested her hands on the girl’s knees. She teasingly greeted her, “Hi Kitty.”Cat replied with droopy eyes and in a soft, raspy voice, “Hi.””Liked the show?”Cat lazily nodded her head.”I glad that you and Jade made up. I don’t want you two to kill each other. I want you to be friends.”The blonde placated the tanned teen with a smile and answered, “Yeah, I think we’ll be friends from now on… you’ll just have to deal with two v!olent antisocial misfits.”The slightly smaller girl giggled, not actually having a problem with that.”Are you ready to get back into the action?”The redhead wrapped her arms behind Sam’s neck and gave her a f0rceful kiss, signalling she was more than ready.”Okay, but why don’t you have some fun with the new lovebirds while I clean up and get ready? Okay?”Sam dipped her head at an angle to capture her lips then stood up and walked towards the kitchen, stopping on her way to pick up a condom and small bottle of lube resting on the end table next to the couch.As the new couple gently swapped affectionate and lazy kisses, the redhead crawled over to them and stopped over Freddie’s pelvis. She dipped her head down and wrapped her lips around the head of his still enflamed rod.”Chizz Cat!” he hissed through gritted teeth after pulling his lips away from Jade.Cat ignored his mild discomfort and suckled, taking Jade’s remnant off his meat and letting her moisture in her mouth start to dribble onto his glands and down his shaft. She sank her head down only about bahis siteleri two inches to fill her mouth with his meat, but not risking him bumping into the back of her throat then slowly pulled up. She gently bobbed a few times as she did when ‘sucking off’ Sam, but quickly reverted to sucking around his crown.Sam slipped up behind the engrossed redhead (having trashed the condom and replacing it with a fresh one) and gently rubbed the head of the toy up and down her slick slit.Cat pulled her mouth away from her fleshy binky and looked over her tanned left shoulder.The blonde smirked and whispered in a teasing manner, “You want it Kitty? You want me inside? You want me to make love to you, don’t you?”The tanned and petite girl nodded her head.Sam reached between Cat’s legs and used her fingers to gently pull the redhead’s petals apart, making it easier to slip the head of the phallus into her sweet heaven.Cat dropped her head on Freddie’s left thigh and grasped his rod just a little tighter, struggling to accept Sam’s gift. Freddie may have stretched her out earlier, but apparently her tunnel had elastically snapped back to near if not to her original tightness.The blonde held her by the left hip while rubbing her hand up and down Cat’s back in the hopes of relaxing her as she slowly sheathed into the eccentric girl she had come to love. Sam took one of the slowest minutes of her life to work the toy into the redhead’s clenching vice, something that felt just as tight as Jade’s ass.Cat took Freddie’s mushroom tip back into her mouth just as Sam was slowly withdrawing from her. The tough blonde eased further back into her, causing the redhead to whimper against the flesh in her mouth, the vibrations traveling down to Freddie’s slowly churning balls.The redhead slurped off of his head, letting a large glop of spit spill from her lips on his engorged head then retook him back into her mouth.A soft hand palmed over the crown and back of the cup caking loving girl’s head to encourage her motions. She looked up while maintaining her gentle bobbing to see Jade smiling to her. Cat returned with a smile as she kept the glands in her mouth. She closed her eyes and focused on enjoying her binky while her blonde headed love continued to gently make love to her.Jade looked to see Freddie’s struggling expression while Cat continued to work his knob and was amazed that he was holding out, especially after her velvet walls had squeezed him like a vice. She fully understood Cat’s sucking skills from the several times she ‘nursed’ from her in their encounters and if her memory had faded since the last time, the redhead turning her clit into a binky for a few moments and the red mark around her right areola that would probably become a hickey within the next hour would certainly remind her. She gently stroked his left cheek, looking into his eyes then whispered in understanding, “It’s okay… you don’t need to hold back anymore… you satisfied me, oh God did you satisfy me… it’s okay to come baby, you can come…”He clenched his eyes shut and tightened his abs as a new wave of pleasure rippled through him. “No, I’ll manage. Let her have her fun and I want to save… holy jank…” He looked to her eyes as he struggled to finish with a smirk, “…to save it for someone else…”Jade smiled at seeing his meaning in his eyes. Her thumb brushed his sideburn while her fingers slipped around into his hair and back of his neck before she gently kissed him. He tenderly returned the kiss, softly grunting into her mouth as the sensation in his loins grew.She pulled her lips away and slid her hand across his muscular chest, down his toned abs until just under his bellybutton then gently started massaging her palm in small circles. She lovingly encouraged, “Then hold out for me Freddie. Hold out ’til Sam sends Cat to the janking moon then let me have your love… I want your love.”The plea was full with loaded words to the boy from Seattle, but he didn’t care. If this pale singer that had flipped his world upside down in a matter of a day wanted his ‘love’, he was going to give it to her however she wanted to define it.Freddie just might make it as Cat’s sucking started ebbing, becoming too distracted with the tightening of her inner muscles and tingling sensations coursing threw her. Her whimpering around the knob increased as she struggled with dealing with the oncoming wave a pleasure that would soon crash over her.Sam could feel it too in the sense that her thrusts were starting to slow down with the same amount of effort and feeling the growing pressure on her love button from Cat pushing back. She reached underneath Cat and palmed then gently gripped the redhead’s supple rack and pulled her up to press her back against the blonde’s fleshy orbs.Freddie sighed in mild disappointment from the ceasing of suction around his head as Cat whimpered from being f0rce to withdraw her mouth from her new toy, but Sam quickly placated her by sinking her further down their love toy and forcing her tongue inside the redhead’s mouth.Cat moaned into Sam’s succulent mouth while the blonde held her by the left breast, kneading and softly pinching the hardened and sweat covered nipple. Her right hand slipped across the tanned, toned and slick with sweat stomach she loved so much and down between Cat’s legs over the parted lips. Her fingertips brushed over the dew covered petals as her thumb found the redhead’s little love button.Cat reached back to the back of Sam’s head and twisted her fingers to hold her as her head fell back on the blonde’s opposite shoulder.The Seattle bully rutted hard against Cat’s soft cheeks and whispered, nearly pleading with her roommate, “Come on Kitty. Come on me just like you did Freddie. I want you to cover my cock with your sweet honey then suck me off like I’m your personal binky. Show me how much you love me doing this.”The redhead closed her eyes and bucked her pelvis forward, causing the toy to shift at the angle it entered driving the underside of the penetrating toy to scrap along her G-spot.”Sam I’m… JANK! Jank me!”Cat shuddered in Sam grasp and all her muscles turned to jelly.Sam placed kiss after kiss on her cheek to reassure her that she wasn’t alone in her release.The energetic teen with half closed eyes and laboured breath whimpered out, “Sam, I need to lay down.”Sam brought them to lie beside and face the highly unlikely couple to spoon with her new love. She continued to play with the tan girl’s small tits and gently thrust into her, drawing out a few aftershocks for her and sweet honey to coat the blonde’s phallus and slowly drip down to the sheet. She pulled a hand from one of the small breasts to brush some hair off the back of the small girl’s neck then placed several tender kisses on the tanned skin.Cat’s breath eased so much and her ass stopped buck back against Sam that the blonde thought the girl may have dozed off.Next to them, Jade reassuringly rubbed up and down Freddie’s chest and kissed his cheek then whispered into her—something’s—ear with the sweet voice of perhaps an angel, “You need some relief don’t you baby? You considerate magnificent bastard, letting me enjoy you with my mouth then my pussy then letting Cat have some enjoyment with your fat godsend of a cock without blowing. You definitely need a reward for that.”The dark and light headed girls turned their attention to one another, giving each other a knowing gaze and quickly getting on the same page on how they were going to finish off the attentive teenager.Despite their bodies being exhausted from the greatest lovemaking marathon any of them could have even dreamed of, Sam and Jade still managed to move like lightning toward Freddie whose cock was not only engorged, but also aching for a release which they would not deny him.Pushing the Seattle teen onto his back, the girls kneeled above his body, smirking at him while they stroked his chest all the way down to his rod but quickly moved back up. Luckily their teasing didn’t last too long as they leaned down more, and Freddie’s mouth watered as they held their heavy flesh in their hands, each barely able to contain their breasts in a single handful, much of it oozing through their fingertips.The girls bit their lips as they kissed one another, pressing their breasts hard against each other before lowering further until Freddie’s fleshy steel impaled the crevice between the four pieces of soft flesh. The girls smiled down at Freddie as they sunk down far enough for his sponge-y crown poked through.Freddie threw his head back against the pillow and rolled his eyes back as a loud groan escaped past his lips from the new overwhelming warmth surrounding his aching shaft once again.Even though they were pressed tight against his rod as well as each other, Freddie could tell whose was whose without even looking. Jade’s DD’s were much softer and malleable while Sam’s gravity defying cups were more firm and served as a great contrast of touch.Slowly at first, the beautiful girls began to stroke him using their chests, applying just enough pressure to make his cock feel like it was in a tight warm hole, without hurting any of the three of them, creating a four sided tit-fuck that was incredible in every sense of the word.Freddie lifted his head back up and watched as the girls took turns pumping and licking his head, increasing their speed and f0rcewith each passing moment sending Freddie toward an incredible release.”You don’t need to… do this…” he whispered, praying they wouldn’t stop but he couldn’t live with not at least trying to stop them from doing something selfless. His hands moved to their bare shoulders, but the girls kinda swatted him away.”Shut up and just enjoy it, Benson,” Sam said with a subtle wink as her moist tongue stuck out and licked his exposed head, eager for his release. “Not like we’re not getting anything out of this.””Sam’s right, baby… just relax and enjoy us… you deserve it…” Jade said narrowing her eyes before taking a long lick as if his rod was an ice cream cone. “Kitty Cat, how about you keep Freddie and his meddling hands busy?”The redhead slid off the couch and onto her knees, and looked to Jade as if to ask what she should do, when she had an idea of her own. Cat moved along until she was kneeling over Freddie’s head, facing the other girls, and the Seattle teen looked up at her, half worried about what she was going to do, and half excited about being mauled by all three girls at once.Cat giggled as she moved forward, straddling Freddie’s mouth, the sweet aroma of Cat’s already dripping sex wafting into his nose. The Seattle teen wanted to watch the two most perfect women he’d ever met treat him to an insane treat, but he could still feel them, and the temptation to further treat the sweet young woman above him was far too intense.His hands wrapped around the top of her legs and used both hands to get a firm grasp on the sweet redhead’s perfect peach of an ass. Freddie licked softly at her petals, and listened as the already high pitched girl turned soprano, screaming out as this new angle allowed Freddie’s already long tongue push deep inside Cat, feeling like it was going as far as the toy she and Sam shared, “Freddie! Fre-ee-dddiiee! Oh jank! Oh jank!”Freddie’s skilled tongue began to spell out names and even managed the phrase ‘Sweet Kitty Cat” before he felt like his abdomen was going to explode, the muscles flexing and tightening harder than his workout regiments. No longer focused on his oral artistry, Freddie began to grunt into the tasty petals, signalling his impending release.The redhead knew that she needed to let him see what Jade and Sam were doing; to see his release and how bad both of them wanted it, but she really wanted him to finish her off. Cat swung her legs around and kneeled beside Freddie’s head, and lifted him a bit so he could see them before sliding away to touch herself as she watched.Freddie stared down at the sight he’d been deprived of for the last few minutes, as if he was waking up from, or in this case, re-entering a dream, seeing his former girlfriend and current… whatever Jade was… kiss one another as they seemed exhausted from the neck down.”God…” he moaned. “I’m so close…””Good,” Jade said, pulling her lips from Sam’s, giving him a sultry smirk. “You’ve earned it.””Give us our reward, Freddie,” Sam said, leaning in a bit and supplying a soft lick and hot breath on his near-critical head. “You can shoot it in my mouth again.”Sam thought back to what felt like an hour ago when Freddie had given her the sex of a lifetime, and then gave her the most delicious treat she ever had, that was savoury like the perfect steak, but also sweet like honey. How it was thick and she could just keep it on her tongue and push it through her teeth before letting it just seep down her throat. The idea of having that again made Sam wet with anticipation.”Or mine,” Jade said, taking a swath of the rod as well. “Or you could paint our hardworking tits with your hot cum.”The darker headed girl thought back to this morning when he had fired his first shots of the day, giving her the type of pearl necklace that every man could only dream of providing her. The kind of necklace that she could wipe away and taste while rubbing the rest into her skin for the ultimate beauty treatment.Freddie looked back and forth at the two very hungry, for multiple reasons, looking girls, and the looks in their eyes that displayed not only deep desire but also a love and peace. This was a happy ending by every definition…. But he wasn’t ready for it to end just quite yet as it felt more than just heavenly, but just the connection he was making with the pair in the act was blowing his mind.Free of holding Cat, he reached over and palmed a hand on Sam’s bare shoulder while his other softly gripped Jade’s cloth covered one, a little amazed how she had kept his shirt on for so long. He wanted to feel the girls that had so impacted his life, one since he was thirteen and the other one just twenty-four hours ago, and hold on to something as he struggled with all his will to hold out just a little longer.He fought bucking up against the underside of their soft flesh and Jade picked up on him struggling to hold back, having just experienced the same struggle as he and the blonde haired delinquent had their way with her. However, Jade thought he had been through enough holding out between herself and Cat and that he desperately needed hit reward.Jade seductively whispered, “Come on baby, you don’t have to fight it.””But…” He clenched his teeth and growled out in an an!malistic cry, “…oh fuck…” He took a breath while riding out the wave of pleasure, his rod twitching hard between the quartet of pressed breasts. “…it feels so good… and…”Sam playfully snickered, “Of course it does. You’re wrapped with our pillows. Damn, I don’t know why we didn’t try this…”Freddie struggled to speak as Sam started stroking just a little faster than Jade and taking more occasional licks of his crown to gather his pre-release just flowing by this point, “It’s not… it’s not just that…”He met Jade’s eyes and at that instant, they reconnected as they did this morning when they each had shared this for the first time and what could have been just a carnal act, had become such an intimate act of connection between them just short of when they would become one.Jade kissed Sam cheek and whispered something in the other girl’s ear, the pair pausing in their breast stroking. The blonde paused to listen to her hushed tone, buying Freddie a few additional seconds to back away from the edge.The dark haired angel finished speaking to the blonde, apparently bringing her into agreement with her next move. Jade looked to his eyes and spoke with a tone that nearly caressed him, “I know baby. I feel the same way and I love holding you like this… this is our thing now and this will not be… be that last time I hold you like this, but it’s time for you to feel as good as you’ve made the rest of us.”Jade started back up with Sam quickly falling in step behind. The gothic angel breathed out, her breath becoming short again from the exertion, “Come for us baby. Give us your love. Give us necklaces, paint our faces—””—come in our mouths,” Sam picked up, “…anywhere you want because…”Jade breathed, “…we both love you in our own way…””Unghh…!” Freddie exclaimed, thrusting upwards, as a jet of white fired upwards several inches, hitting Jade’s cheek, quickly followed by five or six shorter shots that splashed against the pale flesh of both girls, covering, as promised, their soft orbs.Sam nearly leapt to lick up Jade’s cheek grabbing the initial shot along her sponge-y organ, but Jade grabbed the back of Sam’s head and pulled her in for a kiss, the two girls’ tongues battling and swapping their delicious reward.For a moment, Freddie thought that he wasn’t even there as Jade and Sam just began mauling each other, devouring their supple breasts and now pink skin, eager for as much of a taste as possible.This lack of attention made what he felt next, a firm suction on the head of his cock, all the more surprising. He looked down to see Cat on her stomach between his legs, her feet in the air as she suckled his member, seeming almost as eager for his taste as the other two. As she tucked her hair, now laced with sweat, behind her ear, there was something very innocent and wholesome about her that made this so much hotter. How she seemed so natural at pleasing him in that way, the ch!ldish girl treating him like a pacifier or binky.It didn’t take long for Sam and Jade to notice, separating and lying on each side of Cat, each one taking turns now suckling his softening cock, cleaning him completely, while the other two kissed. On the occasion that Cat, in the middle, would suckle, Jade and Sam would lick along his balls, as if they could churn out more of his release instantly, which a little more did dribble into Cat’s mouth, but was probably more to her expert binky skills of drawing out whatever couldn’t originally make it to the surface.”I can’t…” he finally moaned, feeling the pains of overstimulation and deep pleasant ache in his balls despite this feeling like heaven on the surface. “You’re all… too much.”The three girls smiled at him and slowly ceased, with Jade giving his tip one last chaste kiss before sliding away with the other girls.”It’s ok, baby,” she said. “Just making sure you were as satisfied as you made us. Now rest up. I think we can entertain ourselves for a little while, until you can… rise to the occasion again.””If he can rise anymore,” Sam said, with a smirk. “Pretty sure I heard a crack when he jizzed on us.”Freddie wanted to say something smart back, but he was exhausted and she may have had a point as it had been his fourth release since this morning, and if they were going to entertain each other, he didn’t want to kill the mood. The Seattle teen slid back along the plastic, propping himself up by the chair as the girls embraced one another, re-entering the sexy pile of flesh the four of them became earlier.Cat immediately latched onto Jade’s breast, suckling the nipple like it really was her pacifier before switching over to Sam’s to do the same. The larger chested girls watched the redhead for only a moment before they began to desire the taste of one another once more. Jade pulled Sam in for a kiss that was so deep and passionate, that Sam nearly thought she was with Freddie, her stomach was fluttering so much. Plus, both girls could still taste the impeccable release Freddie had given them on their tongues.The nubile redhead quickly moved south, and attempted to figure out whose sex she wanted to taste more, and after a quick game of ‘Eeeny Meeny,’ she dove her mouth down Jade’s torso, tugging slightly on the hanging jewellery before Jade pulled from Sam and landed on her elbows as the redhead began to passionately lick Jade’s delectable pussy. The redhead knew it might be a while before she ever tasted her former secret lover again, what with Sam now there and Jade being in love, so she wanted to savour this moment, suckling the Goth’s labia as if it were a lifesaver.Jade immediately shook with intense pleasure that Cat was so adept at providing, her mouth forming an ‘O’ once more as the blonde kissed her surprised mouth, pushing through the O with her fierce tongue.Sam started to brace herself so they could kiss longer but Jade let her elbows fall, grabbing a pillow to place under her head. The dark haired teen reached up and slid her fingertips along Sam’s stomach, scratching a bit until her fingers reached Sam’s glistening sex and began to toy with the girl’s pearly clit. Sam closed her eyes for a moment, biting her bottom lip, until she saw Jade’s mouth open and offer her tongue. No words were needed as Jade’s eyes looked to Sam’s eager love hole.The blonde crawled over to Jade and quickly lowered her dripping slit to Jade’s mouth, which she happily accepted, flicking her tongue along Sam’s clit and using her fingers to pull her lips apart to drive her tongue deep.”Fuck…chizz fuck…” Sam moaned as her world was tilted on its edge, bucking hard against Jade’s mouth. The intensity only increased as Jade inserted a couple fingers deep inside Sam, making the blonde feel like she had her special toy inside her again.”You should take care of Cat,” Jade said, muffled slightly by Sam’s incredibly intoxicating sex.Sam simply nodded as she fell forward, taking her roommate’s legs and spreading them out as she traced a finger up Cat’s sensitive pussy. The sweet aroma was strong and Sam gave a few soft licks, hearing Cat moan deeply into Jade, which followed with Jade’s moan from the vibrations.With a little moving around and shifting, the three girls had formed the perfect triangle of bodies, their legs sticking out of each corner, each one giving their unique oral talents to the next. Cat’s licks were almost playful and sweet but quickly switched over to something hard and carnal before switching back, keeping Jade on an uneven keel throughout. Jade’s mouth moved like she was French kissing Sam’s aching pussy, applying plenty of tongue and whenever Cat would moan into her (no doubt from Sam’s work), Jade would give the blonde a finger in her ass, wondering if it felt like what Sam had given her. And Sam’s oral talents were all about feasting on the sweet flesh of her seemingly innocent roommate, not leaving a single crevice that her tongue wasn’t exploring.Freddie couldn’t help but feel himself starting to feel the drive and the desire to get involve, even though he knew he would be out of action downstairs for a little while. But he wouldn’t dare interrupt the piece of art that lay before him, the girls just becoming an!mals, savouring each other’s bodies in ways he could only imagine, none of them saying a word. Each focused solely on the pleasure and release of the others.The triangle couldn’t hold for long from the ravaging attention each was giving and receiving and one was bahis şirketleri bound to give up her release.Cat was the first feel the pull of surrender in her tummy, having been left on edge while watching her friends finish off the handsome teen that had given it to her like a whore and like a sweet innocent girl. Her licks became slower and unfocused as she battled to hold back her release so she could give her mean friend hers first, but she was already too far onto edge, naturally sensitive and Sam was quite skilled in bringing off the redhead from all the practice. The small girl pulled her mouth away and rolled completely on her back, just surrendering to Sam’s tongue lashing.Jade mewed in disappointment from the cease of stimulation, but she kept going against Sam’s hot opening.Cat closed her eyes and clamped a hand around one of her pert breasts and another one desperately patted around to cling to anything, “Sam, Sam… I’m…”Sam twisted upright and gripped her hands over the top of the redhead’s thighs to hold her in position. She breathed out between licks, inadvertently tickling the girl with her hot breath, “That’s it Kitty; come for Mama. Give me every last bit of your sweet honey.”Cat squeezed her eyes and a few stray tears started escaping to roll down her cheeks as the butterflies we bouncing inside her stomach, desperate to be let out. Her other hand finally reached the crown of the blonde’s head and her fingers intertwine with the golden locks to hold the aggressive girl in place.The blonde took that as the signal to give it her all and she did so in practically tongue fucking the tight hole.One butterfly finally broke out of the cage and with it the rest of the swarm of butterflies escaped behind it to fill every little crook and cranny of her being. Her hips bucked wildly and she sobbed out in rare occasion of ‘cursing’, “chizz!”The redhead jerked and twitched for several seconds as her body responded to random and erratic firing of nerves before she just stopped and clasped against the sheet. She may have gotten her respite, but Sam as not in the same position as she felt a new wave of pleasure ripple through her. She growled out as she dropped her forehead against Cat’s inner left thigh then roared, “Fucking-shit-fuck!”Jade had heard Cat’s screams of pleasure, signalling that she had fallen out of the triangle and it just sped the tall pale girl’s ‘kissing’ into Sam’s slippery opening and her piston motion with her finger sliding through her ring. She wanted to hear the blonde scream just as loudly by her mouth and hand.The blonde rolled off Jade’s face and onto her back, shivering and her pelvis bucking up. Jade scooted onto her knees and turned to kneel between Sam’s spread legs to maintain her contact and her finger in her backdoor.Sam groaned and looked down her breast made valley to see that Jade wasn’t letting up. Their eyes locked and they both felt that kindred connection as they did during their first time. Any anger or resentment or any other negative feelings that had been came between them over Cat and Freddie disappeared and were replaced with the deepening connection of realization of finding a new—possibly a lifelong—friend.Jade kept her eyes locked on her new friend’s blue eyes and moaned on while she buried her tongue inside the tangy hole and nose repeatedly bumped against the blonde’s swollen button, “Come on Sam. Let go. Give it up one last time.”The bully from Seattle gripped Jade’s crown, holding her in place as she ground her mound into the taller girl’s face then relaxed to surrender to the approaching feeling.”Holy fucking damn!” Sam shouted as Jade’s mouth and touch sent her higher than Goomer’s stupid model rocket. She temporarily lost focus on reality as her eyes lost focus on her surroundings.Sam finally collapsed back, her heavy DD-cup chest rising and falling as she chased down her breath and never feeling so tired in her life. She only had enough strength to press the palm of her hand against Jade’s forehead to signal her satisfaction.Jade smirked at being the last girl standing—last girl lying—but it wasn’t necessarily a good thing as there was no one left to finish her off. She pulled her finger out of Sam’s backdoor and placed a chaste kiss on Sam’s trimmed pubic hair before lying back and shoved her left hand between her legs and slipped her first two fingers inside her nearly burning slit. She sawed into herself and rubbed her thumb over her exposed and enflamed clit while her other hand gripped her right hefty flesh.Freddie crawled to her and sliding between her butterfly spread legs, his knees bumping her inner thighs to spread them open further. His hardening shaft slid across the top of her knuckles that were trying to push her over the edge. He affectionately whispered, “You’re going to come angel?”The pale and sweaty girl turned her eyes to meet his loving brown ones and nodded her head, her face tightening as her rapture approached.He dipped his face down to kiss on the left side of her neck then kissed up to just under her left ear. “I want you to come. I want to see your face light up in pleasure. Will you do that for my angel? Please… please fill some of the happiness you’ve brought me since we’ve met.”The boy from Seattle, the guy she had known for just a day was genuinely begging her to be happy.Only one thought raced through her mind as the wave approached her: ‘He wants me to be happy.’The realization crashed over her just as hard as the wave of pleasure that trailed behind.Jade threw her head back and shouted to the heavens, “Fuck!”The goth bucked hard, her abs lifting up by her heels digging into the sheet and hitting the underside of his springy shaft.He groaned from the contact, but kept his focus on watching the dark haired teen quiver in pleasure. Her breasts slightly giggled while her muscles sporadically twitched and shivered.Jade meanwhile was feeling like she was drowning in pleasure, her throat constricting and her diaphragm locking up for a few seconds unfortunately enhancing the feeling. Her muscles finally relaxed and she collapsed back on the sheet, her head rolling to the side and threatening to doze off.Freddie looked down at the nearly exhausted teen, her pale and spotted flushed flesh lovely coated with a fine film of sweat that she rarely released. Her lovely face was the picture of calm with some of her black hair sticking to her damp forehead. Her heavy supple breasts framed by the open flaps of his shirt she was still wearing were rising and falling, begging for more gentle attentive love.He lowered his face and gently pressed his lips against her swollen pink lips, partially stealing her breath. “You’re beautiful when you come… you’re always beautiful, but you know what I mean.”Jade could feel warmth flooding her chest, going beyond hearing just the sincerity of his words but feeling them in her soul. She was beautiful in his eyes with no underlining tone that she needed or should change to meet some expectation as so many others wish she’d adopt.His encouraging words was not the only thing that she could feel: his hardened manhood brought back to nearly full mast from the sight of the three girls ravaging each other was resting on the top of her fingers still dipped inside of her. Her digits were the only thing stopping his rod from resting directly on her pearl and puffy lips.She wanted to change that.She pulled her fingers out of her, a pleasant slick sound being heard only by the new couple, and she wrapped them around his shaft. Her coated fingers stroked him, drawing a low moan from his throat, with the intention to finish getting him as hard as possible for what was probably going to be their last round for this encounter.Jade stroked him for perhaps a few seconds to a few minutes, neither were sure as they turned their lips to each other and affectionately exchanged kisses, feeling no rush to accomplish anything. Eventually, she called on the last of her reserve of energy, whatever was left after being sucked out by the other three in the room for only God knew how long as they sent her into another dimension several times, and pushed to flip him over and straddle his thighs, resting her opened hands on his tightened abs for balance. She looked down at him with the last bit of hunger—but not lust—in her eyes that needed satisfying.Freddie’s hands naturally went to rest on her thighs as he looked back up to stare into her beautiful eyes, full of the same longing that had come just short of being satisfied.Jade wrapped her right hand around his revitalized shaft and gave a few gentle strokes. A teasing smiled played on her face as she whispered in a tired voice, the activities between the quartet clearly showing on her, “I see—feel—you’ve risen back to the occasion.”He softly groaned in pleasure, “Sam might be more right than she thinks though…” He cracked an awkward smile and glanced away as he muttered, “I may be able to… get going again, but I’m not sure what’s left in the tank. You girls really are too much.””I know we are, but then again we had this morning—twice, so I think I deserve just a little more credit.””I wouldn’t argue with that,” he replied in a playful and relaxed tone. He briefly relished the fact that he didn’t have to keep his guard up with the pale gothic angel as he felt like he had to do with almost everyone else in his life.The pale straddling girl dropped her voice to a more serious and reassuring tone, “But it’s okay. I just… one more time, please? Just us, just you and me. I want… I need to make love one more time with you… before you go back home. I’ll take whatever love you have left to give.”He sat up and cupped her cheeks. He spoke with the sincerest tone he had ever spoken, “Home for now… but not for long. I know where I belong now, but in the meantime, whatever I have left is yours.”Jade smiled and nuzzled into his right palm then kissed it several times. She turned her eyes to direct her smile to him just as she lifted herself up. The thin, shapely teen took hold of his rod so she could impale herself on him. Thankfully with all the attention from Cat’s mouth and her first round with Freddie, she was slick and her inner muscles had relaxed to feeling like they were only one size too small as a glove around his manhood.She groaned in pleasure as he slipped inch by inch into her silk sheath. She tossed her head back and her hair tickled up her spine as she let out a loud groan as she finished dropping completely onto his pelvis.Freddie loved the sight as her motion pushed out her sweet coated flesh pillows and seeing that he was bringing her such pleasure.The couple reached out for each other and their fingers laced with one another, intending to stay as connected as possible, and let Jade brace herself against his hands backed by his impressively strong arms. She pushed against his palms with the help of her knees to lift up about half way then slowly sank down.They shared smiles as they gently found their slow rhythm of this position for lovemaking.A few short feet away from them, near the couch, Sam was hovering over the exhausted redhead. She let a self-satisfying smirk form on her face at seeing the cupcake lover worn out. Sam thought it was hardly possible that the always energetic girl could become ‘worn out.’ Sam would have to take a short break after making her little redhead come so she could recover as they never really stopped at one for each. She had made the mistake one time of going back-to-back with the sensitive girl and Cat had actually cried from the attention to her hypersensitive button and lips. It was one of the few times in Sam’s life that she had felt genuinely bad and held the girl and promised she’d never do that again.Sam gently kissed along Cat’s cheeks and asked, “Do you want to fuc—make love to me?””Thank you, but…” She looked up hopefully to her blonde girlfriend and timidly whispered, “I want you to… do… me one more time.””Okay.”Sam sat up and retrieved the discarded toy she had quickly stripped off after her last session with Cat before joining the dark haired teen to finish off Freddie with her breasts.She settled the harness over her opening and tied it over her thighs. She pulled the last strap into place, she was surprised when Cat nearly jumped at the phallus and started sucking on it without putting on a condom first (even regularly cleaning it, they used one as she never wanted Cat to get any kind of infection).The redhead closed her eyes and bobbed on it like a fiery redheaded demon before looking up and the hunger in the girl’s eyes told Sam that the actress wished the blonde could blow in her mouth. Sam wish she could have delivered and if the redhead had her mouth wrapped around her opening instead, she probably could have made it happen as the tough girl started dripping just from the sight.Cat pulled her mouth away, letting her lips hover over the head and letting a glob of her spit drip onto the crown and let it run down the rod before taking the head back into her mouth. She bobbed a few more times before placing the flat of her left hand on Sam’s abdomen and pushing her back on her bottom, using the foot of the couch as back support.Sam pulled her legs out from under her to let Cat crawl into her lap. The redhead met the blonde’s eyes and instantly they knew what they wanted without any preamble. Cat rested her hands on the blonde’s warm shoulders and slowly lowered herself, trusting Sam to line her up properly.She whimpered out as she felt the toy stretch her back out to accommodate itself inside her tight opening and the different texture than how the condoms would feel sheathing it. She was still sensitive from her previous release and the toy filling her along with Sam’s arms around her, she knew she wouldn’t actually last very long in their final round of lovemaking.Sam grumbled, “I wish I had something bigger to satisfy you with.”Cat pecked her lips then whispered, “No, this is perfect for me— you’re perfect for me.””You sure? You sure do enjoy Freddie’s size.””Freddie’s Freddie and you’re you. As much as I can enjoy Freddie, I can’t last very long like that due to his… bigness… not like with you. I love it when I can gently ride you and hold you or you slide into me and we can do that for hours if we wanted to. I just wish one thing…””What is it?”She slowed down her riding and bowed her head, looking mildly embarrassed at what she was thinking.”What Kitty?””I wish I could feel you come inside me.”Sam kissed her cheek and whispered a confession she had kept hidden for a long while, afraid that even Cat would think she was weird for thinking it, “I do too. I wish I could fill you with my honey you like sucking out of me so much… but that’s what you get to do when you make me come when riding me: I soak myself and you clean me up so damn good with that little pink tongue of yours. You’re going to do that for me this time? Are you going to ride me until I just cream myself and you lick up every little bit?”The redhead nodded, enjoying that prospect immensely. She grabbed Sam’s shoulders tighter and sped up her hopping on the artificial shaft as if she was bouncing on her ‘Jupiter Boots’.Sam groaned from the repeated pressure of Cat dropping her weight on her and driving the little nub on the inside of the harness against her. She looked past Cat’s shoulder and saw Jade had turned to riding the prone muscular teen with her back to him. She was leaning forward and bracing her hands on his lower thighs near his knees while she bounced, still wearing Freddie’s loose shirt billowing off her frame. He held her by the hips and helped guide her as the underside of his rod scrayped Jade’s G-spot and pushed deeper into her trying to reach her further depths.She caught bits of their shouts of pleasure, but nothing specific as the sound of her own heartbeat muffled her hearing.The blonde saw the look on both the teens’ faces and saw through the grimaces of pleasure that they were both happy. What surprised her the most that she was happy to see both of them happy instead of the jealousy of losing Freddie to another girl.Sam turned her attention back to Cat’s face, now etched with pleasure, understanding that Cat was near her release and she didn’t have the stamina to try to hold it back, especially after how the three of them had taken their toll on her.Cat met Sam’s blue eyes and smiled as she felt her pleasure start to rise up as bubbles through her body.The redhead’s mind replayed all the little things that had brought them to this moment: Sam jumping into the garbage truck to rescue her, the blonde moving in with her, all the crazy adventures they had babysitting so far, Cat mentioning them getting a home together in a fancier neighbourhood one day and the blonde not giving it a second thought that they would have another place of their own, just doubtful of the neighbourhood then, to yesterday…As a gesture meant to spite her blonde roommate/secret lover, her calling the handsome chunk of boy from Seattle was ranking up there as one of the best decisions of her life. Seeing them from the corner of her eye before turning her attention fully to the blonde, she could see the sheer happiness displayed by her friend that she longed for Jade to finally possess by meeting up with, and now being with, Freddie. Cat couldn’t be happier as well with Sam returning her feelings and finally being on equal footing in their ‘relationship.’While her heart fluttered with happiness, the feeling of Sam’s slick and soft, yet strong body against her skin was”Sam I’m… I’m almost there…””Good Kitty. I want you to come. No holding back. Just let everything go for me. Scream, yell, buck, whatever you need to do, but—chizz—come for me.”Sam latched onto Cat’s left nipple and sucked on it hard, hoping the extra stimulation would push her off the edge.The Seattle bully’s mouth was the tipping point and the redhead dropped down and her tight pussy clamped hard around the phallus, attempting to milk it for a release that would never happen.”Jank me! Jank me Sam!”The small girl’s final grounding against the blonde sent Sam over the edge. “Holy fucking shit!” she screamed into Cat’s tanned breast followed by a string of muffled obscenities from trying to take as much of her breast into her mouth as possible and savouring the taste of the sweaty flesh.The pair humped hard against one another as the rode out their mutual release, blocking out the rest of the world and trying to draw it out as long as possible and become as close as possible. The other person’s being was the only thing each of them could acknowledge existing.The humping against one another finally stopped and their sweat covered relaxed into the other’s embrace. They were too overloaded with pleasure to see that Sam had creamed the inside of the harness and her nectar slowly flowed down onto the sheet while Cat’s release ran down over the harness to join and mix with her lover’s release.Cat breathed exhaustedly against the side of Sam’s neck, tears flowing down her eyes, “I love you.”Sam kissed the small girl’s sweaty cheek and whispered without as much hesitation as she expected from herself, “I… love you too. I love you, Cat.”The redhead smiled and snuggled her face harder against Sam’s flushed skin.Just a few feet away, in front of them, the other new couple had switched positions yet again during their love making with Jade on her back, her head, neck and shoulders braced with a pillow. Freddie was raised slightly up in a braced kneeling position with his back straight and holding on to Jade’s hips while he deeply pushed then pulled out of her. Her tightness and the depth in which he was driving his shaft into her was taking a toll on the last of his control.He slowed down to a soft bucking motion, barely pulling any of himself out of her, as he whispered in a laboured voice, “Jade, I’m going to cum… I’m so close Jade… I’m so close… Where… where do you want me to finish?”He had so many options that he’d love to fulfil by a simple utterance of her wish: her smooth stomach, particularly on her bellybutton and jewellery; her beautiful hefty chest; upper chest and neck; or in her sweet mouth to just name a few.As they were approaching closer to their mutual release, Jade’s mind had been slipping in and out of reality and blending with her imagination in regards to the strong boy from Seattle: They were on their wedding night in a fanciest hotel in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, it didn’t matter because she would be a rich and famous musician/actress/screenwriter and could afford anyplace they desired. They would be on a king size bed and they would be nearly like this with some minor differences: she’d be resting on her back with her white thigh high hose covered legs wrapped around the back of his thighs as he slowly pushed and withdrew from her and sending her closer and closer to her release, the rest of her white lingerie having been discarded wildly about the room before reaching this point.As in reality and her fantasy, they were both reaching their limit and with how her vision of the future was playing out, there was only one way their encounter should end.She rubbed up and down his taut abs. “I am too… oh shit… I want… I want you to finish inside. I want… I want to keep some of you before you have to go home. Please give me what’s left.”Freddie rubbed up and down the sides of her torso and reassured her, “Temporary home until I’m back here with you… until I’m back home with you…”Filled with all those feelings she had desperately searched for her life, some she didn’t realize she was missing, she sat up and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck to press her lips hard against his lips, well as hard as the last of her energy allowed.The pair moaned into the kiss as their loins ached for release.The web-technician regretfully pulled his lips away, dropping his forehead to rest against hers, to whisper his warning again in a hurried manner, “Do you need to be on top for me to finish?”She smiled at his consideration, giving her the dominating position as she had last time they finished this way, but she had another plan, “No, just like this. I want us to finish like this… you surrounding me while you give me your love.”He leaned forward to rest her back against the sheet, but not pulling away back to his braced kneeling position but to hover over her and brace his hands on either side of her torso just under her arms. He slowly pulled back to the point of nearly withdrawing from her then slowly pushing back inside until he was to the hilt.Freddie repeated this slow motion several times, giving them a brief few extra moments to hold back their releases, but they could not starve off the inevitable. He watched as she trembled, feeling her thighs pressing harder and harder on the side of his thighs in an attempt to close. The dark haired mean teen’s abs tightened and the insides of her biceps pushed against the sides of her quivering breasts and pushing them together.He sighed his encouragement—permission—his need for her release, “Come for me angel. One last time come for me and let me come for you…””Fredd…” She didn’t finish as her throat clamped up and her eyes rolled to the back of h

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