4 Nisan 2021

Kiss of the Spider Woman Pt. 10


“Well hello, Jared,” Melissa Koenig, matriarch of the Gaian Farm and Industries commune opened the door of her apartment with a slight leer at her junior husband, “are you ready to go back to being my girlfriend?”

Jared inhaled deeply and let it out. “M—Melissa, I’ve missed our Monday dates. I want you.”

“And do you want to be inside me or do you want me inside you, darling? You know either way is fine by me.” She reached out and gently stroked his face and then ran her fingers through his hair. She guided him inside the door and shut it behind him.

“Yes?” Jared was six inches taller and a good sixty pounds heavier than she was but the difference in power was enormous. He was a junior husband, one of thirteen men in the omnigamous commune but she was the senior wife in their matriarchal society. Additionally, though magnificently fit and trim, she was also nearly seventy while he hadn’t yet reached twenty-one. Ever since he’d joined, she had been the dominant member in their relationship just as she was in all but one of the others she had with all the husbands and the eighteen other women who were the wives of the group. And Melissa loved every one of them both emotionally and physically.

“Then let me take off your clothes, Jared. I’ll put on my Triple Treat and impale your well-used bottom with it. How shall I have you, darling? Do you want to ride it and come all over me or shall I treat you more tenderly?

“Whatever you want, Melissa.”

She took his face in her hands and pulled down for a long, deep kiss. She nipped his earlobes and kissed him down each side of his neck and then ran her hands up his chest under his sweater.

“Farm life has been good for you, Jared,” she murmured approvingly, “you’ve hardened up beautifully.” Pulling the sweater up and over his head she tossed it to one side. “Just look at this six pack! Are you sure you want to be the girl, Jared? I’d be happy to take you in. You can even have your choice of holes.”

“F—fuck me, Melissa, please? I can top Marli or Willow any time I want but neither of them really likes playing the guy with me and sometimes I just . . .”

“I understand, dear, I understand completely. I loved the times when you turned on me and pounded me into the mattress but having you sweet and submissive is a turn-on all its own. I even like doing it to Konrad now and again and he’s been my number one man for nearly fifty years. Turn around.”

Jared felt her hands unfasten his belt and pull down on his trousers. The line of elastic in his jockeys had an erotic feel as it crept over the curve of his buttocks. The she reached around and gently bounced his ‘package’ with her hand.

“Mm-hmm. Just look at you getting all excited. So when are you going to knock Marli up, dear? I’d hate to think this lovely cock is only used for fun and games. You really need to stop just poking fun with her and get serious.”

“Marli needs to finish her degree before she has babies.”

“No, Willow needs to finish her degree before babies. Willow needs to finish grad school before she has babies and Oliver is ready whenever she is. But Marli is doing just fine in the creamery. She’s brought our signature sheep’s milk cheeses to national attention and she doesn’t need a sheepskin for that. You just take her by the hair next time and growl. Tell her to stop her birth control. She will. I know her, just as I know you. Now, out of those trousers and boots. I can smell you showered before you got here so go lie down on the bed while I get ready for you.”

The matriarch undressed slowly, keeping Jared in view either directly or through the dresser mirror. She saw the hunger in his eyes grow and swayed her hips in response. Shooting him a wink she reached into the top drawer of the nightstand and took out the hefty, blue silicone dong. With mischief she gave the butt-plug and vaginal bulbs a light coating of gel. Slipping it in she smeared the lubricant all over the aggressive phallus and walked over to the edge of the bed.

“Roll over, darling. I’m going to ride your back for a while and then we’ll trade places. I really want you to sodomize me, Jared. I’ve had so much fun buggering you and you really haven’t given me enough payback.”

She pushed him over onto his belly and then straddled his thighs. Leaning forward she put the helmet of the dildo at the opening of his anus and with practiced ease entered him.

“Oh” Jared moaned softly.

“Good darling,” Melissa muttered as she leaned forward onto her elbows. She softly rubbed his shoulder blades with erect nipples and then began a slow, rhythmic thrusting. She pinched his ear with her teeth and shook her head playfully, like a puppy with a stuffed toy. Because he is my toy, she thought to herself. All my junior men are my toys and so are all the wives—except Angela, of course. They’re so cute!

Each thrust brought a happy moan from the young man and he whimpered as she kissed and licked his ears and the back of his neck. At canlı bahis last she withdrew and set the Triple Treat aside. Again reaching into the nightstand she brought out a LubeShooter TM and held it out to him.

“Grease me up, Jared,” she whispered with a grin, “I want you to you stretch me out and pound me proper. And tomorrow I want to hear that you and Marli are headed in the family way.”


The next day, just after lunch, Kyle McAdam was sitting on the dining hall porch in a big Adirondack chair with his feet up on the ottoman. Angela’s (and his) three-year-old daughter was asleep on his lap and a black and white border collie was asleep on the decking next to him. He was dreamily thumbing through the ‘Net on his tablet, the very picture of a ‘with it’ ‘highly evolved’ rural man when Marli came up and sat in the chair next to him.



“Jared wants me to have his baby.”

“And do you want Jared’s baby?”

Kyle’s odd position as the alpha male in a matriarchy at the ripe old age of twenty-two had been uncomfortable for him when the women first appointed him to it. Now, a couple of years down the road, he’d gotten used to the idea. After all, the success of Gaian Farm was largely due to his research and guidance and the other men always deferred to him in matters agricultural. And so when others came seeking his advice he no longer stammered and protested but tried his darnedest to meet expectations.

“Of course! I was just thinking about timing. If I take an extra class each semester this year, I’ll graduate in June and then have the baby. But if I have the baby first I may not be able to finish my eight units in the coming fall.”

“If you try to take extra classes this year you’ll stress yourself. Don’t worry about graduating next December. Have the baby in June or July and then only take one course each coming semester and graduate in June of the following year. There isn’t any rush. It’s not like you need to dash out and get a job or start paying off student loans, not with the commune’s trust fund what it is.”

Marli thought about that. It was about what she’d figured out by herself but it was really reassuring to have affirmation. She nodded. “That’s a good idea. Okay, no vaginal sex with anyone but Jared until the test shows positive. I’d offer you a blowjob but it would wake up the baby.”

“I’ll take a raincheck, then.”

“You got it!” She leaned over, kissed his cheek and left. The dog looked up drowsily, wagged his tail twice and went back to sleep.


Melissa waited for Konrad in the Faculty Club and while there chatted with Dorothy Pim, Associate Professor of Rhetoric. Dorothy took another bite of Gaia’s Dream, the farm’s signature cheese.

“Melissa, this stuff is fabulous! The matriarchal commune is really doing wonderful things.”

“Well,” Ms. Koenig replied, “it hasn’t hurt to not only have a raft of talent living and working there but nearly unlimited finances as well.”

Dr. Pim snorted delicately. “Yes, I’d imagine so. Vigorilla and Surrenderone (for women) have sort of taken the world by storm. And I’ve heard rumors that there is another in the works?”

“No. There is Surrenderone (for men) but it’s for internal use only. We’re not releasing it at all. For one thing we really doubt that there is much of a market and for another the potential for abuse of young men by pedophiles is too great. That’s the major reason why Surrenderone (for women) is and will remain prescription only and is and will remain for sale only to women. We have dreaded the thought that it might get out and get used as a date rape drug but the benefits to low libido women are so great . . .”

Dorothy took another bite of Gaia’s Dream with a blissful expression on her face. “So what it the world is it for, internally?”

Melissa sighed. “The kind of man attracted to our matriarchal commune tends to be almost overly correct. In a couple of cases to the point of downright stuffiness. What we wanted was for them to learn to be relaxed and luxuriant enough to learn that getting penetrated is as much fun as penetration. You know, it’s hard enough being a man in today’s world anyway, especially in our little society. It turned out well, though. Now we can have all the rough, tender, roll-reversed or bi-sex we want.”

Dorothy shot a calculating look. “And how is this bisexuality coming?”

“For the men? It really isn’t. We have gotten them comfortable with being naked together in MMF threesomes but it wasn’t easy. For the women, though, it has been no trouble. Most of today’s female college students are pretty bi-curious anyway so once they’re on board with us they swing both ways quite happily.”

“And for those women whose sexuality is purely lesbian?”

Melissa raised an enquiring eyebrow. “Ah, I see your line of thought. Understand, the membership contract is quite clear that this is an omnigamy. Everyone is married to everyone else and agrees to being bahis siteleri chemically played with. Now, if a woman were to join and make it clear that she really isn’t attracted to men, the husbands would calmly acknowledge the fact and leave her alone. However, there are a few of the wives, and I’m especially thinking of Peggy, who are mischief on feet. The little minx’s favorite kink is watching Angus have sex with another woman while Peggy gets herself off. She has no qualms about lacing a woman’s drink with Surrenderone and Angus’ with Vigorilla and then taking them back to her apartment to watch the fun. Those chemicals are really quite powerful. Even the most adamant lesbian would be on her back with her legs spread for Angus after a good dose. And of course, since she signed the contract she would have no reason to complain.”

Dorothy sat bolt upright. “That’s mean! I hope the effects aren’t lingering.”

Melissa nodded and pursed her lips. “It kind of is but by the next morning you’d be back to normal again. We’ve admonished her about it but the only woman she tried it on was Sassy and she thought it was fun enough for repetition. Admittedly she’s only more-les-than-bi, not a hard-core lesbian.”

“It really seems odd to me that a matriarchy doesn’t have any true lesbians in it.”

Melissa nodded again. “Angela and I have talked about that. We certainly don’t want anyone to get the idea that they’re not welcome! I mean, there are nineteen women for only thirteen men and almost all of us are good with girly play. But exclusively? That hasn’t come up yet. Is there a personal reason why you brought it up?”

“Well, yes. I’m not a full ’10’ lesbian, more of a 9-9.5. That is to say that I have had sex with men in the past, though I’ll admit it was undergraduate and alcohol fueled. It’s funny, you know. I knew that I was a lesbian from middle school on but still found myself in bed with a man the morning after more than one party. I guess there must be some residual heterosexuality in my makeup. But the reason I asked is that I’ve just gone through a rather unpleasant break up with my last partner and am, quite frankly, looking for a change of scenery. I’ll keep my position here, of course, but I really, really want out of my condominium complex and I was giving some thought . . .”

“Well, download a copy of the contract, Dorothy, and go over it carefully. We did insist on it being in readable English but it is a couple of pages long so go over it several times. And call me if you have any questions. As I said before, the men will almost certainly respect your orientation but Peggy isn’t the only junior wife with a tendency to cause trouble. Possibly it’s some odd sort of outlet for her. Giving birth to twins in her first pregnancy was a bit of a shock. Even with an entire commune of parent helpers it can’t be easy.”


“Dorothy wants to join?” Konrad was visibly skeptical. “You did warn her about the occasional chemical hijinks around here, I hope.”

“I did, though possibly not as forcibly as I might,” Melissa gave her number one husband a rueful smile, “and after a spot of reflection I have to admit that possibly I have an ulterior motive?”

“You want into her pants. Honey, you want into everybody’s pants, it’s one of your most attractive traits.”

A worried look flashed across the matriarch’s face. “Am I starting to get corrupted by power? Using my position to take advantage of the rest of the members?”

Konrad took her in his arms and tucked her head under his chin. Stroking her back soothingly he whispered, “No, I don’t think you are and even if you were the members are all fully in favor of it. We love you, Melissa, all of us. And if Dorothy joins (and we can keep Peggy and Sassy away from the Surrenderone!) she will, too.”

Melissa took a deep breath and let out a long, relieved sigh. Kyle may have been the alpha male in the farm but in her own home, Konrad was Melissa’s. So long as he approved of what she was doing all was well in her world—and he nearly always did. Somehow that told her that Gaian Farm and Industries was on the right track.


Changes had been made in some of the living arrangements. What with Melissa and Angela being a triad with Konrad and Freddi, Lara and Wendy declaring themselves the alpha male’s harem and what appeared to be an emerging pattern of sub-groups with in the omnigamy, insisting that everyone live in one big, communal apartment complex made less sense than before. Now there was a Matriarch’s Home and a Farm Manager’s house beside the central buildings with more under construction. However, certain eccentricities of architecture still existed. There were always fewer bedrooms than adults to discourage sleeping alone. Additionally, all the bedrooms had an exterior door, just in case the ladies wanted visitors come siesta time.

So it was that Freddi, Lara and Wendy were gathered in the small sitting room of their new house chatting. Or was it plotting?

“I’ve bahis şirketleri read that it takes four children for someone to pass on 94% of their DNA. You can’t guarantee any more than that because of the reshuffling of genes but with four you’re awfully close,” Wendy announced.

“Really?” Freddi was interested. “That means that some of our guys are doing their part and more. We’ve had four for Kyle already plus the one he surprised Angela with and she’s had two more with Konrad plus the one he sired on Sylvia. He needs another, wonderful man that he is.”

“Are you volunteering?” Lara leered.

“Actually, this last one was originally planned to be Konrad’s but Melissa sent him back to Angela, instead. So, to answer your question, in another couple of years I’ll be aiming for that. What are you two thinking of?”

Wendy shot her A Look. “Given how miserable I was with this first pregnancy; I’m thinking calling it quits with one. It’s a damned good thing I didn’t have to go through a summer all walrused up. We might not have made it.”

“I’m not thinking about it at all,” Lara responded, “One baby at a time is all I can concentrate on. Have you heard that Marli is carrying a baby for Jared?”

“I heard that Marli is carrying a baby for Jared on Melissa’s orders. I get the impression that she thinks it’s time he outgrew the ‘girlfriend’ stage and started concentrating on being a man. Fatherhood certainly has been good for Kyle so she may have a point.”

At that point the object of their conversation walked through the door. Little Thomas Kyle jumped up with a delighted scream of “Daddy” and ran to greet him. Kyle tossed the toddler up in the air and caught him to the boy’s delight and perched him on one hip.

“Well, ladies, I can smell dinner at the main hall. Shall we go?” And gathering up three infants, they did.


That night, children in bed and sound asleep, Kyle shaved in the shower as was his habit. The women’s consensus was that he should grow a beard. Nothing bushy or patriarchal, mind, but something like an iron jaw. Wendy said it would give him hierarchical points and make him look more authoritative. Kyle had his doubts but all three of them were of a mind and this was a matriarchy so he carefully drew a line with the razor around his cheeks and on either side of his lower lip. It six weeks it might look like something. Hopefully, he thought, it would look like crap and he’d be allowed to shave it off.

Clean, groomed and dry he entered Wendy’s bedroom and stopped. All three wives were kneeling on the bed in nothing but black stockings and high heels. And on the nightstand, three FeeldoeTM Stouts were laid out at the ready.

“Hi, baby, let’s orgy.”

Kyle took a deep breath.

Freddi cocked her head to one side, lowered her lashes and beckoned him with a slow, languorous forefinger. She stuck out the tip of her tongue and waggled her eyebrows.

“Come on, Kyle. You know it doesn’t do to keep a lady waiting. It’s our night to have fun with you so come lie down like a good boy. After this long I know we don’t need to dose you up.”

“Yeah,” giggled Wendy, “you’re so well-trained now all we have to do is grease you up. Remember back when Freddi first asked you your opinion of femdom? Turns out it’s lots of fun, isn’t it? So let’s see that fine body laid out. We’re gonna work you over, stud. Count on it!”

Lara said nothing at all but the way she played with a RealDoeTM left no doubts as to her intentions. It was going to be a long night.

Kyle lay down on the bed. At once threw warm naked bodies clustered around him. A nipple was pushed into his mouth, a warm mouth wrapped itself around his manhood and Freddi pushed one shoulder and hip up and semi-slid behind him.

“Baby,” she whispered, “remember when I told you how much you turned me on? Especially your ass? I’m gonna do you again tonight. We all are and your butt is going to get a class A workout, baby, and all you get to do is lie there and enjoy it. Arch that back.”

The last time his women had ganged up on him this way, Kyle had been stealthily dosed with Surrenderone. Not this time. Switching roles from aggressor to object of desire had taken several years and lots of chemical welfare but now he knew that when they wanted him it was because they thought he was a sexy beast. Being objectified was just one more way to play so he relaxed, arched his back and felt the big, well-lubricated dong slide inside him and play beautiful music on his prostate.

“You know I won’t last long this way,” he tried to say around the soft pillow of Wendy’s full, nursing breast.

“Oh yes, you will,” Lara retorted as she snapped a cock ring on him. “You’ll last as long as we want you to. Then we’ll let you cum. Roll him over, Freddi.”

Pushed face down and stretched out, Kyle felt Freddi straddle his thighs. She pushed the dildo back into him then leaned forward and, putting her hands on his shoulder blades, began to thrust. Even for the farm’s ‘alpha male’ the women were definitely in charge.


Some nights later Willow lay in the dark with her head on Oliver’s chest thinking about going to sleep but not quite ready to.

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