13 Eylül 2021

Lake Trip


Lake TripBest Friends MomTrip to the lakeOk you all know the story of how I started to have sex with my best friend’s mom while I was in high school. Well this is another installment of that story line.It was summer and hot as always we have talked about going to the lake and camping out for some time now but just haven’t had the chance, meaning time and money. See I was working my ass off in the garage now as well as training for the next season of football and soccer so my time was in short demand as for my best friend he was off working with his dad all the time so we didn’t see each other much. When we did it was just to hang out and talk over a cold beer. As for his mom she would find ways for us to meet up and screw each other’s brains out. But a trip to the lake would be the perfect spot to get some great sex from her if we could find the time. Well thinks started to fall into place and we all set it up for a weekend that everyone had time to be there and enjoy themselves.Friday came ever so slowly but it finial got there and we were all at my friend’s house packing things up for the weekend camping trip. We loaded everything we might need into the two boats and made sure that everything was tied down. As we worked I found time to play with my friend’s mom’s ass and even got a few seconds to slip my hand down her shorts and into her ever so wet pussy. I rubbed her clit as my finger was nice and deep in her and even managed to give her a small orgasm as well. As for me all I got was a quick grab of my dick but its better than nothing. We finished packing everything and it was time to head out, my friends mom got in the truck with her husband and my friend well he had to drive his grandmother’s small truck with the other boat and I was in my car with his sisters. Now his oldest sister which was still a year younger then my friend was with me in the front and his little sister in the back and it didn’t take long for her to be out. That gave us time to play around a bit. Yes I was fucking her as well and she knew that I was fucking her mom because she saw us. Another story that I will go into later in great detail as well. But for now it was the two of us behind the others. She asked me if I had a chance to do anything with her mom and I told her that I finger fucked her to a small orgasm and all I got was a quick grab of my dick. She looked at me and said poor boy do you want me to make it better? I looked in the back and her sister was out cold so I smiled and said yes. That was all that needed to be said because she went to work.Yes she knew her way around zippers and dicks because she had my dick out in no time and as always she started by playing with my foreskin. She would pull it back making the head of my dick pop out at which point she would lick and kiss it before she pulled the skin back over the head of my dick. Once she did she would slip her tongue in and slide it between the skin and the head of my dick. For some reason she really enjoyed doing that and really got off on it. As she did that I had my hand down her shorts playing with her pussy, she has a nice well-trimmed bush that I have seen and yes up close as I ate her out. But this time all I was doing was finger fucking her as she played with my dick. Then she went to work sucking me off she pulled the foreskin back and went to work sucking my dick and god she is so damn good at it another story for another time. I left her pussy and pulled her top up and her bra up as well bursa escort exposing her tits to the daylight and my hands or hand I should say. I played with her rock hard nipples rolling them in my fingers as she did her magic on my dick. I then went back to her pussy and started to finger fuck her as hard and fast as I could. But all that fooling around with her mom and then her I was not going to last long and she knew it but she didn’t stop not even when I started shooting my load in her mouth. She sucked every drop of sperm out of my dick, than she licked the head and shaft nice and clean of any that might have gotten away from her. When she was done she kissed the head of my dick and pulled the skin over it, she then put my dick back in my shorts and zipped and buttoned me up. I could tell she was still horny so I made it my point to make her cum, so I went to work on her clit rubbing it and rolling it between my fingers. I could tell she was close so I shoved my fingers deep into her pussy and I finger fucked her to an awesome orgasm. She locked her legs around my hand as my fingers were nice and deep in her, she was trying to make me stop but it just added fuel to the fire. I worked harder now rubbing her clit with part of my hand as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy. She grabbed my arm and just held on as I worked her pussy through several orgasms. When she couldn’t take anymore she begged me to stop but I was not done yet well that is until I looked in my mirror and saw that her little sister was starting to wake up from all the noise. I slipped my fingers out of her and worked my hand out just in time before she was complete awake. She sat up and fixed her top recovering her tits but there was a nice wet spot on her shorts. The rest of the drive to the lake was very normal you could say.By the time we got to the camping spot the damp spot was almost dry and could hardly be seen so all was good. We set up camp quickly and my friend and his dad took the blue boat to launch it one would drive the boat back the other the truck. This went on for both boats leaving me there with his mom and sisters to finish setting things up. So as soon as they took off and I had a moment I got a nice feel of his mom again. But this time I pushed her shorts and panties to one side and slipped my dick into her pussy which I must say was nice and wet. I got a few strokes in before her youngest called for her and left me with my dick out. But it was a start and a good start because just a minute later my friend’s dad showed up with the blue boat and now it was time for old yeller to be launched. And as soon as my friend showed up off they went and this time the youngest went with them. That gave me more time to screw his mom and I was ready, as soon as they were in the truck I was playing with her tits and when they drove off I was back in her pussy balls deep just pumping away. Damn she felt good and tight as I fucked her going as deep as I could and as fast as I could while rubbing her clit, all that together worked it’s magic and she started to cum. I kept it up going as hard as I could and then just as we heard the boat I shot my load deep in her filling her pussy up with my sperm. I didn’t pull out until I was done shooting in her and as I did I could see a nice load in her because it was starting to leak out. She smiled readjusted her panties and shorts gave me a kiss and walked out. That was just the start of it but the best part came when bursa escort bayan we got up the next day, seems we forgot some of the food in our hurry to get going mainly the meat. So I told them I would run back and get it, it was no problem and as soon as I got back they could come and puck me up for a day on the lake. My friend’s mom asked me if I knew where it was and I said in all honesty no but I could find it. She looked at her husband and said I’ll go with him and we should be back very soon. He agreed and said while you are at home get another case of beer for them for later after their time on the lake but she knew better. So me in my swim trunks and her in her bikini jump into my car and set off. It wasn’t but a few seconds that we were driving that I pulled her top off exposing her tits and erect nipples to my hands. I played with them as I drove and she had my dick out and stroking it she leaned in and whispered in my ear that she was going to jack me off and have me shoot my load in her hands and my lap. She then whispered that she was going to lick me clean and when we got to her house she wanted me to fuck her nice and hard as she told me about last night. Well it worked she jacked me off all over her hand and my lap and as she said she licked me clean.As we pulled into their driveway I took her top all the way off and put it down my trunks, now you have to walk in like that I told her. She grinned and opened the door to my car got out and walked to her front door topless. Once inside I pulled her bottoms off of her and I stripped down as well. We started in the living room with our first fuck her on the coffee table on her back and me on top. Then we went to the kitchen with her standing by the kitchen table and me behind her fucking away. Then to her bedroom where she made me lay down and she got on top she set the pace and that left my hands free to play with her tits and nipples. I also played with her clit as she bounced up and down on my long dick. She would change up from cowgirl to straight ride but either way she was making me go balls deep into her. With all the playing around she was having an orgasm that was growing with each stroke and when I told her I was about to cum she drove down on my dick taking every inch of me into her and when I started to shoot she let out a yell that was so gut wrenching and yet exciting at the same time. I filled her pussy up once again with my sperm and we just laid there for s spell. When she got her wind back we got up went and got the cooler of meat and I took it out to the car naked. She went into the garage got another case and a half of beer and came out to the car as well naked. And off we went back to the lake. As we drove I played with her cum filled pussy and now she started to tell me what happened last night. It seems that after he had a few beers her husband wanted to fool around so she told him to start by eating her out so he went done on her licking and sucking her pussy clean and as he did so he sucked my sperm out of her pussy and licked it off her as well. She told me that just thinking of him sucking my sperm out if her pussy made her orgasm it was a good thing she said because when her got on top of her his dick was so soft he could barely get it in her. Then once he did he lasted a couple strokes before he was out. She rolled him off and finished herself off with her fingers and the things that happened earlier in the day. Now as she was telling me all escort bursa of this she was jacking me off and I had a hand between her legs playing with her clit. So in short time she was having another orgasm and I was about to shoot another load on her hand. But before I could her mouth was all over my dick and she was sucking me off. I shot in her mouth and she milked every drop out of my dick but I wasn’t going soft I wanted to fuck her again so I pulled into a layby and got out naked as the day I was born and went to her side. I opened her door got her out of the car and bent her over, she was holding onto the open door as I slid my dick balls deep into her wet cum filled pussy. I pounded her from behind and with each stroke her tits would swing back and forth as I hammered her and as I did so she was telling me how good my dick felt in her pussy and how much bigger I was than her husband as well as how thick I am and how I filled her up and made her feel. She was almost yelling these things as I fucked her and then she said that she wants to feel me shoot deep in her real deep in her so when I was about to shoot I pulled her back onto me pushing my dick in as deep as I could and it must have done the trick because she went limp in my arms and let out a gasp as her orgasm sent her over the top into never-never land. When I finished pumping my sperm into her I pulled out of her and put her into the car I dressed her as best as I could and I too put my trunks on and off we went.When we were just about there she was almost back she fixed her top made sure her bottoms were correct and things were good. As we pulled up all J could say was did you get the beer she smiled and said yes. We unpacked once again and then off to the lake, it was a hot day and we had loads of fun my friend’s mom and dad in the blue boat and us in old yeller. Yes his sisters were with us and his parents in their own boat cool. We did some water skiing as well as tubbing and then just some screwing around the lake. We all made it back in time for lunch and then back out we went this time as we were out his youngest sister went with his parents leaving us older k**s on our own. So when my friend was out either on the tube or skiing it was just the two of us in the boat. So when he was on the tube she sat on my lap with my dick deep in her and yes she is so much tighter than her mom. We fucked several time while he was doing whatever back there and she had several very good orgasm before we had to call it a day. We all knew that tomorrow afternoon we would have to head back to town so tonight was our last night of fun. Again he had too much to drink and was out in no time which gave us a short window to fuck which we did right next to her passed out husband. That my friends was so damn exciting that I almost shot my load as soon as I went in her. Then again later that night I fucked his sister while her younger sister slept next to her again exciting. The next day we packed things up after breakfast and went out on the lake this time his mom came with us and we did a bit of fooling around when we could. The day went quick and lunch came and went we made it back to the camp sight and did a finial cleaning. Then I drove my car his mom drove one truck and his sister the other truck and my friend and his dad took the boats to the launch. Once we had everything load and tied down back to the house we all went but this time I was on my own and we went our separate ways, I have work in the morning and they have their lives to lead and I needed some time to relax before work it was a very tiring weekend I must say.More to come a lot more so just hold on and I will be more than happy to share all my stories with you.

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