18 Haziran 2021

Leather granny fuck buddy. Part 1


Leather granny fuck buddy. Part 1As you may know from my other stories I have a massive fetish for leather, pvc and boots. This is the story of how I got my very own mature leather wearing fuck toy.It involves Val who is my cousins mother in law. She it’s the nicest of people to start with and there is nothing special in the looks department either but she does seem to wear a bit of leather here and there and nearly always wears a pair of black leather boots. It started at a family bbq at my cousins house, not quite summer but just warm enough. I got there late so the good mood and drink was in full flow. I said my hellos and headed down to the garage to get a drink. As I stepped into the darkness, the light from the fridge created a silhouette of a pretty decent ass with a pair of black, over the knee,high heeled leather boots.That got me going in an instant, like it always does, but as the figure moved away and turned to face me I realised it was Val (the mother in law). With the sight of those gorgeous new boots still fresh in my mind I greeted he with a quick kiss on the cheek but without any thought said,‘Alright Val, You look good. Love those boots’.What was I doing?!.Being a little tipsy herself she didn’t react in a shocked or negative way. In fact she was rather happy and thankful for the comment.‘Thank you mark. They’re new but a little high. Especially when I’ve had a couple.’‘I bet’, I said. ‘But still lovely all the same’I slid past to get a drink but she didn’t move. I thought it was a bit rude as it happened but knowing what I know now, it was that her mind was already having dirty thoughts.The day turned to evening and the temperature dropped a bit and I noticed her come back outside wearing the softest and shiniest, black leather coat that came just above her knees. So she was now head to toe in black leather. The sight was hot but it was still her behind the all so my excitement so my mind was at logger heads with my cock. But when It comes to leather, that always wins.I had had a few drinks but not spoken to her since the garage comment but I did keep having a cheeky look at those boots and now, that stunning leather coat. I headed off to the loo and upon opening the door felt a hand on canlı bahis my chest and a sudden shove back into the bathroom.It was Val. ‘I can’t stop thinking about how sweet your comment was earlier. It’s so lovely when someone notices you’, She slurred, being slightly drunk. She still had her hands on my chest.‘Your welcome Val. I do like to give a compliment when it’s due and you look even better now with that coat on’. That was the the drink and what leather does to me.Without a second thought she grabbed the back of my head with her left hand and pulled me in for a hard and rather passionate kiss. Her tongue was quickly in my mouth and searching for some sort of response. Through shock I pulled away and just looked at her not really being able to speak.‘What the….. bloody hell….’ was all I could muster.I think the drink suddenly wore off.‘My god. I’m so sorry mark. I just…. well the drink…. it’s been long…. I…. I….’ she said stammering and looking for the swallow her up I think.She turned and went to leave and that’s when, in those split seconds I realised I could have her and she would be mine. Plus she was dressed in leather and boots so that was more than enough anyway.I reached out and grabbed her arm and pulled her back. I spun her round and as we faced I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair a kissed her hard and fast. She was now in shock and pulled away, but looking into my eyes she knew I wasn’t fucking about. We both went back in for a pong hard snog with my hands rubbing all over her leather back and ass. She had slid her hands up and down my chest and was now rubbing my crotch. Getting hard almost instantly she pulled away and begged me to fuck her. Knowing that I had the control right now and how much I did want to fuck her I refused and told her she would have to wait. With that I opened to door and made my way back to the party.For the rest of the night I would catch her watching me with a begging hunger look in her eyes. I teased her by avoiding her apart from the odd time when I would brush past behind her and grab her waist and slowly shove my hard dick into her back or ass, just to let her know it was still waiting for her.But it was getting late and the party was finished bahis siteleri and I was ready to go…So I started to say my goodbyes before heading off home even though my dick was throbbing. But I knew if I could control myself and get her to make the next move the control would be all mine.As i came to her I leant in for a normal kiss on the cheek but gave her leather covered ass a little rub and squeeze and whispered in her ear, ‘you better think fast Val’.I decided to walk even though it was a bit cold but I thought it would help cool down the red hot thoughts and blood running through my body. And luck seemed to be on my side that day as I heard a shout from back at he house, my cousin.‘Mark. Val has asked if you could walk her home, it’s on your way. Do us a favour mate!’.Fair play to her, I thought. I waited at the top of the road for her and with all my might and will power decided not to do anything tonight. I heard her begin to walk towards me with that wonderful sound of booted heels on a hard surface makes, and as she got closer I watched as the leather coat gently swayed around her knees and rubbed against the leather of the boots. Now she had buttoned up the front of her coat and turned up the collar so only a small part of her neck could be seen.My dick was solid and I knew I was just staring with an almost a****listic look in my eyes. But I was going to remain strong and not initiate anything and keep control.However, she then pulled out a pair of black leather gloves and slowly pulled them on. They came to jut above her wrists but looked very expensive and so soft as well.Game over!!! I was fucking this leather clad granny tonight!!!As I waited for her to reach me I noticed a slight smirk and a twinkle in her eye. She thinks she’s won, I thought. We didn’t have far to walk but I made some small talk about enjoying the bbq and that crap. I didn’t care and neither did she but I was really trying not to grab this leather covered granny and fuck her right there and then. As we neared her house she linked her arm through mine and worked her hand down into my pocket. The leather felt cold and so soft on my hand, and then I felt her twist her hand and began to rub my cock. We made it to her door.‘I bahis şirketleri need this now Mark.’ She said as she gave my cock a squeeze and grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me in for a kiss.‘Fuck it. You’ve earned it.’ I said, as I grabbed a hand full of the leather collar and another handful of leather and her arse, and pushed her back in through the front door. As soon as we had stepped in our hands were all over each other and tongues wrestling one another’s. I just couldn’t get enough of the cold, soft leather on my hands. This maybe went on for 5 mins or so. My dick was rock hard and the jeans felt like a prison, but she must have sensed this or something because she then pulled away undid them and dropped to her knees. The creaking of her leather boots and coat while watching the leather crease and fold was heavily. She took hold of my cock with her right leather gloved hand and slowly started to stroke me. Her left hand gently rubbing my arse. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer. ‘Suck it bitch’ I growled, I wasn’t sure what had come over me but I then grabbed the back of her head and pretty much pushed her open mouth onto me cock. She didn’t resist though. She pulled back and forth and started to lick my bell end each time she pulled back. Fuck me it was amazing.I felt my body begin to tense and my balls start to ache and she felt it too. I was going to cum.‘I’m gonna cum…. fuck…. I’m cuummm.’She didn’t stop and I fired a massive load straight in her mouth. I must have shot another 2-3 good loads and she took most of it apart from a small dribble that had run down her chin and on the front of her leather coat and had stopped on her tits.‘Damn that was fuck it good.’ I panted as I pulled out of her mouth.Once she had finished swallowing and sorted herself out she reached out for a hand up. I helped her out and upon hearing the leather and boots creaking once again I could have gone again right there. But I played the game once more. She pulled me close and whispered in my ear, ‘my turn.’‘I can’t. I better go before anyone notices back home.’ I said pretty sternly if I’m honest. As I still wanted her to want more so didn’t give her much choice and quickly zipped up and left. I think she was so shocked that’s why she didn’t say anything.I so wanted to fuck her all night in those leathers but I had I where I wanted and as this was new to me too I was still making it up as I went along.

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