18 Kasım 2021


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LIFE,S SURPRISESMy wife,s long time fantasy of sampling a big black man,s cock eventually became reality, but I never dreamed of such a thing happening to me. As I stated before I,m heterosexual and been married fifty plus years, but have enjoyed sucking cocks for most of my sexual life, but until 1987 had never had the pleasure of tasting a black man,s prick. At that time I worked as Night security supervisor at a centre in the city of London. Over the years due to the long hours my job took me away from wife Sarah I,d gotten involved in affairs, but had told Sarah afterwards as it was a great turn on for both our sex lives, even more so as my wife had few opportunities to have sex with others like I did. In the summer of 1987 a new guard started working nights with me named Guy. Guy was two inches taller than me, Good looking and rather dark skinned. One evening I had stopped in the men’s toilet for a piss when Guy walked in. “Hi Guv,nor” he greeted me, unzipped his flies and whipped out one of the biggest cocks I,d ever seen and it was still limp! Looking at men,s cocks sometimes turned me on as well as naked women, but Guy,s Male sausage fascinated me. Smooth and uncut with prominent veins it stuck out from his hairy hanging balls and spat out a large stream of urine in the urinal. I had to concentrate to finish washing my hands as he returned his giant muscle then joined me at the next basin to anadolu yakası escort wash his hands. I Didn,t think any more about Guy,s prick till I got home and was in bed on my own as everyone else was either at work or in school and I found my rock hard cock in my right hand as I imagined it was Guy,s cock I was stroking to climax and how it would taste to try to swallow his thick spunk. My ejaculation was an intense heavy one spurted in an old ragged towel which led to a restful sleep before waking to prepare for the next night shift. Nothing happened to realise my imaginings till one shift when we were quite busy and Didn,t manage to lock up till 2am when usually lockup was midnight. I told Guy to have an hour,s rest in our breaks room and then headed there to have my meal. Guy had obviously not expected anyone to disturb him as the others on our shift were on established positions and could not leave till either Guy or I took over for them. Guy was laying on the settee at the rear of the room with his trousers round his knees as he wanked his massive cock. I stayed silent fascinated as he worked what had to be almost a foot length of black prick which was fairly thick as well, a hardcore porn magazine spread out beside him which he was concentrated on to the point where he was oblivious to anything else. Suddenly a large stream of white thick liquid shot out pendik escort of the tip of his dick and into some tissues left out for that purpose. I waited till Guy wiped his cock before I walked all the way in “If I were you I,d be more careful where I whacked off!!” I told him drily. “Sorry Joe. I get so horny since my girlfriend left me if I can,t have a wank I go crazy!” “I Didn,t say Don,t do it, Just make sure you don,t get caught at it!” I qualified my statement. “I certainly won,t say nothing on condition!” “And What Condition is that?” he asked. “That I can Touch that Big cock of yours!” “Okay” He let me unzip his flies and peel,his underpants down so his member could be free for me to grasp his root which I could just about get my large hand around. “Do you like it then?” He asked.”I,m fascinated by it! I,ve seen pictures and videos of big black cocks, but this is the First time I ever touched one!” I told him. “Mind if I beat you off or can you cum again so soon?” I asked, hopefully. “Sure I can cum again, Go Ahead!” He smiled and I began to stroke him in earnest. Of course my own cock was straining to escape and Guy released me without asking and began to rub my prick which felt nice. Obviously I shot my load before Guy amazed my load was almost as thick as his. Curious as to the taste I licked his cock clean. “Mm you taste nice!” I complimented him. He did the same to tuzla escort me. “So Do,you! Do you suck cock then?” “Of Course, But I fuck and eat pussy, too. Never sucked one as big as yours though, maybe now I will!” I sighed. “Prefer some food for now though. Maybe eat your cum later!” It turned out it Didn,t happen that night as we soon got too busy. The opportunity Didn,t arise for some weeks and the occasion I scheduled Guy to have his break at the same time as mine. We went to the first aid room to be in private and slowly undressed each other. I,ve never been one to kiss males, but have nothing against fondling and it was enjoyable fondling and caressing our balls and cocks, his dwarfing my circumcised seven inches. To draw things out he elected to suck me off first easily deep throating my prick then swallowing each and every spurt declaring my cum delicious. It had certainly made him rigid stone as I licked over his shaft and hanging balls savouring the musky taste, then sliding my mouth over his tip working more of it in my mouth and soon I had more cock than I,d ever taken before and I was just over half way so no way could I deep throat his cock. A compromise was just over half of his prick in my mouth as I jerked his shaft to climax then somehow gulped his heavy ejaculate without choking on it. I really liked the taste, but drew the line when Guy suggested he fuck my ass. We did enjoy some hot sixty nine sessions till Guy began dating one of the female guards and they moved in together, but he asked for day shifts his girlfriend worked so we only saw each other at shift change time after that.i have not sampled a black cock or cock so big since then, but who knows!!??

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