7 Nisan 2021

Live to Ride Ch. 01


This is my first submission so please rate and leave my constructive comments. I apologize for any mistakes that may be contained in my work. Big thanks go out to my editor HMEdits as he helped this story realize its full potential

Chapter 1

Return of the Prodigal Son

As I ride along into the Northern California sunset my cut hugs my body as my shovelhead rumbles beneath me. I am headed home after my recent walkabout for the past half year, after the trying times that occurred in my life starting on that fateful day that would change life as I knew it.

I am the Sergeant at Arms of the Section 8 Motorcycle Club. Section 8 was started by my old man and some like minded friends after returning from Vietnam and not finding a place to fit in. With their skills they acquired in the military they proceeded to become the most feared and respected Motorcycle Clubs in the country, and eventually through out most of the world. Now, there are many so-called 1%er Motorcycle Clubs through out the United States and the rest of the world, but we are the elite of that 1%. We are the guys to see no matter your needs: guns, drugs, protection, pleasurable company, or anything else you could desire.

Now, you may wonder why I have been on my walkabout over the past half year, and the short version is my old lady, mother and brother were all murdered that fateful day almost seven months ago. Though details have been exceedingly scarce, even with our extensive connections, I have no doubt we will eventually find out who was behind this atrocity and justice will be swift and ruthless.

My shovelhead roars across the pavement headed for home to get ready for the inevitable bash that will mark my homecoming. A hot shower is the first order of business, so I crank the throttle and head for home. As I pull into the driveway, I notice lights on in the house. This raises my suspicions as I know my house has been closed up for months after the renovations. So as I shut down the shovelhead I pull out my snub nose .45 and proceed into the house. On the kitchen table I spot a note, and it reads:


Welcome back, little gift is waiting upstairs in the bedroom. Just don’t take too long, everyone is waiting to see you at the Clubhouse.


Your Old Man

S3kshun 3ight

Now, you may ask why the weird spelling on the Section 8 under his name. Well, that is a code we put on letters and such to authenticate who they are from. So I tuck my snub nose back into my cut, but it’s still not that far out of reach, you never can be too safe in our lifestyle. As I walk into my master bedroom, I see one of the most beautiful blondes I have ever laid my eyes on stretched across my king size bed. “So you must be the Sarge, I’m under orders to be the first to welcome you home.” Her voice was dripping with lust as she spoke and I could already smell her intoxicating perfume as it bostancı escort bayan permeated the room. “Yeah, I’m the Sarge, and who might you be, beautiful?” I said as I am already starting to get aroused by this beautiful creature. “Well, my name is Amanda and I am here to see to your every pleasure and desire.” She stated as she proceeded to move from the bed towards me. Man, this woman is gorgeous, she stands around 5′ 9″ in her heels and she’s dressed in only panties and a bra that is struggling to hold back her impressive rack. As my eyes continue to move across her physique, I see her stomach is toned, just a hint of the muscles flexing under the skin. My eyes continue their voyage south down her firm and toned legs, which end with a pair of sexy 3″ heels.

“See anything you like?” she asks, although my arousal is evident with my erection struggling to get out of my faded jeans. “Why don’t you get comfy on the bed and we’ll see about fixing that impressive tent in your jeans” she says, her voice dripping with even more lust as she has obviously spotted my 9 ½ inch erection and judging by the look on her face she seems quite pleased. So I take off my cut and hang it on the chair by the door and take my snub nose out and set it on the night stand. I then sit on the edge of the bed, she proceeds to kneel down and remove my boots and I am certainly enjoying the view as I can see her boobs are ready to pop out of that bra at any second. She then works upward pulling my long sleeve shirt off, she seems further pleased at the sight of my six-pack and my toned physique. She then proceeds to start a heavy make out session, first shoving her hungry tongue down my throat, and working her way to nibbling my neck and down my chest towards her ultimate goal. As she makes the slow torturous journey over my chest and abs her hands begin to unbuckle my belt, then my pants. She then kneels down and marvels at the tent I am now making in my boxers, she doesn’t say anything, but the satisfied smirk is enough said. “Scared Amanda? Don’t worry it doesn’t bite” I say trying to get her out of the gawking session she is having with my erection. “No not scarred, just a little awestruck is all” she says as she slowly starts to pull down my boxers. Man, this woman likes to torture a man, I think to myself. As my erection comes into view she stares again, with a dick like mine you get used to this kind of gawking, at least it’s better than when I was younger and girls would get scarred and run when they saw my dick for the first time.

Finally my clothes are removed and she starts to suck my dick, and oh man this woman is fantastic. Slowly she begins to work my length with her hands, making sure no part of my erection goes unattended. Man she’s playing me like an instrument hitting all the right notes in her journey down my sizable erection. Satisfied groans are coming from her throat and soon I ümraniye escort discover why, her right hand is buried in her panties. “Hey, I can help you with that you know” I say through the groans coming out of my mouth. Amanda smiles around my erection, as she comes up she says, “How about I get a little more comfortable first?” She stands up and starts to sway to some unheard music. Now dancing at the end of the bed she slowly slides her hands all over her body, turning about as she starts a very sensual striptease. She turns her back to me while continuing to dance about the room, man I can not get over the physical perfection of this woman before me. Her hands come around her body sliding sensually up her flanks from her hips, rising to the back of her bra slowly undoing the clasp that is still miraculously holding that bra together. Her bra comes undone as she moves her arms to let the garment fall from her body, all the while slowly turning back towards me. As she turns I get my first look at the impressive rack sitting on her chest. They’re round and firm with just a slight hint of sag to them proving they are indeed natural. She continues to dance to the unheard music, as she shimmies about she begins to remove the thong decorating her lower half. After she removes it and throws it towards me as well, I can smell her arousal evident by the wet spot the fabric.

“There, that’s much better” she says while removing her heels. “Now where were we?” she questions crawling sexily back into the bed. She crawls right up and squats over my cock, and slowly she begins to lower herself down my length. Her moans are frequent and loud, “Jesus that thing is huge” she says with lust dripping through her voice. She begins to squeal as she nears the bottom of my cock, she just had her first orgasm of the night. As she bottoms out on my cock, she pants “Holy Shit! That’s a big cock” all the while gasping for air. I proceed to wrap my arms around her to roll her over and kick up the action a notch or two. Now with Amanda’s amazing body underneath me I proceed to fuck the shit out of her and grant her apparent wish of not being able to walk straight tomorrow. She is moaning and groaning unintelligibly in my ear, so apparently I am doing something right. After bringing her to a few more orgasms (I wasn’t especially counting, I was a little busy enjoying that wonderful body of hers) I am rapidly approaching an orgasm of my own, “You ready for that cum baby? Where do you want it?” I ask huskily in her ear. “In my pussy, give me that cum, please?” she begs as she begins to shake again beginning her last orgasm of this session. I roar out my climax, stars shoot behind my eyes and it feels as if the top of my head went through the ceiling. Amanda for her part is writhing beneath me and it seems she is floating on a cloud as I fill her with my massive load.

As we collapse on the bed, we begin to snuggle up together, escort kartal “So how was that for a welcome home?” she asks, with that special glow in her body and voice that a woman gets after a good session of sex. “About as good of a welcome home as a guy can get” I say while trying to regain my breath. “Well Amanda, I need to get around and head to the Clubhouse for my welcome home bash” I say some disappointment showing in my voice about not having more time to get know Amanda. “You want some company?” she says trying to find a way to spend more time with me. “No babe, why don’t you just hang out here? I’ll be back a little later and then we can get to know each other even better.” I say. “Sure I can hang around Sarge, plus I get the bonus of more time with your friend there” she says getting up out of bed to help me redress. I slip my jeans and long sleeve back on, no time for that shower now, as I am already close to being late. Amanda slips my cut back around my shoulders, pressing her body into my back. I slip my snub nose but into my cut, ready to head into the night. Amanda comes around to my front and plants a wonderful kiss on my lips, “Well, have fun I’ll see you later tonight.” She says a slight edge of disappointment evident in her voice at the fact that I am leaving her. “I’ll be back in a few hours, make yourself at home.” I say planting another wonderful kiss on her lips, sending the message that I’m not that happy at leaving either.

As I begin to head downstairs to the garage, I hear the shower start up. I think for just a minute about saying fuck it and going back upstairs and fucking Amanda into oblivion and passing out on the bed. But I can’t do that as everyone is looking forward to seeing me tonight. So I fire up the shovelhead, put on my helmet and slip on my gloves and roar off down the road to the Clubhouse, already starting to miss that amazing blonde, who is no doubt pleasuring herself in the shower by now.

As I rumble up to the gate at the Clubhouse, I see Tank in the guard shack “Hey Tank why you in the bubble? Isn’t that a job for one of the prospects?” I yell out over the rumble of the shovelhead. “Hey Boss, I was ordered to man the bubble tonight by The Old Man, not sure why though, just said for me to man it and to radio him when you arrived.” Tank yelled back. “Well, go ahead and radio him! Wouldn’t want you to get accused of slacking on the job, see you inside bro!” I holler back not waiting for Tank’s response

I arrive in the main part of the clubhouse after parking my bike, backing into my spot near the door. Roadhouse Blues by Ministry blares out over the speakers and the night’s entertainment starts up on the poles scattered throughout the room. Under a giant welcome home banner stands the Old Man and 100 of my closest brothers. “WELCOME HOME!!!” they all shout in near unison and a beer is slapped into my hand, hugs are passed out and the party gets into full swing.

After this point my memory becomes a little hazy as to the nights details, but I’m sure it was one for the record books. We should have gone a little easier on the partying in hindsight, because tomorrow we have to return to business as usual.

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