2 Temmuz 2021

Lizzy Tries to be a Prostitute


Lizzy Tries to be a ProstituteHi Everybody! Lizzy here!i dressed just like i said, like a complete and total hooker, and took my baby bro out. we went walking the streets and headed toward the park. there was nobody out there, so i just enjoyed my quality time with my lil bro. i sucked him and kissed him, and he ate me out. i had 2 orgasms before someone came along.it was this guy. he was drunk and he was walking home, and i told my baby bro to hide in the bushes and keep watch. i approached this guy and said id suck his dick for a dollar. hes so excited, hes like, hell yeah, and so he actually pays me and i fucking swallow his cock for a single dollar. hes not the biggest ive ever had, and he cums really fast (which is ok, you know i love cum!) and then i tell him that my pussy is 5 dollars, but he can hit it raw for 5 dollars and a penny, so hes like fuck yeah! the poor guy literally didnt have enough. i know, my luck, right? so i took pity on him and had him give me what he had on him, and i fucked him with a condom on. he lasted much longer this time, and i really fucked him as hard as i could. he was great, honestly, he couldnt shut up about how “beautiful” i was, but i came, and he came, and it was so hot. out in the open night air, right there in the middle of the park where all the k**s play during the day, and im being a canlı bahis literal skank fucking some random weirdo. i loved it so muchi kept the used condom. i tied off the end and hung it on my skirt :)he thanked me and spanked me once before he left. once he was gone, and i could see the coast was clear i told my baby brother to come out. he was exploding with energy, he was so happy and excited, and i took him back in the bushes and sucked him for the next hour, non-stop, we were so turned on. when he couldnt orgasm anymore, i just kissed him and jerked his beautiful dick for as long as i could. then i heard someone coming.i told him to stay put and stay quiet, and i walked out. it was one of the dogs from my neighborhood. he’s Charlie, one of our neighbors owns him, and he gets out all the time. I’ve fucked Charlie more times than you would believe. i took Charlie into the bushes, and my perfect baby Brother helped me like he does when i knot with Krypto. Charlie fucked my goddamn brains out, and i sucked on my little brother while i was down on all fours. when Charlie came, he swelled up and knotted inside me, so i had a while to wait. i secretly hoped that someone would find me like that, but they didnt, and i played with and kissed my lil bro until Charlies knot went down. i wanted to stay a little longer, but after a couple bahis siteleri of minutes and still no one came? i took Charlie with us, and we walked home. and then? like two blocks from where we live? there were a bunch of guys out together. :Di told my little Brother to stay back and dont let him be seen, and i swayed up to the boys. they immediately started catcalling me, which, seeing how i was dressed? yeah, thats totally fair. i asked if anyone was lonely, and everyones hand went up LOL i asked if anyone wanted to get his dick sucked? again, every hand, and this time they were pretty vocal about it. i asked if anyone had any money, and suddenly, wallets start coming out. 5 dollars for a blowjob, please, and money is in my face so fast, im giggling. i make 30 dollars, right there, and cocks start appearing before me. i squat down and start sucking and jerking everyone, and im in heaven. im working everyone, and all the boys start saying nasty shit to me, calling me everything under the sun, and im so fucking wet, i wonder if they can hear my cunt ache? i can feel a bunch of them getting close, so i go for it. does anyone want to Bukkake this trashy bitch? 10 dollars a piece, please. money. money is in my face just as much as the dicks, and im a rich bitch. they keep stuffing cocks in my mouth and i start making them pop and cum bahis şirketleri all over me. when theyve all shot their loads, im covered. i have a glaze all over my head and my tits, and im half-painted white, and im in love with the fucking disgusting smell coming off of me right now :)the guys call me horrible names and thank me for being so nasty, and i shout some thank yous at them as they leave.i count my cash. a little under 100. in one night, for fun. i think i need to do this more. i go back to my Little Bro, who watched all of it. hes so worked up. i know what he needs. so i tie Charlies leash to a streetlamp and have my lil bro stand in the middle of the road with his cock out, and right there, in the dead center of the street of our neighborhood, i suck his fucking cock while im covered and dripping with cum. my baby Brother is trying to take pictures with his phone, but only a few of them cum out too well. i suck him and tell him i love him, and keep looking to see if anyone is there. no one shows up, and i suck my Little Brother to orgasm. we’ve done enough. i run home with him, and we drop Charlie off at his owners yard (yet again). i have plans to see that big puppy again, real soon. when we get home, my Bro helps me undress, and we shower together. he so sweet to me. when im done, we climb into bed with my girlfriend, and finally get some sleep. im so turned on when i wake up. im tired, but it was so worth it. i think i want to be a prostitute again 🙂 maybe with higher prices?Tell me what you thought!Enjoy!-Cum Princess Lizzy 🙂

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