24 Haziran 2021

Locked & Loaded


Locked & LoadedA client of mine came over, John who was about 45 at the time, came over for a massage, watersports, teabagging, rough, face slapping, and some breath play. We did this fairly often, each year, this time he asked would i like to do something different. When i found out what it is i of course declined so we did the usual, with a little bit of extra thrown in for good measure. I love to give massages which are sensual and light. I use aromatherapy oil to accentuate the positive results which can occur from a really good massage. When we started we did water sports first, after i gave him a nice hot shower. As i was kneeling, drying him with a soft towel, he peed in my mouth. Then we went into the warm massage room with a heated table. canlı bahis First i did his feet and then the rest of him, John is very muscular and does a construction job. He’s got about 7″ of nice thick cock. After doing the front of his body we went into the bedroom and i got seated on the floor, he brought the chair up, so he could have his cock and balls, right next to my mouth. So i started first with rimming his pisshole and then the shaft not forgetting the head. As i went down after about 15-20 minutes of constant deepthroating and keeping it in, till i couldn’t breathe, he was getting close to his ultimate pleasure. My pleasure comes when im deepthroating a big, thick, juicy cock and balls. I was also getting all my favorites in, like teabagging, bahis siteleri face & cock slapping, rimming piss and asshole, sucking on nuts, first one and then the other, then forcing both of them in. While he was getting close to him cumming, he locked his legs around my neck, squeezing just so tight, about when he was ready to cum. I was seated below him on the floor, my arms and hands on the side of me. When he came i was able to breath once he was all done, i was so amazed. He knew how to move his cock just right to give himself and me maximum pleasure. After that i continued with the massage, then we did water sports, and another trip to the floor and deep throating his wonderful cock, sucking his balls, rimming out his ass and pisshole. bahis şirketleri After about 20 min. of tea bagging, we went back to deepthroat and face slapping and rough oral. All this took about 3 hours from start to finish. From this point on i started incorporating this into my massage for just the clients i thought would enjoy such. After this i did his back side and when i got to his butt & asshole i did a sensual massage on that. Before i put the oil on it, i licked around it with my tongue. Lapping in and out and all around many times. Oh that was a sure fire way to relax John, then i did his legs and feet, we went into the bedroom once again and did all that we did on the other 2 times, so that by the end of the massage we did it 3 times of deepthroating and me swallowing his cum. Could we have kept this up, don’t know as haven’t ever found a man who could last as long as John did. This is a true story, Hope you like it, Please let me know? Thank You.

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