7 Nisan 2021

Long Awaited Happening


The long awaited happening was close at hand. After talking about it for what seemed an eternity it was finally about to happen. My body bristled with expectation and desire. It had bristled since the first time we had talked about what was about to happen.

Today the anticipation and desire took on an added dimension. The agony of the yearning and anticipation was exquisite and more pleasurable than ever.

I prepared myself by taking a shower. I hurriedly washed my hair, the whole time distracted by each drop of water that hit my body. Each drop sent shivers through my body and especially the drops that hit my nipples. They along with the rest of my breasts were so sensitive that it nearly took my breath away. I wanted to touch myself but refrained knowing my lover would soon be there I did not want to reach my peak and expend all my energy before he got to my house.

I pulled my hair back and put on a long free flowing dress that was all but see thru along with a pair of thigh high stockings and short heels.

I descended the stairs and with each step as my thighs brushed against each other the flame of want burned hotter and more brilliantly. I heard the doorbell just as I descended the last step.

I rushed to the door and opened it.

My lover was standing escort bostancı there with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his beautiful eyes that told me he was looking forward to today’s happening as I was and that he was just as happy to see me as I was to see him.

I pulled the door open to let him in. He walked in and took me by the shoulders and gave me a very passionate kiss. The flame that had been smoldering in me burned hotter as his hands lingered on my body.

We made small talk as we got drinks and snacks and retired to the living room couch. We sat down and for a moment just looked at each other appreciating just being in each other’s presence.

My desire was almost palpable as was his. He touched me and I nearly jumped out of my skin. We bristled with desire as we attempted to kiss and talk at the same time.

We stopped talking and continued kissing and touching each other more and more intimately. I took off his shirt and rubbed my hands over his broad chest. My fingers burned as I touched him from the heat his body gave off.

He ran his hand up my stocking legs. I became more and more wet and aroused the higher his hand got on my leg. His finger grazed my short pubic hair and slid adeptly into the lips of my pussy to rub my ümraniye escort much engorged clit. He teased and then stopped. My juices flowed more and more.

He stood me up and removed my dress as I took off his pants and shorts. His magnificent cock sprang from its confines. I ran my hands along his beautiful member as he pushed me gently down to a sitting position on the couch.

He licked and sucked lovingly on my tits knowing it would drive me crazy and knowing of the connection between my tits and pussy. I got wetter and wetter with each pass of his tongue.

He licked from my tits down my torso to my pussy. He hooked his arms around my legs and I spread them as he ducked under my knees.

His tongue found my very stiff clit and licked it first gently and then roughly. I moaned and arched my back as I squeezed and played with my tits. At the same time I clasped my legs gently around his head. My snatch produced profuse juices which he lapped up all the while giving me all the pleasure I could take.

I came over and over again and each time he shot me a gorgeous smile with my juices glistening on his face.

Through my grunts of satisfaction and panting with pleasure I said to him, “I want to taste your cock”. He was happy to oblige.

As kartal escort bayan he stood up I ran my hands along his rock hard member. There was so much heat emanating from his hardness and much precum at the head. As I got down to lay on the floor I licked the precum off of the tip and licked all the way down the shaft. My lover shuddered and moaned mimicking my own desire.

I layed down and opened my willing and waiting mouth wide wanting his ample cock to fill it and to taste his cum so badly.

He lay down gently on top of me and slid his ample cock into my mouth. He rubbed his whiskers gently on my inner thighs and piqued my arousal yet again before he once more buried his tongue in my pussy.

I worked my mouth and lips along his cock all up and down the shaft with each pass attempting to take him further into my mouth. When his mouth was not otherwise occupied he would moan his approval and tell me how good it felt. He got wider and harder till it seemed he would burst.

As his arousal peaked he went at my clit with more intensity. I clamped my legs around his head and had the most pleasurable cu/orgasm of the encounter and as I let loose with my pleasure his cock let loose its load of hot cum. He moaned and grunted over and over again

His cum tasted so good as I swished it around my mouth and swallowed every bit.

He raised himself off my body and kissed up my body to my lips. Then he helped me up. We kissed and sat back down on the couch and fell asleep in each other’s arms, both of us dreaming of next time.

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