3 Temmuz 2021

Looking after Gulliver


Looking after GulliverOne of my husband’s friends from the golf club had gone overseas for nearly three months. Victor had accepted to look after his nice Great Dane appropriately named Gulliver. At first I was a little uneasy about his size; but after two weeks, I had gotten use to him being around.That early evening, after having a warm bath, I felt a little bit horny and put on a sexy negligee. My loving Victor was away for a few days on another boring business trip and I really needed to take care of an urgent need. So I grabbed one of my favorite huge black rubber toys lay back on the bed; starting to play. It did not take long before I was dripping wet because of that huge dildo sliding over my aching swollen clit.Between my fingers and my dildo I was oblivious to anything around me and I was totally unaware that Gulliver was wandering upstairs. I was lying there with my eyes closed, when he hit me with his wet tongue, slithering right between damp pussy lips…I was startled at the touch and jumped up with a shock. I turned around and saw Gulliver right there, sitting with his tail slapping the floor and a funny look on his face; his head tilted to one side.I was stunned by what he did, but then I was feeling so horny and I returned to stimulating myself. All of a sudden I started to shake with full passion moaning loudly. I felt I was in heaven as the ripples of the fast approaching orgasm began to build in me.As the full climax of canlı bahis my orgasm hit me, Gulliver made his move. He climbed quickly up on the bed and in one swift movement his tongue started to taste again my dripping pussy. I was powerless at this point now, as wave after wave of pure lustful pleasure flowed through my body. My breathing became erratic, my legs went stiff with each passing moment; sweat was oozing from every inch of me.I was locked in that moment of total lust and I was not stopping.And there between my legs, that huge dog was licking for all it was worth, savoring the taste of raw sex. I had a real powerful orgasm. By the end of it I was left shaking and crying with pure lust.Standing on the side I had a view of Gulliver´s huge cock just hanging there below him. It looked at least nine inches long.I then knelt at the side of him; my hand instinctively moved to his side I could feel the warm fur slipping though my fingers. My gaze was transfixed on that swaying cock hanging there with a slight drip of clear fluid oozing from the end…I decided to have just one touch. I slid my trembling hand up his back leg, my fingers going closer to his cock.Finally, I held him in my hand. His cock was hot to the touch and I could feel its pulse.Now with my hand wrapped round his cock, Gulliver took over and began to thrust it in my hand and as hi fluid soaked my fingers.I just could not stop. His fucking motion began to get more and bahis siteleri more urgent; my whole hand was awash with his juices. I pushed the dog down on to his side and wrapped my hand around his cock meat and tried to jerk his full monster size.All I had on my mind now was getting fucked, I held in my hand this huge cock and now I wanted it in my pussy. I lay on my tummy and offered my wet pussy lips to him.Gulliver was as horny as I was, as he frantically thrust his cock deep in my hand. He was thrusting his hips at me and his cock slipped from my hand. Then I could feel his spurting hot juice splatter against my bum. I tried to move my pussy around in the hope we lined up but to no avail he poked at my legs and my ass, he even dug it in to my swollen clit..I was getting frustrated about him not hitting the mark; but suddenly he found it. Then he slammed his hard cock right in to my throbbing pussy and for a moment it hurt like hell and I pulled back a little…After a few minutes his frantic fucking pain turned to pleasure as I was filled to bursting with this magnificent red hard cock.It felt very tight as it slipped in and out of my wet pussy. The more he fucked me, the more of my juices flowed from my pussy. I was crying out to cum and desperate to be finished off.Then I felt his rough fur rasped over my swollen clit and I knew my own orgasm was building fast.Then something grabbed my attention down by my pussy. Something was bahis şirketleri trying to push it way past my wet pussy lips. It felt really huge. Then I recognized it was the big red ball of his dick…His rampant thrusting became more urgent as I watched this thing grow to about the size of a tennis ball. Gulliver was trying to push it between my swollen pussy lips.I could feel it push harder against my wet pussy with each thrust of his cock until he was trying to push it in my pussy.For a moment I was overtaken by a sudden feeling of alarm; but then I felt he pushed more and more until that ball entered my cuntI did cry in pain at first but Gulliver did not care. I was stuck with this big lump of flesh deep in my pussy and he still fucked it into me.After about two minutes, pleasure took over and my mind was dragged back to the need to cum. Instinctively, I was making thrusting motions so as he thrust at me, I pushed down at him, driving his cock and knot deeper up my cunt.The well known feeling of a near orgasm began to build in my loins.Lifting my bum I began moaning and grinding my aching clit. I was trying to get him to fuck my pussy harder and with each thrust of his cock I grew nearer and nearer to orgasm.All of a sudden I was hit with a shattering orgasm that ripped through my shuddering body, wave after wave…Tears were running from my eyes, my legs went rigid and I could feel his hard cock and its red knot was trapped in my hungry cunt.For the next few months, until his owner returned, Gulliver treated me like another bitch, often sniffing my pussy and trying to mount me and hump me, even when my husband was present. And sometimes he was successful…

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