13 Kasım 2021

Love The One You’re With


Do you remember the song by Crosby, Stills, and Nash that goes, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”? Well, I take those lyrics seriously, even on evenings like the one I will share with you here.

Supposedly I work from 8 AM to 5 PM.

But as a Marketing Manager at a large tech company, I often need to work later, especially when, as now, there is a large push to launch a new product I was lucky to leave work at around 7:30 and walked into my apartment a little after 8:00. Ugh, I’m beat! I had planned to call a friend to meet me for drinks, but I just want to stay home and unwind.

I popped a quick vegetarian dinner in the microwave and went into my bedroom to undress. Since I wasn’t expecting company I just pulled a favorite flimsy camisole over my head and stepped into the panties. As I walked back to the kitchen and dinner I relished the feeling of cool air over my whole body, including my breasts and private parts. The feeling of freedom after a full day in a business suit was very relaxing, and just a little stimulating.

After dinner, I brought a glass of red wine along with a few scented candles bursa escort into the bathroom, lit them and set them on the vanity and edge of the bathtub. I then began to run the water, not too hot, and tossed in a handful of bath oil beads. Then, off to the bedroom to disrobe. I stopped at the full-length mirror and admired my body. I exercise regularly and jog at least twice a week so my muscles are well defined under tanned flesh. My breasts are nicely firm but still pleasantly soft, just beginning to show a hint of sagging. The nipples are large and full and very sensitive. My longish legs (I’m 5’8″) are well-muscled from years of jogging and they come together at my mostly shaved sex.

With the tub filled, I test the water with one foot and satisfied, I step in and slide down so the water is up to my chin. I spent the next several minutes with my eyes closed, just breathing in the pleasant scent of the bath and relaxing. But then, my left hand began exploring. Starting at my left hip, I trailed my fingers up my torso, enjoying the slippery sensation of the bath oil, until my hand found my left breast. There, it began to massage the firm bursa escort bayan flesh, cupping it in my hand, then bringing thumb and forefinger together on the sensitive nipple. As I titillated the nipple with my fingers a soft little moan escaped my throat.

I reached over for the wine and take a couple of large sips. Since I had started the glass with dinner, I am now feeling a gentle buzz. I am careful to limit my drinking when I am masturbating. The intent is not to diminish but accentuate the slowly intensifying sensations my body is rewarding my efforts with.

And now my right hand begins moving, unbidden by me, but it knows the way to my most sensitive spot between my legs. In response to its approach, my hips thrust forward, legs raising at the knees and spreading wide, welcoming the presence of my hand as it begins to explore my outer lips.

And then, parting my lips with my middle finger, I touch my clit for the first time and delight in the nearly electric sensation that travels from my clit and through my pussy. My moan is louder now as my middle finger pushes lower, Parting my inner lips and hovering over the opening escort bursa of my vagina. But rather than entering my vagina just yet I take full advantage of the slippery bath oil and massage the lips with three fingers, cupping my pussy and gently pressing as my hand slides up and down over my lips. And now, my middle finger presses deeper, but just a little, not quite entering yet, but teasing, teasing.

By now, the tension in my pussy and thighs is getting intense, and yet, I resist the temptation to thrust a finger or two deep into my pussy until my breathing has begun to rasp and I can resist no longer.

But finally, the intensity becomes too much to ignore and I thrust my first and middle fingers deep into my pussy. I begin to move my fingers in and out, pulling up gently and curling both fingers upward to massage my G-Spot with each thrust.

Sensing that my orgasm is now only moments away, I increase both the rhythm and intensity of my thrusting until my hips begin to tremble and my back arches as the spasms of orgasm begin in earnest. Feelings of euphoria rush through my entire body as my orgasm builds to a peak of intensity. I slow the motion of my hand now, sensitive to my pussy’s spasms and responding in a way to extend the orgasm as long as possible. But at last, my body is completely spent as I lay in the now cooling water, for the moment, unable to move.

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