11 Temmuz 2021

Make me SQUEEL!

Female Ejaculation

Make me SQUEEL!It’s been a long week at work could not wait for the weekend to unload. Weekend arrives I’m ready Bars slammed, clubs jumping, streets full of tasty women. Sunday night hits and I struck out all weekend, nothing. So the next best thing for me, was too pedal my frustrations off. Twenty eight miles of hard peddling against the ocean breeze is a workout. Less than 10 miles home, stopped up on the curve at a red light for a break for my stroll home. Fired up a bowl, chug some water, when this tasty looking middle age black woman comes walking up to the intersection.I pour some water over my head and down my chest as if I didn’t see her. Let the water run off my face as I look up and she is standing there looking like “EXCUSE ME!” attitude. I smiled, said excuse me as I was exhausted, chug last of the water. She asked me how far have I rode that bike tonight. I told her and she was like “ain’t bursa escort you tired?” “dam I tired talking about it”. I then told her the best way to relax from a long bike ride was a sensual message. She asked about what a sensual massage was, told her it was a full body massage with an happy ending. That the ending was masturbation or oral no intercourse. She said oral, I told her masturbation then tip with oral. She was like “I like the way you think” my house is next street over. Lets see how this sensual massage works. I”M excited, finally, 2 days, 28 miles plus 10 to go, sunday night 11 pm. WOW WHO!! finally going to get laid.She was a sexual demanding woman, shit, turned me on even more. Tells me to strip down, stand there don’t move, move this way, lay on the bed, lay in this position. Fuck she had me twisted and turned every direction, once done, fuck I was RELAXED. She then proceeded to the happy bursa escort bayan ending.Just as I said Masturbation than Oral, dam she is really good. Jacks my cock and balls so hard that my balls were slapping my asshole. She spreads my cheeks farther apart for some harder ball slapping. Fuck this woman is wearing me out. But I refuse to give her my load, at least for now. She then gets all crazy with her tongue. Up and down my cock, around my balls, back and forth across my taint all the while of jacking me off. Making my ass wiggle all over the bed she grabs me by the hips, pulls me to the end of the bed. Spreads my ass wide open and lunges her tongue into my ass hole. FUCK!!!!! I SQUEEL LIKE A LITTLE PIGGLET, I crawled backwards across the bed, up the headboard and stuck to the roof. WHAT THE FUCK!!!She laughs……….. then says, as there is a 3rd person in the room “A sweet virgin ass”. She demanded escort bursa me to bring my white ass back down to the bottom. I did with a little hesitation. She sucked my cock, balls, taint and buried her tongue deep in my ass. HOLLY FUCK!!! A feeling of no other. I was all into her playing with my ass, that cuming was not on my mind.She finally makes me cum, FUCK what a load of cum all over my chest. She’s running her fingers through my cum, licking it off her fingers. Again talking as if there is a 3rd person “He has some tasty cum” “my hands are tired, my jaws are sore, dam k** you take forever to cum”. Just then there is this deep voice “SHIT I WAS ABOUT TO FUCK YOUR SWEET VIRGIN ASS FOR TAKING SO LONG WITH MY WIFE”. I flipped out. She’s like this is my husband he likes to watch from the dark. FUCK!!! make a white man even whiter.The husband said if I hadn’t came when I did, he was going to make my ass a perfect tight fit on his large VERY large cock. That I made him extremely horny listening to me moan, breath heavy, wiggle all over the bed. I don’t know what I would of done if that LARGE BLACK COCK came at me.

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