27 Haziran 2021

Married women 4 – Daniela


Married women 4 – DanielaVery early one fine summer morning on one of my days off my first and new cell-phone woke me up. I didn’t recognize the number, it was an SMS seemingly coming from a woman who wished me a nice morning in a very sunny tone. I answered it promptly, asked her who she was and why she had to get me out of bed so early in the morning. Of course I got no answer.However, I persisted! A few hours later I wrote again, saying that she was obviously very young, since elder people knew how to apologize.After that we had a long and very funny conversation over the next days and weeks, which her husband knew about. I’ll skip the details, she live about 70 miles away, was a newly-wed, just returned from her honeymoon, and we had the same sense of humour! We began not only to write, but to call each other up – and canlı bahis so it was only natural that we wanted to meet and made a date somewhere in the middle between our homes.I was very nervous! We both had no idea what the other one looked like … but when I got out at the train station, we immediately recognized each other! Daniela was a tall brunette, slim with wide hips and laughing eyes. We strolled through the town looking for a nice café, and Daniela was surprisingly quiet and shy – in the beginning!Well … an hour later we were standing behind a school, I had my hand underneath her pullover and my tongue in her mouth … and oh my God, what a great kisser she was! For about a quarter of an hour we kissed like wild teenagers, I grew really dizzy from the excitement – but then it was time for her to leave … but bahis siteleri we knew we would meet again!Danielas husband grew suspicious … he swiped her cell-phone, called me up and tried to scare me into leaving her alone. However, I told him Daniela was a grown-up woman, didn’t belong to anyone, and was able to make her own decisions about whom to see and whom not.She still wanted to see me … and from then on we met time and again, however always in public places. We hugged, kissed, groped each other … I had never met a pair of such sensitive breasts … she grew wild as soon as I took them in my hands … but that was all I was allowed to do … yet ….Finally the day came … after a short shopping spree at the mall on a very dreary, cold and wet day, I invited her to a cup of tea. First she declined, so we bahis şirketleri just kissed and petted feverishly, making the car windows all steamy, but in the end we got out and went upstairs to my flat. Tea was nice, my couch was wide, and very soon we were both naked …. I licked her newly-wed cunt which was already wet and wide open … I nibbled her labia … I stuck three fingers inside her und fucked her with them … she was pretty loud, and I was very hard … the I got up on her … I waited … her legs went apart … and my rock-hard cock easily penetrated her married pussy up to its root!But then … she suddenly resisted! I pulled out, sie started to cry, didn’t want to betray her husband … I took her in my arms, calmed her down, and we fell asleep ….We met a few more times … she left her husband after being married for only two months … and I was the reason … today she’s glad she left him.But … we never really fucked …. She’s married again now, happily at last, and we still write each other, but that’s all ….

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